Warm your winter with these upcycled door hardware DIYs.


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Warm your winter with these upcycled door hardware DIYs.

By emily.bailey

Monday, December 23, 2019

Upcycled glass door knobs | Schlage

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, another holiday or simply love the winter season, here are five ways to get your home décor ready for winter.



“Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend a wintry fireside; candles at four o’clock, warm hearth rugs, tea, a fair tea-maker, shutters closed, curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor, whilst the wind and rain are raging audibly without.” —Thomas De Quincy, Confessions of an English Opium Eater


You don’t need raging wind and rain, or even chilly weather, for these DIY projects using reclaimed door hardware. You don’t need much of a reason at all, if you ask us. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, another holiday or simply love the winter season, here are five ways to get your home décor ready for winter.

Give an old knob a new look

Upcycled door knobs, especially those with flat faces, make a great base for a variety of items. Wedding Chicks turned theirs into flower vases. Imagine these with some seasonal flora like sprigs of holly or a Christmas rose. You could also use the same tutorial but use the “vases” as candlestick holders (just make sure the base is stable if you’re going to light the candles). We can envision this DIY décor in a variety of homes, no matter the holiday or time of year.

If you love getting greeting cards but are never sure how to display them, this one’s for you. Crafty Goodies made photo and card holders from old door knobs, wire and a bit of hot glue. Place them on a side table, fireplace mantel, window sill or all of the above. Don’t feel like you have to pack these away at the end of the season, either. They’re a great option for showing off family photos or birthday cards year-round.
There are lots of great tutorials out there for turning old door knobs into tree stands for a tiny forest. We love their versatility – they work great on tabletops or mantels, dusted with fake snow or in nontraditional colors with glitter for more whimsy. Another option is this tree made out of glass door knobs and a Styrofoam cone. They also used tiny lights to make it glow from the inside-out, guaranteed to make your winter a shining success.
Bonus tip: Try this door knob-turned-coat rack tutorial from Turning It Home, but place it on your mantel or mount it wherever you wish you had a fireplace. It’s perfect for hanging those stockings with care.

Make squeaky hinges sing

This reclaimed hardware Christmas tree from Kathy at Petticoat Junktion uses door hinges instead of knobs. Part funky, part rustic and totally fun, all you need is some vintage-looking hinges, glue and something to mount it all on. Swap out different hinge styles based on your taste, maybe spray paint them if you’re looking for a certain color scheme and be prepared to tell all your guests about the simple and stylish DIY holiday décor you’ve mastered.

Find the key to a beautiful season

Handmade décor opens a world of possibilities when you want to create something with personal meaning. This DIY key ornament is a perfect example. Simply choose a key from your childhood home, the first house you bought or anywhere else with personal significance, pick out some paint and other embellishments, and get crafting. We’re sure it will look great in your own home or as a thoughtful gift for someone else’s.

There are plenty more ideas where these came from. Follow us on Pinterest for inspiration this holiday season or any time of year, or check out our archives for more ways to transform old door locks into something uniquely new.



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