Cozy up to these electronics for your most comfortable home.


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Cozy up to these electronics for your most comfortable home.

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Cozy electronics | Schlage

Here are Schlage’s top picks for appliances, electronics and robots that can make your home feel like a snugger, more inviting place.



Appliances – those utilitarian contraptions – can make your home cozy. You read that right. If your first thoughts of technology go to convenience and utility, you’re not alone. You’re not totally wrong, either, but we’d like to expand your minds a bit. Here are Schlage’s top picks for appliances, electronics and robots that can make your home feel like a snugger, more inviting place.
Woman in loungewear sitting on couch looking at phone.

For the bedroom

Cordless electric blanket

If you’re looking for a big electric comforter, this isn’t it. We like this smaller battery-operated heated blanket because there’s no cord to get tangled in and when you get up in the morning, you can fight off that last chill by taking it with you. And because you don’t have to be plugged into an outlet, it can even go with you outside.


If you suffer from dry skin, irritated eyes or respiratory symptoms – all things that keep you from feeling comfy and cozy – you might benefit from a humidifier. Even a small model like this one from Pore can provide relief on a budget.

ROGNAN robotic furniture

Designed for small spaces, this robotic furniture from IKEA can help add usable square footage to a room. With the push of a button, your bed slides underneath a “walk-in” closet, giving you more than 80 more square feet when it’s retracted. Think of all the ways you could use that extra space. You might have to wait a bit longer before it’s in U.S. markets, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Cozy bathroom

For the bathroom

Towel warmer

One of the most common tips for creating a spa-like bathroom is to get plush towels. Go one step farther in the cozy department by warming them up, either with a heated towel rack or warmer cabinet.


They’ve never been very popular in America, although there was increased interest during The Great TP Shortage of 2020. In terms of comfort and coziness, high-end bidets come with “nice warm air,” according to one NPR interview. You can go for luxury or an easy-to-install attachment bidet for less money.

Heated floor mat:

We picked this for the bathroom because cold tiles on bare feet is the exact opposite of cozy. You can find rubberized, non-slip options, which would make it extra safe for damp bathrooms, but we also like this one that’s designed to go under rugs. It’ll keep your bathroom – or living room, bedroom or playroom – looking stylish and feeling pleasantly toasty.

Cozy living room.

For the living room

Anti-fatigue LED strip lights

It seems like we’re all suffering from eye strain due to screen time. If you want to wind down with your favorite show, try LED strip lights you stick on the back of your television. It’ll set a dramatic mood and help those eyes at the same time.

Samsung Frame TV

If the mere sight of electronics leaves you feeling cold, devices like The Frame that hide their true function might be for you. It’s a television when you want it and a piece of art when you don’t, adding that touch of beauty you’ve been missing.

White kitchen with herringbone backsplash tile.

For the kitchen

Drink maker

Whether it’s coffee or tea, whether you’re drinking it now or simply enjoying the smell, a high-end brewer can change your mood quickly. Don’t deprive yourself just because you aren’t going to the coffeeshop every day. shares its list of best coffee makers and grinders.

Touchless trash can

If touching germy surfaces leaves you feeling anything but cozy and stinky kitchen trash makes you queasy, you’ll appreciate a touchless trash can. This trash/recycling bin combo from NINESTARS is a favorite on Amazon.

Cozy backyard patio.

For outside

Outdoor heater

We predict outdoor heaters will be flying off the shelves in the wake of the coronavirus, so if this intrigues you, don’t wait too long. When cabin fever sets in or you’re looking for a safer way to visit with friends outside, an outdoor space heater would make all the difference between a pleasant evening out and a frozen social misstep.

Smart lock

Sometimes what makes your home cozy is the knowledge that everything is as it should be. With a smart lock, you’ll find the peace of mind that helps you relax and enjoy the haven that is your home.

Portable ethanol fueled fireplace on living room coffee table.

For anywhere in the home

Portable fireplace

No chimney or gas hookup? No problem. A ventless bio-ethanol fireplace from Anywhere Fireplaces can be used anywhere indoors, and you don’t have to worry about installing inserts or dealing with smoke. They have tabletop and wall-mounted models to help make any space cozier.

Companion robot

There are so many robots available right now that promise to provide companionship and social interaction. Unlike Alexa or a Google Assistant, some can initiate conversations and ask how your day went as well as provide requested information. Some might even be soft and cuddly. Artificial intelligence isn’t something to fear, so check out the right home robots that will make life more comfortable, convenient and perhaps even cuddly.

Litter box

If the only thing standing between you and a cozy home is smelly kitty litter, we’ve got the scoop for you. An automatic cat litter box can make life more pleasant when you have to scoop less and smell less odor. Your finicky feline friend might appreciate it, too.

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