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    12 doors of Christmas: Easy front door decor updates for the holidays.

    November 21, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Monday, November 21, 2022

    12 doors of Christmas | Schlage

    Tune up your vocal cords and prepare for the Twelve Doors … we mean, Days … of Christmas, Schlage-style.



    Not sure what to get your true love for Christmas this year? Tune up your vocal cords and prepare for the Twelve Doors … we mean, Days … of Christmas, Schlage-style.
    Schlage satin brass door locks with snow, pinecones and greenery.

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a sense of home security.

    There are lots of ways to give your loved ones peace of mind when it comes to protecting their home and everyone in it. Schlage, with our secure and durable deadbolts for exterior doors is a good place to start. There’s also video doorbells, shatter-proof window film, keyless locks and countless other ways to help keep the family and house safe.

    On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two smart deadbolts.

    Smart locks are a safe and convenient way to give that gift of home security. Not only are Schlage electronic locks rated Best by the BHMA for Security, Durability and Finish, but they’re also easy to install. And when you connect them to your home wireless network, you can control them from anywhere using your smartphone. Schlage smart locks are great for more than just front doors, too. Consider them for a back door, garage entry or even a home office where higher security and privacy are needed.

    On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me three French doors.

    Three sets of French doors might sound a bit excessive, but once you see what they can do for the look and feel of your home, you’ll quickly change your mind. French doors add an extra touch of sophistication to both interior and exterior entryways. Plus, with their glass panes, you can enjoy the extra light they let in without the extra noise from the rest of the house.

    Black french doors with satin brass Schlage door knobs.

    Photo by

    On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me four glass door knobs.

    Speaking of sophistication, glass door knobs are a prime example of how a little extra shine can elevate any room. The Schlage Custom™ Alexandria is a classic glass knob inspired by Victorian architecture but with modern functionality. There’s also the Schlage Custom™ Hobson glass knob, which with its smooth finish and subtle details, looks just as stunning on transitional homes as it does on traditional ones.

    On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me five cans of paint.

    Your hardest decision will be where to use all that paint. Will you paint a room? Give your trims and doors an update? Upcycle some old furniture to give it new life and your personal stamp? Let your kids show off their artistic skills?

    On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me six gorgeous levers.

    No matter what style your or your true love’s home is, Schlage probably has a lever to suit it. With countless designs ranging from traditional to contemporary and somewhere in between, you’ll be able to find the gorgeous lever that puts the finishing touch on any room.

    Claire Brody Designs bedroom door with Schlage Birmingham lever.

    Photo by

    On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me seven hacks for hosting.

    Even pros who host frequent get-togethers love a good hack that makes their job easier. And when you’re hosting at holiday time, those shortcuts become even more important. Get inspired by these holiday hosting hacks.

    On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eight homemade dog treats.

    Pets are family, too. There are plenty of homemade treats that are both tasty and healthy for your furry true love, not to mention a number of other gifts perfect for porch puppies of all sizes.

    On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me nine hygge blankets.

    Winter calls for snuggling into the comfort of your home with the ones you love most. A cozy throw blanket that gently whispers hygge—you don’t want to ruin the relaxing vibe with loud décor, after all—will help you enjoy that quality time.

    The Coastal Oak living room with indoor wreaths, white couch with blanket.

    Photo by

    On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ten tools for gardening.

    Because gardening tools are out of season in the winter in most regions, you might find some great deals as opposed to stocking up in the spring. The right tools make all the difference, and don’t limit yourself to just spades and rakes. Think high-tech like smart irrigation or low-tech like a flower pouch. Find more on these gardening tools and similar ideas with our Curb Appeal Gift Guide.

    Famhouse 905 Christmas front door.

    Photo by

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me eleven mini door wreaths.

    A beautiful wreath for the front door is a showstopper, but small wreaths for interior doors are an unexpected twist that is at once gorgeous, festive and easy to DIY.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me twelve cabinet pulls.

    When a major renovation isn’t in the plans but your true love wants to give a room a facelift, new cabinet pulls can help. Instead of replacing an entire bathroom vanity, ripping out all the cabinets in the kitchen or trashing the tired-looking dresser, replace the pulls and see how it transforms the overall look. You can even choose pulls that complement your door hardware or other fixtures for some top style.

    I Spy DIY Christmas tour kitchen.

    Photo by

    Now everyone sing along...

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
    Twelve cabinet pulls, eleven mini door wreaths
    Ten tools for gardening, nine hygge blankets, eight homemade dog treats
    Seven hacks for hosting, six gorgeous levers, five cans of paaaiiint
    Four glass door knobs, three French doors
    Two smart deadbolts and a sense of home security.

    You can catch our Twelve Doors of Christmas special on social media this year by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And if you’re still not sure what to get your true love this holiday season, try the gift guides at

    7 reasons gold knobs and handles are here to stay.

    November 17, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Thursday, November 17, 2022

    Gold knobs and handles | Schlage

    Is brass hardware a fleeting trend or a timeless essential? These décor ideas show that gold fixtures make perfect additions to any home, classic or modern.



    Looking for an alternative to the satin nickel or matte black hardware that’s common in so many homes? Many DIY interior designers are finding modern ways to incorporate brass door hardware. Instead of the bright, shiny brass that was so popular in the 80s, say hello to satin brass. The trending version has a softer texture and muted hue. It adds an appealing touch of luxury and class to any piece of door hardware. Are these gold door knobs and handles likely to stick around for a while? We think so. In addition to adding a touch of glam, gold complements on-trend warmer colors. Here are seven reasons we believe satin brass finishes can suit a variety of personal tastes.
    Schlage Satin brass gold handle on office door.

    Easily complements other finishes

    If your home is currently full of nickel or chrome finishes, you don't have to swap out all your hardware just to add a gold door knob. Choosing a modern finish like satin brass is perfect for mixing finishes. Get inspired by this trendy bathroom from @sincerelysarad. The gentle gold of the Bowery knob goes great with the gleaming chrome of the bathroom vanity handles. What's the key to mixing and matching finishes? As Sincerely Sara D explains, you just have to focus on a unified color palette. The gold knobs highlight the light flooring, the silver handles echo the gray vanity, and the rug ties the contrasting hardware together. For best results, pick a satin brass finish because the slightly matte finish pairs well with satin nickel. This thoughtful design allows you to end up with a refreshing, modern room where metallic finishes add light and charm.

    Makes neutral color schemes more interesting

    Gold isn't just for flashy, busy spaces. If you love minimalist homes filled with blacks, whites, beiges, and tans, brass door handles are the way to go. This thoughtfully decorated bathroom by SMT Designs shows just how much impact gold hardware can have. The natural warmth of gold brings some softness to a room that could otherwise appear too sterile. It balances the contrasting black and white shades and adds some liveliness to the simple color palette. Unlike black or oil-rubbed bronze, this door hardware finish will not disappear into the background.

    Adds interest to muted colors

    If you enjoy delicate, soft décor, gold is the perfect finish for you. It's got an extra bit of class and luxury that makes it an ideal complement to lovely pastels. This post from HGTV shows how you can use gold to create a gentle, refined look. The sparkling gold adds a graceful touch to the dainty porch furniture and pale blue paint. To tie all the elements together, the brass door handles coordinate with the letterbox and porch lighting. We particularly love the way the warm hues complement the yellow and pink floral accents.

    Coordinates with bold jewel tones

    Gold tends to be an eye-catching door hardware finish, so it pairs nicely with rich colors. While subtler finishes would get completely overlooked next to a vibrant room, brass holds its own. In this example, Designer Ursula Carmona proves that brass is the perfect companion to rich cabinetry. The jewel tones of the shelving seamlessly set off the brass hardware of the door. To add even more rich color, the desk is styled with peacock blue candle holders and emerald green plants. When using golden hues to create a stylish, maximalist vibe, it's important to design your home thoughtfully. Make sure to use a harmonious color scheme and balance the busier décor with some simpler pieces.

    Highlights your architectural details

    Do you have a home with an unusual, appealing feature? This bathroom from Darling Down South demonstrates how gold fixtures can really call attention to your home's best traits. This home had a gorgeous console sink with gold legs that the designer wanted to emphasize. The combination of a soft color palette and gold-tone hardware makes this unique bathroom shine. This post also provides some helpful tips on using hardware to enhance your home's layout. The bathroom is a little small, but the matching gold provides a peaceful look that makes the space seem bigger.

    Harmonizes with modern decor

    Don't make the mistake of assuming that brass door knobs are only for antique homes. Though gold is certainly traditional, it's timeless enough to work with chic, modern homes too. This post from Mackenzie Craven provides some helpful tips for getting a modern look with gold. First of all, it's important to pick a sleek, simple door handle or lever without a lot of decoration. Next, make sure you're pairing gold with darker colors that help ground the sparkle. Finally, select larger gold pieces that add some bold, artistic flair to your decor.

    Gives your home some vintage charm

    Tara from The Carneys Bloom showcases bright brass door knobs in her renovation of a historic home. What makes gold so perfect for restoring vintage houses? Compared to modern chrome, brass is far more authentic. Over the centuries, it's been one of the most popular metallic options for door hardware. This makes it ideal for adding a vintage touch to your home no matter how old it is. You can pick paint colors and furniture that match your personal style while still using a few time-honored accents. As this cute post from Tara shows, gold hardware pairs particularly well with other historic accents like antique frames. This is a great way to emphasize the classic nature of gold and keep it from seeming too trendy.

    As you can see, gold and brass are ideal finishes for your home's hardware. They provide a little modern glam while still maintaining traditional elegance. Looking for more ways to create a home that showcases your unique style? The Schlage blog features many ideas to customize your house. Explore our site now to start your next project.


    Guide to understanding door hardware finishes.

    November 17, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Friday, November 18, 2022

    Matte black bathroom door knob | Schlage

    Schlage wants to make your decision easier so that when you choose the high-quality door hardware you need, you also get a look you love. Here’s our guide to understanding door hardware finishes.



    Choosing the right door hardware finish sounds simple until you realize how many options there are. It’s great that you have lots to pick from. Everyone’s personal taste and the style of their home is different, after all. Schlage wants to make your decision easier so that when you choose the high-quality door hardware you need, you also get a look you love. Here’s our guide to understanding door hardware finishes.
    Matte black bathroom door knob.

    What is a matte finish?

    You’re probably more familiar with matte finishes when it comes to paint. A paint with a matte finish absorbs light rather than reflects it. It’s the same with door hardware. If you’re not a fan of the glitzy and shiny look, matte is for you.


    Schlage’s Matte Black is one of the most popular finishes for door hardware. For starters, it’s extremely versatile. The dark tones make it beautiful on more traditional homes where you might expect to see wrought-iron details, but because the finish is matte or flat rather than distressed, it also has a bit more of a modern feel. The matte finish is also less likely to show fingerprints, particularly compared to some brighter finishes.

    Satin brass living room lever.

    What is a satin finish?

    If finishes were on a spectrum, satin would be next. It’s more reflective than matte but still less so than a bright finish. Satin finishes are frequently described as “lustrous” or as having a “medium sheen.” It might help to think of satin as a finish with a subtle shine.


    Not all satin finishes are the same, though. You also have to consider the tone – gold versus silver, for example – when choosing your door hardware. Schlage’s Satin Brass finish is typically seen on more traditional homes, especially those inspired by the Victorian Era. It works in these homes because of the gold undertones mixed with the softer, almost patinaed, satin quality.


    Schlage’s Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel finishes, on the other hand, are more contemporary. You’re more likely to pair them with Mid-Century Modern style, particularly when using colors popular in the 1950s and 60s, such as olive or turquoise.

    Bright chrome bathroom lock.

    What is a bright finish?

    A bright finish is even more reflective than satin. The lighting in the room will bounce off your door hardware to give sparkle and shine. This makes bright finishes especially popular to fans of the Art Deco or Hollywood Regency styles.


    Bright Brass, which many of us associate with the 1980s and 1990s, is gaining new life in the 21st century. Its gold tones means it pairs beautifully with those glamorous accessories and rich jewel tone colors. Bright Brass door hardware is perfect whether you want to add a single pop of glamour or take your room over the top, maximalist style.


    Schlage’s Bright Chrome has a mirror-like finish that was inspired by the roaring 20s – 1920s, that is – but it also works with less flashy styles as well. Today, you might see it in contemporary, Scandinavian design, where measured amounts of shine add warmth to an otherwise minimalist décor.

    Polished nickel kitchen door knob.

    What is a polished finish?

    Polished finishes are usually associated with countertops and other stone features. When it comes to door hardware, a polished finish is another highly reflective option.


    The Schlage Polished Nickel finish offers the most amount of shine. This silver-toned finish can sometimes change color slightly depending on the room’s lighting. It’s also popular to mix other finishes with a polished nickel to balance the high sheen.

    While these are some of the more common door hardware finishes, they certainly aren’t the only ones. You can see all of Schlage’s finishes on our website. And when you’re ready for more inspiration, check us out on Pinterest and Instagram.


    Tips to make your home a relaxing space.

    November 09, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, November 9, 2022

    Relaxing home | Schlage

    Follow these steps to ensure your home reflects peace and calm in the midst of a busy schedule.



    No matter what season of life you are in, being home should offer you and your loved ones a chance to recharge. In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy for the high-traffic areas of your home to become chaotic and stressful. Piles of mail on the counter, a jumble of shoes by the door, and your work bag on the kitchen chair are all invasive reminders of what needs to be done. While it isn’t always possible to slow life down, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your home reflects peace and calm in the midst of your busy schedule.
    Mother relaxing at home on a yellow couch with two older children in eclectic living room.

    Cut clutter

    The essential first step is to clear out your spaces. Clutter clouds your mental space and makes it difficult to focus. Start with an easy-win area like a home office, bathroom, or hallway. These spaces tend to collect extra stuff, but not so much that it will be overwhelming. Once those areas are clean, move to high traffic areas like the mud room, kitchen, and living spaces. If you want to make your home more calming and peaceful, you can’t start without a clean slate. As you clean, make note of what kind of clutter builds in which locations. This will help you identify where you might need some additional functional décor or storage to give those items an intentional resting space, preventing clutter from building in the first place.

    Functional décor

    Functional décor has multiple uses – it is aesthetically pleasing and useful. Once you have decluttered your spaces and taken inventory of where clutter typically builds up, it’s time to think creatively about a functional décor solution. For locations where papers and mail pile, consider a lidded basket that will add visual interest and storage. Think outside the box for storage containers, choosing items that are useful and contribute to your overall décor. This may mean upgrading or adding furniture like storage ottomans, entry benches, or shelving. The key is to choose pieces that are beautiful and serve an intentional purpose.

    Cozy reading bench by window with chunky knit throw and pillows.

    Cozy corners

    A fun way to add calm into your home is to create a cozy corner. Choose a corner in your home that isn’t really serving a purpose and transform it into a comfortable oasis. Add an inviting chair, throw pillows, plush blanket, and convenient side table to hold your favorite beverage. The goal is to make a space away from the main activity in your home as a sensory retreat. Blend textures, mood lighting, and your favorite candle or essential oils to make a peaceful place you can go to recharge when life feels hectic.

    Calm Lighting

    One of the easiest ways to bring peace and calm into your home is to switch out any harsh lighting for something softer and more inviting. In many cases, this is as easy as swapping out light bulbs! Warm toned light bulbs are comforting and more relaxed, whereas blue toned light bulbs feel cooler and more intense. Adding accent lighting can help develop a calming atmosphere; think table lamps, string lights, and sconces. These are an inexpensive, high-impact way to add immediate comfort to your home.

    Peaceful paint colors

    In general, soft and muted tones contribute a sense of peace and calm in interior design. Greens and blues are known to have a calming effect and give off an ambiance of serenity and stillness. Deep, bold colors are not off the table, but should be used sparingly as accents to avoid any sense of heaviness. Bright reds and yellows are often called out as anxiety-inducing colors, but for some these colors are empowering. This means that you don’t need to stress about digging too deep into color psychology; have confidence to choose colors for your home that have a positive, peaceful connotation to you.

    Use these tips as a springboard to get your home comfortable and organized before the upcoming holiday season. By intentionally creating calm in your home now, you will be able to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer without feeling overwhelmed at home. For all things home design and security, follow Schlage on Instagram and Pinterest!


    Home design with your dog in mind.

    October 18, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, October 18, 2022

    Dog design | Schlage

    When you’re renovating your home or looking to buy a new one, consider what you and your dog both need to be happy and healthy. Try including these six home design features that are pet- and human-friendly.



    Our furry friends are often more than that. Pets are family. When you’re renovating your home or looking to buy a new one, consider what you and your dog both need to be happy and healthy. Try including these six home design features that are pet- and human-friendly.
    Cocker spaniel laying in dog bed in bohemian style bedroom.

    Rub a dub dub - Dog showers fit for your royal family member

    If you don’t like your pup in your tub, you need a dedicated dog shower. This is also a great option when you don’t want paws tracking mud throughout the house on the way to the bathroom. A dog shower in your mudroom, garage or by the back door make keeping everything clean convenient and easy.


    And don’t think dog showers can’t be stylish as well as functional. We love the monochromatic dog wash station @houseofjadeinteriors made with just a splash of bright bronze glam with the fixtures in this mudroom.

    Spots for spot - Built-in crates with style and function

    When you renovate your mudroom to include a dog shower, consider adding a built-in crate while you’re at it. It’s a great way to keep it out from underfoot – a big plus for you and your home’s overall design – and still give your pooch a safe place to chill out.


    Another great alternative is to choose multipurpose furniture everyone in the family can use. What might be an end table for you is their crate. Or maybe you incorporate a little hidey hole in the kitchen island or under the stairs.


    It’s a good idea to give your pet their own space. Where that is might depend on your dog’s temperament. If they’re more nervous and need alone time to calm down, find a quiet room for their crate that’s away from the hubbub. If they’re happier when they’re surrounded by the family and activity, include them in the heart of it all, like the living room or kitchen.

    Wipe your paws - Best textiles for pets

    Unless you’re new to the game, you know how much effort it takes to keep your home clean when you have pets. There’s amazing amounts of fur, debris that rides in on the dog after their walk and food messes. Choose materials for your home that will hold up to your pet and everything they do.


    Textiles should be durable and easy to wash. That includes rugs, furniture coverings, blankets and even curtains. You’d be surprised how much hair sticks to them. Furniture companies are offering more fabric options specifically designed for pets now, but other options include fabrics that can easily be thrown in the washer or those designed for indoor-outdoor use since they’re more resistant to moisture and stains.


    Regardless of the type of fabric you choose, consider colors and patterns. It’s tempting to pick a black couch to match your black dog, but that doesn’t mean the mess will automatically become invisible. Instead, go for patterns. They do a better job of hiding fur, dander and dirt.

    F-O-O-D - chic pet bowl ideas

    When you have designated feeding times for your dog, a cabinet with built-in bowls that pull out only when you need them can be very chic. This good boy at Houzz looks ready to eat.


    A quicker but no less stylish alternative is to contain food and water spills with a nice mat. We love how these can customized to either match the look of the room or your pet’s personality. If you want to incorporate natural materials into your home décor, check out this dog food mat from @stellasloane_home.

    Doggy doors and more

    Controlling where your dog can go is important to their safety. For smaller dogs or those who don’t jump, a simple baby gate might seem like a good way to keep them out of certain rooms or away from steps. But how about something that’s nicer to look at every day like this DIY gate from Yellow Brick Home?


    And what about letting your dog come and go as it pleases? Doggy doors are nice for those who can’t decide if they want to be inside or outside, but they also make it possible for other critters to enter. Go smart with an electronic doggy door. The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is activated by your dog’s collar, so Buster can get outside but the racoons can’t get in.


    For an extra level of smart access, try a Schlage smart lock to better control what humans have access to your home. You don’t have to carry keys when you take your best friend for a walk, nor do you have to give a spare key to a pet sitter while you’re on vacation.

    Good boy organization

    Like human children, pets require lots of things – toys, food bowls, leashes (the dog, not the kid). Have dedicated storage for all of it and make the bins, baskets and hooks stylish for your own sake. Use these storage solutions for pets where you need them most. For example, keep leashes and waste bags near the door so they’re on hand for walkies. Instead of leaving those giant bags of food out looking sloppy, transfer the kibble to a nicer container so it isn’t such an eyesore when it’s sitting out near their food bowl.

    These tips are just the beginning. Find more, like dog-friendly porch ideas, how to keep pets safe during the holidays and advice for moving with pets, at the Schlage blog. We’d also love to see your pets. Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. (Seriously, we want to see them.)


    Make your home safer, more comfortable for senior pets.

    October 07, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Friday, October 7, 2022

    Home safety for senior pets | Schlage

    These tips will help keep your aging pet comfortable and safe, while also maintaining your house and keeping it clean.



    Modifying your home for a senior pet is actually a lot like making upgrades to your home so humans can age in place. The tips below will help keep your aging pet comfortable and safe, while also maintaining your house and keeping it clean.
    Great Dane standing on front porch with ferns and pumpkin.

    Help them move

    Older pets can experience a decline in their mobility, and hard flooring can make it even more difficult to get around. Add carpet or rugs where you can, but make sure you use a non-slip mat underneath. Sliding around on an area rug isn’t much of an improvement. Remember stair treads, too. Just like you would for humans who need extra traction, add some non-slip strips to steps.


    Textured flooring can also help your pet find its way around, particularly if it has vision impairments. A mat that’s a different material than the surrounding floor and placed under their food and water can help them find their bowls. You could also do this near doors or steps so they know where potential hazards are.

    Help them lounge

    An aging pet may have more bladder accidents, much like they did when they were a puppy or kitten. Invest in some furniture covers to protect your upholstery. What should you look for in a pet-friendly couch cover? Choose between form-fitting, which is tighter and less noticeable, and hanging, which simply drapes over the couch. Whichever you decide on, check the width and length of the cover so that it fits your couch. Choose a fabric, both in material and color, that matches your décor and tastes. The fabric should be water-resistant, too. Finally, look for a cover that’s anti-slip to save yourself from having to readjust it every time you sit down.


    Pets can learn where furniture is in the room. As their eyesight starts to go, avoid moving things around too much and confusing them. Also, keep main pathways open so they don’t won’t bump into furniture or clutter and hurt themselves.

    Help them eat

    If you’re of a certain age yourself, you know how hard it can be to stoop down and tie your shoes in the morning. All that back stiffness and knee creakiness. Pets are no different, even when they’re lower to the ground to start with. Put their food and water bowls on an elevated stand. By raising them up, you make it easier for your pet to reach the food, even if they have arthritis. Handmade on Half Street shows us how to make a pallet wood dog bowl stand with storage below.


    While you’re making adjustments to food and water bowls, consider adding multiple bowls throughout the house. At the very least, make the one you have easy to find. Pet memories can fade with age and you don’t want your fluffy friends to go hungry simply because they don’t remember where their dish is


    Older pets do tend to sleep more and be less active. However, you can help their brains stay sharp with games. You might try a snuffle mat or puzzle feeder. They’ll love the treats and you’ll love that they stay a little more puppy-like for a bit longer.

    Help them relax

    Orthopedic beds for pets are a thing. Memory foam can make them more comfortable when their joints get achy with age. Wherever they like to lay, make sure it’s soft and easy to get to. If you can add a heating pad, even better. Fur sometimes thins with age, so the extra warmth will be much appreciated, especially for cats.


    Most pets like dens to hide away in. Cat caves or crates for dogs can make them feel more protected. This becomes even more important for senior pets who may have more anxiety if their eyesight or hearing starts to go. A secluded spot where they feel extra safe is more calming.


    Similarly, make sure they have an out-of-the-way room to retreat to when they need more peace and quiet. Many experts recommend limiting the number of new people your older pet comes into contact with. If you don’t want to stop hosting get-togethers, just make sure your pet has a safely escape to where they can avoid the ruckus.

    Help them get around

    Jumping on furniture can be difficult at best and dangerous at worst for an aging pet. If they still want to get on the couch or bed, you might install a ramp or set of stairs. A portable one you can also use to help them in and out of the car or something more substantial like this DIY dog ramp with storage from HGTV are both good options. Here’s another good wiener ramp tutorial, starring Weenz, the senior sausage dog.


    If stairs are a struggle, move everything your pet needs to one level in your house. This includes food and water, beds, toys and litter boxes or puppy pads. Litter boxes should have low sides, too. The top-entry ones might be good for keeping messes to a minimum, but you’ll regret it if your kitty can’t access it in the first place.


    Baby gates are another good way to control access to certain areas of the home. Maybe you want to keep them away from steps or out of the kitchen where you might step on them – their own reaction time slows as they get older – while you’re cooking.


    And speaking of reaction time, that’s a good reason to keep them indoors as much as possible. Use the baby gate in an exterior doorway or to corral them on the deck if they do venture outside with you. A DIY catio is another great way to keep indoor/outdoor cats safe, no matter what their age is.


    This last one is for you, too. Consider a smart lock for your front or side door. Dogs may not be able to go as long without being let out. If you hire a dog walker or ask a friend to check on your pet while you’re at work, a smart lock can make it easier to securely control access to your home. Create a unique access code just for your pet sitter or dog walker, then track it via an app so you know when they’ve entered your house, see if they locked up on their way out and enjoy greater peace of mind that both your pet and your home are safe.

    Our pets love us unconditionally, so we’re willing to do almost anything for them in return. The best way we can show our love is to keep them safe. Find tips for protecting your pet around indoor plants, during the holidays, when you’re moving and even when you bring home a new baby, all at the Schlage blog.


    How to keep your front porch fresh when the seasons change.

    September 22, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Thursday, September 22, 2022

    fresh front porch | Schlage

    We have some words of advice for finding and showing off your personal style at the front door all year, even if you’re new to home design.



    Even at a glance, your front porch décor says a lot about you and your household. With each change in season, it is exciting to find new ideas for redecorating. And the process itself can help boost your excitement for festivities to come. When you need some new ideas for decorating the front of your home, maybe you’ll copy this season’s housekeeping magazines or your favorite influencer. But we have some words of advice for finding and showing off your personal style all year, even if you’re new to home design.
    Cozy cottage front porch with green bench and fresh white flowers.

    Follow your heart, not trendy décor

    Don’t feel pressured to follow the masses. While it’s easy to load up the full display from your home and garden store or immediately copy the front porch décor you saw online, take a moment to step back.. Instead of falling victim to buying the whole display, use these moments as inspiration to create something unique to you. Try mingling two or three new pieces into what you already have. For example, update a preexisting wreath with fresh greenery or accents that reflect the new season. This not only helps you be more creative in your décor, but it can also save you money.


    When you do shop for new front porch decorations, find items and styles that call out to you. Mixing and matching different styles can help you stand out, and ignoring or meshing trends is a surefire way to end up with a uniquely stylish front porch. Here are some ideas to get your gears turning when planning a front porch refresh.

    Choose pieces that are meaningful to you

    What does walking through the front door mean to you? When you and your loved ones pull in the driveway, your front porch is a focal point that sets the tone for coming home. Consider what feeling you want your home to provide. If you want a cozy and approachable environment, consider soft accents with personal meaning. Choose a loved one’s favorite flower or upcycle an heirloom furniture piece. If you want to show off your home’s modern features or convey a stately tone, stick to clean lines with a few bold statement pieces such as modern planters or statues. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is meaningful and beautiful to you.

    Switch up your look with decorative outdoor planters

    Planters insinuate plants, but this is not always true. Just because you choose to decorate with planters does not mean you must plant things in them. It really depends on the star of the show—are you more interested in showing off the fancy pottery at your door or what you’ve put in it? There are a few options you can go with, depending on your style and what you can maintain.


    Fake flowers and bushes can be a rewarding purchase for some homes, but others might need more to distract from the “whitespace” around the door. Avoid a boring front porch by going with a modern or abstract look with asymmetrical planters and fake or real succulents. If you prefer real plants to fake ones, we suggest planting perennials like a flower or even a vegetable to enjoy at peak season. Vertical gardens come in many shapes and sizes and can also make a wonderful functional alternative to decorative front porch planters.

    Carefully choose the shiny details for your front porch

    Hardware is a detail that is often overlooked. Until it’s needed, homeowners and contractors sometimes forget how many options there are to choose from when it comes to door hardware. The metallic accents on your front porch play an important role in your overall décor. It may seem like a chore to update your door hardware, but it is actually an approachable DIY that enhances your home’s beauty, safety, and ease of access. Rather than waiting for your existing hardware to break, consider if it is reflecting the style you want. We recommend handlesets for maximum security and customized style of your home.

    Use lighting to change the mood at your front door

    Light fixtures and freestanding lanterns can make all the difference. The type of lighting you settle on depends on the design and build of your home, of course, but also your style and why you want it there at all. Functional light fixtures are a necessary feature on a front porch, but you can also add accent lighting to enhance the aesthetic impact of your front porch. Consider practicality and the mood you’d like to set when you choose the lighting for your front porch.


    Front porch decorating ideas are most promising when they’re practical and pretty—which rings true for all types of decorating. But it’s important to think outside of the box to pin down your individually unique visual style. If you’re looking for more front porch styling inspiration, check out our Instagram!


    Best fall decor ideas from home experts.

    September 08, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Thursday, September 8, 2022

    Fall decor ideas | Schlage

    At Schlage, we’ve been writing about how to decorate your home, no matter the season, for years, so we thought we’d pull together a list of some of our favorite suggestions.



    We know you can google “simple fall decor ideas” and get millions of results. But why not jump straight to the best? At Schlage, we’ve been writing about how to decorate your home, no matter the season, for years, so we thought we’d pull together a list of some of our favorite suggestions. We now present: Schlage’s Best of Fall Decor.
    Fall decor scene with Schlage Addison handleset in Aged Bronze.

    Best Color Tip: Choose copper

    There’s no need to ditch the beloved reds, yellows and browns of fall. Just give them a bit of extra pizzazz with metallics as well. Including accessories with a copper finish will keep your fall décor from looking flat, not to mention reflect some of that magical light that comes in autumn. Try accessories like shimmering lanterns and other light fixtures, copper and gold-toned plant containers or pumpkins painted with metallics.

    Here are more fall color palettes to try on your front porch. Don't forget the finishing touch with a coordinating front door handle. Schlage offers hundreds of different styles and finishes to match. Browse front door handles.

    Best Porch Decor: Bring out the textiles

    The coldest weather hasn’t moved in yet, so you can still enjoy some front porch relaxation. You just need to take a few extra steps to make it cozy. Add some pillows to a porch swing, freshen up some patio chairs with plush cushions or wrap up in a fluffy throw blanket. With these finishing touches, it doesn’t even matter if you’re lounging solo or hanging out with family.

    But how can we pick just one thing to make our fall front porch decor really shine? Give some tips from these past Schlage blogs a shot:


    Best Curb Appeal: Plant a veggie window box

    You can’t go wrong with fall container gardens, but if you want to put a unique spin on them, try a window box with seasonal vegetables. We highlighted Driven by Décor’s arrangement in our DIY fall front porch décor ideas blog, so you can see how stunning the curb appeal is with peppers, gourds and cabbage of all things.

    For even more curb appeal ideas for fall, try this post about getting your home ready for the season without breaking the bank.

    Best Halloween Decor Ideas: Personalize your pumpkins

    Do you like your pumpkins to be cute or scary? Carved or painted? Is it called a pumpkin or a jack-o-lantern? Our top Halloween décor tip is to personalize your pumpk … jack-o-lan … whatever, to make it your own. Our blog of DIY Halloween decorations with pumpkins has ideas everyone will love, whether you’re letting folks know you’re a food allergy-friendly home during trick or treat, you like the glitz and glam of Art Deco or you want to be a fairytale princess.

    Look for more Halloween tips like these for getting your front door décor ready for a Halloween party or decorations inspired by the stranger things you see on TV.

    Best Thanksgiving Tip: Be thankful

    There’s no better time than right now to express gratitude for what and who you have around you. And especially if you aren’t one for grand gestures, décor can be the perfect simple way to show your appreciation. It could be a porch sign that welcomes guests with a positive message. Maybe it’s a cheerful wreath to remind you every day of the good things in life. This is one simple fall décor idea that keeps on giving.

    Check out these 5 ways to welcome your guests at the front door this Thanksgiving and give thanks for your home’s security.

    Best Home Safety Project: Do a door audit

    Updating your front door can do wonders for your security and your style. If your door hardware is showing signs of wear, maybe the finish is chipped or there are scratches, this fall could be the perfect time to upgrade to a new handleset or an electronic lock that adds keyless convenience.

    Check the condition of your door and the frame as well. If they’re cracked, warped or otherwise damaged, even the best of locks won’t be able to stop an intruder. When you replace a beat-up door, it’ll look good and work even better.


    We have tons of other home security projects you can tackle this fall and simple tasks for a safe and cozy home for you at the Schlage blog.


    Need more inspiration? Find us on Pinterest. If you’re thinking about holiday entertaining, our blog has some ideas for you there, too. Get started by checking out our toast to fall with how to create the perfect seasonal bar cart or how to make overnight guests feel at home.


    How to mix hardware finishes the right way.

    June 08, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, June 8, 2022

    mixed finishes | Schlage

    Mixing metals and finishes can create visual interest that is both refined and intriguing. Here's how to get the look right.



    Mixing metal finishes can add dimension and visual interest to a room. Instead of a monochromatic, one-note space, you create intrigue and the illusion of texture with small touches. A mix of finishes can blend styles and make a room more reflective of your personal taste.


    So how do you get creative without making your home feel like a fun house? Follow these four simple steps.

    Farmhouse kitchen with mixed hardware finishes.

    1. Find inspiration in something that already exists

    Maybe you have a polished nickel faucet you love, or you’re tired of seeing brass all over the house. Maybe there’s a statement piece in your décor that needs a complementary finish. Find or imagine one metal finish in your home which you absolutely can or cannot live without. Whatever it is, consider either replacing or accentuating it.


    Sometimes this means shifting your style around appliances you cannot replace. Even if that is the case and you don’t love what you’re starting with, it helps to have a guide when choosing new hardware to transform your space.

    2. Mix and match finishes

    The most important thing to remember when mixing finishes is not to go overboard. Avoid creating more chaos than style and keep your designs between two to four finishes, starting with a matching element.


    Notice how the chrome faucets pair nicely with the gray countertops and flooring in this bathroom image on Houzz. They set the foundation for contrasting gold elements.

    3. Choose a complementing contrast

    Once you have a foundation like a color palette or theme to work with, choose a contrasting finish that complements the others. The best rule of thumb is to consider an opposite finish—for matte or brass tones, look to chrome or other bright metals. Below are a few suggested finish pairings and links to beautiful examples online.
    Black & Gold hardware + Stainless Steel Appliances
    White kitchen with black and gold finishes and hardware.
    Matte Black Hardware and Bedding + Brass Lighting from I Spy DIY
    Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Pulls + Antique Brass Lighting + Satin Nickel Faucet from Columbia Interior Designers & Decorators Pulliam Morris Interiors
    Matte Black Door Hardware, Lighting & Faucet + Gold Mirror & Cabinet Pulls from Jenna Sue Design
    Copper Pendants + Nickel Cabinet Pulls from Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Sealy Design Inc.

    4. Pull it all together

    Once you've created just the right amount of balance and visual interest, it's time to put the finishing touch on the room. If you're trying to add a little glitz and glam to a traditional space, Lucite accessories and sparkling chandeliers are the perfect way to tie it all together. If your room already sparkles enough, consider a linen shade or softer accessories to tone it down.


    An antique brass chandelier and mirror provide just the right amount of warmth to this cold bathroom on Houzz while polished nickel plumbing gives it just the right amount of modern flair.

    Oil rubbed bronze and antique brass cabinet pulls are brought to life by the reflective canisters on the counter in this calming kitchen.
    And don’t forget that some metallics aren’t metal at all. Fabrics with a metallic sheen can combine balance and contrast in an unexpected way. The silver of the pillows contrast beautifully in this bedroom with the gold light fixture and other sheen in the wall décor.

    Mixing hardware finishes is one way to make a statement. Schlage has crafted a range of designs and finishes that can help you show off your style in the details of your home.


    Not sure what your look is yet? Try our interactive Style Selector or join us on Pinterest for plenty of inspiration.


    Refresh your curb appeal with these 10+ front door hardware styles.

    May 17, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, May 17, 2022

    Curb appeal finishing touch

    Your front door is more than just an entrance, it’s also a showpiece. Here are 7 examples that prove door hardware is the ultimate curb appeal finishing touch.



    Your front door is more than just an entrance, it’s also a showpiece – one of the first things a guest sees. That’s why it’s important to choose the right handleset. Schlage offers a wide variety of styles and finishes, from crisp edges to flowing silhouettes, classic to contemporary, all designed to ensure that your front door is the perfect introduction to your home. Here are some stunning examples that prove the handleset is the ultimate curb appeal finishing touch.
    Schlage Sense matte black smart lock on blue front door.

    1. Century Handlesets

    The Century handleset features a clean, rectangular design that’s often described as tasteful and sophisticatedly modern. This contemporary handleset looks chic when paired with the Latitude, Northbrook or Merano interior levers. Matte Black, Bright Chrome or Polished Nickel finishes really showcase its contemporary roots.


    The Century handleset comes in a 2-piece design with separate deadbolt and handleset grip as well as the 3/4 design with the deadbolt and grip combined into a single piece. The variations provide even more options to help you capture the perfect look for your home.


    2. Camelot Handlesets

    The Camelot handleset brings to mind charming entryways thanks to its scalloped details around the edge. It draws on traditional Colonial style but, because those details are more subtle, also fits into the transitional category. Camelot, which is our best-selling handleset, looks best when paired with the Accent lever or the Georgian knob on the interior and finished in Satin Brass, Satin Nickel or Aged Bronze. For a more updated look, consider the Sacramento lever, which, like the Accent lever, is curved but with a gentler wave.


    Like the more modern Century design, you can find Camelot as a 2-piece or 3/4 handleset.


    3. Addison Handlesets

    The Addison handleset tends to lean more to the traditional end of the spectrum, but because of its simple yet sophisticated design, it can also suit well with more transitional homes. Featuring a rectangular shape, slight ridging along the edges and gently curving grip, it’s easy to see its allure. The Addison handleset looks stunning when paired with either an interior Georgian knob and Birmingham lever for the traditional aesthetic. The Avila lever, with similar edge detailing, is also a good fit. However you pair it, try this handleset in an Aged Bronze, Matte Black or Distressed Nickel finish.


    4. Greenwich Handlesets

    If you like the clean lines of the Century style but want a bit more softness, you’ll love the Greenwich handleset. Ideal for Mid-Century Modern homes, the slight curves of the grip and trim are inspired by the curves of 1950s appliances and cars. This uncomplicated design pairs with a variety of interior door hardware, but it really shines with the Broadway or Sacramento levers. To give the handleset a more modern flavor, choose a Matte Black or Bright Chrome finish.


    You can find Greenwich in a 2-piece or 3/4 handleset design.


    5. Plymouth Handlesets

    The Plymouth handleset is recognizable by its oval shape. Most common on traditional homes, it can also be a gorgeous accent for transitional architecture depending on other, surrounding décor. Because it was inspired by Federal-style homes of the Colonial Era, we love pairing this with the Plymouth or Andover knobs or the Accent lever, particularly in Bright Brass, Satin Nickel or Aged Bronze finishes.


    Find more tips and tricks for improving your curb appeal at the Schlage blog. We also have tons of inspiration for you to click through on our Pinterest boards.



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