9 outdoor living spaces to inspire your next summer project


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9 outdoor living spaces to inspire your next summer project

By emily.bailey

Thursday, June 30, 2016

9 Outdoor Living Spaces to Inspire Your Next Summer Project

Take advantage of one of the hottest trends - outdoor living spaces. Here are 9 inspiring outdoor living spaces for entertaining, cooking and relaxing.




If we had to choose a single trend in outdoor projects, we'd have to choose the outdoor living space. Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity with homeowners finding unique ways to create a gathering space. Whether you choose to build an outdoor kitchen, lounge space or just add a table with chairs, outdoor spaces can be the retreat you need to relax alone or entertain a crowd. Here are 9 beautiful outdoor living spaces to inspire your next project and help you enjoy what's left of summer to its fullest.

1. Create a kitchen

It doesn't require much to create an outdoor kitchen. With a grill, table and chairs and the right accessories, you'll be ready to start serving up the best meals of summer. Choose to keep it simple or go completely gourmet with these inspiring spaces below.

2. Kick back and relax

For many families, summer seems to fly by in an instant. With calendars that are packed full of activities and vacations, it can be tough to remind yourself to slow down and relax. One way to make sure you take advantage of the season is by creating a space that invites you to do just that - relax. So grab a chair or a hammock, place a small table and a few planters and enjoy the best view around your home whether it's with a good book or just you and your thoughts. 

3. Entertain all summer

Summer is the perfect season to invite friends and family over - whether to celebrate a long holiday weekend or just because. Make entertaining even easier by creating a gathering space for your guests to hang out and enjoy the extra perk of easy prep and cleanup by not worrying about the interior of your home. We could hang out for hours in any of the spaces below.
Which outdoor living space is your favorite? Comment below to let us know and be sure to share your outdoor projects with us via Facebook and Instagram!

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