How to DIY your own smart home


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How to DIY your own smart home

By emily.bailey

Friday, February 5, 2016

The DIY Smart Home | Schlage

This infographic will show you everything you need to DIY a more efficient, secure and/or entertaining smart home.



According to a recent consumer study conducted by Traditional Home Magazine, there will be 25 billion connected devices in use by 2020 - up from 4.9 billion 2015. The same study also found that nearly one-fourth (24%) of consumers think the technology will be an everyday, common feature in US households.


There are many benefits of building your own smart home but many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the cost and wealth of options. Reduce some of the anxiety by selecting devices you can easily install and manage on your own. Breaking it down by the conveniences that are most important to you and your family can simplify it and help you prioritize which devices to buy.


Equipping your very own smart home is much simpler than you may think. Depending on the goals you'd like to accomplish, this infographic will walk you through the steps you should take to identify which devices you need most as well as the amount of time and difficulty it takes to install. Take a look at some of the top combinations of devices we recommend whether you want greater security, energy efficiency or just looking to entertain yourself and guests.


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Smart home - DIY - Schlage

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