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Smart Deadbolts & Levers

Schlage smart locks are designed to fit any lifestyle. Come and go at the touch of a button, tap to unlock with your Apple Watch and stop searching for keys. It's an easier way to lock and unlock your doors.

  1. Finish name is: Satin Brass Satin Brass
  2. Finish name is: Satin Nickel Satin Nickel
  3. Finish name is: Matte Black Matte Black
  4. Finish name is: Bright Chrome Bright Chrome
  5. Finish name is: Aged Bronze Aged Bronze

Available Designs in this Finish

Smart Locks Explained

Schlage smart locks make life simpler. Premium security, keyless convenience, home automation capabilities and remote access control through the Schlage Home app make it easier to protect what matters most.

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A smart lock to fit any lifestyle.

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Questions about Smart Locks.

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Is the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Lever available as a light commercial lock?
The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Lever is not available as a light commercial lock; however, our Keypad Lever is rated for light commercial use.

Why is my smart lock flashing a red X?
This is an indicator that the Battery is at a critical state and needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Is my Schlage smart lock connected to Wi-Fi?
The easiest way to determine if your Schlage smart lock is connected to your Wi-Fi network, throw the thumb turn on the interior side of your lock. If you receive a push notification from the Schlage Home app indicating a change in your lock’s status, your smart lock is connected to Wi-Fi.

Is my electronic or smart lock weather proof?
When installed properly on a standard door in a home the outside keypad is rated to withstand the elements however the inside section of the lock which contains the electronics, motor, and batteries must be protected inside of the home.

Do Schlage Smart locks have smartkey technology?
Schlage cylinders can be rekeyed by a professional locksmith. The lock will not come with smartkey technology to rekey the lock yourself.

Can smart locks be set to lock at scheduled times?
Using the Apple Home app and a Homekit connection to the Schlage Encode Plus (BE499) you can set routines. An example of this would be to automatically unlocks at 5:30pm everyday when you arrive home or automatically locks at 10pm to ensure your home is secure at night.