Affordable curb appeal projects you can tackle this weekend


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Affordable curb appeal projects you can tackle this weekend

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Affordable Curb Appeal Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Here are 5 affordable curb appeal projects you can take on in a single weekend with little to no monetary investment to add value to your home.



Proper curb appeal is one of the number one ways to improve resale value on your home and elevate the overall design. If you've neglected your curb appeal recently, it's likely you could benefit from a quick and affordable DIY project this weekend. Below are five projects you can take on with little to no monetary investment to improve curb appeal.
Affordable curb appeal - DIY - Schlage

1. Spruce up existing landscaping

The number one way to save when it comes to curb appeal is to leverage what you already have. You may have a great foundation for the perfect curb appeal that just needs a little attention and maintenance. Take some time this weekend to pull weeds, trim any overgrown plants and low-hanging trees and prune any shrubs and bushes into a more appealing shape.

2. Create a welcoming entry

Your front door is often the first thing guests will notice and remember about your home. Make a first impression that lasts by cleaning away any debris and signs of pesky summer insects that flock to exterior light sources. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint and placing a few welcoming planters for an extra polished look. Follow these door painting tips to make this project a breeze.

3. Fill empty landscaping space

Take a look around your property and identify any bare spots that could benefit from a little landscaping. Plant a few trees and/or foliage to make your curb appeal look complete. You can eve opt for a more affordable option by spreading wildflower seeds that cover more ground than more expensive plants.

4. Build a gathering space

Summer is the perfect time of year for relaxing and entertaining. Create a new space to unwind by adding chairs and benches around your front porch or landscaping. Make it extra cozy with a few pillows, throws or poufs and enjoy your new favorite spot.

5. Add a finishing touch

Maybe your landscaping is in great shape, yet the exterior of your home feels like it may be missing something. Use this weekend to add a few finishing touches to tie your home and landscaping together for a cohesive look. This may be a creative new house number or an upgrade to existing lighting and door hardware from an outdated, worn finish to a design that better reflects your personal style. Be sure to consider the interior style of your home as well for a finished look that seamlessly transitions from the outside in.

What projects are you hoping to tackle this weekend? Comment below to let us know!