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    Home security steps you should take before leaving for vacation

    June 20, 2019 10:58 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, June 20, 2019

    Home Security Steps You Should Take Before Leaving for Vacation

    Don't let your home be vulnerable to intruders while you're away on summer vacation this year. Take these 5 home security steps before you leave.




    ‘Tis the season for family vacations and getting away from the daily grind. If you're planning a summer vacation this year, take one more worry off your list by ensuring your home is as secure as possible. Most homes are targeted by a simple selection process. A burglar chooses a house with easy access, excellent cover and good escape routes, but they will usually bypass one that requires too much effort or poses too much risk. Here are five home security steps you should take before enjoying your relaxing retreat away from home.
    Dog sitting on suitcases before family leaves for vacation.

    1. Proper lighting

    A well-lit home is one of the best defenses against intruders. With recent advances in smart home technology, you can install a lighting system that turns on and off in intervals so your home is never left looking unoccupied. For a more affordable option, consider installing motion sensor lighting near your home's entry points. If you have a family member or friend taking care of pets or plants, ask them to turn random lights on and off throughout the home to get the same effect the smart lighting would give.


    Bonus tip: Leave blinds and curtains partially open so people can actually see lights turning on and off, but keep valuables out of the direct line of sight from prying eyes.

    2. Smart locks

    Keyless electronic locks not only make your day-to-day more convenient but offer peace of mind when you're away. If you choose a smart lock, like the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt or Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, you can check in remotely and make sure your doors are locked at all times. You can even manage unique user codes if someone needs access to your home while you're away.


    Bonus tip: Choose a smart lock with a built-in alarm that can notify you of a disturbance at the door, especially if you don’t already have a security system.

    3. Cameras

    If being able to check in and see what is happening at your home is important to you, consider installing a few WiFi-enabled security cameras. With remote capabilities, you can view what is happening at your home no matter where you are in the world.


    Bonus tip: The Schlage Encode lock now works with Ring Video Doorbell, so you can see who is at your door via the camera and unlock it remotely for trusted friends, family or service providers.

    4. Garage security

    Don't forget to secure your garage before you go. With a smart garage door opener and keyless technology on entry doors, you can be confident that the garage is not a weak spot for your home.


    Bonus tip: If you have someone stopping by to housesit or water the plants while you’re gone, ask them to park in the driveway instead of the garage to make it more obvious someone’s around.

    5. Look active

    Just like we mentioned with the lights and your home, giving the impression that the home is occupied is the best defense. Try some or all of these ideas for confusing thieves while you’re gone:

    • Create a “vacation” scene with your smart home hub. You could include locking the door, turning lights on and off, playing music occasionally and adjusting the thermostat. Not only does it make others think you’re still there, but it can help conserve energy and money as well.

    • Ask the post office to hold your mail until you return or have a friend or family members pick it up for you. A pile of mail and newspapers on the front porch is a giveaway that the house is vacant.

    • Arrange for someone – a friend or lawncare service – to maintain the landscaping and cut the grass if you plan to be gone for an extended period of time.

    • Ask a neighbor to put some of their trash in front of your home on garbage night.

    What steps do you like to take to secure your home before leaving for vacation? Comment on Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

    How secure are electronic deadbolts and smart locks?

    June 18, 2019 9:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019

    How secure are electronic deadbolts and smart locks?

    Take a look at the security behind Schlage electronic and smart locks.



    For those of us in the door hardware industry, smart locks are a no-brainer. They’ve quickly become indispensable in offices, hospitals, hotels, and many other professional locations, but many consumers are still learning about the possibilities that smart locks can offer at home. “Are they really secure?” is a question we hear frequently. Let’s take a look at the security behind Schlage smart locks.
    Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt on front door.

    Residential security grading

    The first thing you should know is that a group of industry experts called the Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA) set national standards regarding the security level, durability and finish quality of door hardware products. This helps locksmiths, building managers and other professionals ensure that they are using the right hardware in the right places, especially when they have to adhere to local building code requirements.


    To help homeowners make the same decisions about which hardware is best for their home, the BHMA created a set of standards specific to residential door hardware. This includes three categories - Security, Durability and Finish – with rigid criteria for testing hardware to ensure it meets either a C (good), B (better) or A (best) grade in each category. Most Schlage products receive a AAA, which means they have received the best possible grades in Security, Durability and Finish.

    Smart lock security - Residential Door Hardware Grades - Schlage

    So what does all that really mean? It means that all of our products, whether mechanical or electronic, run through all kinds of heavy-duty, intense testing procedures – including hitting it with a sledgehammer really hard. So regardless of what kind of lock you buy, you know you’ll be getting a product that has been tested against the rigorous demands of daily usage. Our Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with Alarm, and Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt and Lever have all received a grade A in security, the best possible grade to keep your home, and everything inside it, safe.

    What about hackers?

    We’ve all heard about the neighbor’s garage door code getting hacked. The good news is that these days that story is a bit of an urban legend. Some garage door codes were compromised back when the technology was new, but major strides have been made in electronic security since then, making these types of hacks much more difficult to pull off. Basically, if you’re comfortable ordering items from Amazon, you can trust that the connection between your Schlage smart lock and your smartphone is just as secure.


    Besides, blunt-force attacks at your home’s entry points are much more effective than sophisticated electronic methods. The rising popularity of home security systems is putting a dent in traditional break-ins as well, however, making smart locks that integrate with home security systems an increasingly effective solution. Together, they add a layer of electronic security to your home, that allows you to keep better track of who’s coming and going, and when.


    Locks that add extra security without requiring a smart home or security system are also on the rise. The Schlage Encode and Schlage Sense locks are great examples. With multiple options to connect your lock to the cloud, you can receive real-time notifications and view a history of who used the lock and when. There’s also a built-in alarm that sounds when a disturbance is detected at the door or if the wrong code is entered repeatedly.

    Spare keys are a safety faux pas

    There’s an added security element to simply doing away with spare keys and using access codes instead. Codes are easier to control. If a code becomes compromised, simply delete it. There’s no need to rekey or buy new locks because a key has been lost. A lock without a cylinder, like the completely keyless Schlage Touch lock, also eliminates the possibility of picking or bumping because there’s no keyhole for intruders to manipulate.


    As you can see, electronic locks are a smart choice for any home. They can save time, add convenience, and make it safer and easier to share access by eliminating spare keys. Paired with the easy installation and exceptional customer service that Schlage is known for, adding one of our electronic deadbolts or smart locks to your home is an easy step toward a safer, simpler home.


    If you’re not sure which Schlage smart lock is right for you, try our interactive Get Help Deciding Tool.


    Get inspired with these #summerporch décor ideas.

    June 13, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, June 13, 2019

    Summer porch decor | Schlage

    Check out some of our favorite Instagram photos from bloggers and designers to get those outdoor décor juices flowing.



    If your front porch is starting to feel stale this summer, we want to help. Check out some of our favorite Instagram photos from bloggers and designers to get those outdoor décor juices flowing, and don’t forget to follow the hashtags that have you feeling most inspired.


    Look no further than @onceupona1912 for tips to style a farmhouse cottage. This traditional door complements the wicker furniture and natural wood planters, and the dark finish on the door hardware pairs nicely with a mint green door.

    This @oldsaltfarm entryway exemplifies the beauty of simplicity. The planters’ leaves and layered door mat give a pop of color against the otherwise basic black-and-white décor. Those house numbers are another nice detail that improves curb appeal.


    Two things we really love about this deck – efficient use of vertical space and party-ready décor. Check out @cleanandscentsible’s account for more photos of hanging planters that draw the eye up and her grilling and drink station along the back wall.

    Here’s outdoor flowers with a twist. Dried lavender not only helps create a rustic vibe but also contributes to the overall color scheme for @somuchbetterwithage.


    The color combination, the curtains, the calm. We can definitely see ourselves relaxing on this porch by @deacon_cottage.

    Are we inside or outside? It doesn’t really matter with this @farmhouseredefined porch. The stone fireplace and wood ceilings are a naturally gorgeous nod to the surrounding woods.


    Looking at this @chrislovesjulia deck design has us planning our next backyard party.

    This porch exudes traditional Southern charm thanks to the wicker chairs, distressed table and the print of the rug. We also think @our1880southerncottage nailed the red, white and black color pairing.


    The great thing about this @handmakeshome porch décor? It’s proof that adult chic can co-exist with kid cute.

    Without the string lights, fence design and firepit working together, this would be just another patio, but @crazychicdesign brightens things up with variety.

    Small space is no problem for @hunkerhome. The consistent use of light, neutral colors and natural materials keeps this balcony space from looking cluttered.


    There are lots of patterns going on in @diffmiller’s design, but the commitment to a blue and white color scheme makes it work.

    This Bohemian-meets-tropical style isn’t for everyone, but @outdoorlivingmag shows how you can create a stylish and functional outdoor space with unusual materials. Wooden pallets became a comfy lounge space for this pup, and the bench can easily be seating or a table.


    We love how @manchesterfactory created an outdoor room, complete with a rug to define the space and cushioned seating, while also using so much greenery you still feel like you’re outside.

    This before-and-after is fantastic. See how @kimberlyknight used small details – some paint, bright furniture, whimsical lighting and pretty planters – to make a big difference.

    Follow Schlage on Instagram and share your own outdoor décor ideas with us!


    Simplify home sharing with Schlage smart locks.

    June 11, 2019 6:30 AM by reference-adjustment-service

    Tuesday, June 11, 2019

    Simplify home sharing with Schlage electronic locks | Schlage

    When you manage a vacation rental property, you want the experience to be simple for you and enjoyable for your guests. Smart locks and electronic deadbolts can help achieve that.



    When you manage a vacation rental property, you want the experience to be simple for you and enjoyable for your guests. Smart locks and electronic deadbolts can help achieve that. They are easy to install and use, provide peace of mind thanks to their superior security and offer keyless convenience so it’s easy to grant access to guests without worrying about lost keys. Some locks can be controlled remotely, giving you access from anywhere, even when you aren’t in the same state as your rental property.
    Man at front door with electronic lock.

    Be prepared

    Part of giving your guests a superior experience is making sure everything, including the door lock, is ready before their arrival.


    • Make sure your door is properly aligned so that the deadbolt continues to operate smoothly. As the seasons and humidity change, the wood around your door can expand, contract or warp. When this happens, you might find that your deadbolt will rub or stick in the door jamb. Make regular checks on the door’s structure and impact on your lock.

    • When you create an access code for your guest, make it something they won’t forget. We recommend the last four digits of their phone number.

    • If you don’t want guests forgetting to lock up behind themselves, program the auto-lock feature on your Schlage smart lock. You can set the delay for as short as 15 seconds or as long as four minutes.

    • When you create an access code, you can also schedule that code to be deleted at a specific day and time. If your guests are supposed to check out on Tuesday morning, you won’t have to remember to change or remove the code. Simply set the expiration for noon on Tuesday and prepare for your next visitors.

    • In the event that your guest will need to change the smart lock’s batteries during their stay, we recommend having spare batteries easily accessible on the property. Replacing batteries is simple, especially with spares on hand and our tip sheets below.

    • If you’d like to have a traditional key available to guests in an emergency, like if the battery dies while they’re away and you’re not on site, you can store it in a lockbox in another location. Should they need access to the key, you can then provide them with a code to the lockbox with minimal inconvenience.


    If you’re still unsure about whether smart locks are right for your Airbnb, Vrbo or other vacation rental, check out this article on why smart locks are a smart business decision.

    Welcome guests

    But if you’re already onboard and are looking to make it even easier for you and your guests to enjoy all the benefits of a Schlage smart lock, here are some helpful tip sheets. They’ll walk your guests through how best to use the lock during their stay, what to do in certain scenarios such as a battery warning and the meanings of the icons and lights on the touchscreens.


    Feel free to download and provide these tips to your guests, either by posting them in the rental or including them in a welcome packet or other pre-visit communication. They’ll know you went the extra step to make their stay that much more secure and convenient.


    Smart locks and electronic deadbolts provide security and convenience for homeowners and home hosts alike. Look to Schlage to provide peace of mind that can only come from a brand with nearly 100 years of experience and trust.


    From gadgets to brews, Father’s Day gift ideas for every dad.

    June 7, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, June 7, 2019

    Father's Day gift ideas | Schlage

    Dad is a special man in your life. He deserves something unique.



    Dad is a special man in your life. He deserves something unique. No matter what he’s into, this Father’s Day gift guide can help you find the perfect way to show how much you care.
    Man at front door with smart lock.

    Handy dad

    • Digital or laser measuring tool: If a handy dad has taught you anything, it’s “Measure twice, cut once.” Make that even easier with pocket-sized laser technology. Simple and convenient will always make Dad smile.

    • Pocketknife or multi-tool: It’s not always clear why he needs a pocketknife on hand at all times. Maybe it’s his Boy Scout days – be prepared! But if it makes him happy, why not? A good multi-tool like a Leatherman, especially if it includes a knife, is another can’t-miss.

    • Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set: Because he’s your superhero.

    Tech dad

    • Smart locks: Our previous suggestions still hold true, but we’d also add the new Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt to that list. Dad will know the house and his family are secure with any of these options, and the Schlage Encode lock provides additional convenience with it’s built-in WiFi, no hubs or accessories needed. Be sure to check out the other smart home technology it’s compatible with and help Dad build the connected home of his dreams.

    • Hotspot/Power bank: This gem of a gadget can help Dad stay connected from almost anywhere. It’s great for traveling or the backyard where he might want a stronger WiFi signal to play music during an outdoor party or while getting some work done on the deck.

    • Wireless lantern with speaker: If Dad likes to entertain but doesn’t want to be tied down, check out this rechargeable party lantern. It even has a remote, and what Dad doesn’t love one of those?

    Beer-loving dad

    • Beer garden: Put your own gardening and DIY skills to the test and make him a beer garden. HGTV shows you how to use bottles to create a trellis for hops to climb in this perfect-for-dad container garden.

    • Home brewing gear: If you’ve inspired him with the beer garden, gift Dad the equipment to make his own brew at home. The Strategist has options for beginners and more experienced masters.

    Grilling dad

    • BBQ multi-tool: Bob Vila introduced us to this multi-function grilling accessory. Is it tongs? Is it a spatula? Is it a bottle opener, knife, grill scraper and fork? Yes, yes and yes. Is it also cool? You bet.

    • Utility cart grilling station: Some elbow grease and your love can turn a tool cart into the perfect work surface for the patio. Check out HGTV’s tips for building the perfect grilling station. We think it would also make a pretty terrific bar cart, if that’s more up Dad’s alley.

    • Grilling light: Whether it’s a late-night BBQ or the equally awesome pre-dawn start-roasting-the-whole-hog extravaganza, Dad needs to see what he’s doing. Delish shows us the Magnetic Barbecue Grill Light and we’re disappointed we didn’t think of this sooner ourselves.

    Outdoorsy dad

    • Solar-powered charging bank: When Dad hits the trails, make sure he can still stay powered up. Just because he’s enjoying nature doesn’t mean he has to go totally prehistoric.

    • Fire starter: A windproof way to light a fire on the trail? Dad will be saying, “Yes, please” and “Thank you” with this suggestion from Fresh Off the Grid, which also features a flashlight.

    • Cast iron skillet: Business Insider hit the nail on the head – cast iron cookers are ideal for car camping because of their weight – but what dad wouldn’t want to feel like a cowboy, cooking vittles over the open fire? Plus, when he uses it at home, you might be on the receiving end of a delicious grilled pizza.

    Gardening dad

    • Hose timer: You can get Dad a nice no-kink hose for hassle-free convenience, or go a step further and add economic- and environmentally friendly on top of that with a hose timer. He can schedule when the yard gets watered, saving him time and money so he can spend more with you.

    • Soil test kit: If he takes a scientific approach to his gardening, Dad definitely needs this at-home kit that tells him exactly what nutrients his plants need. Make him the green guru of the neighborhood and take your curb appeal to the next level.

    Share the love. Visit us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us some of your top Father’s Day gift ideas that you’ve given or received.


    Why smart locks are a smart vacation rental business decision.

    June 6, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, June 6, 2019

    Smart locks for vacation rentals

    If you’re preparing for summer business, let Schlage answer your questions about how this simple upgrade can improve the security of your rental property and help boost business.



    Do you manage a vacation rental? Then you really ought to have a smart lock. If you’re preparing for summer business, let Schlage answer your questions about how this simple upgrade can improve the security of your rental property and help boost business.
    Guests arriving at vacation rental with Schlage smart locks.

    It’s always a hassle exchanging keys. How can a smart lock make that easier?

    Because no key is required to lock and unlock a smart lock, there’s nothing physical to exchange. You provide a unique access code to your guest, which can be done via text, email or, in some cases, directly through the booking website. This means that you never have to wait around for your guests to arrive, freeing you up to do what matters most to you.

    Can I control when guests have access to my rental property?

    Absolutely. With the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, you can schedule access codes to be active only at certain times. For example, if you know your guests are staying Friday through Tuesday, simply use the Schlage Home app on your smartphone to schedule the access code for Friday after noon – when your house cleaner is finished making the place shine – through Tuesday night. Your guests have access when they need it and there’s no worrying if someone is entering the house when they shouldn’t be.


    Because you don’t need to provide a physical key, it’s impossible for guests to make a copy and come back later when they haven’t book a stay. That means you can avoid “repeat guests” of the worst kind, those who want to make off with your TV, or worse.

    What if a guest forgets their access code?

    The solution is a lot easier than if they lose the key. It’s as simple as texting them the access code you originally assigned to them. And because you create any code you like, you can make it something they’ll never forget, like the last four digits of their phone number.


    If they’re in a real pinch, you can also use your smartphone to lock and unlock the door from anywhere for them with any of the Schlage smart locks.

    How can I tell if the house is secure? If I don’t have to get the key returned, there’s no way to know if the guest locked up when they left.

    When you have the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt or Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt* paired with the Schlage Home app, you can check your lock’s status at any time, from anywhere. If you know your guests have departed but your app says the door is unlocked, a simple tap on your smartphone screen can secure the deadbolt.


    *The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt requires the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter or Apple TV or iPad for remote access. Learn more about reaching the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt remotely here to find the best option for you.

    Can I give access codes to others, like house cleaners or maintenance workers?

    You can give access codes to as many trusted individuals as you like, including those working for you to keep your rental property working perfectly. The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt has memory for up to 100 unique access codes, while Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt each hold up to 30. Give service providers their own unique code on a permanent basis or only at certain times when they should be completing jobs for you. Again, there are no spare keys to worry about, and you can see when the cleaners came and went using the Schlage Home app’s activity tracker.

    How can a smart lock help my rental property make more money?

    True, smart locks tend to be pricier than traditional mechanical deadbolts, but adding quality door hardware is worth the investment. Smart locks give greater peace of mind to both you and your guests, making it more likely that they’ll be willing to pay a little extra to stay with you. When potential visitors view pictures of your vacation rental, a front door with a smart lock that says, “We take your safety seriously,” can be a deciding factor in whether they choose you over a competitor. And from a simple dollars and cents perspective, you’ll save money when you no longer have to replace keys, rekey a home after losing a spare or waste time on simple tasks when you could be using your time more wisely.


    Don’t underestimate the draw of a smart home, either. Consider a home automation system that allows you to link multiple smart devices and create convenient scenes. For example, with a smart thermostat, smart lights and a smart deadbolt, you can create a “Welcome” scene. When you receive a new booking, activate your scene from anywhere so the house is the perfect temperature and lights are on to greet late-night arrivals. It’s attention to these details that make guests want to come back for more.

    Do guests really care if the property has a smart lock or a traditional deadbolt?

    Yes! More travelers are recognizing the superior security smart locks provide. That means they feel more comfortable staying at your property and leaving their belongings in your rental home. Quite simply, if they don’t feel safe, they won’t come.


    Many also appreciate the same convenience you do – not needing to wait for you to show up with the key or to return it at the end of their visit and not worrying about carrying or losing a key while they’re sightseeing. It’s small upgrades like this one that send a strong message to guests.


    Use our Get Help Deciding tool to choose the right smart lock for your vacation rental. When you upgrade to the safety, style and simplicity of Schlage, you’re giving your business – and your house guests – the peace of mind and convenience that pays off for everyone.


    How to secure a door with windows.

    June 3, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, June 3, 2019

    White front door with windows | Schlage

    If you have sidelights or windows near your door, we can help you take steps to make your entryway more resistant to intruders.



    There are lots of things that go into making your home, and especially your front door, secure – sturdy building materials, high-quality locks, maybe an alarm system. But sometimes there are weak spots, such as glass doors, that make security more challenging. How do you improve the security around those areas? If you have sidelights or windows near your door, we can help you take steps to make your entryway more resistant to intruders.
    Schlage smart lock on front door with windows.

    Deadbolt possibilities

    The danger of having glass in or near your door is that potential thieves can break the pane and reach through to let themselves in without having to pick or break a lock. There are two ways to reduce the odds of these individuals being successful.


    First, if your area’s building codes allow it, install a double-cylinder deadbolt. These require a key to lock and unlock the deadbolt on both sides of the door. That means that if the thief does break the glass, they’ll still need a key to get in. The risk you take with a double-cylinder deadbolt, and the reason they are regulated in some areas, is that they can make it more difficult to get out of the house quickly in the event of an emergency. If you choose to go this route, it is vital that your household has an emergency preparedness plan in place. so that everyone can exit the home safely, even when anxiety and distress are high.


    Second, you can install a smart lock. The Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt as well as Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with built-in alarm have sensors to detect disturbances at the door. When the lock is connected to the internet and synced to a compatible smartphone app, you can then choose to receive a push notification to your phone if it registers that someone is trying to tamper with the door.


    No matter what kind of deadbolt you choose, make sure it is properly installed and that the door is also constructed well enough to deter unwanted entry. Using screws that don’t anchor deeply enough or a door jamb of rotting wood can limit any lock’s effectiveness. This goes for any door, not just those with windows.

    More secure options

    You aren’t limited to just locks to secure your door. Alarm systems, some of which integrate seamlessly with Schlage smart locks, can be an effective deterrent against thieves.


    Another kind of alarm is glass break sensors. These sensors use an audio microphone that registers when glass is broken. Typically with a range of several feet, one sensor can generally protect several windows – and sliding glass doors – in a single room.


    You can also replace glass with reinforced windows or add a security film to existing panes. Check out this tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl for reinforcing your windows with film that makes them especially difficult to shatter.


    If you have a sidelight on just one side of your door, one suggestion is to move the location of the hinges so that your knob or lever are on the opposite side as the glass. That will typically reduce intruders’ ability to reach through a broken window to unlatch your door.

    Visit to see our wide variety of locks and door hardware that work to keep your home secure. You can also find more ways to improve your home’s overall security on our blog.


    Secure ways to hide a key that also have major curb appeal.

    May 31, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, May 31, 2019

    Schlage house key

    Don’t touch that fake rock! There are so many places to hide a spare key that are more secure than in a plastic imitation of a stone that never fooled anyone.



    Don’t touch that fake rock! There are so many places to hide a spare key that are more secure than in a plastic imitation of a stone that never fooled anyone. Try one of these six alternatives to keep your home safe as well as beautiful.
    Schlage house key.

    1. Birdhouse

    We’re firm believers that a key hideaway doesn’t have to be just a hideaway. Use a birdhouse to secret away your spare while also adding some curb appeal and lending some assistance to local wildlife. A trick bottom to the birdhouse, like this one from Good Housekeeping, lets you stash your key without having to dig through whatever your feathered friends left behind.

    2. Mini bottle

    Good Housekeeping is also one of several groups that suggests hiding your key in a medication bottle or other small container. You can then glue a pinecone or other decorative piece to the top to help you find the key after you bury it someplace safe. If you’re worried about a sneaky squirrel running off with your spare, try making that decorative element something you can tuck in a potted plant without drawing attention.

    3. Brick

    If your house has a brick façade or walkway , this is the smarter cousin to the fake rock. It will blend in with the rest of your home better, which adds to the security. Simply tuck the key in a hole in the back of the brick – carving out a notch might require a bit of effort – and rest easy knowing your spare key will be ready when you need it.

    4. Sprinkler head

    Part of great curb appeal is a well-manicured lawn. If you have a sprinkler system to achieve that, you can get a fake sprinkler head that doubles as a key hideaway.

    5. Tree

    Sometimes a good hiding place is right in plain sight. If you have a wooded area in your yard, go ahead and nail the key to a tree. It’s not likely that would-be-thieves are going to search there. Just make sure to put it somewhere less obvious, like up high but still within reach or toward the base of the trunk.

    6. Smart lock

    Of course, the best way to not lose a spare key or have it stolen is to not have one at all. With a smart lock, you can program access codes to gain entry to your home using the touchscreen or your smartphone. Not only is it more secure, it’s also more convenient. Go for that run without carrying keys. Give an access code to your trusted dogwalker, house cleaner or neighbor instead of handing them a mechanical key and then trying to remember who has all the spares. And with a variety of styles and finishes, these locks look stunning on any home.

    Learn more about Schlage smart locks at and get help deciding which is the right one for you with our interactive Get Help Deciding tool.


    Porch puppies: Dog-friendly porch ideas for all your furry friends.

    May 28, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Dogs at front door | Schlage

    Man’s best friend deserves the ultimate porch this summer. Here are 10 ideas to keep your porch puppies happy, healthy and oh-so-stylish when you’re enjoying your outdoor living space together.



    Man’s best friend deserves the ultimate porch this summer. Here are 10 ideas to keep Fido, Spike and Fluffy happy, healthy and oh-so-stylish when you’re enjoying your outdoor living space together.

    Chill spots for hot dogs

    Keep your pup cool when the temperatures rise by making sure she has a shade tree or other cover to keep her out of the sun. A pool also not only keeps her cool but adds some extra playtime as well. Inflatable options are available if you’re short on space or want something less permanent.


    Don’t forget the classic doghouse either, which is great for protecting her from summer sun and spring showers. Channel your inner barkitect, check out these unique doghouses and make Snoopy proud.

    Water stops for thirsty dogs

    You know your dog always needs good, fresh water. This is especially important when he’s romping about in the yard during the summer. Make sure you have an easily accessible water station for him to refuel in between play rounds. This flower pot water bowl is so much simpler than sending Timmy down the well to get Lassie a drink.

    Furniture for Fido

    When it’s time to relax, give him someplace comfy to lay. If you choose cushions, make sure fabrics are suitable for the outdoors to avoid mildew and fading. You can even strut your DIY stuff with this homemade option from This Old House. Stylish enough for Lady, comfy enough for the Tramp.

    Doors for doggos

    The original Dutch doors were made for animals. The top half opens to let cooling breezes into the home, while the bottom closes to keep out animals. Those animals were typically livestock in the early days, but it works with doggos, too. Install a Dutch door to keep them out – or in – your home.


    Doggy doors are hugely convenient, but it’s important that the they don’t compromise the overall safety of your home. For starters, don’t install your doggy door on an entryway visible from the street, and choose one that’s the smallest possible size for your pet to help deter intruders from squeezing through it themselves. Also, consider a pet door that locks. Some electronic versions are activated to unlock only when a chip in your dog’s collar is nearby. That gives you security and Toto access even when you’re not in Kansas anymore.

    Smart locks for easy walks

    While you’re thinking about doors, consider a smart lock. We don’t expect Fluffy to remember his own user code, but his dog walker certainly can. With Schlage smart locks, you can create multiple user codes and track when those codes are used. It’s the perfect convenient and safe solution when you have to rely on someone else for walks. And don’t forget to tell your dog walker where you keep the Scooby Snacks.

    Gates for good boys

    Do you have an escape artist on your hands? Keeping them fenced in or contained on a deck can be a challenge, but it is possible to keep your dog safe and your yard stylish. If you want your pup to stay on the deck, try this baby gate upgrade that is also customizable to his size and level of sneakiness.


    Wooden fences can be a beautiful privacy feature for your yard with the added benefit of making it difficult for your dog to see something enticing on the other side. Also consider options that are hard for her to climb (so no chain link), tall enough to prevent Marmaduke from leaping over and with slats narrow enough to keep tiny Slinky Dog from slipping through. River rocks around the base of the fence can dissuade some dogs from digging, which not only keeps your yard looking sharp, but it might help keep them from burrowing under the fence. (Maybe. That Hairy Houdini is tricky.)

    Safe plants for pups

    If your pup likes to chew and eat everything in sight – Labrador owners know what we’re talking about – then make sure your garden is full of pet-friendly plants. Stick to native plant species in your area, but you can start by looking into daylilies, purple basil, African daisies, snapdragons and other greenery recommended by the ASPCA.


    And don’t forget pet-friendly pesticides when keeping your yard lush. Even if you don’t have a chewer, they’ll be walking on the grass and you might not want some of those chemicals on their feet. Rin Tin Tin was all about safety, so you know he’d approve.

    Landscape for paw protection

    When the temperatures heat up, so does the ground. If you have concrete, stones and gravel, that can mean that puppy’s paws will be feeling the heat, too. Grass instead of materials that conduct heat and plenty of shade will help keep toasty toes to a minimum. Petey and all your rascals will be thankful.

    Convenient cleaning for muddy mayhem

    Looking for a bigger project? Install a dog wash – or even just a handy spigot near your door – for cleaning muddy feet. Getting into, and sometimes getting you out of, a bit of trouble can be dirty work, right, Balto?

    We want to hear your pet-friendly patio ideas and see your porch puppies. Share with us on Instagram or Facebook.


    Schlage Home app offers handheld convenience for multiple smart locks.

    May 22, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Man viewing the Schlage Home app on his iPhone at the office.

    Unlike mechanical locks where you might need to carry a different set of keys for every door, managing a smart lock doesn’t get more difficult just because you have more than one.



    As smart locks offer more and improved features, they’re becoming increasingly popular options for securing homes of all kinds. And unlike mechanical locks where you might need to carry a different set of keys for every door, managing a smart lock doesn’t get more difficult just because you have more than one. How is this possible? With the Schlage Home app.
    Man viewing the Schlage Home app on his iPhone at the office.

    Why would I have multiple smart locks?

    Schlage smart locks are intelligent solutions for all types of entryways. If you already own one smart lock, you know about the keyless convenience and peace of mind it provides. But whether you’re looking to add more smart security or are just now considering taking the plunge into electronic locks, imagine the combination of possibilities.


    • Multiple locks on the same home, like both the front and back doors, or the front door and garage entry

    • Your parents’ house, perfect for when you’re caring for older family members aging in place

    • A rental property, whether it’s nearby or in another state

    • A private entrance for house-sharing guests at your own home

    What can the Schlage Home app control?

    The Schlage Home app works with the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt. Whether you have one of each, two Schlage Encode locks or a pair of Schlage Sense locks in different locations, you can use a single Schlage Home app to set up and control them all.

    How do I keep my smart locks organized?

    Using the Schlage Home app, you assign a unique name to each lock during setup. For example, you might choose “Home Front Door,” or “Guest Entrance” if you have a dedicated entryway specifically for home-share guests. It might be “Mom’s Front Door” if you have access to your parents’ home or “Beach House” for your vacation rental.


    Whatever names you choose, we recommend keeping them as easy-to-remember as possible, particularly if you’re managing multiple locks. You don’t want a confusing name to cause you to accidentally change a setting on the wrong deadbolt.

    How do I create or change my smart locks’ names?

    You will be asked to choose and enter the name of your lock during the deadbolt’s setup process with the Schlage Home app. To change it later, choose the lock you would like to update from your Schlage Home app’s main screen. Go to Settings, found by tapping the gear icon in the lower left corner. From the list, select Name, then type in the new identifying title for your deadbolt and select Done.


    There’s so much more you can do with your Schlage Home app, regardless of whether you have one, two or even three locks. Lock or unlock your door from anywhere, create and manage multiple access codes, customize push notifications for when an access code is used or when a disturbance is detected at the door, and change auto-lock timing or other settings. All of this is done simply and conveniently from the palm of your hand.

    How do I access my smart locks from anywhere?

    Because the Schlage Encode lock features built-in WiFi, you can access your lock from anywhere using the Schlage Home app with no need to purchase an additional accessory.


    In order to communicate with the Schlage Sense lock, you’ll need either the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter or, for Apple HomeKit users, an Apple TV/iPad. Use these tips to choose the accessory that’s right for you and control your Schlage Sense deadbolt remotely and conveniently.


    Learn more about the Schlage Home app or use our interactive tool to get help deciding which smart lock is right for you and all the homes where you want the safety, style and simplicity of Schlage.



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