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    Let freedom ring: 6 front porch decor ideas to celebrate the 4th of July.

    June 18, 2020 2:15 PM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, June 18, 2020

    5 Front Porch Decor Ideas to Celebrate the 4th of July

    Don't let the 4th of July pass by without a patriotic display on your front porch. Here are six simple patriotic front porch decor ideas you should try.




    It's hard to believe the 4th of July weekend is upon us. You may be feeling like the summer is flying by and when that happens, the holidays have a way of sneaking up on you. If you haven't thought about how you're going to celebrate yet, we put together six easy ideas for making sure your front porch is looking the part and ready to celebrate in style.

    1. Keep it simple

    Keep your existing front porch decor and simply add an American flag or two for a patriotic look that's quick and easy to pull off. Ann from On Sutton Place does just that with a cute display on her existing wreath.

    2. Hang some bunting

    Bunting is incredibly versatile and always gorgeous for celebrations. It can be made out of nearly anything – flags, bandanas, paper, fabric scraps – and you can find it at most stores this time of year or make your own by sewing, stapling or simply tying your materials together. Take the understated classy route like Boxwood Avenue with flags made of painters’ cloth. Or make a bigger statement like Nora Murphy.

    3. Plant patriotic flowers

    Whether you opt for red, white, blue or a combination of the three, fresh flowers are a great way to add a pop of patriotic color to your front porch. Consider refreshing your planters or adding to existing arrangements to get your front porch ready to celebrate the long weekend in no time. Here's some inspiration from On Blueberry Hill.

    If you’re someone who thinks subtle holiday décor is for the timid, DIY some patriotic planters for those flowers. Lolly Jane quickly transformed some common terra cotta pots with a bit of paint and creativity for an extra celebratory kick.

    4. Try a DIY project

    The long holiday weekend is the perfect time to put your skills to the test and try out a new craft. Homeowners with kids can even get them involved and create something adorable to celebrate the 4th of July. This patriotic wreath from Home Crafts by Ali is the perfect place to start.

    5. Get creative

    Take some inspiration from the holiday itself and create something unique for your porch decor. Here's how Hoosier Homemade took a few wooden fence posts and made them into wooden firecrackers, perfect for any 4th of July-inspired space!

    6. Spare no detail

    Of course, we love when each and every detail is carefully curated to complete a look. You’ll definitely be tempted to hang out all weekend on this patriotic patio by Four Generations One Roof. Grab a few red, white and blue pillows, blankets and accessories and create a space where you can enjoy some relaxation and good company.

    Are you planning on decorating your home for the 4th of July weekend? Be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!


    5 times you'll wish you had a smart lock this holiday season

    November 1, 2018 5:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, November 1, 2018

    Smart lock - Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

    Make the holiday season a little easier on yourself. Here are five times a smart lock will simplify your life.



    With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, many homeowners are looking for solutions that help make life easier and more convenient. Take one more worry off your list and opt for a keyless lifestyle. Here are five moments you’ll wish you had a smart lock.
    Smart lock - Holidays - Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

    1. Keep your online orders safe

    This holiday season, online sales are expected to make up 57 percent of all purchases. If you’re one of these people, you’re likely receiving packages while at work or travelling. Don’t stress over whether these packages will be safe on your front porch. With a smart deadbolt, you can easily set up a code for a friend or family member to come over and drop your packages inside.


    For Amazon Prime members that live in participating areas, you can even take advantage of Amazon Key. With a compatible smart lock, like the Zigbee-certified Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt, and the Amazon Cloud Cam, you can have your online orders delivered safely inside your home.

    2. Easy access for guests

    Don’t worry about hiding a spare key or having new copies made that could easily be lost. Make coming and going easy for your extended stay guests by giving them a custom code to unlock the door. You can even assign a period of time for that code to be active or simply disable it when they leave.

    3. No more fumbling for keys

    It seems like there’s always something to weigh you down during the holiday seasons whether it’s coming home with a car full of gifts or simply trying to juggle the groceries and the kids at the same time. Stop fumbling for your keys at the door and eliminate one more hassle by opting for a keyless lock solution. With the Schlage Sense™ Smart Ddeadbolt, you can easily use the Schlage Sense appc to lock and unlock your door when you are within Bluetooth® range (about 40 feet), or easily punch in a 4-8 digit code on any of our smart lock offerings.

    4. Peace of mind

    By choosing a Z-Wave, Zigbee or Bluetooth smart lock, you can add a compatible smart home hub – such as Samsung’s SmartThings for Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt – that allows you to check in on the status of your lock and control it no matter where you are. To access your Schlage Sense™ lock remotely, you’ll need an Apple TV® or iPad® for HomeKit or the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. So enjoy that holiday dinner at your grandmother’s house in another state, confident that your doors are locked and your home is secure.

    5. Late night convenience

    A connected smart home hub will also allow you to take advantage of other whole home features from the minute you unlock your door. Don’t stumble around for a light switch or adjust the thermostat when you arrive home. Simply set your smart home hub to do those things for you as soon as your door is unlocked.


    Stop worrying about the little things that are easy to fix. This holiday season, you deserve more peace of mind so you can focus on the things that truly matter. To find the right smart lock for you, visit our Get Help Deciding tool to find your perfect match.

    5 color trends for fall that will last into 2017

    October 31, 2016 7:04 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, October 31, 2016

    The Schlage design team recently explored trends they're seeing at industry events and tradeshows throughout the year. Here are a few of their findings.


    The Schlage design team recently explored trends they're seeing at industry events and tradeshows throughout the year. Here are a few of their findings.

    Shift from cool to warm

    As sources of energy and renewal, earth tones are taking the lead over a previous trend of subdued, jewel tones.


    5 Color Trends for Fall that Will Last into 2017 | Schlage


    Divide and Single Malt

    The ELEVATE Design Collective's original Pantone® color boasts a distinctive organic and warm shade to evoke cold-weather comforts like cognac and leather.


    5 Color Trends for Fall that Will Last into 2017 | Schlage



    Copper will serve best as an accent this fall, adding a touch of glamour to sink fixtures and kitchenware. Add visual interest by pairing the warmer metal with silvery accents and darker bronzes.


    5 Color Trends for Fall that Will Last into 2017 | Schlage


    Weathered finish

    Aged patinas, like Schlage's Aged Bronze finish, add character and a sense of nostalgia to home accent pieces.


    5 Color Trends for Fall that Will Last into 2017 | Schlage


    Matte black

    Matte Black is the ultimate finish for creating a strikingly bold, yet clean and modern look. This trend is expected to dominate well into next year.


    5 Color Trends for Fall that Will Last into 2017 | Schlage


    For more insights into these trends and how to incorporate them in your home, check out the Elevate Design Collective's recent New York City loft makeover.

    Turn your home into a smarter home

    September 19, 2016 7:04 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, August 19, 2016

    Turn Your Home into a Smarter Home | Schlage

    Here’s a simple approach for turning your home into a smart home that’s affordable featuring three smart home devices that are easy to install and use.


    There's no reason to buy a fully-integrated home automation system that will leave you overwhelmed or broke. Instead, focus on the items you already use each day and slowly make the right upgrades to add greater convenience and efficiency to your day-to-day life. Here are three “Must Haves” to making your home smarter.
    Turn your home into a smarter home | Schlage


    The beauty of smart thermostats is their ability to help save you money by reducing energy costs. Smart thermostats allow you to schedule a desired temperature during the time of day when you’re generally home, away or asleep. Your heating and cooling system only runs when you are home or soon to be home eliminating the time it runs when you’re not using it. Some smart thermostats can save you an average of 25% each month, depending on the size of your home and HVAC system. And let’s be honest, being able to change the temperature of your house on your phone late at night while watching TV in bed is a “nice to have.”


    Smart plugs may be one of the easiest ways to make your home smarter. You don't have to purchase all new products and appliances to enjoy benefits of smart home connectivity. With products like the iDevices Switch, you can take any ordinary product, plug-it in and watch it transform into a connected device enabled by HomeKit™ and Wi-Fi®.


    It's never a good feeling when you leave home for the day and can't remember whether you locked your front door. Smart locks can provide both peace of mind and convenience. Get started with a lock like our Bluetooth®-enabled Schlage Sense™ smart deadbolt* that allows you to talk to unlock using voice commands with Siri® or enter a custom 4-8 digit PIN to gain access without a key. When paired with an AppleTV®, you can also gain remote capabilities. This allows you to check in to see whether your home is locked and safe no matter where you are in the world.


    *The Schlage Sense™ lock should be within 40 feet of an Apple TV® for remote capability and uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to communicate with your iPhone®. 

    5 easy entryway accents

    September 1, 2016 7:04 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, September 1, 2016

    5 Easy Entryway Accents

    Here are 5 easy ways to add style to your home’s entryway and ensure your home always makes the best first impression.


    It's easy to see a home's entryway as simply functional. It's the space you pass through on your way in and out, and usually serves as a catch-all for coats, boots and the like. But the entryway is much more than that -- it's the first impression visitors get of your entire home. Here are five easy ways to add style to a space so easily forgotten.
    5 Easy Entryway Accents | Schlage

    1. Door hardware.

    A door hardware update can freshen the look of your entire front door -- the very first thing a visitor sees. Choose a finish that complements the color of your door, and a style that reflects your home's personality. Electronic locks are a great option for exterior doors. They offer the convenience of keyless access, and our latest, the Schlage SenseTM Smart Deadbolt, can be set up and controlled with an app on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.

    2. Metal trays.

    A metal tray kept on or near the floor adds flash to the entry, and keeps mud contained. Choose a finish that coordinates well with other metals in the room like coat hooks, door hardware, and light fixtures.

    3. Stylish shelving.

    Shelves for loose change are a must -- especially in a small foyer with no room for storage furniture. Shelves are easy to make -- just be sure they are properly mounted so they last. For a traditional look, try constructing a shelf out of crown moulding with plain boards and quarter round. Modern industrial spaces featuring light and glass often incorporate organic textures to ground the design and add warmth. Look for reclaimed or rough-hewn wooden boards with a flat enough surface to display your knick-knacks.

    Shelves for loose change are a must -- especially in a small foyer with no room for storage furniture. Shelves are easy to make -- just be sure they are properly mounted so they last. For a traditional look, try constructing a shelf out of crown moulding with plain boards and quarter round. Modern industrial spaces featuring light and glass often incorporate organic textures to ground the design and add warmth. Look for reclaimed or rough-hewn wooden boards with a flat enough surface to display your knick-knacks.


    Shelves for loose change are a must -- especially in a small foyer with no room for storage furniture. Shelves are easy to make -- just be sure they are properly mounted so they last. For a traditional look, try constructing a shelf out of crown moulding with plain boards and quarter round. Modern industrial spaces featuring light and glass often incorporate organic textures to ground the design and add warmth. Look for reclaimed or rough-hewn wooden boards with a flat enough surface to display your knick-knacks.


    4. Coat hooks.

    Hooks for coats, scarves and umbrellas are perfect for keeping track of those everyday items that always seem to go missing. You can find standard hooks at any home improvement store. For a unique twist, stop by the cabinet hardware section and take a look at the decorative knobs and handles -- you may find a fun alternative. Install hooks high enough for coats and scarves to hang all the way down, without hitting the floor and bunching.

    5. Glamorous mirrors.

    Mirrors also add glamour and make a petite foyer feel larger. Mixing and matching various shapes and sizes adds personality to larger entry areas.


    We want to see your perfect foyer! Comment below or share with us on Facebook.

    When style and technology meet

    August 8, 2016 11:20 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, August 8, 2016

    When Style and Technology Meet | Schlage

    Schlage's electronic locks are available in many popular styles, so you can coordinate your interior and exterior hardware throughout the whole home.



    Many homeowners think they must sacrifice style to take full advantage of the conveniences of new technology, often installing bulky products that offer little to no customization to suit their tastes. It's tough to find brands that value a quality product as much as quality design.
    At Schlage, all of our hardware is inspired by architectural and interior design looks, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. When it comes to our suite of keyless offerings, we've spared no detail. Each of our electronic locks are available in our most popular trim styles, allowing you to coordinate the look of your interior and exterior hardware throughout the whole home.
    Here's a quick look at our most popular finishes and trims:

    Which look is your favorite? Comment below to let us know!

    What people are saying about Schlage's electronic deadbolts

    August 3, 2016 10:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, August 3, 2016

    What People are Saying About Schlage's Electronic Deadbolts

    Take a look at what a few Schlage keyless lock users have to say about their electronic deadbolts - from ease of installation to day-to-day use.


    When it comes to choosing the right electronic deadbolt, it pays to do your research. With so many options available, it can be tough to identify which type of lock best suits your lifestyle. Do you need a quick and easy way to come and go? Are you looking for a lock that allows you to be connected to your whole home? Take a look at what a few Schlage keyless lock users have to say about their electronic locks to help you choose.

    Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt

    After needing a more convenient way to access her basement entry, Toni of Design Dazzle, decided the Schlage Touch™ with lever was the perfect solution. Here's what she has to say after trying this completely keyless lock out:
    "One of the features I really like with this keyless lock is that the touchscreen is fingerprint resistant. I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of people breaking into homes because they were able to guess the code from worn out keypads." Read her full Schlage Touch™ review.


    Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt

    After installing the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt to her garage entry door, Kim of Sand & Sisal decided to give the Schlage Connect™ a shot when it was time to give her front door a face-lift in both style and security.
    "We were so impressed with the fast installation and ease of use that we decided to switch out and upgrade our front door hardware with a new sleek Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm. The classic gold brass matches beautifully with with our door’s gold leading and looks so sharp paired with the nautical blue door paint color." Check out all her tips for achieving an easy curb appeal upgrade on her blog.


    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

    When Katie of Sew Woodsy and her husband moved in to their new home, they knew right away they wanted to update all the outdated brass door hardware and fixtures throughout, beginning with the front door. Here's what she has to say about life with her new Schlage Sense™ lock:
    "...we added the new Schlage Sense which has been great for our evening walks out. No need to take keys, just lock the door on the key pad! And when our cleaning lady comes over she now has her own code that is set to the specific time and day she is at the house! We get notifications too when she opens or locks the doors if we aren’t home. I love it!" Get the full scoop from installation to daily life with Schlage Sense™ on her blog.

    It didn't take long for Nicole of Haute Style to find the perfect deadbolt and handleset for her friend Nykia's front door makeover. With a sophisticated modern look in mind, she chose the Schlage Sense™ lock with Century trim in a Matte Black finish to give her friend's front door a much needed update.
    "I’m a huge tech nerd so I got so excited when I learned about the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. It works with bluetooth and also pairs with Apple’s HomeKit so aside from unlocking the door via the Schlage app, it also responds to Siri so you can just talk to lock or unlock your door! Say what?! Nykia says this has been utterly life changing when she’s coming and going with her son’s stroller or bags of groceries. Plus, if she ever gets locked out, she can always gain access by unlocking the door with the app." See the full front door transformation at So Haute.


    Have questions about some of the features and benefits of the locks above? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! Be sure to check out even more keyless lock reviews here.


    4 approaches to stunning front door makeovers

    July 25, 2016 9:09 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, July 25, 2016

    4 Approaches to Stunning Front Door Makeovers | Schlage

    The front door is your best chance to make a great first impression. Make the most of it with inspiration from one of these four front door makeovers.




    The front door is your best chance to make a great first impression. Don't let this part of your home be an area of neglect that distracts from the work you've done to express your personal style. Here are four different approaches to front door makeovers a few of our favorite designers and bloggers have taken to give their curb appeal a much needed boost.
    It doesn't take much to create a showstopping front door look when starting with a blank slate like interior designer, Nicole Gibbons, did with this Brooklyn Brownstone. With a splash of color and a hardware upgrade, this front door instantly transforms from uninviting to eye-catching and welcoming. Get all the details on the inspiration for this look at her blog.
    4 Approaches to Stunning Front Door Makeovers | Schlage
    When Carmel of Our Fifth House decided to give her curb appeal a little attention, she knew it was the smallest of details that could make the biggest impact. With a front door painted in a gorgeous shade of pink, her outdated, worn out handleset was doing her no favors. By simply swapping her handleset for a style that better suited her home, Carmel added the perfect balance of modern design to her traditional home. We're loving how well the Century handleset complements the pink door and front porch accessories. See the full reveal and get tips for installation at Our Fifth House.
    4 Approaches to Stunning Front Door Makeovers | Schlage
    When it comes to first impressions, your home's curb appeal counts. That's how Jen of with HEART felt about her latest renovation. With a focus on mid-century design on the interior of the home, the quirky exterior needed a full overhaul to complement the clean design inside. See the impressive transformation and get the details on each accessory.
    4 Approaches to Stunning Front Door Makeovers | Schlage
    When thinking about how to upgrade your curb appeal, it helps to follow a framework for good design to avoid getting overwhelmed. That's exactly how Kim of Sand & Sisal approached her latest front door makeover and she's sharing her secrets for success over on her blog. Take a look at all of her transformations over the years and hear her tips to inspire your next curb appeal project.
    4 Approaches to Stunning Front Door Makeovers | Schlage

    Which tranformation is your favorite? Comment below to let us know!


    Why keyless locks are perfect for families on the go

    July 20, 2016 10:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    Why Keyless Locks are Perfect for Families on the Go

    Stop worrying about getting locked out or kids arriving home safely. Here are 5 reasons why keyless electronic locks are perfect for your busy family.


    With back to school season just around the corner, many families are gearing up for busy schedules full of homework and extracurricular activities. With all the different calendars you need to keep track of, it pays to stay organized and find efficiencies that allow you to reduce the number of things you need to worry about. Here are a few reasons why keyless locks are perfect for your busy family.
    Keyless locks - Families - Schlage

    1. Peace of mind

    When you install a smart electronic deadbolt, you reduce the worry that your home is left unlocked after rushing out the door. With remote capabilities enabled, you can check the status of your door no matter where you are. If unlocked, you can even command it to lock. You can also set up notifications to receive alerts when your kids arrive home.

    2. No more lost keys

    Installing a keyless lock means you can ditch the mechanical key altogether. Choose a single code for the whole family or assign a custom code for each member that is easy to remember. Now when your kids head off to school, you don't have to worry about them losing the key or someone finding the hidden spare.

    3. Auto-lock

    How many times have you rushed out the door, making sure each child was accounted for and had all their essentials only to forget to lock the door when you leave? Or how many times have one of your kids headed out to catch the bus and failed to lock the door behind them? That's where the auto-lock feature that comes with the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen Deadbolt comes in handy. You can program your deadbolt to automatically lock after being left unlocked for a certain period of time.

    4. Easy access

    Whether you have a sleeping child in tow or an arm full of groceries and backpacks, keyless locks make it easy to unlock your door by eliminating the need to juggle a set of keys. Simply enter your access code or talk to unlock (with the Schlage Sense lock).

    5. Convenience

    There's already enough to juggle with remembering which child needs to be at which practice at which time. Say goodbye to the days of calling a locksmith to re-key your locks or let you in to your home after you've been locked out. With keyless deadbolt locks, you don't have to be weighed down by your keys anymore and know that you and your family can come and go with ease.

    Have questions about which keyless lock is right for you and your family? Comment below and we'll help you sort through the features and benefits.


    5 easy ideas for a more organized and secure garage

    July 11, 2016 10:30 PM by emily.bailey

    Monday, July 11, 2016

    5 Easy Ideas for a More Organized and Secure Garage

    Enjoy a more carefree summer by building an organized and secure garage space. Check out these 5 easy garage security and storage solution ideas.




    Now that summer is in full swing and schedules are filling up from kid's activities and vacations to home improvement projects and social gatherings, it's a great time to make sure your home is organized, secure and ready to handle whatever the season throws its way. For many, the garage can be a source of stress as tools and toys are in disarray or even anxiety over forgetting to close the garage door. Here are a few of our favorite organization and security tips that you can incorporate in no time and enjoy a worry-free summer.


    1. Avoid leaning items against the wall

    When it comes to storing rakes, shovels, brooms and more, it's easy to lean these items against the wall and walk away. It becomes a pain when one wrong move causes a domino effect and they all come crashing down. Assign a designated, secure location for each of these items by hanging hooks or try this DIY storage solution using old pallets. Get the full tutorial from HomeTalk.

    2. Create a workspace

    If you're the type of homeowner that likes to create and build things, then an exterior workspace is a definite need for you. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to store way too much in the garage, making valuable real estate for working hard to come by. That's why we love this idea from Home-Dzine for a worktable that easily folds down to make room for vehicles or anything else you need to store when the workspace is not in use. Check out how simple it is to build your own fold-down worktable with this complete tutorial that saves time and money by recycling an old hollow-core door.

    3. Place barely used items out of sight

    Remove the stress of digging through piles of unused items looking for the one you actually need by keeping this clutter out of sight. Use the space near the ceiling in your garage to build shelving and store these items in bins. Take it another step and include a label to tell you what's inside without having to remove the bin to find out. We're big fans of this suspended shelving idea from The Family Handyman.

    4. Keep toys and sporting equipment organized

    Scrambling to find the kid's sports gear while running late to practice is a scene many parents know too well. Create a designated space for these items to help reduce the likelihood they could be misplaced and avoid having toys and gear strewn about. If your garage has exposed studs, use them to your advantage like Wendy of Designed to Dwell and create this easy storage system for gear and toys.

    5. Upgrade your garage security

    How many times have you left the house and wondered if you remembered to close the garage door? Even worse, you also forgot to lock the door leading from the interior of your home. With a smart garage device, you can check the status of the garage door and even command it to close remotely. Take security up another notch by installing a keyless electronic lock. This will ensure you and the kids will always have easy access but with features like auto-lock or even smart solutions, you can rest easy knowing your door is always locked.
    5 Easy Ideas for a More Organized and Secure Garage | Schlage



    What other storage solutions or security tips do you have for the garage? Show us your projects on Facebook and Instagram!


    How to install a handleset on your front door

    July 6, 2016 2:56 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, July 6, 2016

    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage

    Here is a detailed breakdown with photos of the steps you'll need to take to install a new Schlage handleset on your front door.



    Updating the door hardware on your front door is a quick and easy project that enhances the curb appeal of your home. With minimal investment and few tools, we'll show you all the steps you'll need to take to tackle this project in a few minutes. Go ahead and grab your #2 Phillips Head screwdriver and tape measure and learn how to install a new handleset on your front door below. Be sure to review the deadbolt installation steps first if you'll be installing a new deadbolt as well.

    Handleset Parts Checklist

    Once you've gathered your tools, make sure all the parts of your handleset are accounted for. This step will ensure that the installation process goes as smoothly as possible. Here's a checklist and photo to help:
    Curb appeal - Handleset Installation - Schlage
     Outside handle assembly: This is the exterior grip of your handleset.
     Inside lever: This is the lever that will be on the interior side of the door. You can also choose a handleset with knob on interior side instead.
     Strike plate: The strike plate is the metal plate that will be affixed to the door frame.
     Latch: The latch is a spring operated bolt with a beveled face to permit a latching action when the door closes
     Round drive-in faceplate: This is an optional faceplate that may replace the rectangular faceplate already attached to the latch if your door calls for it.
     Pin tool
     Screw cover, screw and washer: These will be placed on the interior side of the throughbolt hole to secure the bottom of the handleset.
     Short screws: These will be used to secure the latch in place. 
     Long screws

    Measurement Checklist

    You'll also want to be sure your door meets standard door prep measurements and is properly aligned to ensure your handleset operates as intended. You'll first want to follow the measurement steps we showed you for the deadbolt installation but for a handleset, there are a couple more measurements you'll need to pay attention to.
    - The throughbolt hole is for the bottom of the outside handle assembly. This hole needs to be 3/8" in diameter.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
     Handleset Crossbore
    - The handleset crossbore is the bottom bore opening on a standard drilled door. It should measure 8 1/2" from the center of the handleset crossbore to the throughbolt.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    - The hole in the doorjamb should measure at least 7/8" in diameter and a minimum of a 1/2" deep.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage

    Handleset Installation Instructions

    1. You'll begin installing your handleset by placing the latch first.*
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    *The latch comes with a pre-attached rectangular faceplate. If your door calls for a round drive-in faceplate, complete steps a-c before proceeding. You'll also need to add a flat head screwdriver, hammer and block of wood to your tool set.

    a. Remove faceplate with a flat head screwdriver


    b. Twist and remove remaining support plate


    c. Install round drive-in faceplate with just a snap

    2. If you're using the rectangular faceplate, simply slide the latch into place with the bevel facing the doorjamb and secure with the two short screws.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    If you're using the round drive-in faceplate, slide the latch into the hole with the bevel facing the doorjamb. Gently tap into place until flush with the door edge, using a small block of wood to protect the latch.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    3. Next, you'll install the outside handle assembly. Align the spindle on the back of the assembly with the throughbolt and the slot in the latch. Slide the adjustable throughbolt up or down as needed and press the handleset onto the door. The handle will stay in place leaving your hands free to secure the interior trim.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    4. Begin installing the inside lever by orienting the lever to point away from the edge of the door with the screw holes aligned vertically.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    5. Align the square spindle with the square hole on the back of the lever and secure with the two screws provided.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    6. Now you're ready to place the washer, screw and screw cover to secure the bottom of the handleset.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage
    7. Finally, install the strike plate on the doorjamb using the last two small screws.
    How to Install A Handleset on Your Front Door | Schlage

    For even more detailed steps to installing your new handleset, be sure to watch the installation video.


    9 outdoor living spaces to inspire your next summer project

    June 30, 2016 4:53 PM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, June 30, 2016

    9 Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire Your Next Summer Project

    Take advantage of one of the hottest trends - outdoor living spaces. Here are 9 inspiring outdoor living spaces for entertaining, cooking and relaxing.




    If we had to choose a single trend in outdoor projects, we'd have to choose the outdoor living space. Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity with homeowners finding unique ways to create a gathering space. Whether you choose to build an outdoor kitchen, lounge space or just add a table with chairs, outdoor spaces can be the retreat you need to relax alone or entertain a crowd. Here are 9 beautiful outdoor living spaces to inspire your next project and help you enjoy what's left of summer to its fullest.

    1. Create a kitchen

    It doesn't require much to create an outdoor kitchen. With a grill, table and chairs and the right accessories, you'll be ready to start serving up the best meals of summer. Choose to keep it simple or go completely gourmet with these inspiring spaces below.

    2. Kick back and relax

    For many families, summer seems to fly by in an instant. With calendars that are packed full of activities and vacations, it can be tough to remind yourself to slow down and relax. One way to make sure you take advantage of the season is by creating a space that invites you to do just that - relax. So grab a chair or a hammock, place a small table and a few planters and enjoy the best view around your home whether it's with a good book or just you and your thoughts. 

    3. Entertain all summer

    Summer is the perfect season to invite friends and family over - whether to celebrate a long holiday weekend or just because. Make entertaining even easier by creating a gathering space for your guests to hang out and enjoy the extra perk of easy prep and cleanup by not worrying about the interior of your home. We could hang out for hours in any of the spaces below.
    Which outdoor living space is your favorite? Comment below to let us know and be sure to share your outdoor projects with us via Facebook and Instagram!

    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and the 2016 Apple WWDC

    June 28, 2016 12:35 PM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016

    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and the 2016 Apple WWDC

    At the 2016 WWDC hosted by Apple, many announcements were made around HomeKit and iOS 10. Here's what you need to know about your Schlage Sense lock.



    On June 13, Apple opened its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. The goal of this conference is to keep software developers informed of any major software updates to Apple’s products. Major announcements include iOS 10, new HomeKit™ features and Apple’s new Home app. Here’s what you need to know and how these announcements may affect your HomeKit-enabled products, like the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt.


    As Apple expands HomeKit support, so will manufacturers – which means more product categories and a better whole home experience. Apple expanded HomeKit to include support for more product types, including cameras, doorbells, air conditioners and more. You can now automate more HomeKit-enabled devices than ever with a single solution. 
    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and the 2016 Apple WWDC | Schlage
    Apple also announced a shift in builder trends as more and more major builders choose to equip their homes with HomeKit-enabled accessories - including notable builders such as Lennar, Brookfield Residential and KB Home. That means homeowners seeking out a connected experience will have another option in the process as they choose flooring, countertops and more.

    The new home app

    Apple’s latest software update will include a new Home app to make adding, controlling and automating home accessories easier than ever. With the new app, you can control all your HomeKit-enabled accessories in one place and manage any custom scenes you’ve set up – like automating your lights to turn on and thermostat to adjust as soon as you’ve unlocked your Schlage Sense™ lock. Plus, Home will be located in the iOS 10 Control Center, so you can access it by swiping up, then left. Here’s a video that provides a glimpse of what that user interface will look like.

    What do these announcements mean for Schlage SenseTM users?

    Schlage Sense owners need not worry about whether or not these iOS developments will make their locks obsolete. Every Schlage Sense deadbolt sold to-date will be supported by iOS 10, which is expected to launch in fall 2016. A lock firmware update later this year will be needed to make it compatible with Apple’s Home app.
    Once your Schlage Sense lock completes the future firmware update, you will be able to take advantage of HomeKit push notifications. When you lock or unlock your Sense deadbolt, a push notification can trigger other HomeKit-enabled devices to act, creating custom scenes and making it easier than ever to take advantage of the HomeKit ecosystem.
    You may be wondering if the announcement of the Home app will replace the Schlage Sense app. Here are a few key differences to help you understand how the two apps will work together to provide the best experience with your lock.
    Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and the 2016 Apple WWDC | Schlage
    Apple’s Home app gives users a dashboard interface to control their favorite accessories, see their status, and manage scenes in one place. You can use Home to lock and unlock your deadbolt, but you will still need the Schlage Sense app to control access codes, lock settings, logs and to access installation help and customer support. You can learn more about Schlage Sense app features here.
    If you have more questions about what these new updates mean for your Schlage Sense lock, feel free to comment below or contact our customer support team.

    Affordable curb appeal projects you can tackle this weekend

    June 22, 2016 4:17 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, June 22, 2016

    Affordable Curb Appeal Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

    Here are 5 affordable curb appeal projects you can take on in a single weekend with little to no monetary investment to add value to your home.



    Proper curb appeal is one of the number one ways to improve resale value on your home and elevate the overall design. If you've neglected your curb appeal recently, it's likely you could benefit from a quick and affordable DIY project this weekend. Below are five projects you can take on with little to no monetary investment to improve curb appeal.
    Affordable curb appeal - DIY - Schlage

    1. Spruce up existing landscaping

    The number one way to save when it comes to curb appeal is to leverage what you already have. You may have a great foundation for the perfect curb appeal that just needs a little attention and maintenance. Take some time this weekend to pull weeds, trim any overgrown plants and low-hanging trees and prune any shrubs and bushes into a more appealing shape.

    2. Create a welcoming entry

    Your front door is often the first thing guests will notice and remember about your home. Make a first impression that lasts by cleaning away any debris and signs of pesky summer insects that flock to exterior light sources. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint and placing a few welcoming planters for an extra polished look. Follow these door painting tips to make this project a breeze.

    3. Fill empty landscaping space

    Take a look around your property and identify any bare spots that could benefit from a little landscaping. Plant a few trees and/or foliage to make your curb appeal look complete. You can eve opt for a more affordable option by spreading wildflower seeds that cover more ground than more expensive plants.

    4. Build a gathering space

    Summer is the perfect time of year for relaxing and entertaining. Create a new space to unwind by adding chairs and benches around your front porch or landscaping. Make it extra cozy with a few pillows, throws or poufs and enjoy your new favorite spot.

    5. Add a finishing touch

    Maybe your landscaping is in great shape, yet the exterior of your home feels like it may be missing something. Use this weekend to add a few finishing touches to tie your home and landscaping together for a cohesive look. This may be a creative new house number or an upgrade to existing lighting and door hardware from an outdated, worn finish to a design that better reflects your personal style. Be sure to consider the interior style of your home as well for a finished look that seamlessly transitions from the outside in.

    What projects are you hoping to tackle this weekend? Comment below to let us know!

    4 reasons new door hardware should be part of your next curb appeal project

    June 15, 2016 2:55 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    4 Reasons New Door Hardware Should Be Your Next Curb Appeal Project

    Flowers and siding aren't the only ways to add curb appeal. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider new door hardware as part of your next project.



    Flowers and new siding aren't the only ways to add curb appeal to your home. Updating your front door is a project you can easily accomplish in an afternoon and with the right color choices and accessories, makes a major impact on the look of your home. Here are four reasons why you should consider new door hardware as part of your next curb appeal and front door project.
    Curb appeal - Camelot handleset - Satin Brass - Schlage

    1. Make an affordable style statement

    Upgrading your door hardware is a quick and affordable way to express your personal style. A simple swap from an outdated, worn out finish to a style that better reflects the style of your home is dollar for dollar, an easier way to make a bigger impact than many other weekend projects. Here at Schlage, we make it even easier to get that style upgrade with a wide variety of designer door hardware options for less than designer prices. Check out our Style Selector tool to get started.

    2. Complete your interior decor

    Your front door is the perfect opportunity to introduce your personal style to guests before they step inside. Make sure your exterior accurately reflects what's on the interior by choosing door hardware in a finish that matches other finishes inside the home and complements existing decor. The Satin Brass handleset in the image above not only plays well with the finish of the lighting and planter accessories on the front porch, but eases guests into the entry where other gold accents and shades of blue work together for a cohesive look.

    3. A detail that can't be missed

    Studies show that people interact with door hardware about 34 times per day. It's the first thing you'll touch when you get home and the last when you leave. Make sure the impression is lasting by choosing a style and finish you can be proud of.

    5. Wide selection of styles and finishes

    With advances in both design and technology, you no longer need to sacrifice style to gain security or convenience. Both of Schlage's mechanical and electronic product lines draw inspiration from architectural and design schools to create a collection that is rooted in design trends. From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, you're bound to find the perfect handleset that reflects your unique tastes and lifestyle.

    Don't let an outdated handleset and mismatched hardware drag your curb appeal down anymore. With minimal tools and time, you can be on your way to a stylish look in no time. If you're planning a front door refresh this weekend, be sure to share your before and after photos with us on Facebook and Instagram.


    How to prepare your front door to install a deadbolt lock

    June 6, 2016 12:59 PM by emily.bailey

    Monday, June 6, 2016

    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock

    Installing a new deadbolt lock is an easy project when your front door has the proper measurements. Here's a handy checklist to help you get started.




    Ready to finally give your front door the curb appeal upgrade it deserves? The good news is, installing a new handleset is an easy project, perfect for any DIY skill level that can be completed in just a few minutes but success requires proper preparations as well. Be sure your front door meets all the requirements when it comes to measurements. Otherwise, installing a new deadbolt on a door that isn't properly drilled could result in misalignment and a non-functioning deadbolt lock. Here's the door prep checklist you need:

      Deadbolt to door latch

    - Your door must have a minimum of 5 1/2" between the center of the deadbolt crossbore hole and the center of any other door latch below the deadbolt.


    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock | Schlage


    - The crossbore diameter should measure 2 1/8" or 1 1/2".


    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock | Schlage


    - The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center line of the prep in the door. This should measure 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" from the door edge to the center of the crossbore.
    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock | Schlage

      Latch bore

    - The latch bore should measure 1" in diameter.


    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock | Schlage


    - The thickness of the door should be between 1 3/8" and 1 3/4"
    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock | Schlage


    - The hole in the doorjamb should measure at least 7/8" in diameter and a minimum of a 1" deep.
    How to Prepare Your Front Door to Install a Deadbolt Lock | Schlage
    To see these measurements in action, be sure to view our deadbolt (B60/B62) door prep video. Ready to get started with the intallation? Here's a step-by-step guide to installing a new deadbolt lock.

    Exterior projects that are worth the investment

    May 31, 2016 12:17 PM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    Exterior Projects That Are Worth the Investment | Schlage

    Here's a breakdown of six common exterior curb appeal projects with the average cost and return on investment to help you prioritize.




    Prioritizing exterior projects can be an overwhelming process. You may feel like you have a million projects to get done and not enough time - or money - to do them. Take a step back and try prioritizing where you'll see the biggest bang for your buck. Here are seven common exterior projects and the value you'll gain from the investment.

    1. Front entrance

    It's no secret that we're big fans of front entrance makeovers around here! There's no better way to make the best first impression whether for potential buyers or friends and family than at the front door. But the payoff doesn't end there. According to the 2016 Hanley Wood Cost vs. Value report, replacing your front door could help you recoup 91% of the costs when you sell. If a new door is out of budget, a fresh coat of paint and new door hardware can help achieve the same effect for a fraction of the cost. Check out our Pinterest boards for a little DIY inspiration.

    2. Garage door

    Just like your front door, your garage door is another opportunity to make a great first impression. A beat up door with an outdated color and year's of wear and tear from the elements can be a major turn off to potential buyers and a burden on all the hard work you've done improving the exterior of your home. Replacing the garage door could cost you around $1,652 with 91.5% of the costs recouped. Just like with your front door, if a full replacement is out of budget, there are little things you can do to take a quality garage door and give it a refresh. Check out this dirt cheap DIY garage makeover

    3. Siding

    While a much more hefty investment than the two projects above, new siding can be just the wow-factor your home needs to sell fast. Respondents of the 2016 Cost vs. Value report revealed that the return on all siding projects in all markets was 77.0%. Of course, costs will vary based on the material you choose so be sure to do your research on which siding is the best quality and well suited for your climate and neighborhood.

    4. Deck

    Outdoor living space is a quickly growing must-have among the wishlists of homeowners and buyers alike. Adding on a deck to accommodate outdoor entertaining with take your curb appeal to the next level while giving you additional space to enjoy the spring and summer weather. When it comes to adding value to your home, the materials matter. Consider building a wood deck over composite where you could see a 75% return vs. 64%.

    5. Stone veneer

    Does the exterior of your home just feel like it's missing something? Replacing the bottom third of your siding with a manufactured stone veneer not only looks great, but increases your resale value as well. This project would cost well below what it would take to replace all siding and the average homeowner sees a return of 92.9% of costs, a number that continues to increase year-over-year.

    6. Roof

    Replacing the roof is an expensive investment that every homeowner dreads. Potential buyers are often quick to ask the age of the roof before making a decision to make an offer. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be worth avoiding losing a potential sale making the investment to replace. This selling point will also justify a slightly higher asking price. Check out the full details on cost vs. value here.


    Which exterior project is on the top of your priority list this summer? Comment below to let us know!



    6 mistakes to avoid when adding curb appeal to your home

    May 27, 2016 10:16 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, May 27, 2016

    6 Mistakes to Avoid When Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

    Spring and summer are key seasons for curb appeal projects. Be sure to avoid these 6 mistakes that could decrease your curb appeal instead of improve.




    Spring and summer are prime seasons for updating your home's curb appeal. Like many homeowners, you likely have a long wishlist of exterior projects you'd like to complete this year. Be sure to avoid committing one of these six curb appeal mistakes that could do more harm than good to your home's value.
    6 Mistakes to Avoid When Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home | Schlage

    1. Over-improving

    If adding curb appeal is on your list of priorities in order to increase the resale value of your home, be careful not to over-improve. Some projects require more investment to complete than you'll see in return when your house is on the market. For example, you can recoup up to 101.8% of the cost of a new front door while adding on composite decking will only recoup 68% of the investment, according to Hanley Wood's Cost vs. Value report. Factor in the value of homes around you and the cost to be sure you're prioritizing the projects that give you the biggest bang for your buck.


    2. Too much maintenance

    When it comes to improving your landscaping, it's easy to go overboard. It's best to start small and work your way up through the years to be sure you're not taking on more maintenance and upkeep than you can handle. This is especially important for homeowner's planning to sell. Buyers prefer low-maintenance landscaping with the option to add their own personal touch if desired. 

    3. Ignoring the little details

    A fresh coat of paint and new landscaping can go a long way but don't forget to pay attention to the smaller details as well. Door hardware and light fixtures are key to improving the front entry of your home. Make sure your finishes coordinate with the rest of the home and aren't suffering from wear and tear from years of exposure to the elements.

    4. Failing to maintain

    It's easy to get caught up in adding something new to your home but don't forget to maintain the existing features. A good spring clean is an affordable way to refresh your home. Be sure to keep your gutters clear of plants and debris, wash away any mildew build-up and touch up any chipping paint or faded stain.

    5. Creating a contradiction

    Every homeowner should add their own personal touch to the style of a home but be careful not to go overboard if you're looking to sell. Choose elements that enhance the character of your home and neighborhood instead of work against it.

    6. Waiting too long

    Spring and summer are busy times of the year, especially for active families. It's easy to run out of time to complete each project. That's why it pays to prioritize based on time of year and set deadlines to make sure you get the necessities complete. Be careful not to plant too early when nighttime temps can still dip below freezing and complete your painting projects before high temperatures and humidity set in.

    What other tips do you have for fellow homeowners working on their curb appeal this summer? Comment below to let us know!


    When high security should be top of mind

    May 24, 2016 9:55 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, May 24, 2016

    When High Security Should be Top of Mind

    Here are six ways smart home technology will increase the security of your home this summer by deterring theft and giving you peace of mind.




    With Memorial Day just around the corner, many families are preparing for a busy summer full of home improvement projects and family activities. Whether your plan is to stay home this season or whisk away for a relaxing vacation, it's important to consider which steps you should take to deter criminals and keep your loved ones and belongings safe. Here are a few ideas that will increase the security of your home and give you peace of mind this season so you can enjoy what's really important.
    Home security - Schlage touch - Keyless deadbolt

    1. Ditch the keys

    Hiding a spare key under a rock or doormat is just providing easy access to anyone that really wants to get in to your home. Even if you have the most clever hiding spot, it's easy for a neighbor or passerby to notice when you put that key back in place. Remove the risk and ditch the keys altogether by installing a keyless electronic deadbolt instead. Now you can enjoy the convenience of never getting locked out and make sure loved ones have access whenever they need it by assigning their own designated code.

    2. Light the home

    A dark home can signal to would-be burglars that no one is home. Create the illusion that the home is occupied by installing smart lighting and motion sensors that turn on and off at random intervals. A well lit home is one of the first deterrents intruders look for.

    3. Set up surveillance

    Along with a well-lit home, visible cameras can also make criminals pass your home by. You can also opt for a smart solution that includes 24/7 monitoring, allowing you to check what is going on at your home no matter where you are.

    4. Activate smart alarm

    Installing a smart alarm is a great way to make sure you receive alerts anytime unusual activity is detected at your home. You can choose for a third party to monitor your alarm for a monthly fee or avoid the fee altogether by sending alerts directly to you. Just install motion detectors around windows and doors to trigger the alert. With coordinating cameras, you can check in to see what set the alarm off and decide if a call to your local law enforcement agency is needed.

    5. Monitor the garage

    If you have a garage attached to your home, you've probably panicked more than once wondering if you remembered to shut the garage door on your way out. With a smart garage opener, you don't have to wonder. Simply pull check an app on your phone to verify if the door is open or closed. If you've chosen an opener with remote capabilities, command it to close no matter where you are.

    6. Keep tabs on the door

    You've likely had the same fear you forgot to lock the front door on your way out as well. With a smart deadbolt lock, like the Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt or Schlage Connect™ Touchscreen deadbolt, and an accompanying smart home hub, you can rest easy knowing the status of your lock is easy to check with an app on your phone.
    For even more tips on equipping a safe and secure home, check out this infographic.

    11 budget curb appeal ideas to spruce up your home for less

    May 20, 2016 9:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    11 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home for Less

    Here are 11 DIY curb appeal projects that will help you stay in budget but make a big impact in the value and curb appeal of your home.




    If boosting your curb appeal is on your to-do list this spring and summer, there's no reason you should have to spend a fortune if your budget doesn't allow it. Simply search for DIY-friendly projects you can complete without breaking the bank. Here are eleven DIY curb appeal projects we're swooning over this spring.
    Add a little character to your home with this simple tutorial from Lowe's. Simply build your own shutters and take your exterior from blah to adorable in no time.
    Every detail counts when it comes to your curb appeal and an easy way to make a big impact is to find those small details that you can have a little fun with. Add a modern twist to your home and make it easy for guests to find at the same time with this DIY house number project.

    Curb appeal isn't just for the front of your home. This side door transformation is simple but the end result makes a huge difference. Get all the details from stain technique to door hardware from Living Rich on Less.


    Easily spruce up the trim around your front door by adding a piece of crown molding at the top. The addition helps create a more grand entrance and takes your curb appeal up a notch.
    There's nothing eye catching about a regular garage door but for less than $10, you can make yours something special. Get the tutorial to create your own carriage style garage door in no time.
    Every home features a necessary eyesore but there's no reason to live with it as is. Try camouflaging those hideous electrical boxes with a fresh coat of paint instead.

    Window boxes are another way to add both color and character to your home. Simply purchase one from the store or try a DIY version to get the exact look you want. Here's a great tutorial from Two Twenty One.


    Opt for a creative twist to the traditional sidewalk. While this project is the most labor intensive on the list, the work is sure to pay off. Check out this DIY front path makeover
    White isn't your only option when it comes to trim. Try staying in the same color family with a different tone for the trim around the door. The end result is both unique and eye-catching.
    Some screen doors can cost a fortune to buy brand new. Cut the cost by trying this tutorial for a DIY Chippendale style screen door. This is one project you'll be proud to accomplish at the end of the day!
    Don't let boring porch columns drag your home down. Create a more elegant appeal by building your own porch columns. Here's a method from the DIY Mommy that will make this project worth the work.


    For even more DIY curb appeal ideas, check out eleven of our favorite spring curb appeal ideas.

    How to choose an exterior paint color

    May 19, 2016 6:58 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, May 19, 2016

    How to Choose an Exterior Paint Color | Schlage

    Looking for a new paint color for your front door or home's exterior? Learn how to choose an exterior paint color with our top tips and considerations.




    Choosing a new paint color - whether for the exterior of your home or even just the front door - sounds fun at first but can quickly become a burden. How many times have you fallen for a color on a swatch only to hate the shade once you've painted the whole room? The same can happen with the exterior of your home causing you to spend more time and resources to get the look you want. It pays to take your time and consider all the elements that have an influence over the look and feel of your home. Learn how to choose an exterior paint color with our top tips and considerations below.
    How to Choose an Exterior Paint Color | Schlage
    1. Personal style.
    First, it pays to consider your personal style. No matter what tone or shade you choose, your home should be a reflection of you. Start by considering a few of your favorite styles and coordinating colors.
    2. Interior style.
    Your front door is your first opportunity to make a good impression. Use this as a chance to introduce your personal style to guests by easing them into the overall look and feel of the interior of your home. If your style is more contemporary, stick to a contemporary color palette as opposed to more traditional tones.
    3. Style of neighboring homes.
    If you live in a neighborhood, look to the homes around you for more inspiration. This is also a great time to get familiar with any neighborhood association requirements when it comes to exterior improvements. Let the homes around you complement your style but find opportunities to add your own unique spin.
    4. Existing colors.
    Unless you're doing a complete exterior transformation, you may need to choose a color that complements foundational features. Consider the type of brick or color of siding, roof and trim before you commit.
    5. Accents.
    Does your home feature any unique architectural elements? Choose a color that accentuates those elements rather than hides them. Also consider the finish on your lighting and door hardware. This is a great time to consider outfitting your home with a new finish to pull your home's exterior together.
    6. Climate.
    Don't forget to account for the climate where you live. Does your front door face direct sunlight for most of the day? Then you'll likely want to stay away from black which absorbs more heat and can fade more quickly. Also consider humidity levels and what type of paint you'll need to stick with. Contact your local paint store for more information before you buy.
    7. Inspiration.

    Finally, don't forget to look to online resources such as Pinterest or Houzz and keep an eye on your favorite home remodeling publications for inspiration. Keep your mind focused by sticking to the factors you laid out above and take your favorite images to your local paint supplier to find the perfect match.


    What process do you go through to find the perfect exterior paint color? Comment below to let us know.



    Easy real life home makeovers with a simple coat of paint

    May 13, 2016 2:40 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, May 13, 2016

    8 Easy Real Home Makeovers with a Simple Coat of Paint

    Completing a curb appeal makeover doesn't have to be a major expense. Check out these 8 easy home makeovers that simply used a coat of paint.




    Looking for a little inspiration to give your home's exterior and curb appeal a major boost? There's no reason to get in over your head and think you need to completely remodel the entire exterior. Below are a few homeowners that managed to make a huge impact with a single coat of paint.

    1. Keep it simple

    You don't have to redo the entire exterior to make an impact on your home. Focusing on the little details can go a long way on its own. We love how this homeowner featured on Apartment Therapy made this project easy and affordable by freshening up the home's trim, front door and garage door.

    2. Make it pop

    Adding a vibrant color to a few details on your home can also have a major impact. These homeowners featured on HGTV created a cheerful curb appeal by removing bulky landscaping that hid most of the home and made it pop with a yellow front door and flower boxes.

    3. Bring it to life

    Don't forget to consider the details in the doorstep and overhead as well. This front door goes from bland to unique by painting the steps a dark grey and adding architectural details around the light fixture above. See more from HGTV.

    4. Restore and refinish

    You can also choose to focus on details that are a little more worn and weathered than the rest of the home. By refinishing the stairs and adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door and trim, this simple makeover makes this home look brand new. Find out more details about this before and after from Apartment Therapy.

    5. Go from bland to modern

    Don't be afraid to take away some features on your home. Removing the shutters and applying a new shade of grey to this 1950s home gives it a modern edge. It's simple but far from boring. See more of this tri-level remodel on Apartment Therapy.

    6. Accessorize

    After adding a new pop of color to your front door or trim, take your curb appeal up another notch with just a few accessories. Summer of Simple Stylings removes the railing and adds a few key details to make her front porch perfect for entertaining.

    7. Be bold

    Take a risk and choose to use paint to take your home from one extreme to another. That's exactly what this homeowner featured on Houzz did to make his home's exterior stand out in a whole new way.

    8. Keep it classy

    Look to the original character of your home while adding your own personal twist. That's exactly what Victoria Barnes did to restore the original character of her 1890 Victorian. Get all the details on paint colors including this custom shade of red she came up with for the doors on her blog.
    Ready to get started on your painting project? Be sure to check out our favorite paint colors this spring to kickstart your project.

    6 must-haves for high value curb appeal

    May 11, 2016 2:02 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    6 Must-Haves for High Value Curb Appeal | Schlage

    Here are six must-have curb appeal details that are high value and will take your home's style up a notch.




    Spring is in full swing with summer right on its tail. Now's the time to get your home in tip-top shape so you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful, warm weather. Take some time this month to create a little curb appeal that you can be proud of. Here are six must-have details for creating high value curb appeal and taking your home's style up a notch.

    1. Well manicured lawn

    Sometimes the best curb appeal is the most simple and that means you have to start with the right foundation. Focus on defining clean lines around walkways and flower beds and help your grass look its best with a little fertilizer. Make sure you pull those pesky weeds that can show up in cracks in the sidewalk and driveway and give any existing trees and bushes a trim, making sure to pick up any lingering sticks or leaves.
    6 Must-Haves for High Value Curb Appeal
    Curb Appeal via Schlage

    2. Fresh exterior

    Sometimes, all you need for a fresh exterior is to give your home a quick wash. This provides the perfect opportunity to take note of any places that need attention, such as chipping paint around the windows, missing shingles, or siding that needs repair. Pay attention to the details to help your home look as good as new.

    3. Vibrant front door

    Give your home a boost of cheer and add an eye-catching element by refreshing your front door with a new, vibrant color. Stick with what you know by choosing a fresh coat in the same shade or push the limits by thinking outside the box and painting a unique shade instead. Don't forget to complete the look with a new handleset and coordinating lighting.

    4. Pops of color

    Adding a little pop of color is easy when you opt to add a new planter with flowers. The options are endless so be sure to stick to a theme that coordinates with the existing style of your home. The front door is the perfect location for flowering plants but don't forget the rest of your home. Consider adding planters where accessories are lacking, like the garage in this photo below.

    5. Clutter-free

    Even the most well-planned landscaping can suffer from too much clutter. Be careful not to add too many accessories and make sure garden tools and toys are kept where they belong instead of littering the yard.

    6. Complete

    When you own your home, it seems as though the projects are never ending. If you're not careful, you may end up with several incomplete projects, distracting from the hard work you've done to get your curb appeal in tip top shape. Resist the urge to start a new project when another has yet to be complete. You'll be much more satisfied when you can take a step back at the end of the day and enjoy a job well done.

    What advice do you have for fellow homeowners when it comes to adding high value curb appeal? Comment below to let us know!


    What can you expect after purchasing a Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt?

    May 9, 2016 1:43 PM by emily.bailey

    Monday, May 9, 2016

    What to Expect After Purchasing a Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

    When considering new technology, it’s important to know if you’ll have ongoing support. Here's what to expect after purchasing a Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt.




    As the strongest, most intelligent Bluetooth®-enabled lock on the market, the Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt opens up a whole new smart home experience with its flexibility for ease of access without compromising security. To make the most of its features, we work hard to make sure you have access to the resources you need in the most convenient way. Here's what you can expect for product support after purchasing your Schlage Sense lock.
    What to Expect After Purchasing a Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

    1. Video tutorials

    From installation, to programming instructions, to general feature and app how-to's, you'll have access to a playlist of videos that will help you grow more familiar with the capabilities of your Schlage Sense lock. Simply visit the how-to center on schlage.com or our YouTube page to find the videos you need.

    2. App with installation instructions

    Installing and programming your Schlage Sense lock is easy when you follow the step-by-step instructions in the Schlage Sense app. Just download the app to your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® and follow along with the prompts as you go. Here are even more tips for getting the most out of the features available in your Schlage Sense app.

    3. knowledge center

    If you aren't finding what you need with the step-by-step app prompts or in our list of video tutorials, be sure to access the knowledge center at schlage.com for frequently asked questions. From advice for pairing your lock with Apple TV to how to access user history data, we fill the knowledge center with questions straight from our customers and provide the most up-to-date answers. To ask us your question, locate the search icon at the top right of home page and fill the search bar with your inquiry.

    4. Customer support

    When it comes to using new technology, there are bound to be unique questions or use-cases that arise. That's why we have a trained customer support team ready to give you the personalized assistance you need. Have a question about pairing your lock with Apple TV®? Want to be sure you're taking all the right steps during installation? Give our team a call at 888.805.9837.

    5. Firmware updates

    At Schlage, we're constantly making improvements to the Schlage Sense lock and app to further enhance the user experience and make it even easier to keep your home safe. Be sure to use the Schlage Sense app often to be notified of any available firmware updates. To complete the update, your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® device must be connected to your lock over Bluetooth® for the duration of the update – about 15 minutes. You'll know the process is complete when the lock beeps and flashes red LEDs.

    And there you have it. When you join the Schlage electronic lock family, you can rest easy knowing there's a whole team dedicated to making sure you have the best experience with your new smart deadbolt. As always, feel free to submit your questions or comments below or follow one of the steps above to access existing materials. 


    A curb appeal upgrade that really pays off

    May 4, 2016 1:29 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    A Curb Appeal Upgrade That Really Pays Off | Schlage

    Upgrade your curb appeal and home's marketability with these makeover ideas. Here are 5 curb appeal projects that will add resale value to your home.



    Updating the curb appeal of your home can often feel like an impossible project. With so many options available, it's easy to get in over your head and outside of your budget. Whether you're looking to add curb appeal for resale value or to reflect your personal style, it helps to take a step back and consider the value you'll be adding to your home. Here are five curb appeal upgrades that are truly worth the investment and add to your home's marketability.
    A Curb Appeal Upgrade That Really Pays Off | Schlage

    1. Front door makeover

    Your front door is often the first thing guests and potential buyers will notice about your home so it pays to make a good impression here first. According to Hanley Wood's 2015 Cost vs. Value report, replacing your front entry door can recoup up to 101.8% of the costs, making sure this project will pay you back in full. If a complete door replacement is out of budget, consider adding a fresh coat of paint and a new handleset to spiff things up in no time.

    2. Unique house numbers

    Make it easier for guests to find your home by placing a unique house number that will catch their eye. With so many DIY projects across the Web, it's easy to create something that goes beyond boring numbers and reflects your personal style. Check out our boards on Pinterest for inspiration.

    3. Well-designed landscaping

    There's no denying that beautiful, well-thought landscaping can add tremendous value while enhancing the style of your home. The good news is, if you already have the basics, this project may be as simple as pulling a few weeds and trimming a few plants. If you're starting from scratch, be sure to pick a single theme and stick with it. Opt for plants that coordinate and are best suited for your climate.

    4. Strategic lighting

    Place lighting in areas that show off the most beautiful aspects of your home and all your hard work. Line walkways with solar lighting and add overhead lighting to all entry doors. You'll also reap the reward of added security from a well-lit home.

    5. Spring clean

    Give your home a facelift with a fresh pressure wash and keep your gutters free and clear of weeds and debris. Failing to take care of the smallest details can tip off to potential buyers that the home was not well cared for. Also take the time to clean your windows inside and out, taking note of any screens that need repaired or replaced. Here are even more tips for giving the exterior of your home the spring clean it deserves.

    What areas of your home are you looking to improve this spring? Comment below to let us know!


    How to increase home security with smart home technology

    April 26, 2016 12:52 PM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    How to Increase Home Security with Smart Home Technology

    Looking for ways to increase the safety and security of your home this spring? Check out the latest smart home developments that will do just that.




    Spring is not only a great time of year to clean and organize your home but also the perfect time to make sure your loved ones and belongings are as safe and secure as possible. While you scour your home to replace smoke detector batteries and ensure all home security devices are in working order, look for opportunities to improve the safety of your home.


    Smart home technology isn't just for adding convenience or efficiency to your home. There's also the benefit of greater peace of mind as you increase security and stay connected to know your home is safe and sound. With the latest developments in smart home technology, you can rest easy while at home or away knowing you didn't forget to lock the doors or close the garage and have the right equipment in place to deter both criminals and disaster.

    Check out this infographic to learn how smart home technology can make your home safe and more secure. Which safety risk are you looking to combat with new technology?
    Equipping a safe and secure house


    Looking for even more information on smart home technology? Check out our tech board on Pinterest.


    5 simple but gorgeous front door transformations

    April 21, 2016 12:15 PM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    5 Simple but Gorgeous Front Door Transformations | Schlage

    We've collected a few of our favorite DIY front door makeovers to help you think outside the box and create a look that suits your personal style without breaking the bank.




    Looking for some inspiration for your next outdoor project? We've collected a few of our favorite DIY front door makeovers to help you think out of the box and create a look that suits your personal style flawlessly without breaking the bank. Check them out below.
    It doesn't take much to make a new statement with your home's curb appeal. If you already have the basics in place, a simple coat of pant and a few new plants and handleset will allow the look and feel of your home to transition with your personal style. Ann of On Sutton Place did just that with this front door makeover. Read more about her curb appeal journey.
    Like many homeowners, you may find it difficult to complete big projects when obligations with family and friends get in the way. In this blog post, Chelsea of Someday I'll Learn takes a step back to admire the little details that have made a big impact in their home remodeling journey, starting with this front door makeover featuring a Schlage Century Style handleset in Polished Nickel.
    It doesn't always take a full exterior makeover to catch someone's eye. Sometimes, all you need is a new front door with bold coat of paint to be the star of the show. Susan of Living Rich on Less creates a welcoming and fun entry with this front door transformation. Find tips on her painting process and how to save big when purchasing a new door.
    If purchasing a new door is out of budget for your project, then simply refinishing and updating the hardware can go a long way in giving your door new life. Susan is at it again with this side door makeover where she salvaged the character of the existing door and created a polished look with some new hardware, paint and a good cleaning. We love that her choice of Aged Bronze finish coordinates with the hardware she chose for the front door above.
    Another easy way to switch things up to make a statement throughout the seasons is to coordinate the color of your door and hardware with accessories and plants. Lowe's shows you how to do just that by taking the same front porch and creating five different looks to go from spring in to summer. Find out more from Lowe's.


    Which transformation is your favorite? Comment below to let us know!



    How to prep your home's exterior for spring

    April 12, 2016 2:38 PM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    How to Prep Your Home's Exterior for Spring | Schlage

    Ready to enjoy that beautiful spring weather? Make sure your home is too. Follow these steps to prep your home's exterior for spring.



    As the temperature moves up and the days draw longer, you're likely itching to go outside and enjoy some fresh air this spring. It also means it's time to check your home's exterior any make any upgrades or repairs after a long, gloomy winter. Here's a few quick steps you should take this weekend to clean up around your home and get ready for a beautiful spring.
    How to Prep Your Home's Exterior for Spring | Schlage

    1. Clean the gutters

    Fall and winter commonly mean falling leaves and harsh weather conditions. It doesn't take long for your gutters to fill up with debris. If neglected, you could prevent your gutters from functioning properly during the spring rain and cause a greater mess around your home. This is a project that only takes a couple hours and will save you a major headache later in the year. 

    2. Pressure wash the exterior

    Now is a great time to refresh the exterior of your house and remove any dirt and mildew that built up in the the last year. If you don't own a pressure washer, there's no need to go out and buy a brand new one. Simply contact your local tool rental facility to see if they have one in stock.

    3. Remove dead plants

    If you weren't able to clean up your landscaping before the cold weather hit, you may be left with brown and dead plants that are causing a major eyesore. Make room for new growth and cut these down and shape up any bushes or trees that need a quick trim.

    4. Clean up front porch accessories

    Time to get your cute outdoor accessories out of storage and on display! Take some time to give them a quick wash as it's likely they've built up with dust and cobwebs while in storage. You'll be glad once you set out your chairs, rugs, tables and planters that you took a few extra minutes to make them look as good as new.

    5. Care for your hardware

    Your door hardware can really take a beating through the seasons. Make it a habit to dedicate the beginning of spring to taking proper precautions so your finish lasts for years to come. Now is also a great time to make sure your doors are aligned properly and all hardware is in perfect working order.

    6. Touch up paint or re-stain

    Notice any blemishes in the paint on your home or porch? Could your deck use a refresh? Take a small amount of paint and brush around with you and fill in any chips in your home's paint. Taking the time to care for it now will ensure you don't end up with a bigger blemish (and bill!) later in the year.

    7. Look for wear and tear

    Some years, winter can be unforgiving with your home. Take some time this weekend to walk around the exterior and look for other signs of wear and tear. Are there any cracks in your foundation? Holes in any window screens? Loose boards on your deck? Just like with the paint above, now is the time to repair those small projects before they become a bigger headache.

    8. Refresh gravel or seal cracks in the driveway

    Over time, your gravel will start to thin or concrete begin to crack when it comes to wear and tear on your driveway. Replenish that gravel before spring hits you with a muddy mess or seal any cracks before weeds take up residence in your driveway.

    What spring projects are you planning to accomplish this weekend? Comment below to let us know.


    Create a designer front door look without the designer price tag

    April 4, 2016 1:59 PM by emily.bailey

    Monday, April 4, 2016

    Create a Designer Front Door Look Without the Designer Price Tag

    Giving your front door a spring refresh doesn't have to cost a fortune. Follow these tips for a designer front door look without paying the designer price.



    Whether your winter was mild or brutal, your home's curb appeal often takes a major hit during these long gloomy months. With the start of spring, it's time to start thinking about giving your curb appeal a refresh and we think you should start with the front door. Here are six steps you should take to get a designer front door look within your budget.
    Create a Designer Front Door Look Without the Designer Price Tag
    1. Give it a clean up.
    After a long winter, your home's curb appeal can really take a beating. Take some time this week to clean up the last of winter's dead vegetation and spruce up your front porch with a quick rinse of the hose or pressure washer. This is also a great time to clean out your gutters to make sure they continue working properly during the spring showers. Taking the time to clean up around your home will go a long way as you make updates to the curb appeal.
    2. Choose your color scheme.
    An easy way to refresh your home is by choosing a new color for your front door. Opt for something more neutral to let any accessories shine or make it the focal point with something bold and interesting. If you're not sure where to start, try thinking about the interior of your home and choose a color scheme that complements your personal style.
    3. Select complementing hardware.
    Next, give the look a polishing touch by choosing a new door hardware style and finish. You can choose to match existing hardware or opt for a unique touch by mixing finishes.
    4. Install stylish lighting.
    Once your hardware is in place, try adding a new and stylish light fixture to take things up a notch. Over time, light fixtures become dingy and worn from year's of wear and tear and exposure to the elements. New lighting is an affordable way to freshen things up.
    5. Place a welcoming mat.
    Once the harder part is over, opt for something easy by placing a new welcome mat. Choose one that matches the color scheme or opt for a funny or welcoming phrase. For plenty of ideas to make your own, unique statement, check out our Warm Welcomes Pinterest board for inspiration.
    6. Add a few planters.
    Finally, you're ready to add a lively touch to your home's curb appeal. Add a couple of planters with flowers and greenery to really bring your home back to life. If you're planning on doing this early in the spring and you live in a climate where temperatures are not done fluctuating, be sure to research which types of plants are best when you're at risk for another overnight freeze.

    How are you planning on refreshing your curb appeal this spring? Comment below to let us know!



    Don't overlook these 5 interior details

    March 28, 2016 1:47 PM by emily.bailey

    Monday, March 28, 2016

    Don't Overlook These 5 Interior Details | Schlage

    Refreshing your home doesn't have to mean a major remodeling project. Upgrade these 5 overlooked details for a quick style update.



    When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a few details you may be quick to overlook but actually play a major role in tying an entire room together. The good news is, these details can easily and affordably be upgraded in a single day and can make a big impact without a full room remodel. Check them out below and see if your home could benefit from these simple changes.
    Don't Overlook These 5 Interior Details | Schlage

    1. Door hardware

    In the past, door hardware was always seen as a basic necessity that only deserved our attention when it was time to repair and replace. Now that there are so many stylish and affordable options on the market, door hardware has become a reflection of your personal style. From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, it is now easier than ever to purchase the style and finish of your choice. Check out our Style Selector to help you get started.

    2. Hinges

    Depending on the original finish of your door hardware, once you've replaced old knobs and levers with a new style and finish, you may need to upgrade your hinges as well. Matte Black or silver finishes won't take you very far if your hinges are reminiscent of the outdated bright brass knobs you had before. But don't let this project intimidate you. Changing your hinges can be as easy as removing and replacing one at a time. No need to remove your whole door and worry about proper alignment with this one.

    3. Thresholds

    Like many homeowners, your flooring may vary from room to room. Thresholds play an important role in transitioning from one room to the next without looking incomplete. You should always place a threshold when your flooring changes. For example, where the carpet of a bedroom ends but the tile of a bathroom begins. Do not place thresholds when flooring continues from room to room, like the hardwood in a living room that continues into a hallway.

    4. Switch plates

    After many years of wear and tear on your lighting and outlet switch plates, these covers can start to look a bit dingy. Consider a quick cleaning or opt for new cover altogether. They're affordable, easy to install and can make a room look completely refreshed in no time.

    5. Vent covers

    Through the years, your vent covers can collect a lot of dust and hair - especially if you have pets. Take some time to remove these covers and give them a quick wash or consider replacing with a style and finish that better reflects your personal style. You may even consider choosing a look that complements your door hardware and lighting fixtures.


    What other details have you updated in your home that completely changed the look and feel? Comment below to let us know and share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram!


    5 ways to keep your mudroom from looking like a mudroom

    March 25, 2016 1:34 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, March 25, 2016

    5 Ways to Keep Your Mudroom from Looking Like a Mudroom | Schlage

    The mudroom doesn't have to be a bland, often dirty room. Here are 5 ways to make the mudroom as stylish as the rest of your home.



    Ah, the mudroom. Or like many homeowners, maybe it's just the back door. Either way, this space is often overlooked and quickly dirtied with constant traffic moving in and out. There's no reason not to make this space feel like it's part of the home and a reflection of your personal style - even if you do have to mop it a bit more frequently. Here are five simple ideas to make your mudroom a stylish part of the home.

    1. Install classic finishes

    We are loving this mudroom makeover shared over on Apartment Therapy. This homeowner took a bland space brought it to life with a trendy light fixture and vibrant accessories. Satin Brass lighting is the perfect touch with the black door and Satin Nickel hardware. For more tips on mixing hardware the right way, check out our guide to mixing finishes.

    2. Add unique flooring

    Resist the urge to stick with a boring neutral flooring if you want to give your mudroom a touch of something special. Who knows - having something unique you'll want to show off may motivate you to keep this space even tidier. Sarah M. Dorsey creates the perfect entrance by installing her flooring in a herringbone pattern to mix things up. *Spoiler: This clean space also features the perfect finishing touch with Schlage's Latitude levers in Polished Nickel.

    5 Ways to Keep Your Mudroom from Looking Like a Mudroom | Schlage

    3. Place a cute rug and planter

    You don't have to opt for time consuming projects like new flooring or light fixtures. Simply place a new rug and houseplant to make this space feel homey in no time. We're loving the combination of colors from Not Just a Housewife with Satin Nickel door hardware.

    5 Ways to Keep Your Mudroom from Looking Like a Mudroom | Schlage

    4. Create built--in storage

    The best entryways - whether at the front or back of the house - always remain clean and organized. Add some built-in storage so you can have a place for everything when you step in the door and avoid having shoes and mail all over your home. Get the details on this Cape Cod home from Home Bunch.

    5 Ways to Keep Your Mudroom from Looking Like a Mudroom | Schlage

    5. Add a touch of glam

    Don't let the name "mudroom" fool you into thinking this room doesn't deserve a touch of glam. When it comes to your personal style, anything goes, including a crystal chandelier in an eclectic farmhouse mudroom. See more of this adorable home from Style Me Pretty.

    5 Ways to Keep Your Mudroom from Looking Like a Mudroom | Schlage
    What unique touches have you added to your back entrance or mudroom? Share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram!

    5 must-have details for hollywood regency style

    March 15, 2016 12:45 PM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    5 Must-Have Details for Hollywood Regency Style | Schlage

    To get the iconic Hollywood Regency look in your home, be sure to include these five must-have design elements.


    Hollywood Regency style - or Glitz and Glam - has quickly moved to popularity in the last couple of years. With its nod to classic Hollywood and glamorous details, it's no wonder it has an influence over many home decor brands. If you've been wondering how to pull this iconic look off, the details really do matter. Here are five details you shouldn't skimp for true, Hollywood Regency style.

    1. Statement furniture

    In Hollywood, its all about making a statement and being the start of the show. You should have one furniture piece that does just that. Look for pieces that will spark a conversation with your guests. The more unique, the better. With a little patience and perseverance, you can find the perfect piece of furniture without the Hollywood budget by browsing thrift stores and consignment shops.

    2. Gorgeous glass

    You won't have to look far to find the perfect fixtures and accessories complete with plenty of shine to add a little Hollywood glamour. Look for lighting or mirrors adorned with crystals to reflect the 1930s chandeliers that were so popular among starlets. When it comes to Hollywood Regency, no amount of shine is too much.

    5 Must-Have Details for Hollywood Regency Style | Schlage

    3. Bold colors

    It wouldn't be Hollywood without the drama. This iconic style often pairs bold colors that offer the perfect pop when paired with black, white or grey. It's easy to play around with multiple colors especially when starting with a neutral base but for true Hollywood Regency style, its best to choose one color and stick to it.

    4. Elaborate prints

    Solid colors aren't the only way to add a little drama to your space. Elaborate prints in vintage wallpapers or furniture and throw pillows are great at doing this as well. After choosing your bold color above, find an elaborate print that pairs well like paisley or damask. Hollywood Regency is anything but understated so choose a single print and go big.

    5. Polished metals

    Don't overlook the hardware in your home for a chance to add even more shine and glamour. Our Polished Nickel finish (pictured left) will perfectly match homes with lacquered surfaces and glass accents, but is adaptable enough to coexist with other modern styles. If your home falls into a warmer environment, consider Satin Brass (pictured right), featuring hints of gold for a modern brass alternative.


    5 Must-Have Details for Hollywood Regency Style | Schlage 5 Must-Have Details for Hollywood Regency Style | Schlage

    Which detail is your favorite when it comes to Hollywood Regency style? Comment below to let us know!


    Install door hardware with ease with this door prep checklist

    March 11, 2016 10:25 AM by claire.cox

    Friday, March 11, 2016

    Install Door Hardware With Ease With This Door Prep Checklist

    Before installing new door hardware, be sure to verify your door's holes are properly drilled and alignment is correct with this door prep checklist.



    Installing new door hardware is an easy project that any homeowner can take on. Whether you're a seasoned remodeler or just getting started at tackling these projects on your own, with a little prep work, you can update a whole home in no time. Follow this door prep checklist to make sure your hardware project goes quickly and smoothly.
    Install Door Hardware With Ease With This Door Prep Checklist
    Before you start installing your new hardware, you'll need to verify the holes are properly drilled. Be sure to check each of the following items off on your list before you begin installation. If you can't check each one, you'll need to adjust your door or frame to ensure a proper fit. Here are the measurements you should check for both interior and exterior doors.



    - Your lock crossbore diameter must measures 2 1/8".


    Lock crossbore measurement



    - The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center line of the prep in the door. This should measure 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" from the door edge to the center of the crossbore.

    Door backset measurement

     Latch bore


    - The latch bore should measure 1" in diameter.


    Measurement of door latch bore



    - The thickness of the door should be between 1 3/8" and 1 3/4"

    Proper door thickness for standard door hardware



    - The latch bore in the doorjamb should measure at least 7/8" in diameter and a minimum of a 1/2" deep.

    Doorjamb latch bore measurement
    When installing door hardware on exterior doors, also check the door's current alignment by answering these questions:
      Can I lock my door without lifting, pulling or pushing the door?
      Does my door alignment stay the same with the changing seasons?
      When the door is closed, is there space for the deadbolt to extend 1" into the frame when locked?


    Once you've verified these important factors, you'll be all set to install in just a few easy steps. For more door prep and installation tutorials, be sure to visit the Schlage YouTube page or the How-to-Center at schlage.com.


    How to transform a room with a few key details

    February 29, 2016 1:41 PM by emily.bailey

    Monday, February 29, 2016

    How to Transform a Room with a Few Key Details | Schlage

    Here are a few easy ideas to help you transform the look of your home to better reflect your style without taking on a major renovation.



    Whether they're big or small, the details matter when it comes to home decor. Simple choices from light fixtures to artwork play a major role in transforming a room. Here are a few easy ideas to help you transform the look of your home to better reflect your style without taking on a major renovation.

    1. Throw pillows

    One of the easiest ways to transform a room is to add a few throw pillows that a pop of color or a unique statement. Opt for pillow covers and inserts to make it easy to switch things up as the seasons change or even just with your mood.
    How to Transform a Room with a Few Key Details | Schlage

    2. Artwork

    Like throw pillows, artwork and gallery walls provide an easy way to create a versatile look. Switch out family photos as children grow up or swap a print with a holiday favorite. The options are endless.
    How to Transform a Room with a Few Key Details | Schlage

    3. Light fixtures

    While this requires more work and is not nearly as versatile as the two ideas above, changing the lighting in a room can provide a dark, dingy space with a major wow factor. As long as you are placing new fixtures where old ones have already been installed, this is a project any homeowner can take on. Just be sure to read all the manufacturer's instructions and take proper precautions by turning off all power to that room.
    How to Transform a Room with a Few Key Details | Schlage

    4. Door hardware

    Your door hardware is often an overlooked feature that actually plays a vital role in providing a cohesive look throughout your home. Is your home full of outdated, bright brass hardware? Maybe you have some hardware that does not match or coordinate with the existing hardware in your home. Choosing a door knob or lever style and finish that better reflects your personal aesthetic can be the perfect finishing touch you've been looking for.
    How to Transform a Room with a Few Key Details | Schlage

    5. Plumbing

    Now that you've updated your light fixtures and door hardware to match your personal style, what about your kitchen and bathroom plumbing and faucets? You can choose to allow the finish of your door hardware and lighting to dictate your faucet choices or opt for an interesting touch by mixing finishes.
    How to Transform a Room with a Few Key Details | Schlage

    Which details do you notice first in a home? Comment below to let us know!

    Add a Touch of Modern Flair with a Simple Door Hardware Upgrade

    February 23, 2016 12:48 PM by radhika.belkhede

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    Add a Touch of Modern Flair with a Simple Door Hardware Upgrade

    We’re introducing the Collins trim which complements a variety of door hardware styles – from contemporary to traditional – to add a modern touch.



    Whether your home decor tastes fall more on the traditional or contemporary side of design, geometric patterns and squares have become a popular way to add a modern touch to a home’s decor. This is especially true in the lighting and furniture industries where square trims are often found with scroll-inspired lighting fixtures in place of more traditional ovals. To help you complete your next home decor project with the perfect finishing touch, we're introducing the Collins trim.

    Refined elegance.

    The Collins trim stems from Northern Europe where styles like Bauhaus and minimalism flourished, giving it a modern, international flair. It's known for its ability to soften a room and serves as a good backdrop for more complex modern levers.
    Collins trim
    A uniquely modern touch in any home, the Collins trim embodies refined elegance, with a square influence that helps modernize a range of styles—from traditional to contemporary. Itcoordinates stunningly with rooms that incorporate cubic shapes, streamlined design, and industrial lighting. And since many new faucets and fixtures come with square back trims, it’s the perfect finishing touch to lighting or plumbing projects.

    Unmistakably modern.

    See how the Collins deadbolt (left) and Collins with Northbrook lever combo (right) pair perfectly with both the contemporary and transitional settings below. Both rooms feature clean lines and have a sort of minimalist appeal that makes this trim work so well.
    Add a Touch of Modern Flair with a Simple Door Hardware Upgrade
    Add a Touch of Modern Flair with a Simple Door Hardware Upgrade

    The perfect complement.

    The Collins trim pairs with a wide variety of styles, making it a great choice for homeowners that are still defining their taste in decor. It also makes a great finishing touch to a project, as it won’t clash with existing hardware elsewhere in the home.
    Take a look at two very unique styles below. When paired with the Latitude lever (left), the Collins trim takes on a modern style. However, when paired with the Accent lever (right), Collins can look undeniably transitional.
    Add a Touch of Modern Flair with a Simple Door Hardware Upgrade
    Add a Touch of Modern Flair with a Simple Door Hardware Upgrade


    For more information on the Collins design and details on where to buy, visit schlage.com.


    6 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Hallways

    February 12, 2016 12:33 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, February 12, 2016

    6 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Hallways | Schlage

    Don't let your hallways be a blank slate. Check out these six functional and stylish ideas to make the most of this space.



    Hallways are often the lowest priority on a homeowner's to-do list - yet they're the part of your home that likely sees the most traffic. If your hallways are a blank slate, why not make them both stylish and functional? Here are six of our favorite ideas to help you make this most of this important space.

    1. Create a library.

    Many homeowners dream of their own, personal library but if space is an issue, try getting creative. Your hallway could be the best spot to store your literary treasures and makes an impressive statement.

    2. Add character.

    The hallway is the perfect place to take your favorite architectural detail and make it a reality. Try an easy DIY board and batten look or even beadboard to take this narrow space from drab to beautiful. Be sure to check out the before and afters from House 185 on this hallway makeover.
    6 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Hallways | Schlage

    3. Make it kid-friendly.

    Why not use the hallway as more entertaining space for your kids? Create a chalkboard wall for hours of entertainment and artwork that has personal meaning.

    4. Keep it simple.

    Of course, you can never go wrong by keeping it simple. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and trim and hang a few pieces of artwork and you'll have a hallway that makes an impact without stealing the show.

    5. Try a pattern.

    If you're drawn to trendy wallpapers but fear they could be overwhelming, the hallway is the perfect place to give it a shot. Let the width of your hallway determine the pattern and color palette you choose and have some fun.

    6. Get organized.

    If storage space is limited, put your hallway to good use by making it functional. Add a few shelves or a dresser to store the items that just haven't found a home yet. If your hallway is narrow, this shoe organizer from IKEA is a popular choice among homeowners.


    How do you dress up your hallways? Comment below to let us know!

    How to DIY your own smart home

    February 5, 2016 9:36 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, February 5, 2016

    The DIY Smart Home | Schlage

    This infographic will show you everything you need to DIY a more efficient, secure and/or entertaining smart home.



    According to a recent consumer study conducted by Traditional Home Magazine, there will be 25 billion connected devices in use by 2020 - up from 4.9 billion 2015. The same study also found that nearly one-fourth (24%) of consumers think the technology will be an everyday, common feature in US households.


    There are many benefits of building your own smart home but many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the cost and wealth of options. Reduce some of the anxiety by selecting devices you can easily install and manage on your own. Breaking it down by the conveniences that are most important to you and your family can simplify it and help you prioritize which devices to buy.


    Equipping your very own smart home is much simpler than you may think. Depending on the goals you'd like to accomplish, this infographic will walk you through the steps you should take to identify which devices you need most as well as the amount of time and difficulty it takes to install. Take a look at some of the top combinations of devices we recommend whether you want greater security, energy efficiency or just looking to entertain yourself and guests.


    Which smart home scenario appeals most to you? Join us on Facebook to let us know!

    Smart home - DIY - Schlage

    Looking for even more information on getting started with your first smart home? Take a look at our tech board on Pinterest for great resources.

    How to choose door hardware for your home

    January 28, 2016 8:53 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, January 28, 2016

    How to Choose Door Hardware for Your Home | Schlage

    How do you determine which door hardware is best for your needs? Here are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.



    Whether you just purchased a new home, have faulty hardware, or just want to make an upgrade from an outdated style, there are plenty of reasons you may need to update your door hardware. How do you determine which hardware is best for your needs? Here are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.
    How to Choose Door Hardware for Your Home | Schlage
    1. Interior or exterior.
    Whether your hardware is to be placed on an interior or exterior door will determine the level of durability in both function and finish you will need. For exterior doors, consider a deadbolt with a ANSI Grade 1 security rating - the highest level of residential security available - to keep your home secure along with a handleset or keyed knob/lever. The type of hardware you choose for interior doors will depend on the function of those doors. See more about that below.
    2. Lifestyle.
    Your next step will be to choose whether you need a knob or lever. The choice is easy when you know you prefer one type over the other but you may find yourself needing to consider other lifestyle aspects. For individuals that may have a difficult time turning a door knob due to a condition such as arthritis, an ADA compliant lever would be the best choice as these require no twisting motion of the wrists to open. If you have active toddlers running about, a knob may be a more suitable choice as they are not opened easily by curious hands.
    To determine the type of handleset or deadbolt you will need for your exterior doors, consider if there's an opportunity to add convenience and security with your choice. If you have a busy family or several guests coming and going, you may consider a keyless solution where you can assign a unique access code to each family member and never worry about someone getting locked out or losing a key again.
    3. Know the function for each door.
    Once you've decided the type of hardware you need, you'll need to determine the function. For hallway and closet doors, you will want a non-locking, passage knob or lever. For bedrooms and bathrooms, purchase a locking, privacy knob or lever. For decorative door pulls, purchase a non-turning, dummy knob or lever and for exterior or higher security needs, a keyed knob or lever. It helps to take a tally of the doors in your home and the function you will need to ensure you purchase the right door hardware.
    For special circumstances, such as a wine cellar, you may even consider a keyless Schlage Touch™ with lever for easy access for you and extra help keeping nosy friends and family members out.
    4. Door setup.
    Sometimes the type of door you have will determine the hardware you should install. Pay special attention if you have extra thick doors as you'll want to be sure your hardware comes with a thick door kit or is well suited for those dimensions. For exterior hardware, you may come across an exterior door with only one hole for hardware. Instead of drilling a second hole for a deadbolt which could ruin the door if your measurements are off or hiring a professional to install, consider a deadbolt that features a lever like the Schlage Touch™ lever or Keypad lever. This allows you to save money, gain extra security and enjoy the convenience of never needing a key again.
    5. Choose your finish.
    There are many options available when it comes to choosing the best finish for your door hardware and many ways you could base your decision. We recommend taking a look at your overall style and choosing a finish that coordinates well. If you're not sure where to begin, our style selector tool can help you narrow down your choices.
    6. Consider climate.
    For external locks, you want to consider the climate you live in before making a finish choice. For example, if you live in a coastal region we recommend a matte black or satin chrome finish the eliminate the likelihood of your hardware from tarnishing. Be sure to understand any warranties or guarantees associated with the product you choose. At Schlage, we offer a very generous mechanical, finish and electronic warranty. For more information, visit our website.
    For even more help narrowing down your choices, give our product selector tool a try.

    6 Interior Remodeling Projects You Can Do On Your Own This Winter

    January 22, 2016 7:41 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, January 22, 2016

    6 Interior Remodeling Projects You Can Do On Your Own This Winter

    There's no reason to wait for spring to give your home a refresh. Here are six interior remodeling projects you can easily tackle this winter.



    When it comes to home remodeling activities, the bulk of your projects may take place during the warmer months of the year. But, there's no reason to waste time waiting around during the cold and letting those winter blues take over. Here are six interior remodeling projects you can easily complete on your own while Mother Nature keeps you indoors and give your space an exciting boost.

    1. Install a new light fixture.

    Light fixtures can go a long way in transforming your space. Do you have a room that suffers from inadequate lighting? Or outdated fixtures that stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the hardware in the room? As long as you don't have to do any re-wiring, installing a new light fixture is a project even the least experienced DIYer can accomplish. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, ensure that all power to the room is off and follow one of many reliable tutorials online.

    2. Makeover your doors.

    Try giving the doors in your home a refresh. Whether it's a new coat of paint or a door hardware refresh, this is an easy project you can easily accomplish in one weekend. Check out these creative door makeovers for inspiration or try our style selector tool to find the perfect style and finish for your hardware.

    3. Refresh your bathtub and tile.

    A quick and easy way to breathe new life into your bathroom is to freshen up the grout and recaulk the tub. This project will take less than an afternoon to accomplish and the results will have a major impact. There's no shortage of tried and true methods for cleaning grout online so do a few searches to find the best method for you and cross this off your list.

    4. Replace dresser and cabinet hardware.

    If your dressers and cabinets are in great shape but could use a style refresh, consider adding new hardware and drawer pulls for a modern touch. Try matching the hardware to your doors or light fixtures or add a unique look by mixing finishes. Check out our guide for mixing finishes the right way here.

    5. Add a backsplash.

    Adding a backsplash to your kitchen, bathroom or bar is a great way to add visual interest and make your space look more complete. With a little patience and attention to detail, you can complete this project in one weekend and add a fresh splash of color or bring the whole look together in a cohesive way.

    6. Refresh your paint.

    Chipped paint and dingy crown molding can take your home from looking clean and modern to frumpy and neglected. Take some time this weekend to touch up the little chips and consider giving your trim and crown molding a fresh coat of paint to liven things up.
    6 Interior Remodeling Projects You Can Do On Your Own This Winter


    What projects do you have on your to-do list while you're indoors this winter? Comment below to let us know and be sure to share photos of your progress with us on Facebook!


    What you need to know about the Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt

    January 20, 2016 2:09 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    What You Need to Know About the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

    Still unsure whether the Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt is right for you? We put together this list of commonly asked questions to help you decide.



    Still unsure whether the Schlage Sense™ Smart deadbolt is right for you? We put together this list of commonly asked questions to help you decide.
    What You Need to Know About the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

    1. What exactly is HomeKit™?


    HomeKit allows you to use your iOS device to control any of the "Works with Apple HomeKit" accessories that you have in your home. HomeKit also allows you to ask Siri® "Is my door unlocked?" and tell Siri "Lock my door please." For more information, please see the following website provided by Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204893.

    2. How do I use Siri with my Schlage Sense lock?


    Once your lock is paired with your iOS device, you can use Siri to command the deadbolt to lock and unlock or check the status of your lock. Here are a few common examples: "Siri, lock/unlock my door." "Siri, is my door unlocked?" When you pair your lock with your iOS device, you will be asked to give your lock a Siri nickname. We recommend that names should not include the word ‘lock’ at the end for optimal Siri performance.

    3. Can I add other people's iOS devices to the lock?


    You may have multiple people in your household that need access to your HomeKit accessories. You can easily invite anyone with an iCloud® account to share control and everyone in a shared home can see accessory updates. In order to add another iOS device to your HomeKit home, you must be in range of your Schlage Sense lock; however, the user you are adding does not need to be in range of the lock, but does need to have an active internet connection.

    4. How do I lock and unlock the door from my iOS device?
    You can either command through Siri for your door to lock or unlock, or operate the lock using the commands available in the Schlage Sense app. If you see a red "locked" padlock, this means the deadbolt is extended and your lock is locked. A green "unlocked" padlock means the deadbolt is retracted into the door and is unlocked. If you see a red triangle with question mark, this means something has prevented the lock from reaching the locked or unlocked state. If this happens, please ensure the door is properly aligned and the thumbturn is securely in the locked or unlocked position. Simply tap the icons in the app to move the lock from unlocked to locked and vice versa.
    5. What if my family or friends do not have an iOS device?
    For guests, service personnel, friends, and family members who do not have an iOS device, a unique 4-to-8-digit access code may be added to the lock quickly and easily through the Schlage Sense app. Just tap the user icon in the bottom right corner of the Lock screen. Tap the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Add access code information and tap “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen. See our guide to setting up effective keyless codes here.
    6. Can I add more than one iOS device to the lock?

    Once you've completed the setup process for your lock, all of the iOS devices you own can be used to control the Schlage Sense lock as long as you use the same iCloud account. You do not need to re-add each of your iOS devices. Simply log into the same iCloud account that you used on the device that performed initial lock setup.

    7. How do I add an Apple TV® to my HomeKit home?
    Apple TV provides remote connectivity to your HomeKit home. Simply set up your Apple TV (3rd generation or later with Apple TV software 7.0 or later) and log into iCloud on the Apple TV using the same iCloud account you are using on your own iOS device (for example, the iPhone you used to setup your lock). We recommend placing your Apple TV within 40 feet of the lock.
    8. Can I view previous events that happened at my door?
    The Schlage Sense lock logs the last 100 events that occur at the door. This includes events such as lock/unlock, user added/deleted, alarms, low batteries, batteries replaced, lock jammed, firmware updated, and logs cleared. To view logs, simply tap the last logged event shown below the lock on the main screen and all events will be shown. Logs may be cleared by tapping “Clear” in the upper right corner of the logs screen.
    9. Can I modify access codes that can be used on the lock touchscreen in the app?

    Managing access codes is easy with the Schlage Sense app. Just tap the Users icon in the bottom right corner of the lock main page to present the Access Code screen. All access codes currently in the lock are listed on this screen. Tapping each access code allows you to modify the name, access code, or schedule for each access code. You can even quickly disable or enable codes by tapping the “Disable/Enable” button. 


    10. Can the amount of access an individual has to my home be limited?
    You may find moments where you need to give access to a dog walker, service personnel or housekeeper but want to limit to a certain time of day. You may schedule the amount of access each access code is permitted by tapping the Users icon and tapping the access code you wish to modify. Two independent schedules (start time, stop time) may be added to each day of the week. But remember – HomeKit users you have added to your HomeKit home have continuous access to your home.
    11. Can I expect periodic maintenance or firmware updates with my lock?
    Firmware updates provide new features and enhancements to your Schlage Sense lock that make it even easier to keep your home safe. A firmware update will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and your iOS device must stay connected over Bluetooth® to your Schlage Sense lock for the duration of the update. Your iOS device will disconnect from the lock in the last minute of the update. When the lock has completed the update, the lock will flash red LEDs and beep to inform you the process is complete. Please ensure the lock batteries are at a level greater than 30% before beginning the firmware update process.
    12. How can I access my lock remotely?
    If you have an Apple TV (3rd generation or later) with software version 7.0 or later, you can control your HomeKit-enabled accessories when you're away from home using your iOS device. Sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID on your iOS device and Apple TV and you'll be able to use Siri commands to remotely control your accessories. Please see the following website provided by Apple for further information: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204893


    What other questions do you have about the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt? Comment below and we'll respond with an answer.


    How to choose the right brands for your next home remodeling project

    January 18, 2016 10:21 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, January 18, 2016

    11 DIY Curb Appeal Projects to Help You Kickstart Spring

    Here are 10 considerations you should always keep in mind when choosing the right products and brands for your next home remodeling project.



    Choosing the right products and materials for your next home remodeling project can often be just as stressful as the project itself. When is it worth the splurge? Which items can you never afford to skimp on quality? The last thing you want to do is spend all that time completing a project only to have the end result not function properly or fall apart because of the products you chose. Here are ten considerations you should always keep in mind when choosing the materials and supplies that best suit your needs.
    How to Choose the Right Brands for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

    1. Trust in brand name.

    The first step in choosing the best products is to first consider the brands you already know and trust. Do you they offer a solution for what you need? There's much to be said for brands that have proven themselves to consistently deliver on quality and performance.

    2. Design options that fit your style.

    You should never have to skimp on style to complete your projects. With so many available options, you can go beyond standard, builder grade materials and choose pieces that accurately reflect your personal style. Look for brands that strive to uphold the classics while bringing you fresh, innovative offerings that evolve as your tastes do.

    For help choosing the right style of door hardware for your home, try our style selector tool.

    3. Durability and reliability.

    Can you trust this product to perform as it should for many years to come? With remodeling projects, you often get what you pay for and skimping on quality could result in frustration and greater costs down the road when you have to repair.

    4. Available where you shop.

    Product availability may also play a role in the materials you choose. If it's a time sensitive project, you should consider whether you can readily access the materials you need. At the same time, if it's something that's really rare and special, don't regret not having the patience to wait for it to arrive if the project doesn't need to be finished quickly. 

    5. Cost.

    Another important consideration when choosing materials is the size of your budget. We would all love to afford the best of the best when it comes to investing in our homes but sometimes reality sets in and your dreams may not be feasible in your price range. 

    6. Wide selection of options.

    It's also important to choose brands that allow you to customize a number of sizes, finishes or configurations to fit your tastes. There's no reason why you should be forced to forgo other options.

    7. Easy to clean and maintain.

    What will the maintenance and upkeep be like? Marble counter-tops are gorgeous but are you prepared to be on egg shells every time someone goes in your kitchen for fear they may spill or etch the finish? It's important to think about what the day-to-day maintenance will be like before you make a decision on appearance alone.


    See our tips for keeping your hardware finish looking like new for years to come.

    8. Previous experience.

    Have you purchased the product before? What was your experience like? Think back on lessons learned in years before to help guide your decision making.

    9. Product guarantee/ warranty.

    Consider the product guarantee/ warranty that's offered by the manufacturer. A generous warranty can signal a high quality product and confidence that the product is going to work the way it is supposed to.


    For more information on Schlage's mechanical, electronic and finish warranty, visit our FAQ section.

    10. Easy to install.

    The final deciding factor may be the ease of installation. Can you install the product on your own? Or do you need to hire a professional to take care of it? Consider your budget, skill-level and timing for your project in order to make the best decision.

    What other factors do you consider when planning your home remodeling projects? Comment below to let us know!

    7 Ways to Welcome the New Year with a New Entryway

    January 6, 2016 1:07 PM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, January 6, 2016

    7 Ways to Welcome the New Year with a New Entryway | Schlage

    Here are seven entryway ideas that will ensure you always receive a warm and inviting welcome when you enter your home.



    Each new year ushers in a fresh start and a desire to get organized. Let's start 2016 off with the perfect entryway space. Here are seven ideas that will ensure you always receive a warm and inviting welcome when you enter your home.

    1. Make access more convenient.

    Stop fumbling around for your keys or worse - losing them. With a touchscreen or keypad lock, you can gain access to your home by simply entering a custom PIN that you set up. Check out our full lineup of keyless offerings.

    2. Add unique lighting.

    The next step to creating an inviting space is to make sure the mood is just right. Add a little boost to your lighting situation by adding a unique chandelier or pendant.

    3. Leave space for incoming mail and keys.

    The first step to having an organized space is to make sure there's a place for everything. Set up a designated area for you to drop your car keys or incoming mail before they wind up all over the house.


    4. Avoid tracking in messes.

    After a long day of working outside or running around town, who knows what you may track in on your shoes. Create a drip tray to leave those messy things behind instead of tracking dirt and grime throughout your home.


    5. Have a place to hide things away.

    Some things are better left unseen. Add a couple drawers or baskets to hide away the clutter that doesn't need to be out in the open.

    6. Create a comfortable space to remove shoes.

    Adding a chair or bench to your entryway is an easy way to give yourself and guests a convenient place to remove their shoes before they head inside.

    7. Place hooks for coats and purses.

    The best way to prevent coats from ending up all over your home is to make sure they have a designated place as soon as you arrive. Add a few hooks to hold your purse, umbrella, scarves, coats, etc. and enjoy having a home that is one step closer to being neat and tidy.
    Looking for even more entryway inspiration? Be sure to check out our essential rules for a welcoming entryway.