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1 What are your most frequently used points of entry?

Often, the doors we use most—like a side door or garage entry door—are the least secure. These entry points deserve Grade 1 deadbolts for top-grade security. Make sure you look for an ANSI or BHMA rating on the box or product detail page of any deadbolt you purchase for an entry point. The Schlage SenseTM Smart deadbolt and Schlage ConnectTM Touchscreen deadbolt both meet the highest industry rating for security and durability, and are excellent choices for easy electronic access that works with the latest technologies. Schlage mechanical deadbolts have also earned a Grade 1 rating.


2 Who’s accessing your entry doors?

Do your children come and go with their own set of keys? Do other family members, babysitters or dog walkers need access to your home? If so, an electronic door lock is a great option for added convenience and reduced risks. Both of our Grade 1 electronic deadbolts, Schlage SenseTM and Schlage ConnectTM, hold up to 30 access codes which can be easily added and deleted. Sharing access is simple, and your guests don’t need to download an app or have a compatible fob or phone.


3 What does your personal schedule look like?

Families who travel often or have hectic schedules typically prefer the ease of remote security to maintain control, even while they’re away. Consider door hardware that connects with your smartphone, and/or integrates with your home security or monitoring system. If you’re an iPhone® user, you are probably best suited for the Bluetooth®-enabled Schlage SenseTM Smart deadbolt, which works with Apple HomeKitTM technology to allow you to talk to unlock your door using Siri® voice control. If you prefer Android, or you have a Z-Wave®-enabled home automation system, you may prefer Schlage ConnectTM, which combines simple keyless access with remote capability when paired with a compatible system.


Home security options: mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical deadbolts


Mechanical deadbolts are a classic security solution for exterior doors and high-traffic zones with high-security needs. Schlage deadbolts come with the largest adjustable bolt available and an ANSI Grade 1 rating—the highest residential security rating on the market. Our one-piece exterior protects against prying with sharp objects, and anti-drill pins and plates help prevent intruders from drilling out the lock. Guaranteed to fit on existing, standard pre-drilled doors, Schlage’s mechanical deadbolts are a safe bet to replace an existing deadbolt. And with a 3-piece assembly, they are incredibly simple and quick to install.

Electronic security


With no keys to hide, lose or forget, electronic locks are ideal for on-the-go families with no time to waste fumbling for keys. They also add an extra layer of security, making it unnecessary to hide or loan out keys that can be lost or stolen. Connected locks like the Schlage ConnectTM Touchscreen deadbolt enable you to lock and unlock doors remotely, plus you can add, change or delete user codes in seconds. Schlage’s new Bluetooth®-enabled lock, the Schlage SenseTM Smart deadbolt, lets you use your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® as your key, programmed through an easy-to-use app. For interior locked doors like wine cellars or home offices, Schlage TouchTM offers simple, completely keyless entry with a cylinder-free design, so there’s nothing to pick or bump.

Home security checklist.

How safe is your home?


Increasing your home’s security is often a matter of combining strong, durable hardware with good habits. Use the following checklist to discover new ways to keep your property (and everyone in it) safe:

  • Secure entry and frequently used doors (like the one linking your garage to your house) with a Grade 1 (top-grade security) deadbolt. Schlage’s mechanicaldeadbolts, Schlage SenseTM, and Schlage ConnectTM are excellent choices – they are, after all, trusted in over 40 million homes.
  • Ensure windows are also secured with quality locks.
  • Keep hedges and shrubs trimmed to prevent them from blocking your windows.
  • Place spotlights and outdoor lighting so your property is well-lit at night.
  • When away on vacation, use interior light timers. For those who travel often or work late, there are smart devices available that allow you to control your lights remotely or set a schedule. Many of these devices can easily be installed without professional help.
  • Avoid hiding spare keys outside. Electronic locks make sharing access to your home easy, and locks like Schlage Sense and Schlage Connect don’t require guests to carry a fob, download an app or have a compatible device.
  • Consider arming your home with an alarm system. Many door locks, smoke detectors, cameras and other devices can now integrate with these systems to tighten security throughout the home
  • Equip all exterior doors with a wide-angle eye viewer that enables you to identify visitors before you open the door.
  • Consider your perimeter security. Walk around your yard at different times of the day. As you do so, think about your schedule, and how you enter and exit your home to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Plant thorny or prickly shrubbery near windows to make the area uncomfortable for unwelcome visitors to travel through.
  • Install motion sensors to control your exterior lighting. Consider motion-activated cameras. Look for a smart camera that sends alerts and allows you to view footage on your smartphone.
  • Do not leave your home unlocked for a child coming home from school. Consider an electronic Schlage lock instead. Create a unique code your child won’t forget—and remind them to keep it a secret. If the code is somehow discovered, you can easily delete it and choose a new one.
  • Never leave ground-level windows open or ajar when you’re not home.
  • Ensure all sliding glass doors have at least one of the following:
    • Track lock
    • Hinged door bar
    • Insertion pin lock
    • Metal or wood dowel in track


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