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    6 closet door ideas that will give your home a fresh look.

    January 12, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Thursday, January 12, 2023

    Pantry organization | Schlage

    If you’re looking for some inventive ways to update a room, consider these six closet door upgrade ideas.



    Sure, the focus of every closet is what's inside. Many homeowners dream of having an impressive wardrobe or neatly organized storage area. When it comes to interior décor, however, the main focal point of your closet is its door. The closet entryway can have a major impact on the general look and feel of your space. Also, don't forget that your door plays a functional role in how you access your closet. If you’re looking for some inventive ways to update a room, consider these six closet door upgrade ideas.
    Woman reaching into closet with grey closet door and satin brass door handle from Schlage.

    Add paneling trim

    If you're comfortable doing a bit of construction, add paneling to your door. This trim can make a surprisingly big visual impact, especially for bifold closet doors. As Room For Tuesday shows in her upgrade, exact measurements are crucial when it comes to paneling.


    This easy and affordable DIY job only requires a few supplies:

    • Poplar planks
    • Wood glue
    • Level
    • Sandpaper
    • Wood filler


    You’ll also need:

    • Saw
    • Primer
    • Paint


    Start by creating a sketch of your desired paneling style and make sure it measures up to your door space. For this look, you’ll be creating squares using trim pieces. See the full tutorial for this updated look from Room For Tuesday.


    Looking for an alternative to use in place of closet doors? Pocket doors are an especially good choice if you want to increase your available space and move away from sliding mirror closet doors.

    Upgrade to a sliding door

    If you like the idea of having a closet with a sliding-style door but are stuck with a traditional closet door, don't worry. Upgrading to a sliding closet door is easier than you think.


    Not all barn door styles are meant to stay on the farm. You can find sliding closet doors that will suit a modern home in the city, too, like these doors from Rustica Hardware.


    As this upgrade from Nick's Custom Woodworks shows, barn doors also come in styles that complement a house with a traditional design.


    Here's what you'll need to add a sliding barn door like in the above examples to your closet:


    • Hollow core door
    • Wood
    • Saw
    • Glue
    • Nails
    • Primer
    • Paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Caulk
    • Wood filler
    • Sliding barn door hardware


    What are the standard closet door sizes? While a standard closet door is 30-inches wide and 96-inches tall, sizes can vary widely according to the style of the room and door. It’s important to take accurate measurements of the opening so you know how long to cut the door track for your sliding door. The door track length should be at least twice as long as the length of the door. If the door track is too short, your sliding door may not shut properly.


    Once you have your door measured out, divide it into four sections. To add wood to the door, use nails and glue. Consider using wood that will personalize the door and work with the rest of the room. Once you’ve added the wood, you’ll be ready to sand, caulk, and paint it. Mount the hardware and connect it to the wall. Add a finishing touch with a handle in a finish that complements the rest of the room.

    Turn your sliding closet door into a display shelf

    If you have a sliding barn door covering your closet, you'll have to make do with less decorating space. That's because you won’t be able to hang a picture or install a shelf along the wall where the door needs to slide. However, you can solve this problem by adding shelving and décor to your sliding barn door.


    By adding shelving to your sliding closet door, you'll get that decorating space while making an interesting visual statement. Use it to display fun vacation souvenirs, pictures by your favorite artist, or even as storage space for clothing accessories.

    Apply wallpaper

    Looking for an upgrade that doesn't require too many tools or hardware? Freshen up a closet door and give it a touch of personality with wallpaper. If you want the closet door to blend into the background, add wallpaper with a subtle design or a wood coating. For a more striking design, follow the lead of this example from @lagirl310 and find a fun wallpaper that complements your room’s current décor.


    This wallpapering technique works best with flat, single-panel doors. Be sure to remove the hardware with a screwdriver and lay the door on a level surface before you begin. You’ll then need to prep the door before adding the wallpaper paste. Your surface should be clean, dry, and smooth. Properly prepped surfaces decrease the possibility of the paper shrinking, which makes it more difficult to remove later.


    Order enough wallpaper for the closet door and any other spaces where you may want to apply it. Roll the wallpaper paste onto the door — don’t dip the wallpaper into the paste! Use a smoother to stretch the paper and make sure that it goes on flush.


    Don’t forget to add a finishing touch to your standard closet doors with Schlage’s non-locking, Hall & Closet door knobs and levers. If you need help choosing a style and finish, try our Style Selector tool.

    Freshen things up with frosted glass

    Do you like the transparency of glass but want to keep the inside of your closet private? Try updating your closet doors to cool and classy frosted glass. You can give existing mirrors or plain glass the frosted effect by applying plastic frosting film or frosting spray paint. As this example from @meadowcreekmagnolias shows, this will give the room a softer, more modern appearance.


    Premade frosted doors come in many styles — smooth or rough textures, matte or gloss finish, high or low transparency. No matter which you choose, the frosted effect will make your room feel more open. At the same time, the frosted finish is enough to block out views inside your closet. This style goes great with the non-locking knobs and levers in Schlage's hall and closet door hardware.

    Expand your room with mirrored closet doors

    Are mirrored closet doors outdated? That all depends on how you incorporate the mirrors. While it’s true that this design trend was popular in the 1980s, you can get the retro-modern look with some simple updates. Instead of outdated floor-to-ceiling mirror doors, consider going for the panel effect. Check out how Morgan Farrow Interiors incorporated mirror panels to give this child’s room a fun yet modern touch.


    You don’t need to replace your mirrored closet doors to get this effect. As the Honeycomb Home shows in this mirror door makeover guide, you can get an updated look by using decorative fretwork panels. These come in various patterns and are easy to install on glass with a bit of clear, all-purpose adhesive.


    The main benefit of mirrors is that they create the illusion of more space. They also help brighten up rooms by amplifying natural light. However, this can be a problem at night, and many feel that too many mirror reflections may disrupt sleep. The paneling effect, which works for sliding, bi-fold, and traditional doors, is a great way to tone down mirrors without completely eliminating them.

    What are the best closet doors?

    We believe that the best choice will complement the style of your home and feature quality construction. When you install closet doors with the appropriate door handle, you’ll be able to open and close them with ease. All of the aforementioned closet door makeovers can give your home interior a fresh new look. For more ideas on how to modernize your home, visit the Schlage blog.


    11 budget-friendly pantry organization ideas that look expensive.

    January 06, 2023 by emily.bailey

    Friday, January 6, 2023

    Pantry organization | Schlage

    A well-organized pantry can make your home feel more expensive and streamlined. Here are some tips to help you get started.



    Even on a budget, your home can feel like a high-end property with the right organization. These pantry organization ideas will have your guests fooled – and your wallet thanking you. Read on for inspiration.
    Pantry organization with labeled containers of baking items.

    Decorative pantry door handle

    Start with the door to your pantry. If it’s off-kilter or has an outdated knob, it may be time for an update. Choose a sleek handle in a finish that complements or coordinates with the rest of the home to give the space a classy feel.


    While it doesn't play a direct role in organization, the door handle sets the tone for the pantry before you even enter it. This can elevate the look and feel of the space and encourage you to stay on top of your planning methods. If you're not convinced, check out this TikTok from @mikeholmes_official, which exhibits the transformative power of a simple door handle change.


    Another simple way to get an upscale look is to choose a luxurious paint color for your doors and top it off with an equally opulent door knob or lever. See how @designbydama takes her grey doors up a notch with a new coat of black paint. The Schlage Custom Alexandria glass knobs add the perfect glamorous touch for a high-dollar look.

    Woman in kitchen opening modern farmhouse pantry door handle from Schlage.

    Chalkboard paint

    Adding a chalkboard to your pantry is both a stylish and functional way to stay on top of your kitchen to-dos. By using specialized paint, rather than a standalone chalkboard, you can write on the surface and erase it later. A chalkboard pantry can help you save time, money, and headspace.


    Use it to jot down grocery lists or to write out a menu for the week. The application of chalkboard paint is only as limited as your creativity! See how Lauren Olphert brought this clever planning idea to life with her own DIY pantry chalkboard that she uses to display her weekly meal plan and grocery lists.

    Baskets & bins

    To keep your pantry items looking tidy, invest in some coordinated decorative baskets and bins. Label each one so you know where everything belongs, then carefully place similar items in their corresponding locations.


    This organization idea is great for storing snacks, cereals, and other dry goods that you would prefer to keep in their original containers. In this TikTok, SPIFF Sustainable Organizing opted for an earthy wood aesthetic, but you can use coordinated baskets in virtually any style.

    Glass jars

    Transferring pantry staples like rice, beans, and flour into glass jars is an easy way to upgrade your pantry. You can even opt for jars that dispense loose food items like cereal. What's especially great about this option is that because the jars are transparent, you can always see exactly how much of each food product you have left.


    Not only do glass jars look more sleek and expensive than storing food in their original containers, but they’re also airtight and will help your food stay fresh longer. Check out Farah Merhi's glass jar food storage organization method in this TikTok.

    Monochromatic organized kitchen pantry with black baskets and jars.

    Label maker

    A label maker is a pantry organization must-have. You can use it to label everything from spice jars to storage bins. For an extra-elegant look, use a consistent font with a modern vibe.


    This idea will help you keep your pantry organized and looking oh-so-chic. See how Estrella from In Our Cart created her stylish pantry labels using a Cricut label maker.

    Food category organization

    One of the most effective pantry coordination tips is to organize your food by category. This will help you find items quickly and make it easier to put things away. Use baskets, bins, or glass jars to store pantry staples like snacks, breakfast foods, canned goods, and baking supplies.


    For this idea to be most effective in action, we suggest creating a strict set of categorization rules so nothing gets lost in the mix of pantry goods. Savvy & Sorted offers her food categorization method in a multi-part video for your inspiration.

    Lazy susan

    A rotating Lazy Susan is a pantry must-have for the savvy organizer. It’s great for storing spices, oils, and other small items like snacks. This low-cost pantry organization idea makes it easy to view all of your daily staples on command.


    Lazy Susans come in various sizes, so you can choose a model that fits the unique specifications of your pantry. Check out all the ways you can use a Lazy Susan in your pantry in this awe-inspiring TikTok from OrganizingSpacesbyKim.

    Neutral farmhouse kitchen pantry organized with woven baskets and jars.

    Tiered shelving

    If you have a small pantry, make use of every inch of space with some tiered shelving for easy visibility and accessibility.


    This organization idea will help you maximize your space and keep your pantry looking neat and tidy. Here's a TikTok from Feather&Nest that shows just one way to implement this idea in your pantry.

    Command hooks

    If your pantry is short on space, make use of the back of the door with some command hooks.


    Hang things like aprons, oven mitts, or measuring cups for an organization hack that will make your life easier. Or you can get creative like Heather from ourcomfycozycorner, who used a heavy-duty command hook to hang a step ladder for easy access to high-up items in her pantry.

    Wall-Mounted Rack

    A wall-mounted rack is a great way to store items like pans, cutting boards, and baking sheets. This organization method will help you save space and keep your pantry looking neat and tidy.


    If you need some inspiration, take a look at how this savvy TikToker with fromhousetohome_ used a wall-mounted rack to organize the spices in her pantry.

    Wood shelving upgrade

    If your pantry has wire shelves, consider upgrading to some faux wood shelving for a more polished look. This pantry organization idea is both stylish and functional.


    The shelves will help to keep your pantry looking neat, tidy, and refreshingly modern. In this TikTok, angelamariemade offers a great example of how a simple update can change the overall feel of your pantry.

    Cluttered chaos may feel inevitable at times, but a few budget-friendly upgrades can make all the difference in the functionality and feel of your pantry. If you're looking for more low-cost ways to elevate your space, check out these inexpensive outdoor DIY projects or these design tricks to make your home feel larger at the Schlage blog.

    Alison Victoria’s 5 steps to prepare your home for holiday entertainment.

    December 21, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, December 21, 2022

    Holiday entertainment

    Schlage teamed up with a leading interior designer and home renovation expert, Alison Victoria, to share a few simple and easy tips to prepare your home for your holiday party.



    Flights are booked, invitations are sent, and dinner menus are beginning to come together for another holiday season of gathering with friends and family. Whatever your traditions are for bringing everyone together, as the host, it can feel a little overwhelming to get everything in order before guests arrive to celebrate at your home.


    To help you prepare, Schlage teamed up with a leading interior designer and home renovation expert, Alison Victoria, to share a few simple and easy tips to prepare your home for your holiday party. After all, the holidays are supposed to be fun and peaceful, so learning how to keep it stress free will give you the peace of mind needed to enjoy what matters the most, spending quality time with your loved ones.

    Family around kitchen island preparing holiday food for party.

    Step 1: Maintain a healthy environment

    Mutterings of a “Tripledemic” taking place this winter season (an unfortunate combination of Flu, RSV and Covid) has already gained steam. As families and friends finally come together this holiday season after two grueling years of separation, Alison says the smart host will ensure there are specific areas of the home where sanitation is implemented. She mentions high traffic areas like powder rooms, kitchens, and entry points to the home as a great place to start reducing the amount of “contact” that takes place. Alison highlights options like touch-free faucets for bathroom and kitchen sinks and touch-free soap dispensers that can go a long way to reducing the spread of germs. Another high contact and high germ fixture in your home is your door hardware. To keep the germs at bay, Alison recommends removing dirt and grime first and then disinfecting your hardware.

    Step 2: Control your home’s comfort

    As people begin to fill your home and the weather outside continues to cool, battles over the thermostat will almost certainly begin to reemerge. Alison swears by her programmable thermostat that enables you to easily monitor and adjust the temperature of your home—and don’t sleep on the potential energy savings either!

    Step 3: Find ease in entertainment

    Agreeing on TV, music and games can be a huge challenge for any host. Alison said her favorite way to navigate this potentially challenging situation is to simply take control. Set designated areas of the house for specific activities like watching sports, playing board games, or listening to music. It can also be a fun activity to design a shared playlist where everyone can chime in on songs they want to hear and play them wherever the party is happening (pro tip: put your playlist on a device that is not your phone to minimize interruptions). Also consider common watchable moments, like Monday night football, “A Christmas Story” marathons and other shareable activities to keep friends and family together.

    Step 4: Safety is number one

    One of the unfortunate side effects of having lots of people in and out of the house is the tendency for doors, windows, and other entryways to receive more use than normal. This can lead to situations where doors remain unlocked or windows are left ajar on accident, creating a potential security breach . Alison is an advocate of investing in new door hardware to help ensure this problem is mitigated (and to add serious appeal to your doorways). She chooses Schlage because it offers a vast variety of door hardware that fits a great mix of applications and functionalities and adds character to the home. By updating your door and door hardware, you’re able to maintain a safer space for your family and elevate the first touchpoint most people see. For those who are considering electronic options, Schlage has several smart deadbolt locks that reduce the headache of getting in and out of the house and provide advanced safety features that give you the opportunity to create unique passwords for incoming friends and family.

    Step 5: Look for accents, not major upgrades

    Per Alison, holiday entertaining requires ease and planning more than anything else. She warns against trying to make major updates to the home at this time of year. Instead, Alison recommends identifying areas where small updates can be made that elevate the space without making major adjustments to the home. This can be as little as updating the color palette of your flatware and table adornments to more advanced projects like new wallpaper, curtains, or even fixtures. She also says to look for opportunities to add depth of space and a splash of color to keep things fun and vibrant for the holidays.

    While it’s been a long two years dealing with pandemic-related lockdowns that kept us from friends and family, we’re ready to party together once again. We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to Alison Victoria for her help in identifying areas of improvement for people hosting holiday parties this season. From all of us at Schlage, we wish you the best in holiday entertaining this year.


    6 steps to the most welcoming holiday decor.

    December 02, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Friday, December 2, 2022

    Welcoming holiday decor | Schlage

    Quickly take decorating your porch and entryway off your to-do list with a few of our favorite front porch decorating ideas.



    The holiday season is often the best time of the year but can also be the most stressful. There's much to prepare from buying gifts for loved ones, to travelling to events and maybe even preparing your own home for guests. Quickly take decorating your porch and entryway off your to-do list with a few of our favorite front porch decorating ideas.
    Blue house decorated for Christmas with red front door and red Joy to the World holiday banner.

    1. Make a DIY wreath

    There's no shortage of DIY Christmas wreath ideas out there, so you’ll have your pick whether you want to use all-natural materials or upcycle some bits and baubles you already own. For starters, check out this easy, natural holiday wreath from Houzz for a statement that looks like a hundred bucks.


    Some of the best DIY projects use materials you can find around the house. This DIY wreath from Taryn Whiteaker simply wraps a wreath form in a scarf, adds a few extra embellishments and voila! This could be the perfect time to upcycle that old winter gear you never wear anymore.


    Quite honestly, we aren’t sure if we should call this a wreath or a cutout, but either way, it’s the perfect holiday front door décor, especially if you’re going for a natural, Scandinavian look. Chapman Place used wooden fence slats for a minimalist snowflake that’s sure to delight your guests.

    2. Ditch the wreath

    When you want to spruce up your door for the holiday but want something besides a wreath, a bundle is a good alternative. Just a Girl stuck with evergreens, tying them together with ribbon and adding some gold accessories, but you could also bundle pine cones or ornaments to capture your favorite festive feel.


    December tends to be the season of giving, so why not treat your door like a present? Liz On Call shares her tutorial for making a giant bow and gift tag. Just be sure not to block the peep hole for safety. The best part might be how simple it is. You’ll love how quickly you can complete the project when you’re short on time but also being able to customize it with whatever greetings you want – Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Seasons Greetings, Welcome Snow …


    Take a look down and consider jollying up your doormat. At Home with Ashley DIYed a gingerbread house mat when the one she found at the store sold out. File this one under cute and convenient when it makes your home look great and keeps it clean.

    3. Decorate somewhere new

    Your front door shouldn't get all the attention. Add some holiday flair to other entrances since you likely use side or garage doors most anyway! We're loving how Sand and Sisal complemented the light blue on her garage entry door with the pop of this cheerful red.


    Your door doesn't have to be the focal point, either. Adding an oversized wreath to this chimney adds a simple but charming affect.


    A picture window needs a large wreath in our opinion. A Night Owl shows how to DIY the oversized décor by combining two different sizes of wreaths before hanging it with some festive ribbon. This is one holiday hack that can be enjoyed as much from the curb as it can from your couch.


    If you prefer to keep your décor inside (where you don’t have to freeze while hanging it), try these mini window wreaths. Say Yes made a collection of them for their larger space, but you could use one on smaller windows, too. If you follow their tutorial, you’ll get simple wreaths with less-traditional greenery, but feel free to give it your personal touch with different organics, adding creative colors or including something shiny.

    4. Add a fresh touch

    Fresh décor has all kinds of advantages. It can be kinder to the environment and more sustainable, easier on your budget if you use what you find in your yard and it probably smells fantastic, too. French Country Cottage tapped into the natural trend by adding fresh oranges for a fun pop of color to this classic greenery.


    You might also take a page from Liz Marie and her wintery front porch. From the plain garland strung from the posts to the red and green plants at the bottom of the stairs and the trees and birch logs in between, there are no doubts about this rustic holiday décor.


    Window boxes aren’t just for warmer months. You can enjoy these plantings deep into the winter, and they’re easier to take care of than you might think. Try some evergreens – live or cuttings – like Fleurish Fort Wayne as well as anything with a bit of color like berries, poinsettias or accessories. Leftover tree ornaments could give your window box a little something extra for the holiday season.

    5. Continue the holiday welcome indoors

    The holidays don't stop at the front door and neither should your decor. Even a small entryway can make a big impression with the right touch. Finding Silver Pennies kept it simple yet completely festive by mixing real and artificial greenery on the banister. The twinkle lights are pretty minimal, so most of the illumination comes from the faux candles on the steps.


    If that’s a little too neutral for your tastes, consider taking it to the next level with some colorful felted flowers. Check out the tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens to see how they intertwined the string of faux flowers with traditional green garland for a look that is anything but average.


    If you’re like us, you collect more ornaments every year but have a hard time letting go of the old ones. That means you have a bunch of those glass balls just sitting in a tub. String them on some fishing line or wire like Pretty Quirky and turn them into a shimmering garland to brighten any stairway.


    This last one is for the young and young at heart. Wrap your banister in lights, then cover those with artificial snow cover like cotton batting or Seasons Cover like Smart School House did. Just like that, you have a snowy slide for penguins and other winter friends.

    6. Get organized

    Having an organized entryway can make all the difference in enjoying this holiday season. If you live in a cold climate, make sure you have space for coats and boots to avoid tracking salt and snow through the house. The family behind TIDBITS dressed up their everyday coat hooks with a strand of berries, greenery and other fun touches like a giant jingle bell and mini lantern. Even with the décor, there’s still plenty of room for the kids to hang up their gear.


    The main lesson in this holiday décor tip from HGTV is that you can have style and function at the same time. This coastal-themed sign with a few sprigs of holiday trimmings are great for side tables in your entryway. They don’t take a up a log of space, so you can keep the organization you already have.


    We could go on forever with our favorite winter holiday looks – and we kind of already have. Find more ideas and inspiration at the Schlage blog and on Pinterest.


    4 ways to remove paint from door locks and hinges.

    November 22, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, November 22, 2022

    woman painting door | Schlage

    With a little attention to detail, your hinges will stick less and your entire door will have that gorgeous look you’ve been missing.



    Did you move into a fixer-upper or an older home? Did you get a bit sloppy touching up your doors and walls? If you answered yes to either of these, then you need to try one of these four ways to remove unwanted paint from door hardware and hinges. With a little attention to detail, your hinges will stick less and your entire door will have that gorgeous look you’ve been missing.
    Woman sitting on floor while painting door.

    Quickest way to remove paint

    Let’s start with a moment of honesty: Speed depends a lot on how much paint there is to remove. Lots of layered on paint from 30 years ago means more time, no matter which method you choose to remove paint from metal finishes. That being said, paint stripper is probably the quickest way to remove unwanted paint from door locks and hinges. That’s why it was created, after all.


    Every DIYer has a favorite product for this kind of project. Some recommend CitriStrip, others Goof Off. Thankfully, you have lots of options. Different paint strippers have different levels of toxicity and different application methods. You can find these as a spray-on or liquids or gels you rub on with a rag. Choose a stripper you’re comfortable using.


    Do your homework before applying any kind of chemicals to your hardware. The “most effective” are often the most toxic, so if you’re concerned about their environmental impact or harming your kids and pets, you might prefer one of the chemical-free paint removal methods below. Also, some hardware and finishes may be damaged by harmful chemicals. Check with the manufacturer, if possible, for recommendations that will safely restore your hardware to its original beauty and avoid voiding any warranty you may have.

    Greenest way to remove paint

    If you want to remove paint from door hardware without using chemicals, use heat. Pretty Handy Girl shows us how a heat gun and putty knife can restore your hardware. The high heat essentially melts the paint, softening it enough that you can use the putty knife, a stiff brush and fine sand paper to remove the paint and buff the hardware.


    Pay special attention to safety precautions. You’ll need sheet metal or some other protective covering, pliers or metal tongs, and thick gloves to avoid damaging your work surface and burning your hands.

    Easiest way to remove paint

    For the easiest way to remove paint from door hardware, we pick the crockpot hack. First, you’ll need an old crockpot designated specifically for these kinds of projects. Don’t cook food in this crockpot due to the risk of ingesting lead paint later. Also, grab a pair of tongs, gloves and a stiff plastic brush.


    Place the hardware in your slowcooker and cover it with water. This Old House recommends adding a few tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent to help the process along. Turn the heat to high and let everything soak for a few hours or, for more stubborn paint, overnight. Once the paint has loosened, remove the hardware with your tongs and gloves and scrub off any remaining paint. This method takes longer than some of the others, but you’ll probably be asleep for most of it. What’s easier than napping while you DIY?


    If you’re not willing to sacrifice your crockpot to paint stripping, you can also boil your hardware in a pot on the stovetop. Again, don’t choose a pot you plant to put food in again. You can pick up a cheap one at a thrift store for this purpose. For a little extra oomph, Apartment Therapy suggests adding baking soda to the boiling water. About 1/4 cup of baking soda per quart of water should do it. All the remaining steps are the same as using a crockpot.


    A third similar option is to boil water in a tea kettle and pour it over the hardware in a disposable aluminum pan. Try a turkey roasting pan since they tend to be deeper, or a pie plate if you’re just restoring hinges.


    It’s best to use this technique on metals that don’t rust – copper, brass or aluminum, for example.

    Best way to remove paint for a custom look

    If you’re going for a shabby chic or distressed look, try using steel wool, as shown at Curbly. Only try this method if you’re okay with leaving scratches and scuffs on your door hardware. Because of potential damage from the steel wool, this method isn’t for everyone. But if you like the idea of maybe leaving some of the paint behind or going for a rustic aesthetic, steel wool could be your answer.

    Keeping all your door hardware in great working order pays off in more ways than one. Your entryway will look great and work even better. Find more hardware maintenance and DIY tips at the Schlage blog, including this popular post about unusual ways to quiet squeaky hinges.


    Keep it simple! Cheap and easy ideas for Halloween porch decor.

    October 14, 2022 by monica.reedy

    Friday, October 14, 2022

    Happy Halloween porch banner | Schlage

    If you’re looking to give your home some Halloween curb appeal without the hassle, check out these easy ideas for inspiration.



    Once we turn the corner into October, it’s not all pumpkin spice and everything nice. It’s spooky season! While we love elaborate porch decorations for Halloween, it isn’t always in the budget – or worth the time. If you’re looking to give your home some Halloween curb appeal without the hassle, check out these easy ideas for inspiration.
    Halloween porch decor with Happy Halloween banner hanging on front porch railing.

    Hanging by a thread

    Nothing says Halloween like some suspense! Fishing line is your best friend if you aren’t sure how to decorate your front porch for Halloween. These hanging hats from @everydaygracedesigns create an air of magic and excitement without being scary or gaudy. The clever sign, broomsticks, and black cat are the final touches that create a sense of witchy wonder.


    If witches aren’t your thing, this idea can spin off in many ways. For example, suspend battery powered candles for a ghostly glow. Other fun ideas include getting crafty by hanging tiny ghosts (tie a small piece of white fabric under a ping-pong ball head) or make and suspend pipe cleaner spiders for some silly creepy crawlies. This is the perfect chance to let your imagination run wild. Whatever you land on, floating objects above your front door is sure to be the magical touch to your Halloween front porch décor.


    Simple and Cost-Effective

    This moody Halloween porch display from @thedesertoasis_rm is a perfect showcase for why simple is often best. Your porch doesn’t need to be spilling over with pumpkins and décor to make a big impact.


    To re-create this look on your own porch, first decide where the bat swarm will be most visible. Choose a spot that is well-lit and visible from your curb or front path. While you can certainly purchase plastic bats, this is an easy look to recreate using materials you already have on hand. Upcycle some old cardboard by cutting out bat shapes and then painting them black, or you can simply use black cardstock. If your bats will live where they might get rained on, opt for a more durable material like felt or laminated craft paper. Once cut out, attach your bats in a flying pattern using double sided tape and then step back to admire your masterpiece! This cheap Halloween décor idea is a fun way to charm guests without breaking the bank.

    Add Small Halloween Details to your Fall Front Porch Décor

    The best thing about decorating your porch for Halloween is that you don’t need to start from scratch. Instead, add in subtle Halloween touches to your existing fall display so you can decorate your front porch for cheap. This cute entryway from @rachelparker_blog is lovely inspiration for a Halloween decorated porch that is both kid-friendly and fun. Layer a spunky door mat over your existing rug, add one or two other small Halloween items, and your front porch is all set for trick or treaters!


    If you had no idea what to put on your front porch for Halloween, let these ideas give you confidence to create a fun display that saves you time and money. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple so you have more time to spend with your loved ones. At Schlage, we protect what matters most with products that keep your home secure and stylish. For more front porch décor ideas, browse our Instagram and Pinterest!


    Our favorite fall curb appeal ideas.

    October 05, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, October 5, 2022

    fall curb appeal | Schlage

    Before you shop for the perfect pumpkins and mums, look through our favorite fall curb appeal ideas to create a specific vision that you will love all season.



    As temperatures start to cool off, it’s finally time to reach for your favorite warm beverage and decorate your front porch for fall. Shopping for pumpkins, gourds, and mums is a lovely way to get in the spirit of fall, but it can be frustrating to come home with a trunk full of finds only to realize you have no idea what to do with them. Before you shop, look through our favorite fall curb appeal ideas to create a specific vision that you will love all season.
    Dog lying next to owner and doormat on front porch decorated for fall with pumpkins and mums.

    Bold contrasts

    Mirror the crisp, exciting fall weather by going bold. You aren’t restricted to neutrals for fall! The bright blue of this front door from @mamanowwhat on Instagram is a perfect contrast to vibrant pumpkin stacks. When mixing high contrast colors, choose complementary colors for an impact that pleases the eye. By picking one of the three sets of complementary colors – red and green, yellow and purple, or orange and blue – you instantly create a dynamic space that is still balanced and soothing. Consider adding in a strong print for your entry rug or exterior pillows to create fun, inviting layers for your fall front porch.

    Fall foliage

    Ease the transition to fall by adding autumnal elements to your summer planters. Here, @1900stonefarmhouse’s arrangement of natural textures and greenery creates a calming front entry for the season. Don’t be afraid to hang on to more summery florals and greenery if they are still thriving. Instead, layer in your favorite fall elements such as pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds, and mums. These elements will serve as the focal point for your fall front porch design. Your remaining summer plants can still add texture and interest to your arrangements, even as they start to dry out and fade. This is an easy, sustainable way to save money and further the life of plants you’ve been tending all summer.

    Neutral layering

    For a moody aesthetic, layer neutral tones. Consider the height and stacking of each element to build visual interest. Working within a mostly monochromatic color palate like this example from @whitehouseinsuburbia creates effortless harmony that works well with a variety of design trends. For a modern farmhouse or boho look, pair your neutrals with wood tones and matte black metal finishes. If you prefer a natural, modern elegance, mix in white florals and bright metals like chrome or brass.

    Playful and inviting

    Sometimes, more is more. Playing with shapes, colors, textures, and patterns can create a fun, welcoming atmosphere for your front porch, as seen in this design from @simplysoutherncottage. The key is to create balance through symmetry of your largest elements. This acts as an anchor for you to get playful with smaller pops of color and textures throughout the display. This fun approach to fall front porch design will put a smile on guest’s faces all season long.

    We hope these tips are a helpful springboard as you boost your curb appeal for fall. Looking for more DIY inspiration? Find us on Instagram and Pinterest for all things home design and security.


    Halloween entryway and porch décor to die for.

    October 02, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Sunday, October 2, 2022

    Halloween entryway decor | Schlage

    If you’re looking to scare up some new ideas for decorating your front porch or entryway for Halloween, let us help.



    When it comes to Halloween décor, most of us don’t go for understated. It’s a holiday that screams for bold. If you’re looking to scare up some new ideas for decorating your front porch or entryway for Halloween, let us help.
    Schlage Matte Black Century handleset flatlay with Halloween decor.

    Halloween décor for your front door

    Whether you’re just decorating the door or creating an entire scene for passersby, use these ideas to get you started. Then try out our Halloween party décor ideas for your front door.

    This is not the time for pretty flower wreaths. Try a creepy twig Halloween wreath instead. You can DIY this Halloween décor with just some sticks, a glue gun and, if you want, black spray paint.
    If you’re looking for low effort or minimalist design, this one is for you. A store-bought web attached to your house numbers lets everyone know your house celebrates the spooky. Merriment Design added their own glittery spider for extra effect.
    A covered porch offers the perfect opportunity to literally raise your Halloween décor game. Martha Stewart shows how to do hanging bats, but witches’ hats and ghosts are spooktacular alternatives as well.
    Personalizing a door mat for Halloween is one of the simplest holiday DIY projects you can do. Buy a plain mat, paint and some foam brushes. Whether or not you use a stencil is up to you and your artistic abilities. DIY Network used a bat stencil in this tutorial, but we also like the idea of freehanded ghosts. They’re mostly just blobs anyway.
    Skip to my Lou turns the idea of a jack-o-lantern on its head with this DIY Halloween luminary. Instead of carving pumpkins, try punching holes in a recycled tin can. Paint adds to the look. You can place these on your porch, lining the stairs up to your front door, in your entryway or all of the above. Light them with battery powered votives for extra safety.

    Halloween decorations for your entryway

    Keep the ghoulish décor going beyond the front door with these ideas for your foyer.

    Do you have entryway seating? This monster makeover is a great way to Halloween-ify your foyer without sacrificing functionality. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t also love this idea for kids’ rooms at any time of year.
    Don’t forget your stairs and railings. Cute bats are a good option if you have little ones who scare easily. You can also use fake cobwebs or adorable ghosts.
    Do you usually have a nice floral arrangement in your entryway? Fresh flowers on a sideboard or landing strip is an inviting touch for when you come home each day. But for Halloween, switch it up with some dark, moody dried flowers like Cheetah is the New Black did for a holiday party.
    Don’t have much Halloween décor? Maybe it’s a small space or you’re worried your decorations look kind of random just sitting out. Group them on a tray like Made in a Day. Check out their entire blog and you’ll see they didn’t go for subtle, but this trick works no matter what your tastes are.
    Whether on your front porch or an entryway side table, a sign can literally make any statement you want. Halloween is the perfect time to either keep it fun and lighthearted or go a bit spookier as you welcome guests to your home.

    Bless’er House shows what’s possible when you want to celebrate Halloween but you’re not one of those people who feels the need to invest in a fog machine just for October. The bats, framed skull print and potion jars definitely have the Halloween vibe, but the rest of the décor will easily transition into the rest of fall without a total overhaul. It’s spooky, classy and easy.


    We didn’t talk much about pumpkins here, but never fear. You can find DIY pumpkin ideas on the Schlage blog along with even more tricks to treat yourself with gorgeous front porch décor.


    8 bifold closet doors that will inspire your next DIY project.

    September 30, 2022 by emily.bailey

    Friday, September 30, 2022

    Bifold closet doors | Schlage

    Don't settle for drab folding closet doors. Here are eight easy ways to turn your home's bifold doors into a style statement.



    Bifold doors are great for closets in tighter areas because they take up very little space when opened. While these hinged doors may seem difficult to customize, we beg to differ. Whether your closet doors are made from dated wood slats or are just plain boring, it's easy to refresh them. Here are eight DIY folding closet door makeover ideas to inspire your next project.
    Young girl standing next to Chevron painted bifold closet doors.

    1. Refresh with a moody color

    If you want to make over your closet doors but don't have a lot of time to devote to a DIY project, make a quick update with bold color. Jewel tones, pastels, and dark shades like black or navy blue can completely change how your folding closet doors look. Transforming your closet doors with color is also a great way to bring your room's design scheme together.


    Those boring beige doors don't need to interrupt the décor flow of your room anymore. We love this update from @beydindesign because it's easy to redo in the future if your design scheme changes. Here's an example of how a little color change can make a big difference.


    2. Add latticework

    You might associate latticework with gardens and outdoor spaces, but it can transform indoor features, too. Adding inexpensive latticework to bifold closet doors is a great way to upgrade a plain-looking surface. Most home improvement stores stock several types of latticework. Of course, you can also fake this look by using basic wood trim. If you're using trim, be sure to carefully measure and mark out your design before you start cutting.


    Add a fresh coat of paint after the latticework is attached for a monochromatic look. For a bolder look, paint the latticework in a shade that contrasts with your closet doors. Decorator Casey Finn shows just how easy and effective this update can be.


    3. Make it mirrored

    Bifold closet doors are often used in areas where space is tight. To visually expand these little spaces, add mirrored panels to your folding closet doors. You can attach a single mirror to each door panel or use multiple mirrors for a more geometric effect.


    To achieve this look, you'll permanently affix mirror panels to the closet door. Then, use standard wood trim that you've prepped and painted to create a finished border. Be sure that your trim covers all mirror edges so that you haven't left a sharp surface on your closet door. This technique works well for closets, as MCH Custom Trim & Cabinets shows, but it can also be used for home offices and laundry rooms.

    4. Go from bifold to French doors

    Unfortunately, bifold doors can make it difficult to see everything in your closet. One solution is to turn your bifold closet doors into a functional pair of French doors. While it might sound daunting, it's easier than you think to transform those bifolds into wide-open French doors.


    French doors differ from bifolds in that they swing open toward you rather than fold in half on tracks. As Decor By the Seashore shows in their how to turn bifold doors into French doors guide, you only need some basic tools (drill, measuring tape, and wood filler). You can order the necessary hinges, magnetic catch, and pair of knobs from Schlage. The final look is sleek and professional.


    5. Let the sun burst in

    A bold, geometric sunburst can add texture to an otherwise flat wall. Bifold doors are an ideal surface for a bold, sun-inspired project. A sunburst door looks great in any hue. Of course, bright yellow is a great choice if you want to add a burst of color to your room.


    This project is best for experienced DIYers. However, dedicated beginners who are willing to follow detailed instructions can pull it off, too. The sunburst look does require significant planning so be sure to check out the full tutorial from Studio DIY.


    6. Upgrade to barn doors

    If you love the farmhouse look, you can easily turn your boring bifold closet doors into faux barn doors. Choose wood stain for a rustic look, or paint the doors a solid color for an upcycled farmhouse vibe. If you have enough space on both sides of your closet, you can even put your doors on a hanging track for a true barn-door look. This is a great project for experienced DIYers who have access to a table saw.


    7. Shape up with shiplap

    Shiplap is one of the most popular design trends of the last decade. You see these wooden planks everywhere in home design now, and closet doors are no exception. Adding shiplap will instantly transform your doors into an upscale design feature.


    The possibilities for color and texture are truly endless. You can go with a basic, flat color or distress the wood to match your doors to your overall design style. The biggest advantage? Shiplap can turn cheap folding doors into sturdier, more appealing décor pieces. This makeover from Ugly Duckling House works particularly well if you need to cover slatted or grooved doors.


    8. Paper it

    Wallpaper isn't just for your grandma's house anymore. With thousands of interesting designs available out there, wallpaper is one of the most versatile choices you have for any DIY project. You can easily use it to transform a plain closet door into a vibrant statement piece.


    This project works best with flat doors that don't have any grooving or molding. Be sure to remove all doorknobs or pulls before you start papering to make application easier. If you chose a wallpaper that needs to dry to set, wait at least 48 hours before you reattach hardware.


    Closet doors are just the beginning. After all, you should never settle when it comes to your home's appearance. With a bit of planning and work, you can tackle a wide variety of DIY projects to update and beautify your home. Check out the Schlage blog for even more home improvement project ideas.


    How to properly install door knobs and levers.

    September 27, 2022 by monica.reedy

    Tuesday, September 27, 2022

    How to install a door lever

    Here are all the steps you need to follow to properly install a door knob or lever in just a few minutes.



    Updating your interior door knobs and levers is the perfect project to take on when every detail matters for your home. Coordinating a new style and finish with your lighting, plumbing and other décor is an easy way to give your home a finishing touch. And with the right durability and security, it also can help you protect what matters most. Fortunately, door hardware installation is one of the simplest DIY projects.


    Before we get to the step-by-step guide, be sure your door is properly drilled and aligned with this door prep checklist.


    Next, gather your door hardware installation tools. It’s simple – all you need is a tape measure and a screwdriver. Keep in mind that an electric drill is not recommended for installation as it can easily strip the screws and damage your hardware.

    Woman installing door handle.

    Door lock installation checklist

    Now you're ready to get started installing your door knobs or levers. The first step is to ensure you have all the parts. Here's a checklist to help. If there are any terms you don’t understand, check out these definitions for parts of a door lock.

    Parts of a door lock

     Outside housing: The "exterior" portion of your hardware with the spindle extending from the back

     Inside housing: The "interior" portion of your knob or lever. For privacy knobs and levers, you'll want to be sure the push-button lock is on the inside

     Latch: The spring-operated bolt with a beveled face to permit a latching action when the door closes

     Round drive-in faceplate: An optional faceplate that may replace the rectangular faceplate already attached to the latch if your door calls for it

     Strike plate: The metal plate that will be affixed to the door frame

     Short screws: Used to secure the latch and faceplate to the door

     Tapered long screws: Used to secure the inside housing to the outside housing

     Pin tool: Used only for installing lever door handles that are curved and may need to change handing


    Door Knob and Lever Installation instructions

    1You'll begin by preparing the latch.
    door knob latchbolt

    The latch comes with a pre-attached rectangular faceplate. If you’re using the rectangular faceplate, continue to Step 2 now.


    If you need to replace it with a round drive-in faceplate, follow steps a-c below. You'll need a flat head screwdriver, hammer and block of wood with this setup.

    a. Remove faceplate by gently prying it away from the rest of the latch component with a flat head screwdriver.


    b. Twist and remove remaining support plate.


    c. Install round drive-in faceplate with just a snap.


    2Now we install the latch. If you're using the standard rectangular faceplate, slide the latch into place with the bevel facing the doorjamb and secure with the two short screws.
    How to install a door knob

    If you’re using the drive-in faceplate, slide the latch into the latch bore with the bevel facing the doorjamb. Gently tap it in to place, using a block of wood to protect the latch, until the faceplate is flush with the door edge.


    Installing round faceplate latch

    3Next, you'll install the strike plate on the doorjamb using the two short wood screws.
    Door strike plate

    4Begin installing the lever or knob by placing the outside housing first. Remember, this is the part with the spindle extending from the back. If you're installing a lever, you'll want to make sure the lever is pointing away from the door edge.
    Lever and door knob installation

    5Align the spindle with the slot in the latch and slide into place.
    Door lock installation

    6Now install the inside housing. If you're installing a lever, orient the lever just as you did with the outside housing, pointing away from the edge of the door. 

    7With the screw holes in a vertical position, align the square in the back of the door knob or lever with the square spindle. Slide the inside housing into place.
    Door knob installation

    8Secure with the two remaining screws.
    How to install a door lock

    To see all these steps in action as well as how to change the handing and test your lock, watch our installation video below. You can also try these interactive instructions for installing privacy and passage door hardware.


    Find more videos for installing a deadbolt, front door handleset or smart lock at the Schlage How-To Center.