17 robots you’ll want to bring home in 2023.


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17 robots you’ll want to bring home in 2023.

By emily.bailey

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Home robots | Schlage

You'll want to keep an eye on these 17 robots in 2023 that will make your home cleaner, healthier and better for families.



As we get deeper into the 21st century, it’s impossible to talk about technology without mentioning robots for the smart home. And why wouldn’t we when those robots can help make our homes cleaner, healthier and better for our families? Virtual reality is in our living rooms, health trackers are in our bedrooms, voice assistants are … everywhere. See how these 15 innovative robots continue the trend, bringing new levels of security, companionship and convenience to your home.
Roomba in living room.

Robots “maid” for you

In a recent poll, more than 70 percent of people said their homes would be cleaner if they had robots to do their chores. Luckily, we already have access to robots that will help with some of those dirty jobs. Here are a few of our favorites.

iRobot Bravva jet 240

Vacuuming can be a never-ending task, especially if you have pets. Robotic vacuums have been making the chore easier for more than a decade now. For those ready to take it to the next level, you’ll see more mopping robots to help tackle more floor – and dirt – types. You’ll definitely want one for those hard-to-reach spaces like around toilets.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

This robot will do the dirty work whether you have expanses of windows or very tall ones like those that span multiple stories in an entryway. No more hauling in a ladder and perching on it perilously or paying someone to clean your windows for you. Suction keeps it attached to the window, while AI helps determine where the windows’ edges are and makes sure all of the glass gets a good scrubbing. Don’t forget to try it on stubborn glass shower doors, too.

Aiper Seagull Pro

Pool maintenance is costly and time intensive. With a robot pool cleaner, there’s more time to enjoy your pool rather than stressing over how clean it is. The Aiper Seagull Pro promises to be the most powerful cordless robotic pool cleaner yet. While many pool cleaners stick to the bottom of the pool only, this strong robot cleans the bottom, sides, and waterline of pools up to 3200 sq.ft. Planned to be available for purchase March 2023.


We’ve been cooking at home a lot more recently. We’ve also been spending a lot more time outdoors. Often, we do both at the same time. That’s why the Grillbot comes in so handy. This automatic grill cleaning robot scrubs and scrapes with its wire brushes so you don’t have to.


This innovative, dynamic approach to yard care truly feels like a glimpse into the future. Yarbo has a general main body with multiple detachable modules that can be combined to complete a variety of tasks around your yard, including leaf blowing, lawn mowing, snow blowing, sweeping, picking up packages and taking out the trash. Available for pre-order.

Smart robots for smarter kids

When remote learning became widespread during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, schools and families had to get creative quickly. One of the biggest challenges was finding engaging ways to connect with children and keep their minds growing. Even though our kiddos are back in the classroom, that doesn’t mean we’re ready to let go of these learning-assistive robots.

Excited little boy smiling with arms raised doing homework at table with laptop.

LEGO Education

LEGO sees learning through play as a vital part of building kids’ social-emotional needs, increasingly important as we navigate the challenges of classroom, virtual and hybrid learning. If your kids have already made The Child, they might love taking it a step farther with LEGO Education SPIKE Prime and other make-your-own robots that teach coding, problem solving and creative design. They’ll think they’re playing, but you’ll know they’re learning essential skills in science, technology and innovation.

Miko 3

This adorable little robot can hear, speak and relate to your child using a variety of speakers, algorithms and cues from your child. Miko 3 is also programmed to help them learn, providing knowledge and skills that are right for their age and that you can control. It speaks multiple languages and can even teach your kiddo a new one. As more research finds that robots can get kids excited about reading, devices like this one will become increasingly popular.


Rarely do we see the combination of music education with STEM training. Wigl was created to inspire kids at a young age to get into robotics and engineering. The little bug-looking robot dances based on the musical notes it hears. Your kids will learn the connection between their actions and the robot’s when they can make it “wigl” as they play a song or sing to it.


Looking for more ways to give your kids a jump start in learning? For those who are ready for the next challenge in coding, there’s Cue. The app houses demos, tutorials and challenges so your young engineer can learn at their own pace and follow their own interests.


Introducing the robot dog that can teach your child to code! Designed for kids 8 years old and up, Pyxel can be coded using your choice of two languages: Blockly for beginners or Python as a more advanced option. From there, kids can code Pyxel to show different colors of lights, create noises, perform commands and more. This fun approach can capture your child’s creativity and spark their interest in the world of computer science.

Artificial intelligence, true companionship

Yes, many people have a fear of robots. While they’re always trying to take over the world in movies, robots can actually bring us all closer together in real life. We already ask Alexa to tell us jokes. We say, “Hey Google, text Mom.” Experts expect 29 percent growth in the market for “social robots” annually over the next few years, so it’s not a far leap to think that some of these companionable robots will soon take up residence in our homes.

Person with cane holding hand of caregiver.


Everyone tries to create a robot dog, but aibo seems like one that offers the most fun. With artificial intelligence, he can learn his environment and your habits to fit in with your home and family. You can feed him with the app – shake your phone to bring him running at the sound of treats – send him on “Puppy Patrol” to find someone on your People of Interest registry and have him do tricks. As Sony, the maker of aibo, says, his “happiness is spending quality time with you.”

Vector 2.0

The ideal robot to complement your smart home, Vector 2.0 from Digital Dream Labs can keep you company and help you with a variety of daily activities. From setting a timer to remind you to take the cookies out of the oven to taking photos at your next home gathering, Vector 2.0 is sure to put a smile on your face.

Vayyar Home

Falls are a concern for many, but this robot can help remove some of the worries. Vayyar Home uses radio frequency to tell if someone in the room has fallen. Then, even if they’re unconscious, the device will contact a caregiver. It works anywhere in the home but is especially popular in bathrooms both because falls so often happen in that space and because Vayyar Home does not use cameras. There are also no wearables or buttons that need to be pressed to send an alert. In addition to fall detection, Vayyar Home provides data on night-time wandering, number of visits to the bathroom and time spent resting so you can track changes in your loved one’s health and behavior.


Here’s another robot geared toward helping people age at home safely. ElliQ is part of a care program that keeps older homeowners engaged and mentally sharp through conversation. Described as “a dedicated sidekick,” it also has features related to physical exercise, stress management and more.

Robots on the rise … we hope

Maybe they aren’t real yet and maybe no one knows what exactly they’re capable of, but it’s fun to dream about how some of these space-age robots could improve our daily lives.

Robot thinking.


No, it’s not the robot dog. This one combines entertainment, convenience and companionship into one humanoid robot. There’s an interactive projector so you can show movies and play games on a wall. It can also read stories to your kids, help with chores and act as a personal assistant. Connect it to other smart devices and you can ask Aido to do things like adjust the thermostat, see who’s at the door or play music. There’s speech and facial recognition and more AI integration you’ll love to explore when Aido becomes available.

iVolve Pro

A dynamic tennis ball robot that not only fires tennis balls across for you to return from the other side of the net, but also acts like a human player by moving to different spots on the court before sending you a ball. Using technologies including AI and computer vision, the iVolve Pro provides realistic tennis training that will keep you on your toes.


This helper robot is already at work in elder care facilities in Japan. Designed to reduce the load on people working in a variety of different service capacities, Aeo can disinfect surfaces, deliver packages, monitor spaces, and complete routine tasks, saving valuable time for human staff to complete more complex work. While Aeo may never be available for private in-home use, it could be coming to an office, school or care facility near you.

Whether for yourself or loved ones, technology can have a lasting and positive impact on lives. Find more tech-related news and learn more about how Schlage smart locks work with the technology you already have on our blog.