6 simple yet impactful updates for when you're in a holiday hurry.


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6 simple yet impactful updates for when you're in a holiday hurry.

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Simple - Holiday Updates - Schlage

If you hoped to fix up the house before holiday guests arrived this year and haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’re in luck. Focus on these six ares and you'll be ready to host in no time.




If you hoped to fix up the house before holiday guests arrived this year and haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’re in luck.


In a survey of what it takes to welcome holiday visitors and leave a great first impression, tackling last-minute home improvement projects was among the top 10 ways to make your home guest-ready. Those DIY projects were also on the list of top 10 things that impress guests most.


To help you out, here are six areas of your house, many of which the survey identified as rooms most in need of a pre-holiday remodel, where you can make quick and easy changes that still make a big impact.

Front porch

Your entryway is the first thing your visitors will see, so use it to make a good impression immediately. Try updating your house numbers. Not only will they look good, but they’ll also help those guests who don’t typically visit find your home in the first place.


A new Schlage Custom handleset, with a variety of designs and finishes available, can also make your door stand out in the most stylish of ways. With the highest industry ratings for residential security, premium metal construction and easy installation with just a screwdriver, you can also be confident of getting the job done before your guests’ arrival. And as an added bonus, handleset finishes coordinate easily with other home accents like lighting and plumbing fixtures as well as Schlage Custom hardware for interior doors.


Once your guests are inside, you want them to feel welcome. Try some visually interesting coat hooks for some flair and function. If you have a small hallway or foyer, think about hanging a mirror to make the space feel bigger.


Unless you have the budget and the time for a project like a new backsplash, try focusing on something like your cabinetry. New cabinet pulls are a relatively quick change that can create a new look without a massive overhaul. It’s also the perfect opportunity to mix hardware finishes in a way that makes a big statement with minimal effort. You might choose a cabinet hardware finish that contrasts with a metallic light fixture, or pair a matte finish with a bright and shiny countertop accessory.


Don’t forget inside the cabinets either. Organizers will get the shelves looking tip-top when guests offer to help set the table. These also have the added benefit of you being able to enjoy them long after the holidays. Because no one has ever said, “I wish my cabinets were less organized.”

Living room

If you have a fireplace, use it to create a beautiful holiday focal point for the room. Replace or decorate the mantel with festive photos, gorgeous greenery and other ornaments that put your holiday spirit on display.


The living room is also a great opportunity for you to repurpose some of your own belongings. Move the furniture around, use pillows from another room on your couch or to create extra seating, or swap out end tables from another area in the house. This is one change that’s both easy in effort and on the wallet.


You can flex your DIY muscle by redoing flooring and grout. Or you can make a few cosmetic updates that will get your shower looking and working great for your guests. Change out the shower rod for something a bit more stylish or replace the showerhead. Create a spa-like experience with a relaxing raincan fixture, one with multiple settings or a two-in-one option that also includes a hand shower.


Aunt Barbara is just hours away. Repainting is out, but you can replace the door hardware. With Schlage Custom door hardware, you choose from a range of knobs and lever styles that instantly elevate any room. You pick the style and finish to match your home décor. And just like our handlesets, these install in minutes with just a screwdriver.


Another easy change is to replace the bedding in a guest room. Something warm and luxuriously soft will always be popular with even the pickiest of guests.

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