Keyless door lock

Keyless Door Locks

Say goodbye to lost, stolen and forgotten keys. With an easy-to-install Schlage keypad or touchscreen electronic door lock, coming and going is keyless and effortless. Offered in a variety of finish and style options that pair perfectly with our most popular trim styles, it's easy to make a first impression that lasts.

Electronic Locks Explained

An electronic lock is the best choice for doors where you need keyless access but don’t have WiFi connectivity or need the additional benefits of a smart lock . Choose between a touchscreen or keypad for access code entry, offered as both a deadbolt and lever to meet your application needs. From the lock’s keypad, conveniently program access codes for trusted friends, family and service providers so it’s easy to come and go without keys.

Lever Styles Explained

Make a first impression that lasts. Offered in a variety of finish and style options that pair perfectly with our most popular trim styles, it’s easy to express your personal style with Schlage electronic levers.

Questions about Electronic Locks

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What's the difference between a smart lock and electronic lock?
The key distinction between smart and electronic locks is that smart locks can unlock using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, while electronic locks require some form of physical interaction or proximity to the key.

Can the FE595 keypad with lever connect to a Z-wave hub or home automation system?
The FE595 is not Z-wave compatible. This lock is an electronic keypad with lever that does not contain smart lock capabilities and can only be managed manually from the keypad.

Can electronic locks be keyed the same as mechanical locks?
Yes, as long as they are Schlage locks, you can rekey mechanical and electronic locks the same. Schlage brass keys will have a 5-digit code stamped on the key.

Do I have to be near my electronic smart lock to pair it with my phone?
You or someone you trust with access to your Schlage home account will need to be within Bluetooth range of your lock to pair it to the app and/or to troubleshoot.

Does the FE595 with levers need to be ordered with the handing?
The handing on a FE595 is universal. Simply reverse the orientation by using the 9pin tool to pop off the levers and swap the interior and exterior handles.