What Type of Lock Should I Put on My Bathroom Door?

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What Type of Lock Should I Put on My Bathroom Door?

By admin

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What type of lock should I put on my bathroom door?

Here are the top considerations you need to make when choosing a bathroom door lock.


Whether your bathroom needs new interior door hardware because the door knobs are outdated, the bathroom door levers are no longer working properly or you simply want a change of style there is a door lock out there for you!


bathroom locks
First things first, you need to determine the function of the door lock. For most cases you will want a Privacy LockWhat does this mean, you ask? A Privacy lock means you can lock the door from one side either using a push lock mechanism or a thumb turn. While a Privacy lock would be appropriate for most bathrooms, you may find that depending on your living situation (small children, individuals needing special care, etc) you would prefer to have access to the bathroom at all times, therefore a Passage lock  would be the desired function. A  Passage lock will allow you to operate the  bathroom door knob or door lever to close the door, but will not lock on either side.

So now that you have a good idea of your desired lock function, you can focus on quality. Just as with any purchase, you want to make sure you are purchasing your interior door hardware from a trusted lock company, like Schlage, that manufactures high quality door locks. Look for companies that honor both a Lifetime mechanical warranty and a Lifetime finish warranty. Because let's face it -- sometimes things happen and you want to ensure you're buying a quality door lock from a company that offers great service and will stand by their products and warranties.


Function, check. Quality, check. Now on to the fun part -- style!


When it comes to selecting interior door hardware for your bathroom you want to first look at the finish or type of metal/material used in the door lock. These finishes can range from historically popular finishes like Bright Brass and Satin Nickel to more modern finishes like Bright Chrome and Matte Black. A good rule of thumb is to compliment your current bathroom fixtures with your interior door hardware. So for example, if your faucets and lighting are a modern stainless steel, you might not want to choose Bright Brass for your bathroom door lock. Selecting a Satin Chrome or Satin Nickel would coordinate better and make your bathroom look that much more polished.


bathroom door lock style
After deciding on the finish, you need to consider whether a door knob or door lever would work best in your bathroom. What difference does it make, you ask? While door knobs and door levers operate the same, they do provide a different look and style to the room. Additionally, door levers are often ideal for young children or those with arthritis or need the extra leverage a door lever provides to open the bathroom door. Door levers are also different than door knobs in that they are ADA compliant.
quality bathroom door knobquality bathroom door lever
how to choose door lock style
Regardless of your position on door knob or door lever, there how to choose door lock style are endless styles out there of both lock types. Schlage Decorative Collections even allows you to create a totally custom interior hardware look that is unique to you. Using the Decorative Collections configurator you can build your ideal bathroom door lock and find where it's sold in stores or online.

Taa-da! Was that so bad? Just remember...

  • Function
  • Finish
  • Quality
  • Handing
  • Style


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