The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect finish for your home.

Are you thinking about updating your door hardware? Then choosing the right finish is probably on your mind and you know how important it is to get it just right. It’s not quite as simple as saying you want silver or gold – although that’s a good place to start – so we’ve created a guide to our finishes, along with recommendations for the Schlage door hardware and other décor that goes best with them.

What is the most popular finish for door hardware?

Each of Schlage’s different finishes looks beautiful in the right home. Among the most popular right now, though, are those that pair well with the hottest trends in home décor. That includes Matte Black, Satin Brass and Polished Nickel. Schlage Matte Black is known for its versatility. Its dark tones are reminiscent of wrought-iron details, making it a great fit for traditional homes. At the same time, it can look boldly modern in a more contemporary home such as one with minimalist or monochromatic décor.

Finishes with more of a shine, including Schlage Polished Nickel, have seen their popularity rise with the rebirth of Art Deco and Hollywood Regency styles. Those interiors are known for their glitz and glam, but real gold, silver and crystal are out of the budget for most of us. That makes these bright finishes ideal for capturing the look even when you don’t have a Hollywood budget.

Keep reading to see these popular door hardware finishes in action and to find more options that just might help you create the perfect look for your home.

Bronze-to-black tones

Merano lever in Aged Bronze

Aged Bronze is an ideal finish if you have a more traditional home, especially one with style based on the Victorian Era or Arts and Crafts movement. It coordinates especially well with Victorian colors, such as burnt sienna and mustard yellow. But how does it also look so beautiful in Craftsman-style homes? The varying shades of brown in the knob or lever will complement the natural wood floors and paint colors – browns, yellows, greens – typically found in Arts and Crafts.

Recommended pairings
Aged Bronze lends an air of luxury to the Siena knob. For a bolder look, try the Avila lever with Addison trim.

Matte Black caters to a modern look that takes style cues from Bauhaus homes, known for their streamlined, straightforward aesthetics. It also draws from homes of the Colonial Era, when wrought iron fences and fixtures made by blacksmiths were common. We think you’ll love Matte Black door knobs or levers if your space has grey tones, geometric patterns and large windows, which can help keep everything from feeling too dark and crowded.

Recommended pairings
Matte Black is a stylish and daring choice best suited for the Bowery knob or Broadway lever with Greenwich trim. One of our favorite pairings is also the glass Hobson knob with Collins trim.

Matte black door knob on bathroom door

Gold tones

Bright brass lever on bedroom door

Bright Brass is common in older, Colonial homes, and especially in homes styled in the 1990s. The widespread availability of Bright Brass makes it easy to find and, therefore, easy to match with other hardware, fixtures and accessories. This finish will fit effortlessly into almost any house.

If you’re looking for vintage style, this one is for you, too. Bright Brass can give you that golden glamour of Art Deco, so it wouldn’t feel out of place in a home with ornate chandeliers and elegant style.

Recommended pairings
Get the classic look by pairing your Bright Brass finish with the Bell knob or Flair lever with Camelot trim.

Satin Brass can be considered the “modern brass alternative.” It’s becoming one of the most popular choices for the home, especially for people who love gold tones but shy away from the high shine of Bright Brass. We love pairing Satin Brass with dark surfaces, such as a forest green door or dark purple walls, like Graham & Brown’s 2021 Color of the Year, Epoch. Those darker colors really make the finish stand out.

Recommended pairings
Satin Brass looks particularly great on the Georgian knob or Accent lever with Camelot trim. For a more unexpected, but no less stunning, look, try the glass Alexandria knob with Alden trim.

Bathroom door with satin brass lever

Silver tones

Bedroom door with bright chrome door lever

Bright Chrome is inspired by the Art Deco movement of the roaring 20s, but just as it did a century ago, it can also transition into a more modern, minimalist styling. The smooth, mirror-like finish coordinates well with neutral-colored doors and walls. With its high shine, you don’t want it competing with bright colors.

Recommended pairings
Bright Chrome is often seen on the contemporary Merano lever or the Latitude lever with Century trim.

Satin Nickel rose to popularity first with Victorian design and then with the Mid-Century Modern movement. The finish looks great against dark colors like black, navy blue or grey where it can stand out from its surroundings. You can also pair it with bold, geometric patterns, bright solid colors and edgy, unconventional furniture.

Recommended pairings
Satin Nickel is an excellent finish for almost any piece of Schlage hardware, but is often paired with more refined styles like the Bowery knob or Accent lever with Camelot trim.

Bedroom door with satin nickel door knob

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