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Questions about hardware & accessories.

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What hinge options does Schlage offer?
Schlage offers the following hinge options:

  • 3.5" Square Corner Hinge
  • 3.5" 5/8" Radius Corner Hinge
  • 3.5" 1/4" Radius Corner Hinge
  • 4" Square Corner Hinge
  • 4" 5/8" Radius Corner Hinge

Is it normal for new hinges to make a rubbing sound?
Schlage uses a lubricant in the hinges that can make a rubbing sound when the door is used. Over time this will go away as the excess lubricant dries and the door is used more frequently.

Can two barn door tracks be connected?
A track adapter would need to be purchased which allows two barn doors to be connected for larger door ways.The track adapter available to connect two Barn Door Tracks is the SD10.

When a new lock is installed, does all hardware need to be installed or can existing hardware be used?
Yes, in order for the lock to function as designed, all hardware needs to be changed on the door.

What do you use to secure a french door on the top and bottom?
The hardware used to secure the top and bottom of a french door is called a Flush Bolt.

Is the Solid Steel Round Padlock re-keyable?
The Solid Steel Round Padlock (851226) is a non re-keyable lock. Some retailers offer a 2-pack that are keyed the same with a 2 key option.