Let your personality shine through your front entry


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Let your personality shine through your front entry

By emily.bailey

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to personalize your front entry

Set a welcoming tone for your home with stylish updates to your doorway, pathway and porch.



You can make your front yard a welcoming prelude to your house any number of ways, from simple outdoor decor to architectural features. Potted plants provide bursts of color, outdoor furniture is inviting and neighborly, and a range of landscaping and exterior details can add the personality and privacy you’re after.

1. Lounge around the porch


A sofa or an armchair on the front porch can sum up your style — in this space here it’s casual and laid back but still style savvy. To inject a little contemporary design into a setup like this, paint the porch a crisp gray and the trim white.


To achieve the perfect color combination, buy paint samples and paint a large sheet of cardboard. Then place it in position to see how the color looks at different times of the day.

2. Use stones for effect


In home renovations, pathways are often the last thing considered. But it’s worth taking the time to get the front path right, as it is one of the first things guests see and experience. Here geometric slate slabs surrounded by white decorative stones give a nod to Japanese aesthetics. Tropical plants bring a softer element to the architectural design. And pebbles work as a loose ground cover and can also be used in pots.

3. Create privacy


Well-considered landscaping adds value to your property, but while plants are growing, extra privacy may be required. A stylish white wood screen not only creates privacy but prevents excess sunlight from entering the room behind it. It means that the front room can work effectively as a home office or nursery. When plants reach full height, the screen may be removed.

4. Try graphic elements


More a delicate sculpture than a gate, this steel piece has a fluid, repetitive design that works as a counterpoint to the solid concrete blocks. The design of the gate draws inspiration from the native trees and birds of the surrounding area. The piece also acts as stylish screening.

5. Dish out vibrant colors


Color is a powerful tool that can transform your space. Here the fuchsia door leaps out, keeping the citron wall and gray trim in the background.


A full color scheme needs to be devised to create continuity. Color swatches at the paint shop look very different from color painted on the exterior of a home, so collect samples and paint a few large areas of the front wall before you commit to a color.

6. Have fun with the mailbox


Your mailbox may be the first thing people see from the street, so why not give it some personality? At the same time, it’s important to keep it in line with the design of the house. This contemporary-style mailbox in wood and stainless steel like this would work well with a newly designed home.

7. Soften the edges


This contemporary country property embraces sharp lines and solid materials, but it’s the soft landscaping that adds warmth and color to the exterior. Although the native plants require minimal watering, a drip irrigation system was added to battle summer heat waves. Earth-toned pots on one side of the gravel driveway add a touch of elegance to this open space.

8. Illuminate stairs


Minimalism comes into play in this entrance, where the wood paneling and flooring have been seamlessly executed. Each wood board has a slightly different hue, giving the exterior depth and texture. The lighting is a finishing touch — the lights here are directed downward to minimize glare but illuminate each step clearly.

9. Indulge with red


Neutral colors add sophistication, but a vibrant red door makes a strong statement. Hundreds of shades are available, from rich crimson to dark burgundy, so try a few swatches first to see how they look at different times of the day. Here the white trim adds extra impact to the modern exterior.

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This article first appeared on Houzz on September 27, 2014.


Kerryn Ramsey | Houzz Contributor

Kerryn Ramsey | Houzz contributor

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