The best Schlage door locks for swoon-worthy spaces.


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The best Schlage door locks for swoon-worthy spaces.

By emily.bailey

Monday, January 27, 2020

Pinterest-inspired room | Schlage

We found some gorgeous rooms on Pinterest and asked, “What if they had the perfect door? What if we updated the entryway to make a swoon-worthy welcoming statement?” Get inspired with us!



Are you dreaming of the perfect renovation? Maybe you’re merely admiring other people’s homes and living vicariously. When thinking about the perfect style for your house – even your hypothetical house – sometimes it’s fun to think, “What if …?” We found some gorgeous rooms on Pinterest and asked, “What if they had the perfect door? What if we updated the entryway to make a swoon-worthy welcoming statement?” Get inspired with us!
Modern bathroom with stone tile and Schlage black door knob.

Modern living room

Latitude lever + Century trim in Bright Chrome


This living room is contemporary all the way thanks to the straight lines, monochromatic color palette and airiness. The door we’re sure is lurking somewhere just off to the side should, in our opinion, have a Schlage Latitude lever with Century trim. The rectangular shape of the door hardware would complement the similar lines found in the furniture, while the Bright Chrome finish is modern but still inviting. Matte Black would also look sharp with the room’s gray tones and dark lamp and picture frames.

Bright Chrome Schlage Latitude lever

Modern open floor plan

Bowery knob + Kinsler trim in Satin Brass


This open-concept modern floor plan calls for door hardware that won’t detract from the overall clean motif. The Schlage Custom™ Bowery knob with Kinsler trim would do just that thanks to simple lines that fit in just about anywhere. We also chose a Satin Brass finish to pair with the warm browns in the room, although something in the silver family – perhaps Satin Chrome – would match the coffee table and other accessories as well.

Bowery knob in Satin Brass

Minimalist bedroom

Hobson knob + Collins trim in Matte Black


Big statement with little clutter is what you’re looking for in a minimalist space like this bedroom. You get that with the Schlage Custom™ Hobson knob with Collins trim. The lines are clean, sharp and timeless, making it a perfect fit. The Matte Black finish of the trim also gives the door hardware an even more contemporary feel and would complement the other black accessories in this room.

Hobson knob with Collins trim in Matte Black

Industrial modern loft

Bowery knob + Collins trim in Matte Black


Industrial spaces today feature materials with that raw, unfinished look mixed with sleeker modern touches. Because door hardware is the perfect place to add that contemporary feel, we think a Schlage Custom™ Bowery knob with Collins trim would be ideal for this loft. The trim’s clean lines would pair nicely with the steel supports along the wall and windows, while the knob mirrors the shape of the coffee tables and softness of the couch. Matte Black is a can’t-miss finish in industrial modern homes, although with the silver stair railing in this space, Satin Nickel would be a good look as well.

Bowery knob with Collins trim in Matte Black

Industrial modern open floor plan

Broadway lever + Kinsler trim in Satin Nickel


This industrial modern space relies on plants to soften the room a bit, but hard lines rule when it comes to appliances and furniture. Because of this, we think the door needs a Schlage Custom™ Broadway lever with Kinsler trim. In this open floor plan, the Satin Nickel or Stainless Steel finishes match the kitchen appliances, but Matte Black and brass finishes are also popular in industrial modern homes.

Broadway lever in satin nickel

Scandinavian bedroom

Eller lever + Collins trim in Matte Black


Scandinavian style is hallmarked by white walls, natural wood or stone details, and uncluttered, functional aesthetics. When adding hardware to this bedroom door, we would go with the Schlage Custom™ Eller lever with Collins trim to tie in with the semi-minimalist, functional aspects of the overall design. The Matte Black finish coordinates well with neutral or natural colors, including the wood bench.

Eller lever with Collins trim in Matte Black

Bohemian modern living room

Plymouth knob + Greenwich trim in Satin Nickel


Choosing door hardware for a bohemian modern space can be easy since it pulls trends from so many different eras and styles. For this living room, we would choose a modern Schlage Plymouth knob with the transitional Greenwich trim to mirror the curved lines of the chairs and soft drapes. If you wanted to highlight the more contemporary framework of the couch and tables, a straight lever could also fit in seamlessly. The Satin Nickel finish pulls in the grays of the décor, although Matte Black would pop nicely, particularly against a white door.

Plymouth knob with Greenwich trim in satin nickel

Mid-Century Modern

Manhattan lever in Satin Chrome


This Mid-Century Modern space is full of clean lines, but they aren’t stark or harsh. That’s why we would love to see the Schlage Manhattan lever with its graceful, subtle curve on this room’s door. The standard circular trim lets other elements shine without being distracting. The Satin Chrome finish provides a bit of contrast without being overbearing, although we’d also love to see this pairing in warmer hues to complement the browns and golds in the room.

Manhattan lever in Satin Chrome

Coastal living room

Merano lever + Greenwich trim in Satin Chrome


The curves of the Schlage Merano lever and Greenwich trim not only work well with each other but would also tie into the wavy beach feel of this living room. With the relaxing blues and greens so often seen in coastal décor, stick with “cooler” silver finishes like this Satin Chrome. A brass finish might tie in well too if you have golden accessories such as the lantern on the mantelpiece here.

Merano lever with Greenwich trim in Satin Chrome

Farmhouse kitchen

Siena knob + Wakefield trim in Matte Black


The Schlage Siena knob and Wakefield trim are a traditional pairing, which makes it suited for farmhouse décor. The slightly unusual oblong shape of the knob, however, keeps it from feeling dated and mirrors the drawer pulls in this kitchen. A Matte Black finish would complement the cabinet hardware perfectly, creating a cohesive look throughout this room. If it’s a lever you’re after, try the Whitney lever, which pairs nicely with this more traditional interpretation of farmhouse.

Siena knob with Wakefield trim

Farmhouse entryway

Andover knob + Addison trim in Antique Pewter


The Schlage Addison trim takes on a more traditional, rustic feel when paired with the Andover knob. Like the farmhouse kitchen, Matte Black would complement the other elements in the space, specifically the stair railing. With the lighter wood and accessories, however, Antique Pewter would also look fantastic.

Andover knob with Addison trim in Antique Pewter

Arts & Crafts bedroom

Avila lever + Addison trim in Aged Bronze


Arts & Crafts homes are most easily identified by those iconic tapered pillars, plenty of woodwork and earth tones. The Schlage Avila lever hints at the pillars’ shapes without being too matchy-matchy, while the Addison trim is reminiscent of the wood molding. We love the Aged Bronze finish with its multi-tone coloring to balance all that woodwork in craftsman-style homes. The contrast helps it stand out without feeling out of place.

Avila lever with Addison trim in Aged Bronze

Glamorous bedroom

Dempsey lever + Rosewood trim in Satin Nickel


Art Deco and Hollywood regency styles both rely on glamor and glitz to make a statement. Because of that, the Schlage Custom™ Dempsey lever with Rosewood trim are a perfect fit with the crystal chandelier, tufted headboard and mirrored nightstands. When abundant shine is a must for your glamorous space, turn to the Satin Nickel finish. Bright Brass can also work, especially when mixed with other gold accents in the room.

Dempsey lever with Rosewood trim in Satin Nickel

Victorian kitchen

Georgian knob + Brookshire trim in Antique Brass


One word describes Victorian style: ornate. Rich colors, stained glass panels and detailed woodwork mean that your door hardware should be equally elaborate. The Schlage Georgian knob with Brookshire trim were made for Victorian homes. And the Antique Brass finish is nothing if not traditional. We especially like the gold-toned finish for this kitchen with its yellows and greens. If brass isn’t your style though, try Aged Bronze, especially with the glass Alexandria knob and Alden trim.

Georgian knob with Brookshire trim in Antique Brass