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As much as we love our homes, sometimes there’s nothing better than getting out and seeing the world. These gifts will help keep your loved ones safe no matter where they are while also making the most of life on the road.


Smart Lock

There’s no better way to keep an eye on the house while you’re on vacation than with a smart lock, especially when it’s paired with another device like a security camera. With Schlage smart locks, your loved one can check the status of their deadbolt from anywhere, receive notifications on their smartphone if the built-in alarm detects a breach, and provide trusted friends and family with access to their home to check on pets or drop off the mail. Perfect for homeowners on the move, security-conscious travelers and pet lovers.

TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO

If your loved one is a world traveler, they know the struggle of charging standard American electronics in international outlets. This adapter provides options for a variety of devices in a variety of countries. Perfect for intrepid explorers, backpackers and business travelers.

Phone sanitizer

Your loved one’s phone picks up germs no matter where they go, maybe even more so when they’re on the road. This UV-CLEAN Phone Sanitizer claims to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses using UV-C germicide LEDs. It’s compact for easy travel with no wipes to throw away. Perfect for those who want to stay healthy when they’re on the go.

Kinetic Power Bank

Charging a phone is tough when you’re always on the move. Your loved one can use their own body energy to keep their devices powered up with this wearable motion charger. Perfect for backpackers or city explorers, cyclists and runners.

Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

When traveling on your own, you need to be a little extra vigilant. Help your independent explorer stay safe, even while they sleep, with this door stop that sounds an alarm if someone tries to gain access to their room. Perfect for solo travelers and those who need extra ZZZs before a full day of sightseeing.

City Map Glass

These drinking glasses can help loved ones reminisce about their vacation long after they return home. They also serve as excellent conversation starters at any gathering. Perfect for those who like to explore the world’s greatest cities and tell tales of their travels.

Infinity scarf with hidden pocket

Whether zipping through the airport or out for the day, this stylish scarf with a hidden zippered pocket will become a favorite of your traveler. Editor’s Note: We got this for Christmas one year and know first-hand how useful it is for stashing a passport and boarding pass to quickly get through airport security, credit card and chapstick when you don’t have other pockets and even your office ID badge when you’re not wearing a belt. Perfect for day trippers, globe trekkers and anyone who likes their hands free for the next adventure.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Long flights, chaotic bus terminals and noisy hostels are all things your favorite traveler might encounter on the road. Get them some noise cancelling headphones so they can enjoy their music in peace or simply tune out the distractions around them. Perfect for long-haul travelers, those who need a little escape even if they can’t go anywhere and anyone working from home without a dedicated office.

Wide 18mm Lens

If you have a photography-loving traveler in your life, make sure they’re equipped to capture every shot. This smartphone add-on just might turn them into the next Ansel Adams. Perfect for photo and film buffs who want to bring every moment home.

Skyroam Solis

Portable charging is great, but a phone or laptop charger that also provides WiFi is better. This hotspot works in over 100 countries so they can share their travel moments anytime, anywhere. Perfect for business travelers, international students and globetrotters who want to stay connected.

USB Wall Charger Night Light

There’s something for everyone with this two-in-one solution that lets you charge multiple smart devices and find your way around at nighttime. You can rest easy that the loved one who receives this gift will be less likely to stumble in the dark. Perfect for travelers, kids and older adults concerned about mobility and balance.

Travel as a Political Act

Anyone with the travel bug knows that books are a great alternative when you can’t actually hit the road. From renowned travel writer Rick Steves, Travel as a Political Act shares lessons we can learn from other cultures and countries and will prepare your intrepid adventurer for their next outing. Perfect for vicarious travelers and bookworms with the urge to go, go, go.


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