Master fall décor, inside and out.


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Master fall décor, inside and out.

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fall decor inside and out | Schlage

Here are some of our favorite examples of how you can capture the perfect fall décor inside and out, across every area of the house, to give your whole home the look you love.



Whether it’s seasonal décor, door hardware or a color palette for the master suite, a cohesive design exudes class and style. But sometimes when you’re decorating for the holidays, the excitement can take over and you end up with a disjointed collection of items. Your front porch says farmhouse, your living room expresses glamorous elegance and your bathroom is just a hodge-podge. Here are some of our favorite examples of how you can capture the perfect fall décor inside and out, across every area of the house, to give your whole home the look you love.
Fall decor, inside and out.

Setting for Four

Sometimes matching your interior and exterior décor, no matter the season, is as simple as coordinating your color palettes. In their fall décor, Setting for Four displays pumpkins on both the mantel and the front porch, and in both locations, the color scheme incorporates white and glitter rather than traditional fall hues. It’s a great way to keep it cohesive throughout the entire home as well as stay true to your everyday décor is more glam.



Liz Marie

Liz Marie’s table scape and porch again show how complementary color schemes can keep your overall décor looking refined. It’s also a prime example of how using your favorite everyday style – in this case, shabby chic – can provide a solid anchor for your seasonal décor. We’re looking specifically at the natural wood dining table and porch chairs. What keeps this décor from getting predictable and dull is the switch from apples indoors to pumpkins outdoors. Both radiate fall without being too matchy-matchy.




First of all, is there anything more inviting than that porch swing? StoneGable keeps that welcoming vibe running throughout thanks to the warm fabrics both outdoors and in. Candles on the mantle and in the lantern on the porch steps, mums in matching containers, and pumpkins in both orange and white set the scene for a well-thought-out design. That being said, we also like the varied use of vegetation – corn husks, berries, leaves and pinecones – to keep the eye dancing.



Simply Southern Cottage

Fall décor for the mudroom is a bit unexpected but no less gorgeous, especially when it coordinates so well with the front porch. Pumpkins and mums are the obvious common elements, but the wreaths show just how much planning Simply Southern Cottage put into the design. We think their natural, sunburst-inspired form adds a cohesive touch. It’s also a good reminder that your wreath doesn’t have go outside. Bring it indoors and enjoy it any kind of weather.



Vintage Society Co

This one’s a little different. If you scroll through Vintage Society Co. on Instagram, you’ll see plenty of cohesive design, but what we truly appreciate is the style continuity from one season to the next. No matter how you switch up your look for the fall, remember that your home should be an expression of you. That’s why we love Vintage Society Co.’s commitment to flowers at any time of year, from the white roses coordinated with pale pumpkins in autumn to the vibrant violet hues of spring.




There are many ways to achieve a refined look in your home, no matter your personal style. For design inspiration, whether it’s for the fall or any time of year, your front porch or your favorite indoor space, find Schlage on Instagram or Pinterest.