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    Your inside guide to choosing locks for doors.

    March 20, 2019 10:22 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Locks for bedroom closet doors | Schlage

    Our locks should work how you want them to, no matter what door you put them on. Here’s how to get the right locks for doors of any kind.



    At Schlage, we believe that our knobs, levers and entryway deadbolts are not only among the most stylish, but also strong. We also believe that, above all, our locks should work how you want them to, no matter what door you put them on. They should make your life more convenient and give you peace of mind that you and your home will be secure. Here’s how to get the right locks for doors of any kind.
    Door knob on bedroom door | Schlage

    Bedroom, bathroom and office doors

    When you think of the oasis spaces in your home – bedrooms and bathrooms, where you don’t want to be disturbed – you likely want some extra control over who can enter. For these types of rooms, you want a knob or lever with the Bedroom & Bathroom, also known as privacy, function. Install Bed & Bath locks in a master suite as well as in guest bedrooms and powder rooms.


    Interior privacy locks are also ideal for home offices so you can keep interruptions at bay while you’re in work mode.

    Pantry and closet doors

    You want your door to latch, but you don’t need to protect your cereal? Then you want a passage lock, also known as Hall & Closet. For particularly small pantries and closets that aren’t walk-ins, you might want a knob or lever on the inside that is non-turning. Door hardware on the exterior side of your door grants access without an unnecessary locking function and lets you maintain your home’s style.


    One of the great features of Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware is 2-in-1 functionality. By inserting the privacy pushpin, you can easily switch between the bedroom/bathroom and the hall/closet functions. Why is this important? Anyone with a sticky-fingered toddler or an increasingly independent teen knows that sometimes you need to update your home as your family changes. It can also be helpful if the purpose of the room itself changes, such as converting from a media room to a nursery.

    Pocket doors

    Pocket doors are great for opening up room – think seamless and versatile transitions between formal dining and living rooms – or when you’re tight on space like with a tiny half-bath. These types of rooms need different locks. If you’re looking for additional privacy, like in that small bathroom, look for a pocket door lock. If locking isn’t a concern, look for a pocket door pull, essentially a simple grip for opening and closing the door. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement the look of your room and to fit flush to the door.

    French doors

    French doors are an elegant option for both interior and exterior entryways. For interior French doors, you may need two types of locks – a different one for each door. If you aren’t sure if you’ll need two non-turning knobs or levers, or if you need one privacy lock and one non-turning, use our guide for how to choose locks for French doors.


    For exterior French doors, you’ll need the same cross and latch bore holes as interior doors as well as an additional bore hole to house a deadbolt for extra security. Choose between a single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt based on your desired level of security.


    Remember that French doors are actually two doors. You’ll need four knobs or levers to outfit your entire entryway, although you might choose for some of them to be non-turning, also called dummy or inactive.

    Front, back and garage doors

    For exterior doors, start by deciding between mechanical or smart locks. A smart lock like our new Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with built-in WiFi gives you remote access from anywhere, no hub required. You can simply use a smartphone app to lock or unlock your door, create and manage up to 100 unique guest access codes, and even pair your deadbolt with home automation systems or hands-free devices for voice control. That’s added convenience and security all in the palm of your hand.


    Don’t forget about the door from your garage to your house. This is a great place to add any of our smart locks or a Schlage connected keypad.


    If traditional mechanical door hardware is more your taste, a handleset combines both a deadbolt and your choice of a knob or lever. It’s the perfect combination of security, style and simplicity as handlesets come in several designs and finishes. Schlage locks are also designed to fit all standard doors, so installation is easy. Even installing a smart lock is simple since there is no hardwiring required and no need to call an electrician or handyman.

    Dutch doors

    Not all entryways are created equal, so if you have an exterior Dutch door, there are a few more things to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need four hinges – two for the top half and two for the bottom half of your split door. The knob/lever and lock should be installed on the bottom half. If you want even more security, especially for exterior doors, a deadbolt can be added to the top. Finally, you’ll want a latch to connect the top and bottom halves of the door to each other. This might sound like a lot, but installation is easier than it sounds, and a DIY Dutch door can be quite economical, giving you a big style bang for not much buck.


    There is no one-size-fits-all home, so why would you expect one type of lock to work on every type of door? Visit the Product Selector tool on for help finding the perfect lock for your doors or follow us on Pinterest and Instagram to find the door hardware that seamlessly complements your home and lifestyle.


    9 smart lock myths you should ignore.

    March 18, 2019 10:22 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, March 18, 2019

    Smart lock on front door | Schlage

    There's no denying that the right smart lock can make your day-to-day much more convenient. But do you still have concerns keeping you from taking the plunge and embracing a keyless lifestyle?



    There's no denying that the right smart lock can make your day-to-day much more convenient. Having the freedom to come and go without worrying about getting locked out is a major relief for many families, and ditching the fear that someone may lose or steal a spare key cannot be replaced. But do you still have concerns keeping you from taking the plunge and embracing a keyless lifestyle? Here are nine common smart lock myths you can ignore.
    Schlage Encode smart wifi deadbolt on modern, dark grey front door.

    "Smart locks are too technical."

    When it comes to new technology, many homeowners simply leave it to the early adopters to figure it out and avoid installing something new for fear of it being too technical. At Schlage, we've worked hard to simplify every stage of the smart lock experience. With the aid of the installation guide or our easy step-by-step video tutorials, you can install your lock in just a few minutes and the only tool you'll need is a screwdriver. It’s also never been easier to set up your Schlage lock with other home automation devices and build a true smart home.

    "The lock will fail when the power goes out."

    All Schlage's smart locks run on battery power. That means when the lights go out, your lock will continue to function as normal. Each of our keypads and touchscreens features back-lit numbers so you'll never be left fumbling in the dark to unlock your door.


    If the power does go out and your lock loses its connection to your home network, you won’t be able to access your lock remotely. However, you can still lock and unlock your door at the keypad. There’s no need to give up peace of mind just because the power is down.

    "The lock must be wired"

    Because our locks are powered by batteries, there's no wiring involved. Simply snap the lock in place while following the installation instructions and install the batteries. You'll be up and running in no time. Each lock is also equipped with a low battery warning and backup entry method in the unlikely event that your batteries do fail. We recommend changing your batteries regularly as a best practice. For more information on which battery is best for your smart lock, check out this resource.

    "A new smart lock won't work with my technology."

    Schlage offers a variety of smart locks, each working with a different kind of network – WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee. They’re also each compatible with a variety of smart home partners, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and others. If you’re looking to connect to voice-control assistants or link to your Amazon account, we can do that, too. Use our Get Help Deciding tool to learn more about which Schlage smart lock works with the technology you already have in your home.

    "Smart locks are a bulky eye-sore."

    There's no reason to sacrifice great style for greater security and convenience. Our smart locks are available in the industry's most stylish finishes and trims. They feature a slim profile and tasteful design that creates a stylish look that effortlessly pairs well with our interior door hardware offerings.

    "The numbers will wear down and someone can guess my code."

    Each of Schlage's smart locks feature a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen that works in the rain and when you’re wearing gloves. The numbers are guaranteed not to wear down or fade, so you can rest easy that potential intruders will not know your unique access code.

    "Mechanical locks are more secure."

    An important step any time you choose a new deadbolt to secure your home - whether mechanical or electronic - is to research the security grade of that deadbolt. A security rating of AAA is- the highest on the market, meaning top marks in Security, Durability and Finish. Schlage’s smart locks - the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with alarm - have AAA ratings so you know you've purchased the most secure lock on the market.

    "A key is more reliable."

    How many times have you lost your house key? Or walked out the door without it, swinging a locked door closed only to realize you cannot get back inside? With electronic locks, you no longer have to worry about that. Coming and going is easy when you're not weighed down by keys. But if you like to have that backup key - just in case - each of our smart locks provide that option for additional peace of mind.

    "It's too early to invest in a smart lock."

    If security weren’t a concern of yours, you wouldn’t be considering a smart lock. Schlage takes protecting you and your home seriously. The same commitment to quality and safety that we’ve put into mechanical locks for more than 95 years also goes into every smart lock we produce today. When you choose to trust Schlage, you get a limited lifetime mechanical warranty and a three-year electronics warranty, so you know we stand behind our smart locks.

    Learn more about each of our smart locks at and start building the smart home of your dreams.

    Schlage and IBS® 2019: the home of the future, today.

    March 16, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Saturday, March 16, 2019

    Schlage smart home booth at IBS 2019

    Companies like Amazon, Ring and Schlage displayed the latest and greatest in smart home technologies that promise to drastically change the way we live and interact with our world.



    Schlage's smart lock display at IBS 2019.

    Schlage’s smart solutions booth at IBS 2019 showcased the latest in smart lock technology and partnership integrations.
    Securing today’s smart home was a particularly prominent theme at this year’s NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. Companies like Amazon, Ring and Schlage displayed the latest and greatest in smart home technologies that promise to drastically change the way we live and interact with our world. “Peace of mind” was a prevailing theme throughout the show with the innovative features and capabilities of smart home products supporting the idea of making one’s home one’s castle.
    Quote: Smart home connectivity is an expected standard now.

    Automated home security has developed into expectation for homeowners thanks in part to the growth of voice control, connected security cameras and systems, smart locks, connected appliances, comprehensive smartphone control and more. It is against this backdrop that Schlage introduced the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt to more than 100,000 attendees at this year’s show.


    According to Builder Magazine: “Smart home connectivity is an expected standard now in new-home construction and savvy builders are responding to meet this need.”

    Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt on front door of modern home.

    The latest in smart lock technology, the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, is the perfect compliment to any truly connected smart home.

    Peace of mind from anywhere

    That’s the promise of Schlage’s newest smart lock. The Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt features built-in WiFi that allows users to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere using their smartphone. There’s no need to purchase an extra hub or other accessories.


    Voice control via Alexa, custom access with up to 100 access codes and compatibility with Key by Amazon, a built-in alarm, easy installation, convenient access and control from any smartphone – these are the key features of Schlage’s revolutionary new smart deadbolt. It’s even available in a wide variety of styles, trims and finishes to easily coordinate with an array of Schlage interior door hardware throughout the home.

    Making the smart home smarter

    It’s all part of a whole-home solution that reflects Schlage’s love for both function and style. This is particularly important to today’s homeowners, who, as addressed by Giles Sutton, CEDIA, and Susan Cashen, Control4, are going to great lengths to blend new technology seamlessly into their home decor. Today’s homeowner isn’t looking for products and features, but rather a holistic and satisfying experience from the products they purchase.


    “At Schlage, style and design are an ongoing process that virtually never ends,” says Ted Roberts, Style and Design Chief for Allegion, maker of Schlage locks. “Our electronic products are just as stylish as the knobs, levers, trim packages and finishes for which we’ve become known. The mission for us isn’t just to create products that function well and look good, but to delight our customers at a higher level and in every way possible. It’s our job. It’s our passion.”

    Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in new black stainless finish.

    As stylish as it is smart, the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim, is featured in a new black stainless finish.

    Beauty beyond style

    The keypad design on Schlage’s new smart locks is just one example of how Roberts and his team bring a measure of style to what, at its heart, is a true technology product. The team maximized the visibility of the keypad when illuminated so that it is just as legible - and attractive - in bright sunshine as it is at night. The Schlage team even factored in how long and hard to press the individual keys on the keypad. Roberts described this as a function of balance between user experience and aesthetics, one that IBS attendees like contractor and TV personality Mike Holmes found particularly significant.


    Holmes and his children stopped by the Schlage booth, excited to learn and share more about the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt for a Facebook Live post. He was quick to note the lock’s compatibility with the Ring Video Doorbell and Key by Amazon, the flexibility of Schlage’s whole-home design philosophy and the many benefits of the Schlage Encode lock with the on-site team. In fact, Holmes uses Schlage locks in his own home.


    Security. Privacy. Home automation technologies working together seamlessly. And beautifully. That’s what true peace of mind is all about when it comes to smart home technologies.

    Start at the front door

    As Schlage and other smart home innovators displayed at the International Builders’ Show, the best is yet to come. Building on a heritage of innovation that goes back more than 95 years with a patent for a door lock that could turn a home’s lights on and off, Schlage continues to take the smart lock to the next level.


    Today’s smart home starts at the front door. Schlage provides a wide selection of smart locks that open a world of possibilities for homeowners looking to make the most of today’s rapidly growing home automation technologies. A smarter way in. That’s what today’s – and tomorrow’s – smart home owner enjoys with the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage.


    New home design and style trends revealed at IBS® 2019.

    March 15, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, March 15, 2019

    Schlage booth at IBS 2019

    Schlage’s design team presented an impressive collection of new products and finishes in the kind of premium, trending styles and designs that consumers want.



    Schlage booth at IBS 2019.

    New Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware combined interior knobs, trims and finishes were featured at IBS 2019.
    Schlage joined more than 1,500 top manufacturers in Las Vegas at the 75th NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), the largest light construction trade show in the world. It was the biggest show in a decade, with more than 130,000 attendees. IBS 2019 served as a global showcase for well-known brands like Schlage, Bosch, GE, Amazon, Delta and Kohler to showcase the latest styles and the most innovative new home products and services in the world.

    Growing in style

    For Schlage, IBS 2019 was a true style showcase. In the midst of the buzz about smart home technologies like the new Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage’s design team presented an impressive collection of new products and finishes in the kind of premium, trending styles and designs that consumers want.


    “It was exciting to introduce so many new things at this year’s show,” says Ted Roberts, Style and Design Chief for Allegion, maker of Schlage locks. “We’ve been able to tap into some popular design trends with this year’s offerings and deliver a real balance between function, user experience and aesthetics.”


    Geometric patterns and organic materials, textures and designs were prevalent throughout the show. These trends appeared in a variety of combinations in everything from hardware, tiles and glass to sinks, bath fixtures and lighting.

    Delta Faucets bathroom vignette at IBS 2019.

    Delta Faucets’ modern bathroom vignette at IBS incorporated bold color, geometric lines and lots of style.

    Colors and finishes were just as varied, with blues, greens, desaturated reds and grays showing well and finishes like satin brass, polished brass, copper and gold competing with brushed stainless for attention.

    Kohler's ombre metal faucet at IBS 2019.

    Kohler’s ombre metal faucet showed a modern way to mix metallics.
    For Schlage, foremost in this year’s collection were new styles and finishes for Schlage Custom™  Door Hardware combined interior knobs, trims and finishes. New Arts & Crafts designs, popular throughout the IBS show floor, lent a measure of cool to the traditional. Clean, modern lines, as well as retro character influenced by furniture designs of the 70s, were popular sources of inspiration for a host of designs, including some of Schlage’s own.

    New Schlage Ganton door knob in matte black on white door.

    New Schlage Ganton knob in matte black provides curves and character.

    The smart home experience

    Roberts was pleased to display Schlage's commitment to premium style, function and connected technologies through its variety of smart home solutions.

    Schlage smart lock display at IBS 2019.

    Schlage’s IBS smart home solutions wall showcased the latest in smart lock technology and partnership integrations.

    “It’s important that our electronic locks reflect the same attention to detail, look and style as all of our products, “ says Roberts. “We’re working to achieve a fully integrated aesthetic between our electronic locks and the interior door hardware we create for throughout the home. We like to think of it as a whole-home solution.”


    Handlesets, privacy locks, deadbolts, passage knobs and levers – they are all coordinated with products like the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, which are designed for exterior doors.

    Schlage Encode wifi deadbotl in matte black on green front door.

    The new Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt’s sleek and timeless design features can amplify any home’s curb appeal.
    “Our newest products like Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt offer exciting new styles, functions and features that haven’t been available with previous models. We were proud to be able to show them off at this year’s show among the best products and manufacturers in the industry,” concludes Roberts.

    The best, on display

    The 2019 International Builders’ Show put today’s very best styles, products, manufacturers and technologies on display.

    Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in new black stainless finish.

    Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in new black stainless finish.
    Schlage represented with a showstopper of its own – a new black stainless finish that is slated to hit the consumer market in June 2019 after its introduction this year in the residential professionals and builder markets. Created to coordinate with today’s popular black stainless appliance finishes and even with new plumbing and fixture designs, the new finish reflects Schlage’s passion for embracing today’s most important style trends. Schlage and its design team are constantly working to bring today’s most popular looks to door hardware throughout the home. This is important to designers, builders and, ultimately, to their clients and the reason showcasing such new designs is so central to the IBS experience.


    Schlage and Key by Amazon lock onto a smart combination.

    March 13, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, March 13, 2019

    Key by Amazon delivery

    If you have questions about Key and how you can use it to help make your home more secure and convenient, we have the answers.



    It seems like Amazon does just about everything these days – simplifies gift giving, delivers groceries and even tells you cat jokes when you ask Alexa. Now Amazon locks your door and makes accepting packages even easier thanks to Key by Amazon’s compatibility with smart locks. If you have questions about Key and how you can use it to help make your home more secure and convenient, we have the answers.
    Key by Amazon delivery driver placing package inside front door with Schlage Encode lock

    What is Key by Amazon and how does it work?

    Key by Amazon is a smart home solution that can pair a compatible smart lock, Cloud Cam (Key Edition), the Key App and your wireless network to help you control access to your home from anywhere. In addition to keyless entry, when you pair your smart lock with the Cloud Cam, you can watch video clips when someone enters or exits your house, manage access codes and check on the status of your lock and its battery through the Key App.


    Prime members in select locations can also opt in to in-home delivery, offering additional convenience and peace of mind knowing that your packages won’t be stolen from your porch.

    Where is Key by Amazon available?

    The home-delivery option through Key by Amazon is available only in select cities and their surrounding areas. You can check the availability at or find a list of participating areas.


    Additional features of the Key App, such as the ability to set up and control your compatible smart lock remotely or manage guest access are available to anyone with the app and is not limited by location. You can also still use the Amazon Key App and the Amazon Cloud Cam for visually monitoring your door, even if you aren’t using in-home delivery. Keep an eye on your kids coming and going, or get video confirmation of the dog walker entering your home.

    Is Key by Amazon safe?

    When using the in-home delivery option, there is no need to provide access codes to those delivering a package. You will receive notifications of their arrival, can watch live video of the delivery through the app and receive additional notifications that your door has been re-locked. Compatible Schlage smart locks also offer auto-lock functionality that can be managed in the Key App for added assurance. Learn more how home delivery works here.


    Key is not currently integrated with home security systems. Because you will need to disable your system on delivery days, Amazon suggests not using the in-home delivery option if you are not comfortable turning off your system.


    You can also choose to use voice control commands through Alexa to unlock your door. As an additional level of security, you will be required to set and use a four-digit code to unlock your door using voice control.

    Do I have to use the in-home delivery option? Can it be disabled whenever I want?

    You are not required to use in-home delivery to enjoy the other benefits of Key or your smart lock. You can still control your lock remotely, watch videos of loved ones and trusted friends enter and exit your home via the app, assign access codes and more.


    If you enable in-home delivery, you can still block access on specific days via the Key App. Delivery drivers will simply leave your package on the porch as usual.

    Can I use Key by Amazon for other service providers too?

    Your smart lock can be used to grant access to other service providers such as house cleaners or dog walkers because of the ability to lock and unlock your door from anywhere and assign unique access codes. Access codes can be scheduled for one-time or recurring use, such as for the house cleaner every Wednesday at 9 a.m., as well as on a permanent basis. You can activate or deactivate, as well as change or delete, codes at any time.

    Woman checking smart lock status with smartphone

    Which smart locks work with Key by Amazon?

    The new Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with Zigbee certification are both compatible with Key by Amazon.

    Do I need additional accessories to use Key by Amazon?

    To use all of Key’s features, you will need the Amazon Key Smart Lock Kit. This includes a compatible smart lock, the Cloud Cam (Key Edition), which serves as the smart hub that allows your Zigbee-certified devices to communicate with your wireless network, and the Amazon Key App. You can purchase the kit as a bundle at


    With its built in WiFi, the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt communicates directly with your wireless network, so you can still control your lock remotely, manage codes or check the status of your lock, even without the Cloud Cam. However, you will need the Cloud Cam to enable in-home delivery or use the video monitoring features.

    Does Key by Amazon work with Alexa?

    You can use voice control to lock and unlock your smart deadbolt using Alexa and Key. Not sure if your door is secure? Simply ask, “Alexa, is the front door locked?”


    Learn more about synching Key with an Alexa device here.

    How do I set up my lock with Key by Amazon?

    Download the Amazon Key App to your smartphone and log into your Amazon account. Select the setup option in the app and follow the steps provided to synch your smart lock and the Amazon Cloud Cam if it is required for your lock model. You can then use the app to manage access, enable the in-home delivery option and more.


    Amazon provides troubleshooting tips if you have questions about pairing your lock.

    If I enroll my Schlage lock with Key by Amazon, will my lock still be compatible with other smart home devices?

    A compatible smart lock synched to Key by Amazon can only be managed with the Amazon Key App. Attempting to use multiple apps to control your smart lock may result in your lock or the apps not working as intended.

    Smarter homes start with Schlage

    Security continues to be a primary reason homeowners invest in smart home technology. That’s why Schlage provides a wide range of smart locks. See for yourself the world of possibilities that lets you make the most of today’s rapidly growing smart home technologies. Visit to learn more about Schlage's smart lock portfolio.

    Simple French door makeovers that say “Ooh la la!”

    March 11, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, March 11, 2019

    Bedroom with traditional french doors

    Whether you’re looking for easy painting or décor ideas, these tips will bring your French Doors to life.



    Traditional bedroom french doors with multi-window panes and ornate door hardware.

    French doors. They’re timeless and elegant. They can also be surprisingly versatile, working on interior and exterior entryways, in all types of homes and with any design taste. They’re the perfect canvas for stylish details, whether you’re updating existing interior French doors or considering adding new ones to your home. Here are some tips to help you capture your unique style with an easy door makeover.


    If you think French doors are just for traditional homes, think again. Yes, they go great in homes that have an antique flair, transom windows – those small panes framed above the door – and intricate woodwork. But they can also work well in more modern homes. If you’re looking for a more contemporary or minimalist look, try French doors with a single, uninterrupted pane of glass.

    Window dressing

    All French doors have top-to-bottom windows. It’s their defining characteristic and what makes them “French.” What you do with that glass can really change the look of a room.


    French doors let in extra light and make a room feel larger, which is a major appeal. For times when you want a bit more privacy, especially on interior doors, you still have tons of options. Hang draperies on the doors themselves or around them like you would a window, blinds or even shutters. If you’re feeling exceptionally crafty, use a stencil and paint directly on the glass to create an eye-catching design. For something less permanent, take a page from Two Twenty One's book and simply line the panels with some decorative paper. This is especially great if you like to change the décor with the seasons. Think Christmas paper in winter and floral prints in the spring.

    Modern office with french doors leading to outdoor patio.

    Schlage switch

    While you’re adding decoration to the door, how about switching out your door hardware? Schlage has some helpful tips for choosing the right hardware and locks for your French doors depending on the level of security you’re looking for. For interior doors, you might be particularly interested in non-turning, also known as dummy or inactive, door knobs or levers. These are purely decorative and won’t lock or latch, an ideal option for transitions between a master suite and a large closet.


    Schlage offers countless combinations of styles and finishes, so you can coordinate your hardware to the style of your home. Just as the French doors themselves can fit in any style of home, our wide selection of knobs and levers means you’ll find a look that suits your style.

    Kitchen with multi-pane french doors.

    Painted beauty

    When you remove your old knobs and levers is a great time to paint. There are two ways you can go – neutral colors that create a subtle transition from one room to the other or bold hues that turn your interior French doors into a can’t-miss statement piece.


    If painting French doors with all that glass and framed detail seems daunting, check out this tape-free tip from Bless’er House.


    French doors can have a major impact on the overall look of a room. To make the biggest statement, don’t forget the details. Something as simple as stylish curtains or a new door knob can take your look to the next level and have you feeling elegant and sophisticated in no time.


    If you need more inspiration, check out some of these budget-friendly French door makeovers from our blogger friends . Then show us how you put your personal touch on your French doors on Instagram or Pinterest.


    Schlage smart lock simplifies smart home solutions with built-in WiFi.

    March 5, 2019 6:30 AM by reference-adjustment-service

    Tuesday, March 5, 2019

    Bedroom with office space

    Schlage’s reputation for innovation continues with the introduction of our first smart lock that connects directly to your home’s WiFi network.



    Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt in Matte Black on green front door.
    Schlage’s reputation for innovation continues with the introduction of our first smart lock that connects directly to your home’s WiFi network. The Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt is the ideal smart lock for homes that want a secure and stylish option that is also simple to use.
    Quite: Peace of mind from anywhere
    By eliminating the need for external adapters or costly subscriptions, the Schlage Encode WiFi Deadbolt offers the features that matter most to homeowners, including smartphone control through the Schlage Home app or Key by Amazon app, advanced encrypted security, up to 100 unique access codes and a variety of designs and finishes to complement your décor.
    Key by Amazon delivery driver placing package inside front door with Schlage Encode lock

    Convenience at your doorstep

    The Schlage Home app supports the Schlage Encode WiFi Deadbolt, meaning that even if you choose to use the Key by Amazon app, you still will receive free firmware updates to your lock. That means you won’t have to replace the deadbolt to take advantage of the newest features. You can also lock or unlock your door, manage and schedule access codes, and customize notifications – all the features you expect from a Schlage smart home solution.


    The Schlage Encode WiFi Deadbolt also works with leading smart home technologies, including Key by Amazon. When paired with the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key edition), Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas can opt-in to in-home delivery. Amazon delivers your package right inside your doorway, and Amazon locks up on the way out. And for extra peace of mind, the smart home solution offers visual verifications so you can watch video clips of who enters and exits your home through the Key by Amazon app.


    According to Devin Love, Schlage’s Director of Technology Alliances, “It is really important to our customers that they know what works with what. System compatibility, getting the right products that work in concert with other and system security – these are all factors in our development and design of smart-lock technologies like the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt.”

    Child with backpack unlocking front door smart lock

    Works with Alexa, Google and your family

    When connected to a compatible device, users can control the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt ¬with their voices. Convenience and peace of mind from anywhere are just a voice command away.


    Ask Alexa to lock or unlock your door with Key by Amazon when you enable the Alexa skill. You can also check the status of your lock, so there’s no wondering whether you locked up when you left the house. Google Assistant users can also check the status of their Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, as well as say, “Hey Google, lock my door,” when it’s paired with the Schlage Home app.


    “Just say the word,” says Devin Love. “Voice has become such a powerful and convenient way to interact with one’s smart home that we’ve incorporated that functionality with all of our top smart lock products. It’s all about making the smart home smarter.”

    Woman checking smart lock status with smartphone

    Smarter homes start with Schlage

    Security continues to be a primary reason homeowners invest in smart home technology. That’s why Schlage provides a wide range of smart locks. See for yourself the world of possibilities that lets you make the most of today’s rapidly growing home automation technologies. Join the millions of satisfied homeowners who trust the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage, and find out where to buy your Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt at

    Guest bedroom or office? Design so you don’t have to decide.

    February 26, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, February 26, 2019

    Bedroom with office space

    Until you find your fairytale castle, some of your rooms may have to pull double duty. Here are three tips for making a single room work seamlessly as both your office and a guest bedroom space.



    Most of us would love a house with enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own space, a dedicated play area just for the kids and a home office that inspires work productivity. Also, a maid to clean the mansion of our dreams. But until you find your fairytale castle, some of your rooms may have to pull double duty. Here are three tips for making a single room work seamlessly as both your office and a guest bedroom space.
    Bedroom office with Schlage Custom door lever

    Choose furniture that works hard so you can relax.

    Do you want furniture that serves multiple functions or pieces that can easily be hidden depending on how the room is being used? A sleeper sofa is an obvious multi-use choice. Some even come with built-in storage, which is perfect for stashing extra blankets and pillows. A murphy bed with shelving when it folds up also gives great versatility.


    Instead of a traditional desk chair, opt for something with a bit more style that is both comfortable for you to work in and also lounge-like enough for guests to relax in. Bookshelves can double as file storage and nightstands. And we always love an ottoman that can be part storage, part seating, part side table.


    If you’re more into hiding what’s not in use, you might try a pretty partition or screen to obscure what’s not needed at a particular moment. You often see this in loft apartments and for good reason. They’re a stylish way to disguise an unmade bed when your bedroom is also your living room is also your kitchen.


    Bonus tip: Pair a screen with a bookcase to divide office space from sleeping space. One side can hold your files (or be a nightstand for guests depending on which way you turn it) and the other adds visual interest and covers the less attractive backside of the shelving. The screen could also act as a decorative headboard for your bed.

    Add small details with a big purpose.

    When it comes to smaller décor, a mirror can be a nice touch that works in several ways. We love mirrors that make small foyers seem larger and airier. The same can work in an office to reflect light during working hours. When guests arrive, use it as part of a vanity so they can get ready in the morning without having to negotiate a share of the bathroom.


    Don’t forget the greenery. Plants are a healthy touch, no matter the room’s purpose. In a guest room, they feel especially homey. In an office, they can help you feel less stressed and boost creativity.


    Because guest rooms can often be more playful than formal master suites, you can afford to experiment with colors. Choose something bright and cheery for the walls, or bold fabrics for the furniture and bedding. You’re in luck too because the same blues and greens named 2019’s colors of the year have also been found to spark creativity, productivity and innovation. That’s what we call brains and beauty.

    Make the transition simple

    Bedroom and office door locks - Schlage

    When you expect a room to fill several needs, you might also want your door hardware to match those needs. With Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware, you get 2-in-1 functionality, meaning that you can easily switch from locking to unlocking depending on the level of privacy you want for a room. Simply insert the privacy pushpin and rotate to enable the locking function. This is ideal if you don’t usually lock your office but want to give guests the option to do so.


    With a variety of designs and finishes, you can also update the knobs and levers on your guest room/office without having to replace the entire lock. Match the style to the rest of your house or the décor of that particular room to complement the look of any space.


    It is possible to close that deal and open your home to guests, all from one spot. By choosing versatile details, you can transform any room without compromising on function or décor. Find us on Pinterest and Instagram for more style tips for the whole home.

    How Schlage helps make 2019’s top design trends a reality.

    February 22, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, February 22, 2019

    Scandinavian style living room with Schlage door lever

    Here are three style predictions from HGTV and and how Schlage Custom Door Hardware can help you pull them off.



    We’re all excited by fresh opportunities in the new year, so it’s no wonder everyone is eagerly looking ahead to the hot designs for 2019. Once you find which trends you’re most excited about though, how do you make them a reality in your own home? Here are three style predictions from HGTV and and how Schlage Custom Door Hardware can help you pull them off.
    Scandinavian style living room with Schlage door lever

    Geometric patterns

    Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, geometric tilework will be a major element in decor. With such bold patterns, how do you style the rest of your room without it looking over-the-top? Pair hardware with other geometric shapes like Latitude or Northbrook levers in simple finishes. The Collins trim sticks with the geometric theme and serves as a perfect backdrop for the equally clean, straight lines of modern knobs and levers.


    What about those simple finishes? Try out the super-popular Matte Black for starters. Satin Nickel is also an ideal finish for rooms embracing the geometric trend.

    Colorful statements

    There are several schools of thought on go-to colors this year. Some say we’ll see more white wall paint, while others point toward bold, dark and moody hues as the popular choice. Our take? The right color is the one you like best. Once you’ve decided how to paint a room, think about finishes that will complement that choice.


    If you’re leaning toward a neutral color palette for your walls, try door hardware in Matte Black and Satin Chrome finishes, which coordinate especially well with grey tones. With bold and dark wall colors, Satin Brass and Satin Nickel may be for you.

    Global details

    Taking inspiration from around the world really opens up your design possibilities. Different colors evoke different regions, as do certain fabrics, patterns and accessories. Even overall design can take you to another place. It’s the seemingly small detail of a door knob or lever that can make a difference when transforming a room to feel like you’ve fully escaped to another land.


    The minimalism of Scandinavian and Northern European style can best be achieved with streamlined designs. Think about the Collins trim and the Broadway lever with their precise lines to capture this look. The Eller lever, which features the soft curves popular in some Scandinavian architecture, might also be a good choice.


    While the shape and design of your door hardware is key to helping you achieve a certain global look, finish can be equally impactful, especially if you’re trying to recreate a Spanish or Mediterranean feel. Oil-Rubbed Bronze is the perfect finish for down-to-earth living spaces that need a touch of Old-World character. The Distressed Nickel finish has a similar rustic vibe common to architecture from this region.


    Mediterranean architectural styles often incorporate wrought-iron work as well. If that’s the case, and you want to bring that look into your room with door hardware (a less expensive alternative to actual wrought iron), consider a Whitney lever in Matte Black.


    Global doesn’t always have to mean “exotic.” For a look that’s more traditional but still worldly, try styles inspired by Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian architecture. The Addison and Camelot trims as well as Georgian knob and Birmingham lever have their roots in British history. If you want to combine traditional with something a bit more ornate, you can’t go wrong with the Victorian-inspired glass Alexandria and Hobson knobs.


    Although DIY projects like a vibrant new wall color or exotic textiles are some of the most eye-catching updates, smaller details can play a major role in completely executing a new look. They give that last little punch of style to pull a room together and give your home the flawless look you’ve been dreaming about.


    For help finding the right look for your home, try the Style Selector at You can also find more inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.

    Declutter and design: How Schlage adds style to rejuvenated rooms.

    February 7, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, February 7, 2019

    Schlage - declutter

    If you have mastered the art of decluttering and are ready to take improving your space a step farther, here are some designs to reward your motivation and showcase your success.



    Everywhere you look, someone’s talking about decluttering or sharing their latest Marie Kondo success story. Maybe you’re one of those people. If you have mastered the art of decluttering and are ready to take improving your space a step farther, here are some designs to reward your motivation and showcase your success.
    Minimalist Bathroom with Schlage Custom Northbrook Combined Interior Lever

    Stress reducer

    A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. If you tossed, donated and cleaned to improve your mental and emotional health, think about how you can style your home to create the calming oasis you desire. With a variety of styles, designs and finishes, Schlage offers endless possibilities for creating your customized look and feel. Choose from styles that range from traditional to contemporary that match any home. And with installation that takes just a few minutes and a screwdriver, you can continue keeping your stress levels down long after you’ve cleared the clutter.

    Go minimalist

    Maybe you love minimalist design, and now that you’ve removed all the piles of stuff on shelves, coffee tables and counters, you’re ready to commit. When streamlining the overall look of a room, remember that something as simple as new door hardware can make a major difference. Consider style combinations that achieve the simple, clean looks of minimalist design.


    The Collins trim, with its strong lines and square shape, pairs well with straight-edged levers like the Northbrook or Eller. The Upland trim is another square trim ideal for minimalist style, even with a touch more detailing. Like the Collins trim, Upland pairs nicely with the Northbrook lever. If you like the simplicity but prefer rounded edges, try the Greyson trim. It’s also a great match for the Broadway lever or Bowery knob.

    Small spaces

    Perhaps you decluttered because you lack square footage and felt overwhelmed by things. Don’t believe the myth that small spaces have to be boring. When a room is smaller, you actually have more opportunities to try bold designs that would feel over-the-top in larger areas. Try a wild print on walls or textiles, or take a cue from Southern Living and paint the ceiling an unexpected color.


    Because you don’t want to return to a world of clutter, choose accessories wisely and intentionally, opting for a few pieces with big impact. This could even include your door hardware. You need it anyway, so why not make it really say something about your style? Get the trims, knobs and levers that complement your style to the max.


    Need more inspiration? Check out this story from our archives on how you can maximize a mini bathroom.

    Moving on

    No one wants to haul 1,000 boxes when they move, especially if they’re never going to use the things in them. If you decluttered to make the transition to a new home easier, you might also be wondering what to do with your locks. Smart locks are a great option when putting your house up for sale. Not only are they a more secure way to let realtors and other service providers in and out of your house, smart locks are also becoming more in demand by prospective buyers. With the style options of the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt and the new Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, you’ll also give your home an extra boost of curb appeal, not to mention peace of mind.

    If you’re not sure which smart lock is right for you, try our Get Help Deciding tool. You can also find more tips on how Schlage can help transform your newly decluttered house into the home you’ve been dreaming of on Instagram and Pinterest.



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