6 must-have elements to unlock your foyer's decor potential.


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6 must-have elements to unlock your foyer's decor potential.

By emily.bailey

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Foyer decor | Schlage

Make sure your foyer is both welcoming and coordinates with the rest of your home by including these six elements.



Your foyer is the first thing to greet you each day and your guests’ introduction to your personal style. Make sure it is both welcoming and coordinates with the rest of your home by including these six elements below.
Foyer with yellow front door and Schlage Custom handleset in Bright Chrome.

1. Complementing door hardware

If you're still rocking the same door hardware that was installed when you moved in, it may be time to for an upgrade that complements other style elements in your home. Take a look at existing lighting and fixtures, consider the style of your home and choose a style and finish that adds the perfect finishing touch. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how well door hardware completes the look. Try our Style Selector Tool to help you get started.


2. Adequate lighting

There's nothing more welcoming than a vibrant, well-lit space. If your entryway has the tendency to look like a dungeon, consider installing new lighting that brings it to life. You can even opt for smart lighting that illuminates as soon as you unlock your front door with one of our smart locks. It’s not just a style boost. It can improve your home’s security, too.


3. Organization

It's easy to throw your bags, coat, shoes and everything else you're carrying on the floor or nearest surface as soon as you get home. Tackle the chaos before it starts by adding organization right when you walk in. Install hooks for coats and bags, a shoe tray, and even a decorative crate or basket to catch miscellaneous accessories. A landing strip – a table or slim shelf – is ideal for corralling keys, mail, your phone and other odds and ends, even in small entryways.


4. Place to sit

Give yourself and your guests a comfortable and convenient place to remove shoes by adding a chair or bench to your entryway. You can save a little room by using the space underneath to organize shoes and accessories.


5. Durable rug

Finally, add a rug that is both stylish and can stand up against whatever you may track in from outside. Resist the urge to choose something too light that will need to be replaced after a few weeks of wear and tear, but don't be afraid to have a little fun with prints and color.


6. Personal touch

Whether you hang photos on the wall, place fresh cut flowers on a table or show your creative side with colorful bench cushions, your entryway décor can be an expression of you and your family’s personality. Take advantage of this frequently overlooked space that craves your decorative touch.


Ready to get started? Check out these DIY entryway projects to help you complete a space affordably and with your own personal touch.