Give guests the perfect stay with this holiday hosting checklist.


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Give guests the perfect stay with this holiday hosting checklist.

By itzel.portillo

Friday, December 1, 2023

Holiday hosting checklist | Schlage

Make holiday hosting stress-free and give your guests exactly what they want and need by following this checklist.



‘Tis the season of giving … and hosting family and friends … and maybe feeling overwhelmed by all the planning and festivities. Don’t fret about forgetting something amid all the chaos. Make holiday hosting stress-free and give your guests exactly what they want and need by following this checklist.
Entryway decorated for Christmas.

Give them a warm welcome

Start the visit on the right foot by paying attention to details that make people feel at home.


checkbox Style your front door decor with a gorgeous wreath or green garland for porch railings


checkbox Repair, clear and de-ice walkways, driveways, porch steps and railings


checkbox Prepare a mudroom to receive guests, hang coats and stow shoes and boots


checkbox Light a fire and stock the hearth with extra wood


checkbox Offer cozy blankets for evening hangouts

Give them their privacy

Especially if you have overnight guests, give them some room to unwind by themselves and feel at home. It will give you the privacy to unwind in your own space as well.


checkbox Prepare the guest room with fresh linens and plenty of cozy touches, or convert another room just for visitors


checkbox Clean out a drawer, closet space and bathroom shelf for guests’ belongings during a long stay


checkbox Update door knobs and levers with Schlage Custom™ Combined Interior Door Hardware so guests can lock their door if they need additional privacy


checkbox Hang blackout drapes for privacy from the neighbors and the sun when sleeping in

Give them access

A study by OnePoll found that having the ability to come and go with ease was one of the leading ways to make guests feel at home.


checkbox Give guests their own Schlage smart lock access code. Send it before their arrival so they won’t be locked out, even if you aren’t home yet


checkbox Provide the WiFi password


checkbox Offer a cheat sheet with tips for using your smart home devices like lamps or speakers

Give them some refreshments

Holiday calories do count unfortunately, so the least you can do is make them worth it.


checkbox Set up a self-serve drink station or bar cart with fixings for delicious coffee, hot chocolate or cocktails


checkbox Provide simple grab-and-go snacks and quick breakfast items like bagels and fruit


checkbox Place a tray with bottled water and your guests’ favorite treats in the guest room before arrival

Give them some entertainment

Whether going out or staying in, make it easy to enjoy each other’s company.


checkbox Set out a selection of board games


checkbox Pull out your favorite holiday movies or add some to your Netflix queue for easy searching


checkbox Share a list of local attractions, shops and restaurants to explore


checkbox Provide books and magazines for guests who want a quiet night in

Give them a gift

Homemade and heartfelt, a gift for the holiday or as a party favor can show how much you care.


checkbox Visit the new Schlage gift giving guides for inspiration, no matter who you’re shopping for

Every family’s traditions are different, but you can’t go wrong by following this simple holiday hosting checklist. Make guests feel welcome while giving yourself the chance to enjoy the season as well.


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