Tips to make your home a relaxing space.


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Tips to make your home a relaxing space.

By emily.bailey

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Relaxing home | Schlage

Follow these steps to ensure your home reflects peace and calm in the midst of a busy schedule.



No matter what season of life you are in, being home should offer you and your loved ones a chance to recharge. In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy for the high-traffic areas of your home to become chaotic and stressful. Piles of mail on the counter, a jumble of shoes by the door, and your work bag on the kitchen chair are all invasive reminders of what needs to be done. While it isn’t always possible to slow life down, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your home reflects peace and calm in the midst of your busy schedule.
Mother relaxing at home on a yellow couch with two older children in eclectic living room.

Cut clutter

The essential first step is to clear out your spaces. Clutter clouds your mental space and makes it difficult to focus. Start with an easy-win area like a home office, bathroom, or hallway. These spaces tend to collect extra stuff, but not so much that it will be overwhelming. Once those areas are clean, move to high traffic areas like the mud room, kitchen, and living spaces. If you want to make your home more calming and peaceful, you can’t start without a clean slate. As you clean, make note of what kind of clutter builds in which locations. This will help you identify where you might need some additional functional décor or storage to give those items an intentional resting space, preventing clutter from building in the first place.

Functional décor

Functional décor has multiple uses – it is aesthetically pleasing and useful. Once you have decluttered your spaces and taken inventory of where clutter typically builds up, it’s time to think creatively about a functional décor solution. For locations where papers and mail pile, consider a lidded basket that will add visual interest and storage. Think outside the box for storage containers, choosing items that are useful and contribute to your overall décor. This may mean upgrading or adding furniture like storage ottomans, entry benches, or shelving. The key is to choose pieces that are beautiful and serve an intentional purpose.

Cozy reading bench by window with chunky knit throw and pillows.

Cozy corners

A fun way to add calm into your home is to create a cozy corner. Choose a corner in your home that isn’t really serving a purpose and transform it into a comfortable oasis. Add an inviting chair, throw pillows, plush blanket, and convenient side table to hold your favorite beverage. The goal is to make a space away from the main activity in your home as a sensory retreat. Blend textures, mood lighting, and your favorite candle or essential oils to make a peaceful place you can go to recharge when life feels hectic.

Calm Lighting

One of the easiest ways to bring peace and calm into your home is to switch out any harsh lighting for something softer and more inviting. In many cases, this is as easy as swapping out light bulbs! Warm toned light bulbs are comforting and more relaxed, whereas blue toned light bulbs feel cooler and more intense. Adding accent lighting can help develop a calming atmosphere; think table lamps, string lights, and sconces. These are an inexpensive, high-impact way to add immediate comfort to your home.

Peaceful paint colors

In general, soft and muted tones contribute a sense of peace and calm in interior design. Greens and blues are known to have a calming effect and give off an ambiance of serenity and stillness. Deep, bold colors are not off the table, but should be used sparingly as accents to avoid any sense of heaviness. Bright reds and yellows are often called out as anxiety-inducing colors, but for some these colors are empowering. This means that you don’t need to stress about digging too deep into color psychology; have confidence to choose colors for your home that have a positive, peaceful connotation to you.

Use these tips as a springboard to get your home comfortable and organized before the upcoming holiday season. By intentionally creating calm in your home now, you will be able to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer without feeling overwhelmed at home. For all things home design and security, follow Schlage on Instagram and Pinterest!