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    4 spring color combinations to wake up your front porch.

    April 24, 2019 10:41 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, April 24, 2019

    Spring front porch decor.

    Springtime. You’re ready to break free from the drab winter, so it’s the perfect time for a color explosion.



    Springtime. You’re ready to break free from the drab winter, so it’s the perfect time for a color explosion. Whether you’re itching to douse your home with as many colors as possible or you’re hesitant to go too bold when decorating for the new season, never fear. We have a range of suggestions for front porch spring color palettes perfect for any taste.

    Unlike fall color palettes for your porch, which generally rely on rusty reds, browns, oranges and yellows, spring palettes give you a wider range of options. You’ll typically see more primary colors – blue, yellow, red – but even these can run the gamut from a tropical splash to a subdued beachy pastel.

    Yellow + Blue + Green

    This combination often balances hues found in nature – think green – with unexpected punches of contrast – hello, yellow! Ann from On Sutton Place kept her spring front porch decor simple, but that hardly makes it dull. A blue lantern, greenery in the planters and yellow sprinkled throughout pillows, the door mat and flowers, give this a cohesive and classy look. It’s also a perfect example of how to use neutral-colored furniture as a backdrop for more vibrant hues as well as complementing your home’s color palette – the blue door and brick – with your spring décor.

    StoneGable focused on blues and greens for this patio makeover. What makes it extra special, besides just the pops of color, is the way the décor complements the blue and gray undertones of the home’s stonework.
    Blues and greens are also great for waterside. They’re perfect for front porches or even pool patios, as you can see in Shabbyfufu’s update and the tropically inspired porch from Artisan of Seagrove.
    There’s no need to relegate yellow to a mere accent. Satori Design for Living picked the sunny shade as her focal point. A yellow bench dominates the color scheme on this porch with less obvious blues and greens thanks to potted plants.

    Coral + Blue + White

    You can use pinks and blues together without it looking like an Easter egg hunt or a baby shower. Both Lolly Jane and City Farmhouse brought in coral drink trays and blue or turquoise accents to liven up their porches. They also relied on white furniture to balance the overall look. Pillows with those colors, as well as a few others, in the pattern help to tie everything together.

    And a Grandin Road made a gorgeous pairing out of this coral chair, a minty-colored door, and black and white accents.

    Red + Black + White

    It might not be a color combination that causes spring to immediately … well, spring … to mind, but it’s the kind of contrast that makes a bright color like red really jump. Midwest Living used red, offset by white furniture, in pillows, flowers and other decorative pieces.

    A red accent wall or front door can also help pull off this warm-weather color palette, especially with additional black elements. We think a red door looks great with a Schlage handleset or smart lock in Satin Nickel or Matte Black finish.
    Red front door with Satin Nickel handlest and smart lock.
    And here’s another example of what red paired with a neutral can do for your curb appeal.

    Orange + Pink

    This combo is not for the faint of heart. To avoid it feeling like Halloween, think less rust and more sunset. This seaside porch did just that, capturing sunny rays in pillows and rugs.

    Go all in with orange, pink and purple, like DIY Network did with these orange curtains and other fabrics. No matter what color you choose, when dealing with textiles for your porch, make sure they’re outdoor quality to avoid mildewing and fading.

    There is no truly right or wrong way to decorate your front porch for spring. The important thing is that you find the color palette that best fits your personal style. Find more inspiration or share your own ideas with us on Instagram and Pinterest.


    15 DIY projects for the ultimate spring curb appeal.

    April 22, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, April 22, 2019

    DIY spring curb appeal | Schlage

    Give your home the ultimate curb appeal with these 15 tips, ranging from trimming your hedges to installing crown molding around your door to updating your mailbox.



    Springtime is the perfect time to get outside not just for fun, but also for making your home look as welcoming as you want it to feel. Give your home the ultimate curb appeal with these 15 tips, ranging from trimming your hedges to installing crown molding around your door to updating your mailbox.


    1. Tidy up your existing landscaping. This could mean removing yard debris left over from winter. You might trim the hedges, which can have the added bonus of improving the security around your home. Or maybe it’s pruning flowers to make way for new ones or encourage new growth on your perennials.

    2. Fill in the gaps of your landscaping. If there’s a bed that looks particularly bare, add some visually interesting greenery. Don’t be afraid to play with colors, heights and textures.

    3. Keep it contained and colorful with a vibrant window box, container garden near your door or hanging flowers around your porch. Southern Living has some tips for gorgeous pots for your porch.


    1. Repair or add pavers leading to your front door. It’s a touch that welcomes every guest. Plus, it benefits you by keeping shoes clean and mud-free in the house. There’s a range of materials to fit your taste and the style of your home – flagstone, brick, wood or even pea gravel and stone.

    2. When replacing a walkway or installing one from scratch, don’t get trapped into thinking it has to be a straight path. Interesting shapes and designs can add a lot to your curb appeal and keep you looking anything but cookie cutter. Find inspiration from these before-and-after shots from HGTV.

    3. If you have a fence you’re thinking of replacing, either along a path or on the perimeter of your yard, consider box hedges or other fence-like plants as an alternative.


    1. You can always replace your front door or add a screen door. But if an entirely new door isn’t in the budget or your DIY skillset, simply paint it. A new color can transform the look not only of the door itself, but the entire front of your house. Bonus tip: Before you get started, make sure your HOA doesn’t have restrictions on color.

    2. Small in size but big in impact, updating your door hardware can change the look of your entryway in a hurry. Schlage offers a variety of designs and finishes to compliment the style of any home, and with a range of deadbolts from mechanical to electronic, they also fit your family’s security needs. For front doors, check out Schlage’s popular handlesets and smart locks.

    3. Depending on the style of your home, Better Homes & Gardens suggests going a step farther by adding some architectural detail like trim or crown molding. There’s no need to do the entire house either. Simply add this touch at the entryway, and your front door will go from boring to brilliant.


    1. With new lights, you can change your curb appeal at night, not something we often think about. Strategically placed lighting – along walkways, surrounding your porch, on your garage or driveway – can illuminate your home’s best architectural details. A well-lit home is also an inexpensive way to improve security.

    2. No matter where your mailbox is – at the curb or by your door – a little sprucing might be in order. Paint it to compliment the new style of your front door, redo the house numbers or add a name plaque.

    3. Because of its sheer size, your garage door might be the most eye-catching piece of the curb appeal puzzle. Make sure it’s eye-catching for the right reasons. Whether you opt to paint it or replace it altogether, think about garage doors in a contrasting color to the rest of the house. Take a cue from Remodelaholic. This is your chance to turn them into a legitimate architectural feature, not just have them blend in with their surroundings.


    1. If you’re going to relax on your front porch, you better have a comfy place to sit. Rocking chairs, couches, swings and even hammocks are the kind of touches that say to guests, “Come and stay awhile.”

    2. Wreaths work in any season, but if you’re ready to retire them until Christmas, you have other options for decorating your door. Hang a basket with some of your favorite flowers, wood cutouts to match the season or a simple chalkboard that you can change from “Welcome” to “Happy Easter” to “Summer Fun Lives Here” are fun and stunning alternatives.

    3. Want to make a bigger architectural impact? New porch columns – they don’t even have to be load-bearing – could be in your future.

    How do you showcase your home’s curb appeal? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook.


    Want a healthy home? Make it smart.

    April 15, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, April 15, 2019

    Modern entryway with matte black smart lock on green door.

    We’ve said it before: smart home technology can improve energy efficiency and help keep the environment healthy. But did you know it can also keep you healthy?



    We’ve said it before: smart home technology can improve energy efficiency and help keep the environment healthy. But did you know it can also keep you healthy?


    Wellness, and how the home can help you achieve it, is becoming increasingly important to both the people building houses and those who will ultimately live there. If you’re ready to jump on this trend and use your favorite technology to improve your daily health habits, we have some ideas for you.

    Modern entryway with matte black smart lock on green door.

    Sleep well

    A good night’s sleep is paramount to health. You’ll be in a better mood, more productive at work, more motivated to work out or play with the kids and have a better chance of losing or keeping off weight. So how can a smart home help you catch some ZZZs?


    Circadian lighting simulates the type of natural light you encounter at different parts of the day and has a huge impact on how well you sleep. Adding circadian lighting to your home can be as basic as installing a lightbulb or as high tech as choosing a system that changes the light’s color on a timer. There are also alarm clocks that gently wake you as opposed to startling you out of slumber, something that almost always gets you up on the wrong side of the bed. And don’t forget the kiddos. Make bedtime easier on everyone with a combination alarm clock/night light/sound machine.

    Get cooking

    More and more kitchen appliances are getting smart. The refrigerator might have been one of the first to transition, but now Amazon has a smart microwave and several companies have introduced smart ovens that can tell you when the roast is done.


    Some of these items can still be a bit pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be smart in the kitchen. Use your Amazon Echo or Google Home, for example, to help you be a better chef. Who can remember what the internal cooking temperature should be for your meat? You don’t have to when you can say, “Alexa, what temperature should my chicken cook to?” And if your goal is to be better at meal prep and planning, use these assistants to help find healthy recipes, create your grocery list or even order your groceries for you when you’re synched to the appropriate services.

    Find your peace of mind

    Sanity is a kind of healthy, and with today’s schedules getting increasingly hectic, sometimes not having to think about “just one more thing” can make you feel a whole lot better. With a smart lock like the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt or Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt, you’ll never have to wonder if you remembered to lock your door before you left the house. Simply check the lock’s status on your smartphone or ask Alexa from the other room.


    Other features can go a long way toward that peace of mind as well. The activity log in the Schlage Home app can tell you when an access code has been used, so you’ll know if your kids arrived home safely from school. You might even want to check on the locks at your elderly parents’ home if they often forget to secure their front door.


    Maybe your worry is more about deliveries to your home. Keep porch pirates at bay when you pair your Schlage Encode lock with Key by Amazon. Prime users in select areas can opt in to having packages delivered inside the front door, protecting your newly purchased items from would-be thieves, Mother Nature and more.

    Keep an eye on the sky

    No matter how many air purifiers we have or plants we grow, there are always things – pollen, carbon monoxide – in the air. Some of them good, some of them bad, some of them both or neither depending on how much of it there is. Your smart home can help you determine your air quality and take steps for improvement. There are the more obvious smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that can literally keep you alive. Forbes also talks about how some homes are also being built with sensors that, when high levels of allergens are detected, will adjust your air filtration system to literally clear the air.


    When you integrate smart technology into your home, you not only do your part for the environment, but you can also improve your health and that of your family as well. Visit for more tips and trends in smart home automation.

    Backyard party ideas made stylish and simple.

    April 11, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, April 11, 2019

    Backyard party ideas

    Gather inspiration for your next summertime soiree with these festive ideas for décor, food and fun.



    Just like your home, your backyard and how you entertain in it is a unique expression of your personal style. Gather inspiration for your next summertime soiree with these festive backyard party ideas for décor, food and fun.

    Man grilling for backyard party

    Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

    Garden party diva

    You like to bring people together in a timeless fashion. For you, it’s all about connecting with friends and family in a beautiful setting. Your garden is impeccable.


    Someplace comfy your guests can sit and enjoy each other’s company is non-negotiable. To create the classic garden party look, think wicker chairs with extra plush cushions. Love seats also lend themselves to more intimate conversations, while multiple seating areas scattered about your garden let people mingle throughout the party.


    Your lighting should create an ambience that is relaxing and unobtrusive. Paper lanterns and battery-operated flameless candles are safe and set the right mood. String twinkle lights in your trees or shrubs for a little extra magic when the sun starts to set.


    What’s a party without food? Nothing says “garden party” like tea sandwiches and lemonade. Simple yet beautiful fare is usually on the menu. Refreshments should be light and avoid ingredients that might spoil in warm weather.


    With a garden party, entertainment typically revolves around quality time with your guests, no elaborate games or stages necessary. You’ll definitely want some music though. The Spruce recommends creating a playlist beforehand that lasts at least three hours. Set it and forget it.


    Bonus Tip: You have a gorgeous garden. Use it to your advantage when decorating with your own flowers to create table arrangements.

    Smart home host

    You want to devote time to your guests, not the logistics that can be automated with technology. For you, the great outdoors is even greater with some of the comforts of a modern high-tech life.


    It doesn’t matter how cushy the chairs are if the summer heat is unbearably hot. Provide guests with some high-tech shade that also lets them charge their phones. A USB umbrella is for you.


    Get smart with your lighting and make it automated. Invest in outdoor smart plugs so that lights, or anything else you plug in, can be controlled with a smartphone. Don’t forget to make sure your lights are intended for outdoor use, or if you’re using them near a fountain or pool, water-resistant at the very least. If you’re worried about your WiFi being strong enough to work outside, consider a mesh system or signal extender, which help you stay connected over longer distances and through walls and other obstacles.


    We’re not sure what’s on the full menu, but we know it will include some kind of meat cooked to perfection when you can use a Bluetooth grill thermometer. But first, start the party on the right foot with a smart propane detector so you don’t run out of fuel partway through meal prep, and stay smart even after the last guests leave. Grillbots, according to Constellation, are ideal for easy cleaning.


    Entertainment is where you’re really going to shine, Smart Home Host. Smart speakers are an obvious choice. Don’t rule out a pop-up outdoor movie theater. HGTV has some cost-effective tips for turning your backyard into an entertainment destination for all your friends.


    Bonus Tip: When setting up your smart yard, think about creating scenes that will make your party hosting duties even easier. With a single push of a button or voice command – “Alexa, start the party” – you can initiate a chain reaction that turns on outdoor lights, adjusts indoor lighting, turns up the music and signals to your guests that it’s time to have some fun.

    Creator of calm

    You prefer small gatherings over raucous fetes. When you spend time outside, it’s to unwind and find some peace of mind. How you achieve that peace is a unique expression of you.


    There is no one-size-fits-all template for creating a calming backyard escape. Some of our favorite ideas though, include cozy hide-away nooks for relaxing or a hammock. Extra points if the hammock is a doublewide so you can share with someone special. Another, albeit slightly more elaborate, seating option is to create an arbor with privacy curtains. Furnish it with comfortable chairs and a bistro table.


    Good Housekeeping suggests these origami string lights to softly illuminate a backyard oasis. We also like the idea of citronella candles because nothing ruins a calming evening like a bug that won’t stop buzzing and biting around your ankles.


    We thought long and hard about what to serve at your gathering. Should it simply be water flavored with citrus or cucumber to create a spa-like vibe? Or maybe some wine to relax after a long week? Maybe it’s your favorite comfort food. Whatever the answer, we recommend keeping it simple. When all you want to do is unwind, the last thing you should worry about is hauling out loads of dishes and cutlery.


    Bonus Tip: Blues, purples and other cool colors are said to inspire relaxation. Consider planting flowers in that color family in your garden.

    Social butterfly

    The more the merrier is your party anthem. Sometimes you plan your outdoor gatherings, sometimes they just unfold spontaneously. Your parties are known for their lively fun, good friends and delicious food.


    If you never know who – or how many – will show up, you need lawn furniture that can be moved and stored easily. Think light-weight and foldable. It’s also the perfect excuse to show off a more eclectic style flare. No one will mind if the chairs don’t match, especially if you clearly did it on purpose. If you take your backyard entertaining seriously and have a built-in bar or outdoor kitchen, quality bar stools are a must.


    When it comes to lighting, two words: Tiki. Torches.


    Sure, you can do burgers and beers, but with all these friends piling in for what they know will be an epic night, why not make it a potluck? Variety is the spice of life, and you’ll get plenty of it when everyone brings their favorite picnic dish. When the sun goes down, get the fire pit blazing because you’ve got s’mores to make.


    You can take a few cues from the smart home host and bring out your smart speakers and don’t forget to investigate waterproof options for pool- or lake-side fun. But don’t be afraid to keep it old school, too. Classic barbecue yard games or even a simple deck of cards will always be popular options for whiling away the night.

    Bonus Tip: People are ducking in the house to use the bathroom or running to the kitchen to grab the ketchup. Keep your home secure, even with so many people coming and going. Schlage smart locks work great on any kind of entryway, including a back patio, so consider installing this stylish smart solution where you gather most often. A smart lock not only looks great to your guests, but it also works great for you. After a night of revelry, never wonder if you locked up before you went to bed. Check your deadbolt’s status from anywhere, lock it using your smartphone and more.

    Making your home welcoming and throwing the party of the season takes more than buying a bag of ice and pack of hot dogs. Regardless of your style, it takes just a bit of planning and a few simple home updates to turn yourself into an entertaining pro. Share how you do outdoor entertaining on Facebook or Instagram.


    A simple checklist to jump start your exterior spring cleaning projects.

    April 9, 2019 9:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, April 9, 2019

    A Simple Checklist to Jump Start Your Exterior Spring Cleaning Projects | Schlage

    Tackle these DIY spring cleaning projects to get your home working and looking its best in the new season.




    Take a deep breath of fresh air, feel the sun on your face and … is that a leaky gutter? The exterior of your house may have taken a hit this winter. Tackle these DIY spring cleaning projects to get your home working and looking its best in the new season.
    Grey garage door with Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Lever

    checkbox Refresh your front door

    The curb appeal of your home can really take a beating during the long winter months. Take a look at your front door. Are there any dings or scrapes that could use a touch up? Any wear and tear that needs to be addressed? Consider giving it a vibrant pop with a fresh coat of paint. HGTV has a fantastic gallery of some of the season’s most popular colors for your front door.


    While you’re doctoring up your entryway, think about updating your door hardware, too. This might mean a simple style upgrade with one of Schlage’s handlesets, available in a wide variety of designs and finishes to ensure that your front door is the perfect introduction to your home. Want something high tech? Go for the keyless convenience of a smart lock.

    checkbox Wash off the front porch

    After all the snow and ice from a long winter have melted, you'll often find a mess of dirt, salt and even the last of fall's leaves littering your porch and steps. Make sure none of it tracks in to your home by brushing it off with a broom and spraying it down with a garden hose.

    Colonial style home with large front porch and walkway

    checkbox Repair walkways

    Particularly if you live in a region with extreme weather, your front walkway might need some extra attention. Address any cracked concrete on the patio or sidewalk. Spring is for tiptoeing through the tulips, not tripping on the pavers.

    checkbox Add a new welcome mat and wreath

    Over time, your welcome mat is sure to attract a lot of dirt and grime. Make your front door entry even more welcoming with a fresh new welcome mat. One popular technique is to layer a typical mat over a larger outdoor rug. The extra attention to detail can lift the look of your entire entryway. Tie it all together with a cute new wreath.

    Purple front door with succulent wreath and Schlage deadbolt and keyed lever.

    checkbox Plant flowers

    Nothing says spring like freshly bloomed flowers! Whether it’s beds or pots, start your seedlings or find plant varieties that can survive a late overnight freeze, just to be safe. If cold weather could still be in the forecast, more durable flowers, like pansies, will hold up even when temperatures unexpectedly drop overnight. They're also affordable, leaving you the option to replace with a warm-weather plant when summer arrives.


    Need some inspiration? Check out these 10 container garden ideas from our friends at Lowe's. There are also tons of DIY upcycling projects for turning unconventional items into cute planters while also reducing waste.

    checkbox Prepare your yard and flower beds

    Your flower bed can become a magnet for leaves and debris during the winter. Be sure to clear them out so your hard work after planting new greenery can shine. And don’t forget to take a few minutes and a pair of scissors to remove any brown or dead bushes and ornamental grasses that may be lingering from seasons past.


    Make sure your irrigation system is ready as well. Check for leaky outdoor faucets or cracked hoses, and make sure your sprinklers are still functioning effectively and efficiently. This is a good chance to take advantage of outdoor home automation with smart sprinklers.

    checkbox Check roof, siding, foundation for signs of wear and tear

    Curb appeal shouldn't be your only concern when spring arrives! Be sure to assess the structure of your roof, siding and foundation for any necessary repairs. Missing slats or bricks are obvious problems for both walls and chimneys, but water stains can also be a sign of bigger issues. Stains might also mean you have water getting into the house somewhere, so be sure to identify the source and solve the problem quickly.


    Don’t forget about critter damage. Carpenter ants, termites, and burrowing or nesting wildlife can wreak havoc on your home’s structure as well.

    White front door with Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

    checkbox Clear debris from gutters

    Before spring showers start taking their toll, be sure to clear your gutters of any leaves or debris to ensure proper drainage. Backed up gutters can cause unnecessary damage to your home.

    checkbox Repair windows

    Go beyond just washing your windows with this spring cleaning. Check for leaks and gaps in the framework. Your air conditioner and energy bill will thank you. You’re not paying to cool the whole neighborhood, are you?!

    checkbox Bring out the grill, patio furniture and enjoy!

    If deck boards are warped or splintered, or if nails are sticking up, replace them to keep feet healthy and happy during warm-weather fun. Once that’s done, a good power wash might be in order. If you have a wood deck, you probably won’t regret staining and resealing it, too.


    A deck is so much more than just a bunch of boards, though. Wash your outdoor furniture, maybe replace some chair cushions and make sure your grill is ready to go. Before you get cooking, make sure the grill is clean and, if it’s gas, check for clogs and leaks in the hoses. You’ll be ready for outdoor entertaining before you know it.


    For more ways to make your home smart, stylish and spring-ready, visit And if the inside of your house needs some TLC, say goodbye to winter with this interior spring cleaning checklist. Be sure to share what spring projects you’re prioritizing on Facebook and Twitter.


    Sunroom ideas to turn your house inside out…

    April 5, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, April 5, 2019

    Sunroom design ideas | Schlage

    If you’re still waiting for warmth and sunshine to come to your door, here is some sunroom inspiration to kick cabin fever to the curb.



    Or maybe it’s outside in? Many of us are chomping at the bit to get outside and finally enjoy some spring weather. If you’re still waiting for warmth and sunshine to come to your door, here is some sunroom inspiration to kick cabin fever to the curb.
    French doors leading to sunroom with Schlage Accent levers in Satin Nickel

    White hot

    One common trend in sunrooms is clean, crisp paint, especially white. It’s no surprise given that the color lends itself well to a bright and cheery space. See how r.house_ and timbercovecottage went almost entirely monochromatic to capture the light.

    Grow in your home

    If you’re craving a sunroom as an stand-in for the outdoors, what better way to get some fresh air indoors than with plants? They’ll get plenty of light and you’ll likely enjoy their leafiness all year-round. Another perk? You can use greenery in any style of room, as seen in thelittlewhitehome’s more modern space as well as thekwendyhome’s take on updated vintage.

    Go with the flow

    Adding curtains to your windows is not only a simple way to add color and flowing style to your sunroom, but also a great option in case you need to dial down intense light. Soph-isticatedstyle used drapes impecably for this. You might also use “window” treatments along with, or in place of, doors. In this second picture, plaids.and.poppies added curtains to her French doors leading from the master suite to the sunroom.

    Sit back and relax

    You’re going to want to spend a lot of time in your sunroom, so make sure you have appropriate seating. Get creative with little reading nooks, hang a sling chair from the beams or simply make the sunroom an extension of the rest of your home, like modernfarmhousebliss did with a comfy couch. You can also mix and match like gilmoregirl_home with chairs, benches and what looks to be some soft rugs if you’re going to spend some time on the floor playing with the kids.

    For more style inspiration and tips for updating any area of your home, find Schlage on Pinterest and Instagram.


    Stylish and practical bathroom design to awaken all your senses.

    April 3, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    Bathroom design with beach view

    There are a number of upgrades you can make to create a space, even a bathroom, that scintillates all the senses.



    Creating the right “feel” for a room requires more than just slapping up a coat of paint and purchasing some new furniture. There are a number of upgrades you can make to create a space, even a bathroom, that scintillates all the senses.
    Modern bathroom with Schlage Custom lever and beach view.

    Sight – Streamline design, color and lighting

    Part of what makes a bathroom relaxing is its lack of clutter. Before you do anything else, take time to remove items you don’t like, toss beauty products you never use or that are expired and maybe give everything a good scrub. This will create a solid foundation for everything that comes next.


    When choosing a color, note that high-end bathrooms are often monochromatic or have a single, neutral base. Whites and grays are considered classic, not to mention expensive-looking, plus they have the benefit of letting brightly colored accessories or unique tilework really pop.


    There are so many lighting options in a bathroom – around a vanity for up-close shaving or makeup tasks, recessed for a calming environment, backlit mirrors, dimmers. If you can’t decide, take a cue from hotels, which try to make you look great all the time by lighting mirrors evenly on all sides to eliminate shadows. Houzz suggests wall sconces as just one option to pull this off effectively and stylishly.


    Don’t forget about natural lighting either. Take advantage of windows in your bathroom, but if you’re concerned about privacy, add some shades. Style Me Pretty recommends window treatments intended for outdoors, which will be more resistant to moisture. Top-down bottom-up shades provide extra versatility for letting in the light but not prying eyes.

    Touch – Premium materials, fluffy towels and door hardware

    Especially if you’re texture-driven, play with different materials in your bathroom. It can be as simple as a plush rug on smooth tile flooring or as extravagant as mixing stone and wood on your vanity. Love the cool feel of marble but not the price tag? Try marble accessories – a tray or bin for your baubles, a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser – for a budget-friendly compromise.


    Invest in towels that are luxuriously soft, not to mention oversized, for a five-star hotel feel. And once you have them, don’t be afraid to show them off. Something you often see in hotels is open shelving that displays the towels expertly folded or rolled. It’s a bit of a mind trick, but copying this storage strategy can signal to your brain that you’re entering a place designed for pampering.


    The things you physically hold in your hands everyday – things like door knobs and levers – should feel good and work just as perfectly. Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware offers a variety of styles that fit every hand uniquely – knobs that range from round and circular to more oblong, and levers that are either straight-edged or have classy curves. They not only highlight a quality you can feel but also complement the look of your home. Schlage Custom knobs and levers also have 2-in-1 functionality, meaning the locking Bed & Bath function is built in for your privacy.

    Sound – Sound machine, soundproofing and shower head

    We tend to not want to think about sounds in a bathroom, but if you plan on luxuriating in style, here’s a chance to go the extra step. A sound machine can help drown out the worries of the day, help create the illusion that you’re at an oceanside resort or simply provide white noise to block unwanted sounds from other areas of the house.


    There are also some easy ways to soundproof a bathroom. Thick rugs can help soundproof floors, and foam pipe wrap softens sounds from rattling plumbing. Hollow doors don’t do much for blocking noise, so you can either replace the door entirely or save some money with weather stripping. If you decide to keep the hollow door, you might be interested in some of these tricks for sprucing up their style.


    While you’re eliminating sounds, think about your shower. Does it whistle, thump or rattle? You might need to replace a gasket or adjust the valves in your plumbing. And don’t forget a nice new rainfall shower head while you’re making upgrades.

    Taste – Multitasking pieces

    We’re getting creative here because, well, who wants to eat in the bathroom? Might we suggest a nice stool? It will make for a convenient seating area when you’re getting ready in the morning and a nice table for a wine glass when soaking in your upgraded oasis in the evening.


    When it comes to design, the look and feel you create is completely in your hands. Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration to awaken all your style senses.

    Guide to the best types of door knobs for every room.

    March 29, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, March 29, 2019

    Types of door knobs | Schlage

    With this guide Schlage makes it simple to bring security and style to your home.



    By choosing the right types of door knobs, you can capture a surprising amount of convenience and elegance for such a small detail. With this guide, not to mention its expansive collection of door hardware, Schlage makes it simple to bring security and style to your home.

    Bed & Bath Privacy Door Knobs

    Door knobs for bedroom bathroom privacy doors.

    Give yourself some extra privacy with a locking bed & bath door knob.

    • Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices and otehr interior rooms requiring basic security and privacy.
    • Locks by pushing in or turning the privacy button, unlocks by turning the knob.
    • Schlage bed & bath locks come with emergency pin key for easy unlocking.

    Hall & Closet Passage Door Knobs

    Door knobs for hallway closet passage doors.

    Install convenience with non-locking door knobs in passageways or on closets.

    • Ideal for hallways, closets, kitchen pantries, laundry rooms and other spaces where locking is not necessary.
    • Always unlocked for ease of entry.
    • Can be paired with a smart lock or keyless deadbolt on exterior doors or with non-turning knob for the interiors of smaller closets.

    Non-turning inactive Door Knobs

    Non-turning, inactive door knobs for small closets and double doors.

    Find great style with non-turning door knobs on interior doors where only a door pull or decorative trim is needed.

    • Also known as dummy or inactive door knob.
    • Works best on small closets, interior French doors and in other entryways where neither locking nor latching is needed.
    • Decorative door pull without a lock makes it easy to open the door just by pushing or pulling.

    Keyed Entry Door Knobs

    Keyed entry door knobs for exterior, locking doors.

    Increase your security with a keyed entry knob for exterior doors and other areas requiring additional peace of mind.

    • Optimal for exterior doors such as front entryways or patio doors as well as large storage areas, basements or areas where extra security is desired.
    • Unlocks when door is opened from the inside, allowing you to leave quickly and conveniently as well as re-enter easily.
    • Use a key from the outside or manually rotate the interior turn button to lock and unlock.

    Combined Interior Door Knobs

    Schlage Custom combined interior door knobs for both privacy and passage doors.

    Your home should evolve with the needs of your family, so Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware features combined interior door knobs, making it easy for your locks to adapt to your changing lifestyle. You get both Hall & Closet and Bed & Bath functionality in a single lock.

    • Lock adapts to the ever-changing life of the room – from nursery to bedroom to office and back again without ever taking the lock off the door
    • No more miscounting doors – with both functions in the same lock, it’s easier to take home exactly what you need
    • Simply insert the locking pin on the interior side of the lock to change from passage to privacy

    Style is in the details

    No matter which type of door knob you choose, you can be confident in the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage. Our door knobs:

    • Come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement the look of any home
    • Install easily with just a screwdriver
    • Adjust to fit all standard door preparations, so there’s no need to drill new bore holes or replace a door just to install your new knob
    • Are graded best in Residential Security, Durability and Finish
    • Come with a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty


    For even more help choosing the right door knobs for your home, visit our product selector tool on To view the full resolution infographic, click here.


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    Maximize your home’s style with updated brass and Art Deco design.

    March 25, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, March 25, 2019

    Art Deco bedroom design | Schlage

    If you aren’t ready to wallpaper your living room with large floral prints or tile your floor in fan-shaped marble, don’t think you can’t still enjoy some of the other highlights of Art Deco and maximalism.



    Much of maximalism, which calls for greater visual interest and offers more opportunity to show off eclectic belongings, feeds off the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 30s. Art Deco was a chance for the wealthy to show off their opulence, so common features were bold and geometric designs, saturated colors and luxurious – often metallic – materials.


    If you aren’t ready to wallpaper your living room with large floral prints or tile your floor in fan-shaped marble, don’t think you can’t still enjoy some of the other highlights of Art Deco and maximalism. One way to get a taste for the style, or to start making a design transition, is by introducing metallic, particularly brass, accents. Welcome to the 21st century, Gatsby.

    Budget-friendly swap

    Art Deco’s accents are often gold. If you can afford that, fantastic. For the rest of us, brass is an alternative that captures the Midas look without breaking the bank, says Better Homes & Gardens . If you’re worried that brass will look more builder-grade 80s than glamorous gold, focus on matte finishes or pieces with more of a patina, and avoid the ultra-glossy or shiny look that can make a space look dated.


    Another way to stay budget-friendly is to mix and match your metal finishes. Brass goes especially well with rose gold, copper and even black. So if you really want that gold sunburst mirror – a classic Art Deco accessory – but can’t afford to outfit your entire house in gold, complement your signature piece with less expensive finishes.

    Small scale …

    One route to take with brass accents, especially if you aren’t sold yet on the idea that brass is back, is to weave metallic accessories into your home in small doses. If you have a knickknack collection on a shelf, make one of those items brass. As a bonus, creating these small vignettes with some metallics is a great way to make any space feel more expensive and lavish.


    You don’t need to start a collection to take advantage of subtle brass accents. Hardware, whether on your door or as a kitchen cabinet pull, as well as pendant lights and faucets let you step modestly into brass. Check out Schlage’s variety of door hardware finishes, including Satin and Antique Brass, to find the right look for your home. We also offer a Matte Black finish, great for when you’re mixing metallic finishes.

    ... or big time

    Want to be a bit more daring? Take another route larger brass pieces like coffee tables, chairs and even bedframes. These can stand alone as the statement piece to set tongues wagging. They can also serve as the perfect anchor to tie those smaller metallic accessories together and create a more cohesive look for the whole space. Remember that the original Art Deco architects created lavish spaces people couldn’t help but notice. Don’t be afraid to make a splash.

    Cool, rich colors

    Another characteristic of Art Deco style is bold colors. Minimalism’s neutrals don’t belong here. When choosing your statement color, look for cooler blue and green tones. You can’t go wrong when you pair brass with turquoise, emerald, cobalt or even a deep, rich gray. While Art Deco loves a good color splash, you might do best to steer away from oranges, yellows and reds when using brass.

    Think outside the brass box

    Not surprisingly, you see the most brass in rooms with the most metallic fixtures – kitchens and bathrooms. Don’t forget that brass is more than just a metal, though. For bedrooms and living rooms with a softer, cozier feel, choose paint, fabrics and other materials with brass shades running through them. Take inspiration from leopard print or find artwork with brass hues in the design rather than on the frame.


    If you think brass is about 30 years in the past, think again. With modern fixtures – something with clean lines vs. ornate details – outfitted in the right finish, your space will be decidedly on-trend, not decades behind. Visit for more about our variety of finishes, or find us on Pinterest and Instagram for redesign inspiration.

    Your inside guide to choosing locks for doors.

    March 20, 2019 10:22 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Locks for bedroom closet doors | Schlage

    Our locks should work how you want them to, no matter what door you put them on. Here’s how to get the right locks for doors of any kind.



    At Schlage, we believe that our knobs, levers and entryway deadbolts are not only among the most stylish, but also strong. We also believe that, above all, our locks should work how you want them to, no matter what door you put them on. They should make your life more convenient and give you peace of mind that you and your home will be secure. Here’s how to get the right locks for doors of any kind.
    Door knob on bedroom door | Schlage

    Bedroom, bathroom and office doors

    When you think of the oasis spaces in your home – bedrooms and bathrooms, where you don’t want to be disturbed – you likely want some extra control over who can enter. For these types of rooms, you want a knob or lever with the Bedroom & Bathroom, also known as privacy, function. Install Bed & Bath locks in a master suite as well as in guest bedrooms and powder rooms.


    Interior privacy locks are also ideal for home offices so you can keep interruptions at bay while you’re in work mode.

    Pantry and closet doors

    You want your door to latch, but you don’t need to protect your cereal? Then you want a passage lock, also known as Hall & Closet. For particularly small pantries and closets that aren’t walk-ins, you might want a knob or lever on the inside that is non-turning. Door hardware on the exterior side of your door grants access without an unnecessary locking function and lets you maintain your home’s style.


    One of the great features of Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware is 2-in-1 functionality. By inserting the privacy pushpin, you can easily switch between the bedroom/bathroom and the hall/closet functions. Why is this important? Anyone with a sticky-fingered toddler or an increasingly independent teen knows that sometimes you need to update your home as your family changes. It can also be helpful if the purpose of the room itself changes, such as converting from a media room to a nursery.

    Pocket doors

    Pocket doors are great for opening up room – think seamless and versatile transitions between formal dining and living rooms – or when you’re tight on space like with a tiny half-bath. These types of rooms need different locks. If you’re looking for additional privacy, like in that small bathroom, look for a pocket door lock. If locking isn’t a concern, look for a pocket door pull, essentially a simple grip for opening and closing the door. They come in a variety of styles and finishes to complement the look of your room and to fit flush to the door.

    French doors

    French doors are an elegant option for both interior and exterior entryways. For interior French doors, you may need two types of locks – a different one for each door. If you aren’t sure if you’ll need two non-turning knobs or levers, or if you need one privacy lock and one non-turning, use our guide for how to choose locks for French doors.


    For exterior French doors, you’ll need the same cross and latch bore holes as interior doors as well as an additional bore hole to house a deadbolt for extra security. Choose between a single cylinder or double cylinder deadbolt based on your desired level of security.


    Remember that French doors are actually two doors. You’ll need four knobs or levers to outfit your entire entryway, although you might choose for some of them to be non-turning, also called dummy or inactive.

    Front, back and garage doors

    For exterior doors, start by deciding between mechanical or smart locks. A smart lock like our new Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with built-in WiFi gives you remote access from anywhere, no hub required. You can simply use a smartphone app to lock or unlock your door, create and manage up to 100 unique guest access codes, and even pair your deadbolt with home automation systems or hands-free devices for voice control. That’s added convenience and security all in the palm of your hand.


    Don’t forget about the door from your garage to your house. This is a great place to add any of our smart locks or a Schlage connected keypad.


    If traditional mechanical door hardware is more your taste, a handleset combines both a deadbolt and your choice of a knob or lever. It’s the perfect combination of security, style and simplicity as handlesets come in several designs and finishes. Schlage locks are also designed to fit all standard doors, so installation is easy. Even installing a smart lock is simple since there is no hardwiring required and no need to call an electrician or handyman.

    Dutch doors

    Not all entryways are created equal, so if you have an exterior Dutch door, there are a few more things to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need four hinges – two for the top half and two for the bottom half of your split door. The knob/lever and lock should be installed on the bottom half. If you want even more security, especially for exterior doors, a deadbolt can be added to the top. Finally, you’ll want a latch to connect the top and bottom halves of the door to each other. This might sound like a lot, but installation is easier than it sounds, and a DIY Dutch door can be quite economical, giving you a big style bang for not much buck.


    There is no one-size-fits-all home, so why would you expect one type of lock to work on every type of door? Visit the Product Selector tool on for help finding the perfect lock for your doors or follow us on Pinterest and Instagram to find the door hardware that seamlessly complements your home and lifestyle.



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