How to change the handing of your Schlage door lever


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How to change the handing of your Schlage door lever

By emily.bailey

Monday, April 3, 2017

Changing the handing of your new Schlage door hardware can be completed in just a few easy steps.



When installing one of Schlage's levers with a curved design, you may find that you need to switch the handing. This happens when the lever points towards the door edge instead of away from it during installation. The good news is, Schlage makes this process quick and easy with just a few steps below.
1Locate the pin tool that came with your lock.
Door lock handing

2Insert the tool into the small hole on the lever base and gently depress the retainer pin while pulling the lever away.
Change direction of door lock

3Remove and exchange both levers.
Remove door lever

4As you re-install, make sure the retainer pin lines up with the small hole on the lever base. You will hear the lever snap into place.
Change door lever handing

5Gently pull on the lever to ensure it's secure.
Change door lever handing

That's it! Changing the handing is easy as that.