Why Matte Black is the hardware finish of your industrial modern dreams


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Why Matte Black is the hardware finish of your industrial modern dreams

By emily.bailey

Friday, February 9, 2018

Why Matte Black is the hardware finish of your industrial modern dreams

Fully embrace the dramatic appeal of industrial modern design with Matte Black hardware. Here's what you need to know.



Industrial modern design dares to bare what most homes try to hide. With exposed air ducts, bricks and other structural elements, this design is an edgy choice. Often charactarized by big windows, high ceilings and open concepts, industrial modern decor sometimes requires much thought and attention to detail to create a space many would call home.

Dramatic appeal

Matte Black is a stylish and daring finish and because there's no shortage of drama with industrial modern design, Matte Black hardware is a natural fit to tie the entire space together. It pairs beautifully with the lighting styles and architectural details often found in industrial modern homes. When choosing door knobs and levers, it's best suited for Schlage's Broadway and Latitude lever, Bowery knob and paired with the Collins trim.

Door hardware - Broadway lever - Matte Black finish - Schlage
Industrial modern - Door knob - Bowery knob - Matte Black finish - Schlage
Door hardware - Levers - Matte Black finish - Schlage

Get inspired

If you're in the mood for lush contrasts in your industrial space, Matte Black is perfect for you. With the popularity of this finish rising in design, you can now coordinate your door hardware perfectly with everything from your kitchen appliances to the paint on your dining room chairs.


Take a look at a few of our favorite industrial modern designs we collected from Houzz to inspire your next project. Matte black is the perfect finishing touch to ground any of these spaces.

Schlage’s Matte Black hardware helps you stay adventurous without the hassle involved in a major project. Updating your hardware so it goes beyond a functional element to a stylish accent is an easy way to give your home a boost. Which means that you can use Schlage’s line of Matte Black hardware to quickly and easily create your own industrial modern masterpiece!