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    How to Create a Perfectly Styled Entryway

    September 19, 2014 1:20 PM by emily.bailey

    Friday, September 19, 2014

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    How to Create a Perfectly Styled Entryway | Schlage

    Have you heard the saying, "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression?" We bet you have. Perhaps that is why entryways are so critical to a home's style statement. It is in the entryway that you greet your guests with warm embraces, kiss your children as they leave for school and wipe your pet's paws after playing outside. A home's entrance sets a tone for both those who live there and their guests.


    So what tone is your entryway setting?

    how to create a perfectly styled entry | Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Handleset
    An entrance begins with the front door, before ever setting foot inside the house. If the exterior of your home isn't quite giving off the welcoming vibe try some of the following ideas:
    • Give life to your front door by covering it with a fresh coat of paint and a new set of modern door hardware like these handlesets from Schlage. 
    • If your door is beyond the help of paint, consider replacing it with a new door. Keep in mind that small entryways benefit from the light a glass paneled door allows in. 
    • Don't forget to accessorize! Lights, flowers, doormats, seasonal wreaths and the like can instantly create a welcoming tone for your guests before they walk in your home. (Tip: check out this Door Decorboard on Pinterest for ideas!

    After walking through the door, the entry or foyer area work to set the tone and style for the rest of the house, so it's important that it reflects what's going on in the rest of your home.

    •  Providing you have enough space, a narrow console table styled with an artful collection of decorations and set off with a lamp can create an impactful welcome.
    • Don't have the luxury of a large foyer? No worries! Simply hanging a piece of art, or collection of photos can make a statement on their own.
    • Create a specific mood by adding a chandelier or other statement-making light fixture.  
    • Add a dimmer option to your entrance lighting. This will allow you to change the mood of your home from bright and cheery to warm and calm without changing a thing.

    What good is style without function? Make sure your entryway fits your family's practical needs as well. 

    • Lay down a durable (yet visually-appealing) rug to give your family and guests a place to wipe their feet or remove their shoes.
    • If your home is carpeted you may prefer your guests to remove their shoes. Make sure your entryway has a place for these shoes to be stored out of sight when not in use. Canvas boxes, baskets and wooden cubbies can provide both stylish and functional storage for these items.
    • Take care of the clutter. Often times entry tables can end up being storage for mail, keys and other random items. This is not what you want your guests to see when they walk in the door. Additionally, storing keys, purses or other valuables right by the front door is not a smart security move as it tempts potential burglars with easily-accessible valuables left in plain sight. Try to find another place in the home for these items. If you must keep these items in your entraceway, use clever storage solutions to camoflauge the clutter.
    For more ideas on curb appeal and creating an inspiring entrance, follow us on Pinterest. And don't forget to share your entryway pictures with us on Facebook!

    Laura L.| Schlage Digital Marketing



    How To Start A Room Makeover Like a Pro

    August 28, 2014 11:55 AM by admin

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    Step-by-step process for beginning a room makeover and saving your sanity and money along the way.


    How to Start a Room Makeover Like a Pro

    How to Start a Room Makeover

    So you want to makeover one of your rooms? You might be thinking, “There’s nothing to it. Pick out a paint color and you’re done.” While that may work for some, it can be a daunting process for others. With a room makeover comes relentless decision-making, budget management and sometimes a little trial and error with design and tackling new DIY projects. There has to be a better way – a process. Right?  Here are the steps we recommend taking when approaching any new makeover.
    How to start a room makeover like a pro - Craftsman Living Room - Schlage Addison Style Accent Lever

    Let Your Brain Storm

    Brainstorming is an important part in any project. This initial brainstorming session can be done alone or with your family, roommate, etc In this first step, you’ll want to focus on functionality of the room only. It doesn’t make sense to plan a room around a design that does not serve your basic needs of this space. For example, will you be working or studying in this room, do you need a lot of storage space, how many people do you plan on sleeping or seating in the room? Keep asking yourself, “What else do I need this room to do for me?” There are no rules in brainstorming, so take copious notes and jot down all your thoughts, regardless of how small or petty they may seem. Do keep in mind that you may not be able to achieve every piece of functionality in one room, but you can try to tackle as many as possible. 
    how to start a room makeover like a pro - Transitional Living Room - Schlage Brookshire Style Flair Lever

    Get In Touch With Your Feelings

    Determining the function of the space is a basic step to any room makeover. However, it’s just the framework. By exploring your feelings and understanding how you want to feel in the room, you begin to add layers and start to create a clearer picture of the space. Ask yourself “How do I want to feel in this room?” Do you want to feel energized and focused or relaxed and comfortable? Be sure to consider how you want your guests to feel in this space also. Do you want them to feel welcome and part of the action or would you rather them feel they were treated as guests and catered to? Also consider how you want the room itself to feel. Do you want it to feel open and airy or dramatic and cozy? Whatever you choose, it will be the right approach. It helps to choose 5 words and keep them top of mind. Write them down and keep them handy as you move through the rest of the room makeover process. It will help you stay focused, save money by not spending it on things that don’t fit your vision and help you make decisions along the way.
    how to start a room makeover like a pro - Contemporary Office - Schlage Greyson Style Bowery Knob

    Let Yourself Be Inspired

    In this day in age there are no shortages of inspiration for room makeovers. From television sources likeHGTV and DIY Network, to magazine outlets like Better Homes & Gardens and House Beautiful, to social networks like HouzzPinterest and blogs, you will surely be able to find a source that works for you. Regardless of the route you choose, save the images and ideas you see that you would like to incorporate into your room makeover. It’s a good idea to collect several inspirational pieces and photos. The more images and ideas you collect, the better you will understand what it is you’re drawn to. You’ll see trends in your inspiration. Maybe it’s darker finishes in hardware and fixtures like Matte Black or Aged Bronze. Or perhaps everything has a rustic or industrial look to it. Keep your eyes open to what it is that makes the room look and feel the way it does. Is it the white sheer curtains and blank bright walls? Or is it coordinating elements on opposite sides of the space that tie it all together? Whatever trends you see yourself latching onto, write them down. It will be easier to shop for pieces after you’ve identified exactly what you’re looking for.


    Taking on a room makeover project doesn't have to be chaotic and daunting if you follow the 3 critical steps above. We'd love to hear about the rooms you're working on right now! Do you have a specific design you're working toward or have you had any unexpected challenges you've had to overcome? Tell us about it or onFacebook! And don't forget to follow us on Pinterest and Houzz for loads of inspiration!

    Laura L. | Schlage Digital Marketing