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Gold-medal glamour.

Hollywood’s Golden Age is finding a resurgence in our homes with ornate prints, chic crystal and statement furniture pieces that made design in the 1930s so iconic. "Hollywood Regency is anything but understated,” says Ted Roberts, our Style and Design Chief. “This complex style combines pattern, texture and materials to produce visually intricate decor." Here’s how to infuse the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Regency style into your home without a movie star budget.
Hollywood regency bedroom with Dempsey lever.

Add unique shine.

Incorporate pieces you won’t see anywhere else and make them the star of the show (or your living room). Whether it’s furniture, accessories or wallpaper prints, choose elements that showcase a unique style all your own. Then make them stand out and shine by placing them front-and-center in your décor.

Hollywood Regency dining room

Make an inspirational statement.

Your furniture should make you and your room feel glamorous, like you’re at a Hollywood starlet’s extravagant party everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Choose pieces that inspire conversation and make a style statement. Try irregular or asymmetrical shapes, mirrored tabletops or facing, lush pillows or all of the above.

Hollywood Regency bedroom with striped wallpaper.

Find a pattern.

You will find some neutral colors in Hollywood Regency, but they mostly exist so that bright hues and bold patterns can take the limelight. Damask, paisley and floral are great classic prints to start with, but modern geometric shapes and stripes also make a statement. Choose one and go big to avoid a chaotic look that’s neither inviting nor relaxing.

Hollywood Regency hallway with mirrors.

Shine bright.

Hollywood Regency has some style overlap with Art Deco, including glitter and shine. Crystal chandeliers were exceedingly popular in the 1930s, but for a more understated glow, consider a wall sconce or lamp that features the same crystal detail. Lustrous accessories and mirrors also help create this look.

Create a rich design.

Celebrity style on a modest budget is possible with carefully chosen impactful accessories. Door hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, fringe or unexpected patterns on throw pillows can be a stylist’s – and your wallet’s – best friends.
Modern Hollywood Regency living room.

1Explore all eras.


Hollywood Regency is all about mixing eras – from neoclassical and Art Deco to modern. Combine contemporary elements with hand-me-downs, such as a modern glass coffee table with a velvet tufted sofa or a vintage-style door lever with mod furniture, for an updated look that wins.

Hollywood Regency living room

2Punch up the color.


Look for bold colors with strong contrast to black, white and gray. You want things to stand out, but not clash, so stick with one color and use it with neutrals to make it pop. Unique accessories in a similar shade keep it monochromatic but not boring. Schlage door hardware in Matte Black helps complete the look.

Hollywood Regency bathroom with satin brass finishes.

3Polish your style.


With bold pieces, you need something to help tie everything together. Schlage’s sophisticated Polished Nickel finish unites mirrored furniture. Satin Brass, featuring hints of gold, is ideal for warmer rooms. Complementing silver and gold accents in your décor with ornate hardware shows an eye for detail that made Golden Hollywood famous.

Hollywood regency living room.

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