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Need a gift for a fur baby or their humans? We have some ideas for you.


Smart Lock

Whether your loved one doesn’t want the hassle of carrying keys when they walk their dog or they have someone let their pup out during the day, a Schlage smart lock fetches major convenience. Keyless entry with the touchpad means the humans have their hands free for leash control and head pats. And unique access codes for the dogwalker means the owner doesn’t have to hand out a spare. Perfect for on-the-go dog owners who still want superior home security or independent cats who need occasional checking in on while the humans are on vacation.

Furbo dog camera

You don’t have to be a pet owner to know some of us wish we could text our dogs from work and see what they’re “pup” to. The next best thing is the Furbo Dog Camera, which will let the giftee remotely see, talk to and give treats to their furry pal. Perfect for pup parents who can’t stand to be separated all day.

Dog Leash and Key Holder

Your loved ones – human and canine – will appreciate having everything close at hand when it’s time to stretch the legs. A stylish hook will keep any entryway looking sharp while also adding convenience. Perfect for dog lovers and pups who love walkies.

Hiking dog harness

The good boys in your life want to go on adventures, too. Give this dog harness to keep the pups safe, whether it’s a trek through the mountains or just around the neighborhood. Soft, breathable and made from recycled materials with comfort in mind, you’ll be looking sharp for your next w-a-l-k. Perfect for four-legged explorers and squirrel chasers.

Robotic Vacuum

A Roomba or other robotic vacuum can help your gift recipient keep on top of pet messes without the extra work. Whether it’s sweeping up dirt tracked in on paws, kitty litter or that ever-present shed hair, this gift will be appreciated on a daily basis. Perfect for battlers of the furball and muddy puppies.

Stylish bed

Everyone will look good when you gift a stylish pet bed for Fido and Fluffy to sleep on. Try something like this Mid-Century Modern-inspired furniture for canine companions or this cave for feline friends. Perfect for sleepy pets and style-conscious humans.

Cat perch

Like a pet bed, a shelf for your feline friend to lounge on doesn’t have to hurt your décor. These design-conscious perches from Tuft + Paw will let Kitty keep an eye on things without making you want to avert your own eyes. Perfect for cat lovers who don’t want to compromise on style.

Cats Wearing Hats Mug

Pretty much the only cat that enjoyed wearing a hat came from Dr. Seuss. Proof of point: This trio of mugs that will make any feline aficionado chuckle. Perfect for when the cat wakes everyone up yowling for breakfast at 3 a.m.

Cat pillow cases

Whoever you’re shopping for doesn’t have to actually own a pet to enjoy this one. Help them show their love of cats with some home décor inspired by Fluffy. Perfect for friends of felines and those who like to catnap.

Emergency Power Supply UPS

When your loved one has fins instead of fur, consider gifting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It’s a battery backup to keep the filter working and oxygen flowing to the aquarium even if the power goes out. Perfect for aquarists and those mini scuba divers.


Your fish-loving friends will appreciate this tank cleaner. A magnet holds the two pieces together, one on each side of the glass, while it scrapes away the algae and other gunk no one likes to think about. Perfect for those who like to clean without getting their hands dirty (or wet).

Bird Poop Remover Wet Wipes

Recommended to us by a bird-owner friend, these wipes are non-toxic to birds and dissolves bird droppings for easy cleanup. It works on a variety of surfaces and battles the stains and residue left from a variety of diets. Perfect for those who love their feathered friends but are less excited about cage cleaning.

Amazon Echo

Pets and humans will get equal amounts of enjoyment out of this voice assistant. They’ll be able to ask Alexa to play music for their pets while they’re out. Some parrots have even been trained to wake Alexa and have her perform tasks without their owners even being present. If your loved one likes to drop in on their pet, Alexa can help with that, too. Perfect for animal lovers of all kinds and those who want to use a voice assistant to order more cat litter.


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