The best modern door hardware for contemporary style homes

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The best modern door hardware for contemporary style homes

By emily.bailey

Friday, April 7, 2017

Modern, Contemporary bedroom style

From finish to knob and lever style, take a look at the perfect modern door hardware pairings you should consider for your contemporary home.



Contemporary spaces rely on the simplicity of color and shape to provide their aesthetic appeal, rather than elaborate design. With a focus on clean lines and basic shapes, Contemporary style was made popular throughout the design movements of the late 20th century. If that sounds like your personal style, take a look at the perfect door hardware pairings you should consider for your contemporary or modern home.
Modern door hardware


The subtle details in our trim options establish a profound foundation for your door hardware. Give your home a unique touch by choosing a trim that perfectly reflects your modern or contemporary style.

Century Trim

Schlage Century style trim
The Century trim is chic, boasting a delicate, slightly curved shape that is simple yet imaginative. This trim is a Mid-Century Modern design, characterized by homes built between 1945 and 1980 and made popular in Southern Californian cities like Santa Monica.

Collins Trim

Modern door hardware styles
The strong lines and square shape of the Collins trim embody refined elegance and provide this trim with a distinct, minimalist appeal. This trim stems from Northern Europe where styles like Bauhaus and minimalism flourished, giving it a modern, international flair.

Greenwich Trim

Greenwich trim | Schlage
The unassuming look of the Greenwich trim is modern and stylish and lends a chic touch of simplicity to any space. With a Californian flair, this trim was inspired by the look and feel of Mid-Century Modern homes.

Greyson Trim

Contemporary door hardware
The Greyson trim is elegant, with contemporary appeal that adds a tasteful modern touch to any space. This trim has a chic, urban aesthetic, inspired by fast-paced metropolitan spaces like Manhattan.

Upland Trim

Modern door hardware styles
The Upland trim offers a fresh take on simplistic design by focusing on the beauty of its shape alone. It takes significant style cues from the Bauhaus design movement, best known for open floor plans, functional furniture and smooth facades. This style was made popular in Germany and often featured a muted color palette of blacks, whites and greys.

Knobs & levers

Take your contemporary style up a notch by choosing the perfect knob or lever to accentuate your favorite trim above. These classic looks below never go out of style.

Broadway lever

Broadway Lever | Modern door hardware
The minimal, tubular design of the Broadway lever offers a tastefully reserved, yet high-style look. This lever is influenced by the urban style found in large metropolitan cities. Its tubular design is a sub-genre of the Bauhaus movement.

Latitude lever

Latitude lever | Contemporary door lever
The Latitude lever offers a crisp perspective on minimalist design with its clean lines and rectangular features. The modern look of the Latitude lever stems from Mid-Century Modern design and urban town centers like the vibrant city of Miami.

Manhattan lever

Manhattan lever | Contemporary door lever
The Manhattan lever offers a modern touch of elegance to any space, bringing with it clean lines, a simple design and a commercial appeal. This lever finds its roots in Mid-Century Modern design and works particularly well in modern environments.

Merano lever

Merano lever | Contemporary door handle
The Merano lever has a graceful curve that makes this style as delicate as it is chic. This lever gets its sophisticated style from Italian designs of the 1980s and 1990s. 

Northbrook lever

Northbrook lever | Modern door handle
The Northbrook lever is imaginative and refined, offering a new view on minimalist design. This lever stems from Eastern European style—particularly that of Germany and the Bauhaus architectural movement. However, the inventive transition from square handle to round shank illustrates a fresh interpretation of true Bauhaus design.

Bowery knob

Bowery | Modern door knob
The Bowery knob’s clean lines and minimalist design give it a futuristic look that’s as modern as it is stylish. The smart style of the Bowery knob stems from its Mid-Century Modern roots that are ever-present in Schlage’s contemporary line.


Complete your contemporary door hardware set with a finish that coordinates perfectly. Here are four we'd recommend below.

Satin nickel

Satin nickel
Satin Nickel is a versatile finish, full of brushed silver hues, that offers a tasteful and flattering accent to any project. This classic finish saw its rise to popularity alongside the Victorian and Mid-Century Modern design movements.

Bright chrome

Bright chrome
The smooth, mirror-like finish of Bright Chrome gives it a dramatic allure that never fails to make a statement. Bright Chrome finds its inspiration in the Art Deco movement and the jazzy style of the roaring 20s, but is able to seamlessly transition into the minimalist approach of the 1930s and 40s as well.

Polished nickel

Polished nickel
The Polished Nickel finish is a glamorous designer finish that’s adaptability allows it to blend into nearly any décor without being overlooked. It was inspired by the timeless sophistication of the Victorian Era. Made from solid nickel, it can change its color and appearance with a simple change of lighting.

Matte black

Matte black
The striking appearance of the Matte Black finish creates an elegant look that’s sure to be noticed in any style setting. Matte Black is unique in its ability to serve as a bridge between the worlds of modern and traditional styles.
For even more help building the perfect door hardware set for your contemporary home, check out our style selector tool.

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