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    How to create a memorable holiday key ornament.

    December 11, 2019 8:41 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, December 11, 2019

    How to Create a Memorable Holiday Key Ornament

    Try a Christmas craft that's both fun and sentimental. Find out how to take one of your most beloved memories and create a holiday key ornament.



    Ready or not, Christmas will be here before we know it. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one or trying to get in the holiday spirit with some at-home crafts, this DIY key ornament can add that special touch. Here's how you can create your own in less than 10 minutes.

    Step one

    First, let's make sure you have all the right supplies. Select a key with meaning. A few ideas include your childhood home, first apartment or purchased home, first business location - anything! Just make sure you’ve either made a copy, no longer need it or have a smart lock in place before using it for your ornament.

    Step two

    Next, you will need spray adhesive and glitter of your choice. If glitter is not your thing, you could also paint your key. Just choose your favorite color spray paint and follow the same steps below.


    Spray adhesive, glitter and key for DIY ornament supplies.

    Step three

    Coat your key with the spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area until it’s totally covered on one side. Let it rest a few seconds to get tacky. Then pour on the glitter. Once the first side is dry, repeat on the other side. This shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes.

    House key painted with glitter.

    Step four

    While your key is drying, locate a photo of your house, another ornament, beads, ribbon, whatever personalized elements you’d like to include in your key ornament.

    DIY glitter house key ornament.

    Step five

    Once the key is dry, thread a ribbon through the keyhole and any other elements you’ve selected. Then hang on the tree! You’ve captured memories that will be celebrated for years to come.


    DIY glitter house key ornament hanging on tree.



    What are some of your favorite, personalized holiday DIYs? Share your best ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram. If you're looking for even more holiday inspiration, check out our favorite holiday DIY projects.


    Repurpose household items for an instant winter mudroom.

    November 12, 2019 11:51 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    Winter mudroom | Schlage

    Low on time, space and money to create a mudroom before the holidays? Use these ideas to repurpose common items found in your home for the perfect winter mudroom.




    Do a Pinterest search for mudrooms and you’ll find some amazing multipurpose spaces. For those of us who don’t have the square footage or budget to re-create those looks, how can we add a mudroom economically and realistically given your floor plan? And how can we get it done before Thanksgiving and holiday guests arrive?
    Winter mudroom accessories and items.
    If you’re looking to create a mudroom on a small or non-existent budget, or if you only have a day to make a change, try these simple and stylish tips for repurposing items you probably already have in the house. Who says you need to go to a yard sale to upcycle?

    Upcycled door knobs » Hooks

    Flex your DIY muscle by repurposing old door knobs. They can be attached directly to walls or mounted for a unique coat rack. Use smaller cabinet pulls to hang things like keys and dog leashes. And don’t forget to place a few hooks closer to the ground so the kids can hang up their own coats.

    Occasional table » Landing strip

    That small table to drop your keys, mail and phone when you walk in the door doesn’t have to be specifically designed for an entryway. Try an end table from the living room, a nightstand from the bedroom or a narrow buffet table from the dining room. Be sure to choose one that is small enough that it doesn’t obstruct the flow of foot traffic but large enough to allow you to put out a few holiday decorations.

    Bar cart » Shelves

    A bar cart or this popular cart from IKEA opens a world of possibilities. Multiple shelves help keep things organized, and it’s no sweat if you need to move it around or out of the way when guests come for Thanksgiving dinner. Use it as a landing strip or place it inside a coat closet for some instant shelving.

    Don’t want to give up your bar cart for winter storage? Showcase your style by decorating it for the fall season.

    Patio furniture » Bench

    It’s always helpful to have a place to sit while removing winter boots. Consider moving patio furniture indoors, especially if you have a stylish little love seat. You can tailor it for the season by switching out the cushions or adding a throw blanket. Some of these ideas from will revitalize furniture, both indoors and out.

    Shoe rack » Boot tray

    Boot trays are great because they can keep puddles contained. But if all you have is a basic shoe rack from your closet, that will work too. Just throw a mat underneath to absorb any drips. You might not want to loan your shoe rack to the mudroom full time, but it’s a convenient quick fix for when you have company over.

    T-shirt rug » Doormat or boot mat

    This DIY braided T-shirt rug solves two problems at once. Purge the closet of T-shirts you never wear and turn them into a colorful mat. People can wipe their feet when they come in or you can place one under a shoe rack to protect the floor from dripping boots.

    Shoe pocket organizer » Cubbies in an existing closet

    Building shelves, adding lockers and installing built-in cabinetry is gorgeous, but it can be expensive. Even DIY options are a major time investment for most people. If you have a coat closet or pantry in your entryway, try an inexpensive over-the-door shoe pocket organizer instead. Then tuck hats and mittens, dog leashes and waste bags, slippers and dry socks, or keys in each slot.

    Closet hanging organizer » Shelves in an existing closet

    Another instant cubby option is hanging shelves often found at most organization and home improvement stores. Instead of jeans and sweaters, stash anything else you might need to get out the door quickly. You can even assign a shelf to each member of the family.

    Upcycled crates » Shelves

    If you’re a regular orchard-goer or crafter, you might have some spare wooden crates on hand. The smaller and lighter boxes can be mounted directly to the wall for eclectic shelving. They’re also easy to customize by painting and positioning them in unique ways. You might also find you like them stacked as a bookshelf if you’d rather not hang them.

    Decorative waste basket or large planter » Umbrella stand

    When autumn rains and winter snows fall, contain dripping umbrellas where they won’t leave a puddle and you can still leave them unfurled to dry. A tall container can also be used to corral hockey sticks and other sporting equipment.

    Get more ideas for how to unlock the décor potential of your foyer or mudroom on the Schlage blog.


    7 must-follow rules for a welcoming entryway.

    November 8, 2019 11:51 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, November 8, 2019

    7 Must-Follow Rules for a Welcoming Entryway | Schlage

    Whether you have a grand foyer or have to fake an entry, here are seven rules you should consider to create a welcoming entryway.




    After a long, hectic day away from home, there's nothing better than a beautiful and clean entryway to help you unwind. Whether you have a grand foyer or need to improvise one, here are seven rules you should consider to make this space work time after time.
    Collage of entryway images with blog post title Rules for welcoming entryway.

    1. Prepare for landing

    Think of all the items you walk in the door with: keys, phone, mail. A landing strip – usually a small table or narrow shelf – provides an organized space where you can set those items down and keep your foyer looking gorgeous. You might also have room for a bit of decoration to put a smile on your face when you come home.

    2. Get organized

    Once you've made it through the front door, you need a designated place for every day items. This will help you avoid leaving them cluttered all over a chair or kitchen table. Have hooks ready for jackets, coats, dog leashes, umbrellas and purses. Keep an organizer for important mail you need to follow up with and a wastebasket to recycle junk mail. A boot tray or bench can keep shoes out of the flow of traffic and puddles off the floor.

    3. Clear the floor.

    As you and your guests enter your home, it's important to have a clear path, especially in small entryways. This will help the entryway to appear larger and more polished, not to mention reduce annoying tripping hazards.

    4. Accessorize

    Don't be afraid to welcome your guests with your personal style up front. You'll also give yourself a mood boost each time you walk in the door to find your favorite flowers, rug or mirror. For more tips on styling your entryway, check out our six must-have elements to unlock your foyer’s décor potential.

    5. Direct traffic

    Sometimes you need to create your own entryway, like when your door opens to the entire home. Place a large plant or piece of furniture to divide this space from the rest of the space. This will help guests move through your home in a way that is welcoming and natural. Will they have to pass in front of a TV while friends are watching a big game? You may want to rethink the flow of traffic so everyone feels right at home.

    6. Have a welcoming scent.

    Smell is a powerful sense. Use candles, fresh flowers or a plug-in scent to create the perfect ambience for you and your guests. Try citrus scents to feel clean and invigorated, baked goods-inspired candles for something homey or cinnamon, which is thought to fight mental fatigue and improve concentration.

    7. Update for the seasons

    There's a big difference between storing flip flops and snow boots! Make sure your entryway is ready to change with the seasons so you don't miss a moment of family fun.

    What rules do you follow in your entryway? Share your ideas with us on Instagram and Twitter.


    Shopper’s guide to door hardware

    November 7, 2019 9:00 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, November 7, 2019

    Shopper’s guide to door hardware | Schlage

    You’ve arrived in the aisle and…whoa! There are a lot of choices. This guide will help you navigate and choose the best hardware for your doors.



    So , your old door knob broke. Or maybe you finally noticed you’ve got bright brass hardware on your doors and satin nickel everywhere else in the house. Perhaps your front door isn’t doing anything for your curb appeal. The point is, you’ve decided to update your door hardware, you’re in the store aisle and … whoa! There are a lot of choices.

    You may be surprised to learn there are actually a lot of different types of door knobs and levers designed for different types of doors in the home. There’s hardware for closet and hall doors that don’t need to lock, locking hardware for bedrooms and bathrooms, non-turning pulls for doors that don’t latch, keyed entry and deadbolts for exterior doors – and that’s just to name a few. So how do you know where to start?

    Don’t worry. Schlage is here to decode your door hardware needs. Let’s start with some basic questions and drill down from there.

    Woman installing Schlage door hardware.

    1. How many bore holes are in my door?

    We refer to the round holes where the door lock is installed as “bore holes” (brush up on your door hardware terminology here.) Most doors have one, two or three bore hole.


    If the door has no bore holes, you can simply install a non-turning or “dummy” knob or lever that serves as a decorative door pull.

    2. Do I want a mechanical, electronic or smart lock?

    Schlage locks, whether mechanical, electronic or smart, offer superior security and style. For our purposes here, you’ll probably want to focus on how important keyless convenience and remote access are to you as the deciding factor.

    3. Would I prefer a door knob or a lever?

    This is mainly a matter of aesthetic preference. With Schlage’s variety of styles and finishes, you’re sure to find a look that suits your unique taste. Do consider ease of use, too. Knobs can be difficult for children and pets to operate – sometimes a good thing if you have an escape artist – while levers can be easier for those with arthritis or when your hands are full.

    4. What functionality should my mechanical lock have – keyed entry, Hall & closet or Bed & bath?

    Is it an exterior door where you want extra security? If so, choose a keyed lock or deadbolt. Otherwise you’ll need either a Bed & bath lock with push-button locking or a Hall & closet knob or lever that simply turns to let you in and out.


    We’ve put together a few handy decision trees to guide you through choosing the right door hardware the first time. And here’s a bonus hint for you. The function colors in the decision trees correspond to the function color on our packaging in the aisle, so you can match them up to easily find what you need.


    Let’s get started with our first question: How many bore holes are in your door?

    Single bore hole

    A door with a single bore door is typically an interior door, although not always. Either way, you’ll need to decide whether you want a mechanical or electronic lock.


    For interior doors, a mechanical lock is usually sufficient. Most people who want a locking interior door are looking for privacy more than security. When this is the case, choose a Bed & bath knob or lever. If locking is not a concern, like with kitchen pantries or laundry rooms, choose a Hall & closet knob or lever. If you can’t decide or you want to prepare for the future, consider Schlage Custom™ Combined Interior Door Hardware. This allows you to switch between locking and non-locking functionality, so when the extra bedroom becomes a nursery, you can switch from locking to non-locking without replacing the whole lock.



    For a door – interior or exterior – where you want greater control over access, choose a mechanical keyed entry lock or an electronic lock. These are perfect for wine cellars, home offices and the door leading in from your garage. If you don’t want to carry a physical key to get to your Chardonnay, go with the electronic option. In addition to security, they provide keyless convenience. Just set an access code that you can easily change or delete if needed.


    If you choose electronics, you’ll have to decide whether you want a backup key. The Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Lever has no cylinder and, therefore, no key. If you prefer the option of a backup key, we recommend a Schlage® keypad lever.

    Single bore hole banner
    List of mechanical functions for single bore hole locks.
    Electronic levers for single bore hole doors.

    Double bore hole

    If your door has two or three bore holes, it’s almost certainly an exterior door. In this case, you’ll likely appreciate an even greater level of security and additional convenience features.


    Simply put, the top hole in a double bore hole door is for your deadbolt and the bottom is for your knob or lever. This is where smart locks come into play. When it comes to choosing your deadbolt, you’ll need to decide between mechanical, electronic or smart. Our recommendation is a smart or electronic deadbolt with a non-locking knob or lever beneath.


    The same considerations for an interior electronic lock apply on exterior doors. With the Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt and Schlage® keypad deadbolt, you get keyless convenience and Schlage’s reputation for security and durability. Then simply choose the knob or lever that matches your style for the bottom bore hole.


    If you choose a smart lock – the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt or Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt – know that you’ll also be able to control your lock remotely from anywhere using compatible smartphone apps, find peace of mind when you can monitor the status of your lock from your phone and enjoy additional everyday convenience by pairing your lock with other smart home technology. Learn more about Schlage smart locks below or try our Get Help Deciding Tool to determine which is the best fit for your home and lifestyle.


    Should you choose to go entirely mechanical on your exterior door, look for a lock with the deadbolt function. Your knob or lever can then be either locking or non-locking. Look to buy these as a set so that they are keyed the same, or if you purchase them separately, consider having a locksmith rekey them so that you aren’t carrying around multiple keys for the same door.

    Double bore hole banner
    List of mechanical functions for double bore hole locks.
    Electronic locks for double bore hole doors.

    Triple bore hole

    What if you have a triple bore hole door? That means you need a deadbolt for the top hole and a front entry handle for the two holes below it.


    Like the other door setups, your deadbolt can be mechanical, electronic or smart. All the same benefits as above apply. The main difference with a triple bore hole door is your handleset options. Choose from our series of decorative handleset grips in a variety of finishes to pair with your deadbolt.


    Schlage offers a variety of handlesets. One option is a 3/4 trim, where a single unit of hardware includes both the deadbolt portion and the handleset grip. There is also a two-piece trim, which, as the name implies, is two separate components – one being the deadbolt and the other being the grip – but sold together. Both the 3/4 and two-piece trims fit on standard triple bore hole doors.

    Triple bore hole banner
    List of mechanical functions for triple bore hole locks.
    Electronic locks with handle for doors with 3 holes.




    We hope this guide helps you navigate the wide world of door hardware. Have more questions? Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, or check out our FAQs.


    Make your own rules for a unique DIY wreath.

    October 30, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Pinecone wreath | Schlage

    If you’re ready to break the rules of seasonal decorating or you dread putting up Thanksgiving décor only to take it back down for Christmas a few weeks later, we have the solution for you.



    At Schlage, we know how small changes can make a big impact and that some home décor rules are meant to be broken. You don’t have to gut a kitchen to make it look amazing, your bedroom doors don’t have to be white if you prefer blue and your door knobs don’t have to be brass (or even knobs).


    If you’re ready to break the rules of seasonal decorating or you dread putting up Thanksgiving décor only to take it back down for Christmas a few weeks later, we have the solution for you. Combine inspiration from from multiple crafting tutorials to create one project that’s uniquely you and simple to swap as the holidays change. Let us show you how with this basic pinecone wreath from Women’s Day.

    Unique DIY pinecone wreath
    It’s lovely, but it’s also brown. If you prefer neutral colors, this might be perfect for your front door décor. And while brown is one of the top colors for fall, we think the “snow-tipped” pinecones are more appropriate for winter. Now let’s make our own rules.

    1. Ribbon refresh

    Changing the color of a wreath’s ribbon, flowers and fabrics is always a simple way to transition the look from season to season. It lets you reuse your decorations throughout the year, which is both simple and budget-friendly.

    2. Bleached beauties

    With this tutorial from ehow, you can have your pinecone wreath even if you’re into monochromatic design or want a neutral background to make other colors pop.

    3. Glitter and glam

    Not feeling the snow? Cover the pinecones with colorful glitter or just dust the tips with shine. Depending on your chosen color, your wreath could be perfect for any spring, fall or winter holiday. Or for any day!

    4. Varied vegetation

    Weave vegetation of other kinds among the pinecones for different shapes, textures and colors. Consider flowers, berries, cornstalks or fruit like apples or small pumpkins. In winter, try holly or evergreen branches.

    5. Seasonal scents

    Perfect for indoor wreaths, scented pinecones be a treat for all the senses. Dotal Anecdotes shows you how to use them to give your home that smell of cinnamon, but there’s no reason you couldn’t opt for fragrant flowers instead.


    Find more front porch ideas, whether it’s seasonal décor or updated door hardware, at Schlage’s Pinterest and Instagram.


    Halloween decorations inspired by the stranger things you see on TV.

    October 18, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, October 18, 2019

    DIY Halloween movie decor ideas | Schlage

    Holidays let us live in a fantasyland for a bit, and there’s no better time than Halloween to venture into another world. Get inspired by these five movies and television shows when you decorate this fall.



    Holidays let us live in a fantasyland for a bit, and there’s no better time than Halloween to venture into another world. Get inspired by these five movies and television shows when you decorate this fall.

    Stranger Things

    Break out the Christmas lights early and make a wall Ouija board, which could be especially striking as a party photo backdrop. Add dead matter – paper mache and cobwebs will create the effect if you don’t like the idea of actual decaying vegetation indoors – to re-create the Upside Down. If you’re feeling really ambitious, do this all over your house. Or contain it to one area and add a hole in the wall with construction paper or a decal. Then sit back and enjoy a nice waffle.

    Hocus Pocus

    You don’t have to toil and trouble yourself over this décor. Hocus Pocus, or anything with witches, is a solid go-to for your Halloween décor. Stay true to the movie with this Binx wreath from PopSugar, or take some creative license and include your own favorite black cat, bats or spiders in a door wreath.

    This movie also lends itself well to outdoor Halloween decorations. We’ve shared this one before, but we love how Polka Dot Chair turned inexpensive witches’ hats into porch luminaries. When DIY isn’t in the cards, look for this movie-inspired doormat to spruce up your entryway.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Say “season’s greetings” by turning your door into a giant Jack Skellington. If your door is already white, all you need is the free printable facial features, making this one of our simplest tricks that also makes a statement.

    Doggos love Halloween, too. This DIY floating Zero uses recycled materials for frame. After you stiffen the fabric of your ghost dog’s body, it’ll be ready to hang and light up. This makes a great addition to your front porch or indoors wherever you want some extra Halloween spirit.


    If Día de los Muertos is more your celebratory style, we have three DIY projects inspired by Coco that are great for the whole family. Disney Family’s papel picado banners add tons of vibrant color in any room, on mantels or even as bunting along tables. Or you can make your own calaveras –decorative skulls – with this tutorial from Moms and Munchkins.

    Marigolds are a must-have for Day of the Dead. You can plant the real thing or make your own from tissue paper, no green thumb necessary.

    Monsters Inc. and Monsters University

    We know they aren’t technically Halloween movies, but … monsters! If you’re looking for a no-carve pumpkin idea, try painting your gourd green and add a giant eye for your own Mike Wazowski. Keep the Mike theme going, especially if you’re low on time or energy, with this balloon monster.

    Decorating any time of the year should be fun. Find more seasonal décor tips by following Schlage on Instagram or Pinterest.


    Halloween movie and tv decor ideas.


    Enter if you dare: Halloween party décor for your front door.

    October 14, 2019 6:30 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, October 14, 2019