How to choose the right brands for your next home remodeling project


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How to choose the right brands for your next home remodeling project

By emily.bailey

Monday, January 18, 2016

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Here are 10 considerations you should always keep in mind when choosing the right products and brands for your next home remodeling project.



Choosing the right products and materials for your next home remodeling project can often be just as stressful as the project itself. When is it worth the splurge? Which items can you never afford to skimp on quality? The last thing you want to do is spend all that time completing a project only to have the end result not function properly or fall apart because of the products you chose. Here are ten considerations you should always keep in mind when choosing the materials and supplies that best suit your needs.
How to Choose the Right Brands for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

1. Trust in brand name.

The first step in choosing the best products is to first consider the brands you already know and trust. Do you they offer a solution for what you need? There's much to be said for brands that have proven themselves to consistently deliver on quality and performance.

2. Design options that fit your style.

You should never have to skimp on style to complete your projects. With so many available options, you can go beyond standard, builder grade materials and choose pieces that accurately reflect your personal style. Look for brands that strive to uphold the classics while bringing you fresh, innovative offerings that evolve as your tastes do.

For help choosing the right style of door hardware for your home, try our style selector tool.

3. Durability and reliability.

Can you trust this product to perform as it should for many years to come? With remodeling projects, you often get what you pay for and skimping on quality could result in frustration and greater costs down the road when you have to repair.

4. Available where you shop.

Product availability may also play a role in the materials you choose. If it's a time sensitive project, you should consider whether you can readily access the materials you need. At the same time, if it's something that's really rare and special, don't regret not having the patience to wait for it to arrive if the project doesn't need to be finished quickly. 

5. Cost.

Another important consideration when choosing materials is the size of your budget. We would all love to afford the best of the best when it comes to investing in our homes but sometimes reality sets in and your dreams may not be feasible in your price range. 

6. Wide selection of options.

It's also important to choose brands that allow you to customize a number of sizes, finishes or configurations to fit your tastes. There's no reason why you should be forced to forgo other options.

7. Easy to clean and maintain.

What will the maintenance and upkeep be like? Marble counter-tops are gorgeous but are you prepared to be on egg shells every time someone goes in your kitchen for fear they may spill or etch the finish? It's important to think about what the day-to-day maintenance will be like before you make a decision on appearance alone.


See our tips for keeping your hardware finish looking like new for years to come.

8. Previous experience.

Have you purchased the product before? What was your experience like? Think back on lessons learned in years before to help guide your decision making.

9. Product guarantee/ warranty.

Consider the product guarantee/ warranty that's offered by the manufacturer. A generous warranty can signal a high quality product and confidence that the product is going to work the way it is supposed to.


For more information on Schlage's mechanical, electronic and finish warranty, visit our FAQ section.

10. Easy to install.

The final deciding factor may be the ease of installation. Can you install the product on your own? Or do you need to hire a professional to take care of it? Consider your budget, skill-level and timing for your project in order to make the best decision.

What other factors do you consider when planning your home remodeling projects? Comment below to let us know!