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Contemporary Styles

Modern designs with a minimalist, clean aesthetic for contemporary homes.

Trending Contemporary Finishes

Each finish in this collection is sleek and simple to perfectly highlight contemporary style.

Matte Black

A bold look that pairs solid black with a soft matte finish to elevate modern styles.

Front entry handle in matte black finish

Bright Chrome

A smooth, mirror-like finish that never fails to make a statement.

door lever in bright chrome finish

Satin Brass

Subtle gold tones pair with a brushed matte finish for understated elegance.

modern door lever in satin brass finish

Satin Nickel

Brushed silver hues offer a tasteful and flattering accent to any project.

modern door lever in satin nickel

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Explore contemporary looks trending today.

Modern bedroom with exposed brick

Balanced Simplicity

This laid-back style mixes modern forms with retro flair to create a sense of natural harmony. Fresh textures, mid-century influences and subtle lux details bring warmth to this calming aesthetic.

Japandi interior design

Gentle Japandi

Combining the functionality of Scandinavian design with Japanese minimalism, this style intentionally uses a muted color pallet and clean, soft lines for an aesthetic that is simple, organic and comfortable.

Modern clean kitchen design

Clean Modern

Embracing wide open spaces full of natural light, the clean modern style feels effortless and pristine. Crisp lines, simple forms and sleek details combine for a sense of airy minimalism.

Design and inspiration.

Why you should go Mid-Century Modern.

smart house

The best modern door hardware for contemporary homes.

Davlin lever with Remsen trim.

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front door handle