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    How to pair your Schlage smart lock with your new smart device.

    July 22, 2021 9:02 AM by jennifer.thomas

    Thursday, July 22, 2021

    Schlage smart locks | Schlage

    So, you purchased a new smart home device? Here’s a list of resources to help you get connected with your Schlage smart lock quickly and easily.



    As smart homes become more popular, the number of devices we have in our homes is exploding, sometimes more quickly than we even realize. Do a count right now and you might be surprised by how many you have. (Go ahead. We’ll wait.) Whether you just upgraded to a Schlage smart lock, got a new smart home hub or decided to get more from your voice assistant than just asking Alexa about the weather, making all these devices work together is key to ultimate convenience. Here’s a list of resources to help you get connected quickly and easily.


    Before you can sync your devices, make sure the lock is properly installed on your door and that you have the smartphone app that coincides with your hub, if necessary, and lock. You may need to create an account and complete some initial start-up steps via the app before pairing your devices. Find step-by-step interactive installation instructions for the Schlage Encode, Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense deadbolts online.


    Now let’s get connected.

    Schlage smart locks.

    Samsung SmartThings

    Why pair SmartThings with the Schlage Connect® Smart Deadbolt?


    • Let in trusted friends and family or secure the deadbolt if you forgot by locking and unlocking your door from anywhere using the SmartThings app

    • Gain peace of mind by checking the status of your lock from your smartphone

    • Get app alerts when a user code is entered so you know who is coming and going from your home

    • More advanced features with the Schlage Connect lock with Z-Wave Plus

    To pair your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Samsung SmartThings, you’ll need to use the SmartThings app on your mobile device and follow the directions in the app. Additional instructions to get you started can be found here. At the end of enrollment, a green light on your lock indicates success.


    Why pair Wink with the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt - Z-Wave Plus?


    • Let in trusted friends and family or secure the deadbolt if you forgot by locking and unlocking your door from anywhere using the Wink app

    • Add and delete user codes at any time and from anywhere via the Wink app, like when you need to give access to a trusted friend while you’re stuck at work

    • Check the battery level via the Wink app

    • Create convenient shortcuts and more advanced features

    To sync your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus to your Wink hub, open the Wink app on your mobile device and follow the app’s instructions. When you have successfully connected your devices, you will see a flashing green check mark on the lock. The Wink app will also indicate that it has found the lock.


    Why pair Nexia with the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt - Z-Wave Plus?


    • Let in trusted friends and family or secure the deadbolt if you forgot by locking and unlocking your door from anywhere using a compatible app

    • Add and delete user codes at any time and from anywhere from your mobile device, like when you need to give access to a trusted friend while you’re stuck at work

    • Check the battery level via the Wink app

    • Get app alerts when a user code is entered

    • Use Google Assistant to control your Schlage Connect lock with voice commands

    Get step-by-step instructions for how to add your Z-Wave Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt to your Nexia Bridge.

    Ring Video Doorbell

    With remote access of our smart locks, you can use a compatible app to unlock the door for someone, even if you aren’t home. But what if you want to make sure – actually see – who’s at the door before you tap unlock. You can do that and more when you pair your Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with the Ring Video Doorbell.


    • Lock and unlock your door directly from the Live View in Ring App

    • Use the Ring Video Doorbell to verify your guest’s identity before granting access

    • Add access control to your Ring of Security (doorbells and cameras)

    To connect your Schlage Encode lock with the Ring Video Doorbell, follow the instructions provided in your Ring App during setup. A Ring Alarm Base Station or Ring Protection Plan are not required to use the Schlage Encode lock with your Ring Video Doorbell.

    Ring Alarm

    Why pair the Ring Alarm Base Station with the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt - Z-Wave Plus?


    • Let in trusted friends and family or secure the deadbolt if you forgot by locking and unlocking your door from anywhere using the Ring App

    • Arm or disarm your Ring Alarm right at the lock

    • Add and delete user codes at any time and from anywhere from your mobile device, like when you need to give access to a trusted friend while you’re stuck at work

    • Check the battery level via the app

    • Get app alerts when a user code is entered

    To pair your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with the Ring Alarm Base Station, simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the Ring App.

    Apple TV®, iPad® or HomePod

    The Schlage Sense® Smart Deadbolt is compatible with a variety of Apple® devices, including Apple TV, iPad and Homepod. Why pair one of these devices with the Schlage Sense lock and Bluetooth technology?


    • Control your lock and manage settings from anywhere with the Schlage® Home app and one of the Apple devices above, which can give you greater convenience and security

    • Allow your lock to work in tandem with other Apple HomeKit™-enabled devices in your home through the Apple Home app

    • Use Siri® to lock and unlock your door for hands-free convenience

    • Receive notifications when the lock is used so you know who is coming and going from your home when the lock is connected to the Apple device or within Bluetooth range

    To set up remote connectivity with Apple HomeKit using a compatible Apple TV, iPad or HomePod, open the Schlage Home app on your iOS device and choose “Continue with HomeKit.” Once you’ve chosen the “Continue with HomeKit” option, follow the instructions provided in the Schlage Home app.

    Voice Assistants

    Don’t forget that you can use voice assistants with your smart deadbolts, too. In most cases, you’ll need to use one of the smart hubs above to take advantage of the compatibility between your lock and Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

    Amazon Alexa

    Because of its built-in WiFi, you don’t need a smart hub to connect your Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with an Alexa-enabled device. To start using your Schlage Encode lock with Alexa, access the Alexa app on your smartphone, choose the Schlage Home skill and follow the instructions in the app.


    If you have the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, all you need is the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter to use Alexa. Again, follow the instructions for the Schlage Home skill in the app.


    If you have the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt with Zigbee technology, you’ll need Key by Amazon, Echo Plus or Samsung SmartThings. Use the links below for instructions on how to connect your Schlage Connect deadbolt with Zigbee to Alexa.


    Samsung SmartThings is also compatible with Schlage Connect Deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus technology, as are Wink and Ring Alarm. Use the links below for instructions on how to connect your Schlage Connect deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus to Alexa.


    Google Assistant

    To pair Google Assistant with your Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, follow these instructions.


    If you’re a Google Assistant user and have the Schlage Sense deadbolt, make sure you have the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter to take advantage of voice control capabilities. Find instructions here.

    If you’re still considering which lock is right for you, try our Smart Lock Selector Tool. You can also learn more about all of Schlage’s smart locks and find additional partners that help you get the most from your deadbolt every day at


    10 things the Schlage Connect® lock can do with a Samsung SmartThings hub.

    July 9, 2021 7:00 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, July 8, 2021

    10 things the Schlage Connect™ lock can do with a Samsung SmartThings hub

    Whether you're shopping for the right smart home system or want to choose the best lock for your Samsung SmartThings setup, here are 10 smart lock features you could take advantage of.



    One of the best ways to get security and advanced features in a Schlage smart lock is by pairing it with a compatible home automation system. The Z-wave Plus-enabled Schlage Connect® Smart Deadbolt works with most Z-Wave smart home hubs, including Samsung SmartThings. Only when you pair your lock with a hub like SmartThings can you control the lock from anywhere, freeing you from the hassles of lost keys, getting locked out and hiding a spare where anyone can find it.


    Here are 10 tasks made possible when you pair your Schlage Connect smart lock with a Samsung SmartThings hub.

    Z-wave smart lock - Schlage Connect - Samsung SmartThings

    1. Remote accessibility

    Gone are the days of worrying whether you left the door unlocked when you headed out for the day. Simply check the status of your lock through the SmartThings app. If the deadbolt is unlocked, lock it via the app, no matter where you are, without the need to turn around and go home.

    2. Smart home routines

    SmartThings allows you to create routines that are triggered by a single action. A goodnight routine, for example, locks the doors, closes the garage and turns off all electronics with a single command. A vacation routine could, again, lock all your doors and adjust the thermostat. Setting up automation with other smart devices is fast and easy since you can do everything directly from your smartphone.

    3. Create unique access codes

    Use the SmartThings app to quickly create a code for a family member or trusted friend and disable it when it is no longer needed. You can also receive alerts from SmartThings when your Schlage Connect deadbolt is unlocked with one of the access codes, so you always know who is coming and going. You can still manage codes at the lock’s touchscreen without SmartThings, but the hub gives you the next level of flexibility and convenience for controlling access remotely.

    4. Easily share access codes with visitors via SMS

    Once you’ve assigned a new access code to a visitor in the SmartThings app, you can conveniently share that code via SMS. No need for you to leave the app and no need for temporary users to download anything new to gain access.

    5. Rename or delete an access code

    Can’t find your programming guide or instructions? That’s not a problem because SmartThings allows you to edit and delete access codes all through the app instead of the touchscreen.

    6. One convenient place to check the status of all your locks

    If you have more than one smart lock installed – at home on the front and garage entrance doors, a vacation house or an AirBnB property – SmartThings allows you to conveniently check the status of each lock in a single app.

    7. Lock all smart locks in one click

    Did you leave all your doors unlocked? (You know how forgetful kids can be.) You don’t have to command each Schlage Connect deadbolt to lock one at a time. SmartThings allows you to lock them all with a single tap.

    8. Track access codes for multiple locks in one place

    Keeping track of all active access codes, whether you have one lock or several, is simple. Easily view which family members and friends have access to which locks all in the SmartThings app.

    9. Receive updates on lock activity

    SmartThings offers more peace of mind with your Schlage Connect lock by letting you know precisely when your lock was manually locked or unlocked, if it was unlocked using a code, and when a code was updated or deleted.

    10. Pair your smart lock with Amazon Alexa

    Add even more convenience to your home automation set-up by pairing an Alexa-enabled device with Samsung SmartThings. Easily check the status of your deadbolt or command it to lock or unlock by asking Alexa.

    Once you’ve installed your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt on your door, pairing with the SmartThings hub is quick and easy. Get full instructions on how to connect here. If you have any questions along the way, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.


    4 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa

    June 17, 2021 11:46 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, June 17, 2021

    7 things you need to know about Schlage Connect™ and Amazon Alexa | Schlage

    Here’s what you need to know before you use your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.



    Schlage continues to lead the security industry in innovation. The evidence: The Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt is now compatible with a growing list of smart home systems, meaning it’s easier than ever to access your lock via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Here’s what you need to know to use your Schlage Connect lock with Amazon Alexa.
    Connected device - Touchscreen lock - Schlage Connect - Amazon Alexa

    1. Are all Schlage Connect models compatible with Amazon Alexa?


    Yes. Both the Schlage Connect lock with Z-Wave technology and Schlage Connect lock with Zigbee technology are compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. You will need a compatible smart home hub to pair your lock to the device.

    2. How do I connect with Amazon Alexa?


    In order to utilize the Schlage Connect lock via Alexa-enabled devices, users must pair the deadbolt to a compatible smart hub. Which hub is required depends on whether your Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt uses Z-Wave or Zigbee technology:



    Once your lock is connected to your smart hub, you will be able to access your lock via voice activation. For the most up-to-date instructions on how to give Alexa permission to control your Schlage Connect lock with voice commands, try our guide to pairing your lock with your new smart device or follow the steps provided at the hub’s website.

    3. What can the Schlage Connect lock and Amazon Alexa do?


    After connecting the devices, you can ask Alexa to lock and unlock the door, and check the status of your Schlage Connect deadbolt. This offers the peace of mind and convenience of knowing your home is always locked and protected by one of the strongest, most convenient locks on the market.


    Voice unlocking is one the newest functions available in the integration between Schlage and Amazon Alexa. The feature was made possible through technological improvements that now requires Alexa to authenticate the user’s identity prior to unlocking the door. The additional step helps to maintain the superior security you expect from Schlage while still enjoying the convenience of voice activation. Read more about unlocking your door with Amazon Alexa here.

    4. What else should I know?


    Already trusted in over 40 million homes, Schlage always aims to create carefully designed products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life – keeping you safe and making life easier and more connected. We are unwilling to compromise that, especially when it comes to smart home integration. With this in mind, Amazon Alexa is not enabled to check battery status or create/maintain secure codes. This ensures that control of these features remains directly in consumers’ hands rather than relying on third-party components.


    The Schlage Connect deadbolt will continue to work even if it’s not connected to the internet if, for example, you choose not to use remote access or if your internet is down. In these instances, you can lock and unlock the door and manage access codes at the touchscreen. However, if you would like to control your lock from anywhere and take advantage of the features listed above, you will need that home automation hub.

    Whether asking Alexa from bed if the front door is locked or manually securing your deadbolt from the touchscreen, the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt provides all users with keyless convenience and confidence in their home security. Add to that additional benefits that come when you pair your lock with the other technology in your home and it’s proof that smarter homes start with Schlage.


    Learn about our other smart home integrations for the Schlage Connect locks at If you have questions about setting up your smart lock, message us on Facebook or Twitter.


    Choosing the right security grade for your exterior deadbolts and locks.

    May 4, 2021 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, May 4, 2021

    Right security grades for deadbolt locks | Schlage

    Here's what you need to know to choose the most secure, and stylish, deadbolts and locks for each door of your home.



    When it comes to exterior door hardware, quality matters for both security and style. You need to choose a lock you can trust to help keep your belongings and loved ones safe. A great bonus is if it happens to enhance the curb appeal of your home, too. Here's what you need to know to choose the most secure, and stylish, deadbolts and locks for each door of your home.
    Young girl unlocking front door with Schlage Encode wifi smart lock.

    What are door hardware grades?

    The grades from door hardware testing are a great way to determine if a lock meets your security needs. Look for hardware that has been tested against the highest industry standards, like the BHMA residential grading system.


    BHMA is a group of industry experts that grades residential door hardware performance in the categories of Security, Durability and Finish. A grade of ‘C’ is good, ‘B’ is better and ‘A’ is best. When you see something is AAA, that means it received the best grade possible in all three categories.

    Residential door hardware security grades
    Now that you understand how to find the best possible grade (AAA) for deadbolts and locks, you can start to figure out what the best exterior door hardware is for each of your home's doors and for your lifestyle.

    Front door

    Yellow front door with Schlage Custom Handleset.

    Most break-ins – 34 percent, according to some reports – happen at the front door. That means improving security at your front entry is a good step toward improving the security of your home overall. Choose a deadbolt that’s been tested for quality against bumping, picking and forced entry and received the highest BHMA rating in Security.


    The front door is also your opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Greeting your guests with a chipped or faded handleset might cause them to think that other details in the home will be neglected. Instead, choose a deadbolt and handleset with a style and finish you love and that will last.


    Do both these features – security and style – come in one neat package? They certainly can. Schlage mechanical deadbolts and F-series handlesets are graded AAA in residential Security, Durability and Finish. When you want to make your home your sanctuary, someplace you feel both secure and comfortable in all ways possible, you know you can turn to Schlage.

    Back and side doors

    Schlage Encode Wifi Smart Lock in Bright Chrome on back door.

    Like many homeowners, you may find that your back door or side entrance are the most frequently used. Finish and security still matter here, but you may want to look for a lock that also adds greater levels of convenience. A smart lock or electronic deadbolt at the back door ensures that trusted family, friends and service providers who need access to the home have it without you needing to hide a spare that can be easily found by intruders.


    If you’re looking for a smart lock with a AAA grade, you’ll want the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense® Smart Deadbolt or Schlage Connect® Smart Deadbolt with alarm.

    Interior and exterior garage doors

    Teal garage door with Schlage Keypad lever door lock.

    Convenience definitely matters for garage doors, whether interior or exterior. As we get closer to summer, we often find ourselves coming and going more frequently. Our outdoor DIY project list is growing and summer activities are picking up. Make it easy to get out the door to start the fun or get tools from the garage by choosing a AAA-rated keyless lock that adds convenience and an extra layer of security.


    The Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen deadbolt and lever are perfect for garage doors and are rated AAA in Security, Durability and Finish.


    For more information about door hardware grading and finding the most secure deadbolts, visit the Schlage Security Center.


    How to understand lever and door handing.

    April 28, 2021 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, April 28, 2021

    Door handing | Schlage

    Here's what you need to know to choose the correct handing for your new Schlage door handle and lever.



    Have you ever purchased a new handleset or lever, only to find that the lever is upside down after installation? You likely purchased the wrong handing. In most cases, this is easy to fix. The best plan, however, is to choose the correct handing from the start. Here’s how.
    Schlage lever door handing.

    What is door handing?

    Handing, when we’re talking about locks and levers, refers to the direction the end of the lever points when installed on the door. For example, if you’re standing on the outside of your door and the hinges are on the left, the lever will also be pointing left. It’s a left handed lever. Try thinking of it this way. If the hinges are on the left but the lever points right, it will knock into the door frame. Obviously, that’s not good.


    It’s important to note that determining handing when choosing door hardware is a bit different than how you determine handing for carpentry (ordering and hanging doors). Also, it is not related to whether you personally are right- or left-handed.

    Are all levers right or left handed?

    The short answer is no. Handing is only a concern when choosing non-turning levers that feature a curve and handlesets that include a curved interior lever. The Accent lever, for example, requires you to choose the appropriate right or left handed hardware. When shopping for Schlage door hardware, we note a product's handing by including LH (left hand) or RH (right hand) in the model number.


    Interior Privacy and Passage levers, as well as keyed levers, include a pin tool that allow you to flip the lever in either direction. Similarly, straight levers, like the Latitude lever, have universal handing. In these instances, you do not need to choose right or left hand hardware specifically.

    How do I determine door handing?

    To figure out which handing you need for a handleset with interior lever or non-turning levers, stand outside the door. From this position, the door will open away from you. Now notice where the hinges are. If they’re on the left, you will need a left hand lever. If the hinges are the on the right, you will need a right hand lever.


    Ready for an insider tip? If you have a door that requires two non-turning levers, you will need one right hand and one left hand lever. This may be the case with French doors, for example.

    Handing for your front door handles

    Front door handing, Understand right hand vs left hand doors.

    Handing for your non-turning levers

    Right hand vs. left hand doors for non-turning handles.

    Handing for your French door levers

    Door handing for French doors.

    How do I change the handing of my door levers?

    If you’ve already purchased and installed your lever but the curve of the handle doesn’t look right, you may have accidentally reversed the handing. Schlage Hall & Closet (Passage), Bed & Bath (Privacy) and keyed levers can be flipped using the pin tool. The following videos show step-by-step instructions for removing and swapping levers and cylinders so your hardware is pointing the correct way.


    It might also be worth noting here that some people like the look of their lever “upside down.” If that’s you, trust that your interior lever will still work correctly.


    Non-turning levers and those paired with your front door handleset that curve the wrong way may require you to purchase a replacement with different handing. Contact the retailer where you purchased the door hardware for more information on returns and trade-ins, if necessary. It may help to take a picture of your door with you to show to the sales associate if you need additional assistance.


    Find more helpful hints and tutorials in the Schlage How-To Center.


    Types of deadbolt locks for your front door.

    April 14, 2021 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, April 14, 2021

    Types of deadbolt locks for front door | Schlage

    Your guide to understanding the different deadbolt lock functions and choose the right secure door hardware for your home.



    Whether you’re replacing locks on a new home or looking to add more security to your current home, the aisle (or search results page) can be overwhelming with all the options. Check out our deadbolt lock breakdown below to help you understand the different functions and choose the right secure door hardware for your home.
    Schlage Matte Black Plymouth Front Door Handleset on Blue Grey Door.

    Single cylinder

    This is the most common type of deadbolt used. Single cylinder deadbolts have an exterior keyhole that throws or retracts the deadbolt using a key on the outside. On the inside, you can lock and unlock the deadbolt with the thumbturn.



    Double cylinder

    Double cylinder deadbolts are used when you want a little extra security. They are often chosen for improving security on doors with windows because they make it harder for potential intruders to reach through the glass and unlock the door. A double cylinder deadbolt features a keyhole on both the interior and exterior side of the door so the only way you can lock/unlock is with a mechanical key. However, this type of lock should be used with caution as it can make it more difficult to get out of the house quickly in the event of an emergency.



    Electronic locks

    Electronic deadbolts often leverage the same security and durability of mechanical single cylinder deadbolts with the added convenience of a keypad or touchscreen. By allowing you to program a unique access code, electronic locks provide peace of mind so you never have to worry about losing a key again. These deadbolts, sometimes called non-connected locks, are controlled at the door and are not connected to your WiFi or other smart home technology.



    Smart locks

    Like electronic locks, smart deadbolt locks are just as durable as a mechanical single cylinder deadbolt. You can connect your smart lock to your home network, either directly to WiFi or with a compatible smart home hub, depending on the lock you choose. You can then use your smartphone for easy programming and access from anywhere.


    Smart locks also provide the option to integrate parts of your home security with other smart home products to create routines and schedules that fit your lifestyle. Did you leave the house and wonder if you forgot to lock the door? No problem. As long as you’re connected to your WiFi or smart hub, you can access your lock remotely to check its status and command it to lock or unlock. Want to tell Alexa to lock the door, even when you’re too comfy to get out of bed? You can do that, too.



    No matter which type of deadbolt lock you choose, look for signs that you can trust your door hardware to help protect your home. Check that the deadbolt has the BHMA’s Best, or AAA, ratings in security, durability and finish. Look for a lifetime warranty so you know the company you’re buying from stands behind its products. And listen to what others have to say. Schlage is trusted in over 40 million homes and has over 10,000 five-star reviews. We’re proud to have earned the trust of so many homeowners and are committed to strengthening that trust into our next century of business.


    Securing your front door is an important step toward improving the overall safety of your home. Remember to be just as diligent when purchasing locks for the other doors on your home, including back doors and garage entries. Visit our Safety Center for more tips and recommendations.


    The best door hardware for pet projects of any size.

    April 1, 2021 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, April 1, 2021

    Best door hardware for tiny pets | Schlage

    We now offer door hardware for your tiniest furry friends: hamsters.



    Schlage has long been renowned for its style and design. The push-button lock, invented and patented by founder Walter Schlage in 1920, was all about solving an everyday problem. We continue to craft quality locks that are easy to use, while also making a name for ourselves for the style and the visual appeal of our door hardware.


    In the 1950s and 60s, Schlage acquired several door hardware manufacturers, including the Peabody Company. Already with a reputation for eye-catching designs, the Peabody Hardware Company helped Schlage capture even more custom made-to-order business. One of the most striking examples surviving today are these lobster door pulls. Made of solid bronze and weighing 40 pounds, they were originally designed for a sea-themed hotel and restaurant.

    Schlage lobster door pull.

    Continuous innovation in style

    As the housing and building industry changes, Schlage strives to not only keep up with trends but to be a leader of those changes as well. Research teams tirelessly investigate the ebb and flow of fashion to make sure our customers have the look and feel they most desire. We want to create the products that are most important to you.


    We know that for many of you, your pets are as much a part of your family as anyone else. We’ve shown you porch puppies and provided tips to help keep your pets safe during the holidays. Now, we offer door hardware for your tiniest furry friends: hamsters.

    Secure homes for your beloved pets

    With some companies already making custom-made hamster villas, Schlage recognizes that pet security can be play an integral role in making sure your hamsters and gerbils feel safe in their homes. On April 1, Schlage is releasing the Litill lever, perfect for tiny hands that lack opposable thumbs. There’s also the Schlage Jerbo. This smart lock uses retinal scans of your rodent pals’ beady little eyes to help protect their favorite carrot and seed treats.

    Schlage Litill lever for hamsters.
    Schlage Jerbo knob for hamsters.

    It is anticipated that Schlage’s new pet line will be a … small … run, so you won’t want to wait to get yours. There are three things to remember when making your purchase.


    1. This new hardware comes in a variety of finishes to complement nearly any coat color, from the golden Syrian hamster to the Roborovski dwarf hamster and everywhere in between.

    2. Even the smallest detail can make a big impact in the style of your home. Your little buddy will appreciate the extra steps you take to make his villa feel comfortable and luxurious.

    3. Happy April Fool’s Day!

    Believe it or not

    Note that except for Schlage producing miniature door hardware for rodents, all parts of this story are true. We have been crafting durable and stylish door hardware for more than a century, and yes, that does include door pulls shaped like lobsters. For more true Schlage history, visit And have a fun day!


    Door locks for tiny hamsters. Find out about Schlage's new line of tiny door hardware for pets - the year's best innovation, just in time for April Fool's.


    How to use Schlage smart locks’ auto-lock feature for a safer home.

    March 23, 2021 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, March 23, 2021

    auto-locking smart locks | Schlage

    Here are five ways the auto-lock feature on your Schlage smart lock can increase your security.



    We’re all familiar with auto-lock functions on our phones and cars. You might be less aware that your Schlage electronic lock has the same feature. You can program your smart deadbolt to automatically lock behind you, setting the timing for anywhere from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. The reason to try it is simple: it could make your home safer. Here are five ways the auto-lock feature on your Schlage smart lock can increase your security.
    Schlage Encode wifi smart lock in Matte Black on blue front door.

    1. It locks your door, even if you forget …

    You run out the door, hop in the car and you’re going to make it on time! But did you lock up? Should you go back and check? If you use the auto-lock feature on your Schlage smart lock, you don’t have to. Moments after you left, your door locked according to your settings. Even if it slipped your mind, you can trust that your Schlage lock is helping to keep your home secure … and you’ll still be on time.


    Think of this like the auto-lock feature on your car. Some newer vehicles can sense when the key is no longer nearby and will lock when it’s out of range. There’s no more running out to the parking lot “just to make sure” when you can depend on auto-lock. And while your Schlage lock doesn’t use geocaching, the effect is the same – it secures your door without you lifting a finger.

    2. … and when others forget.

    Maybe you’re not forgetful, but you know a few others who are. If your kids have a hard time remembering to lock up when they leave, auto-lock is a good fallback measure. If service providers visit your home – dog walkers, house cleaners – auto-lock means you’ll know your home is secure even if they don’t lock up after the job. No physical keys are necessary, and they don’t even need a code to lock the door.


    Think of this like when you let your kids play with your phone at a restaurant. They’re enjoying their video or playing yet another game, then wander off because that’s what they do. Your phone’s auto-lock feature will help protect your personal data even when another user doesn’t.

    3. It locks up when your hands are full.

    Coming or going, it seems we always have our hands full. When you leave the house, you might have your gym bag, briefcase, the kids and their bags, any number of things you’re trying to get to the car. When you’re coming home, it’s all those things plus the groceries. With auto-lock, you don’t have to juggle whatever you’re carrying while also trying to get the key in the door. You can trust that your Schlage lock will take care of it automatically. That’s security and convenience in one.


    Again, think of it like the auto-lock feature on your phone. When you have other things on your mind – and in your hands – you can toss your phone into your bag or pocket. You know it will shut itself off soon and your data will be safe until you enter the passcode or use facial recognition to reopen it. We think your devices should work with you to improve security.

    4. It locks even when you’re home.

    You’ve just come home with all those bags and groceries, got the ice cream in the freezer before it melted and now everyone wants dinner. So you start cooking, get everyone fed and three hours later, you think, “Did I lock the door when I came in?” With auto-lock, you never have to worry about it.


    Most break-ins happen when everyone is away, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Burglaries when you or your kids are home can be an incredibly unsettling experience, but a locked door can help prevent it. Auto-lock can make it easier to keep the door locked.


    Think of it like the auto-lock feature on your car that engages while you’re driving. One benefit of this is to deter carjacking. Protect yourself while you’re inside.

    5. It discourages young children from leaving unattended.

    Just as you want to keep some people out of your home, others you want to keep in. If your child is a little Houdini, you can use auto-lock to help keep them from pulling a disappearing act. This is most effective when your kiddo is still too short to reach the latch.


    Again, think of it like your car’s auto-locks. This feature can help prevent your passengers from opening the door while you’re in motion, always a dangerous scenario. Your Schlage deadbolt’s auto-lock feature similarly can help keep everyone safely where they’re supposed to be.

    Even when the door locks automatically behind you, there’s no need to worry about getting locked out of the house. As long as you know your access code, you can re-enter using the keypad or touchscreen, no physical key necessary.


    To turn the auto-lock feature on or change the length of time before it engages, refer to your lock’s programming guide, included in the box or online at Schlage Support.


    Smart locks can help make your home more secure. When you take advantage of all their available features, you might not only improve that security even more, but also make your life a lot simpler. It’s time to overcome your concerns about going keyless and find the right Schlage smart lock for you.


    Which is better – door knobs or levers?

    March 18, 2021 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, March 18, 2021

    Door knobs or levers? | Schlage

    Should you choose door knobs or levers? They’re such a small thing and yet they make such a big impact on your everyday life.



    Should you choose door knobs or levers? They’re such a small thing and yet they make such a big impact on your everyday life. You need them to work right every time. And you need them to be a good fit for your home and lifestyle. So which is better – door knobs or levers? Well, that depends.
    Photos of Schlage door knob and Schlage lever with title 'Which is better - door knobs or levers?

    Find the right look

    There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to style. To each their own. It’s no different when you’re choosing door knobs and levers. That being said, the overall style of your home can sometimes tip the scales toward door knobs instead of levers, and vice versa.


    Door knobs themselves have been around longer, so they tend to look more traditional. If you have a Colonial or Arts and Crafts-style home, a door knob might be the better choice. The Schlage Custom™ Alexandria glass knob, for example, was inspired by classic Victorian architecture. The Georgian door knob and Siena are also strong contenders for a traditional home.


    At the same time, however, you can also find more contemporary door knobs. The Bowery and glass Schlage Custom™ Hobson knobs, for example, can feel very modern. Sometimes the finish you choose – think Matte Black – can put them even more in that category.


    You can find traditional-style levers, such as the Birmingham or Schlage Custom™ Whitney lever. However, it is more common to see levers on homes with more contemporary and European architecture. Levers with streamlined designs and straighter edges lend themselves to minimalist décor and styles like Scandinese. The Latitude and Manhattan levers might be just the modern touch you’re looking for.


    As you can see, there are door knobs and door levers for every style and taste. If you aren’t sure which is right for you, try the Schlage Style Selector.

    Schlage Bowery door knob in polished nickel finish

    Get a grip

    It’s not just about looking good, though. You need to be able to trust that your door hardware, regardless of whether it’s a knob or a lever, will work perfectly for you and your family. Ask yourself who will be using the knob or lever most often. This will sometimes reveal the best choice.

    • Kids

    Parents of inquisitive young children often prefer door knobs because they’re harder for tiny hands to turn. If your kiddos are constantly getting into places they shouldn’t, a door knob might be your winner. However, if you can trust your little angel and need them to be able to open the door easily, you might opt for a lever.

    • Elderly

    Levers are popular for those who plan to age in place or who are prone to arthritis and other grip problems. If you or someone you love has trouble with grip strength or fine motor skills, choosing a lever can reduce a lot of frustration and make them feel more at home.

    • People with disabilities

    For many of the same reasons people prefer levers for arthritic hands, people with disabilities often opt for levers. Consider levers if you have a concern about motor skills, perhaps a hand or arm lost to amputation, or ease of operating the door when using crutches, walkers or other mobility assistance. Some municipalities even mandate the use of levers over knobs for accessibility compliance.

    • Mischievous pets

      They don’t have thumbs, so how much trouble can they get into? Turns out, plenty. Some pet owners are dismayed when their cat or dog figures out how to work a lever. If you don’t want your furry friend letting themselves into forbidden rooms, opt for a door knob.

    • Service animals

      While you don’t want mischievous pets using a lever, that might be exactly what your service animal needs. Levers can make it easier for service dogs to complete regular tasks or go for help when needed.

    A lever might also be your solution when you frequently have dry hands – if you have extreme winters, you know what we mean – or wet hands like when washing up or coming in from the pool. Those conditions can make turning door knobs tricky.
    Farmhouse kitchen with Schlage Custom Whitney lever in Aged Bronze finish.

    Lever myths

    As you do your research, you’ll probably see a common complaint that levers require more maintenance than door knobs because of the internal spring mechanisms. That’s not necessarily the case, especially if you choose quality door hardware. Schlage levers are tested to the highest industry standards and our Best rating from the BHMA includes top marks in durability. With Schlage Custom™ levers, there’s no drooping or sagging with time. Because of the construction of the innovative chassis in Schlage Custom Door Hardware, you know the lever will stay beautiful and continue working properly.


    As for other maintenance, you won’t see much difference regardless of whether you choose a Schlage door knob or lever. Regular cleaning with a mild soap and water will help to keep the finish looking sharp and your family healthy. There are some special considerations based on the type of finish, though, so be sure to check out our full guide for how to clean electronic locks and door hardware.

    The help doesn’t end here. Try our interactive Product Selector tool or see our full list of door knob and lever styles at


    What type of door hardware is best for each room in your home?

    February 18, 2021 7:50 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, February 18, 2021

    What type of door hardware is best for each room in your home? | Schlage

    This quick guide to door hardware functions will help you navigate the lock aisle and find just the right knob or lever for each room in your home.


    Privacy? Passage? Bed & Bath? Hall & Closet? What does it all mean? Deciding which type of door hardware you should purchase for each room in your home doesn’t have to be a major chore. Here’s a quick guide that will help you navigate the lock aisle (or online store) and find the right knob or lever function.
    Laundry room door hardware with Schlage Matte Black lever.

    Hall & Closet

    Hall and closet door hardware refers to non-locking knobs and levers, sometimes called Passage hardware. They are ideal for rooms and doors where locking is not needed, such as a closet. Parents of young children often prefer this function as well so that their little ones can’t lock themselves in a bedroom or playroom.

    Schlage bathroom door knob

    Bed & Bath

    The Bed & Bath category is used to describe Privacy door hardware because it has a locking function. As the name suggests, it is best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom and bathroom. These are also increasingly popular for home offices. While not as secure as a deadbolt, a Bed & Bath lock will help keep others from walking in and interrupting a conference call.

    Schlage Custom bedroom door handle.

    Combined Interior

    This one is unique to Schlage. When you choose Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware, you have the ability to switch between the hall and closet function and the bed and bath function without changing out the entire lock. Combined interior hardware is ideal for multipurpose rooms that may require greater privacy at certain times and not at others. Many homeowners in their forever homes also prefer combined interior because it allows their hardware to grow with their family, going from non-locking on a child’s bedroom when they’re a toddler to locking when they’re older, for example.

    Garage door locks.

    Keyed Entry

    Keyed entry locks are best for exterior doors. You may find a use for this door hardware on interior rooms that require a little more security, such as an office that needs greater security than with a Privacy lock or wine cellar. Some keyed entry functions unlock when the door is opened from the inside, allowing you to leave quickly, conveniently and re-enter easily.

    Closet french doors with Schlage door levers.


    Non-turning door hardware is sometimes referred to as dummy or inactive hardware. These knobs and levers are meant to be used as decorative door pulls, often found on interior French doors or pantries.

    Front door with smart lock and handle from Schlage.

    Smart locks

    Smart locks can be paired to your WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave or Zigbee platforms, depending on the model you choose. They have a keypad or touchscreen so you can control access at the lock without a key. When connected to your smart home system or WiFi, you can also control them remotely from anywhere using your phone. Try our Smart Lock Selector to help you determine what kind of lock fits your lifestyle and is compatible with your favorite technology and smart home system.

    Home office with electronic Schlage keypad lever.

    Electronic locks

    Electronic, non-connected keypad knobs and touchscreen levers are ideal for garage entry doors and utility rooms. Unlike smart locks , you are not connected to the internet or a smart home system, but you can still control access at the lock using a code on the keypad or touchscreen. Electronic locks are often used where you need higher security inside your home, without the need or desire for a physical key.

    Knowing door hardware functions is just one step in choosing the right levers and knobs for your home. Use our simple checklist of things to consider when shopping for door hardware. You can also check out all our products and designs at or get the latest technology and product updates at the Schlage blog.



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