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Whether it’s outdoor cooking, staying active or enjoying mother nature, the right tools make all the difference. Try these gifts for friends and family who just can’t stand to stay inside all day.


BBQ Multi-tool

Your outdoor chef can open, flip, grip, scoop, spear and more all with one tool. Summer BBQs and outdoor entertaining will taste better than ever. Perfect for grillmasters and anyone who loves a good all-in-one tool.

Grilling Cart

Don’t let balancing plates and carrying ingredients back and forth keep your family from cooking outdoors. A versatile grilling cart is just what your loved one wants. Perfect for those who love to cook over the open flame.

Cairn subscription box

Sometimes the best part about going on an adventure is the new gear you get for the trip. This subscription box is the gift that keeps giving that thrill. With two tiers – monthly or premium quarterly – your loved one will receive a box of curated clothes, food and gear to make their next trek into the wild their best one yet. Perfect for hikers, campers and extreme athletes.

ResQ Link

Think safety at home and on the move. This personal location beacon with GPS can send a signal to a network of search and rescue satellites. Perfect for hikers, cyclists, backcountry campers, hunters and fishermen.

Spark Smart Water Bottle

Active people – or those doing DIY projects in the heat – need to stay hydrated. This smart water bottle will glow to remind you to drink water, integrates with fitness trackers and mobile apps, and looks pretty cool too. Perfect for fitness buffs, hikers and thirsty remodelers.

Lumos smart bike helmet

This bike helmet not only illuminates to signal to others that your loved one is sharing the road, but those lights can also indicate when the rider is braking and turning. Perfect for cyclists and green commuters.

Bike lift hoist

They love to bike and you wish you had more room to park your car in the garage. Make everyone happy with this lift hoist that lets you store the bike on the ceiling. Perfect for cyclists and those who need better garage storage.

Kinetic Power Bank

Charging a phone is tough when you’re always on the move. Your loved one can use their own body energy to keep their devices powered up with this wearable motion charger. Perfect for cyclists, runners, hikers and travelers.


We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to get a hammock for the next gift-giving occasion. This lightweight, portable hammock will work equally well on your loved one’s next camping trip as it will on the patio. Perfect for backpackers who count every ounce, campers and backyard loungers.

Microfiber towel

Easy to pack and useful in so many situations, this is one gift they’ll never get tired of. Don’t think of it as “just a towel.” It’s super absorbent, fast drying and compact. That means whoever unwraps this present will always be ready, no matter if they’re headed to the gym, the campground or out to the garage for a summer project. Perfect for just about everyone.

Dark Skies

When nighttime exploration is on their bucket list, get them Dark Skies, a Lonely Planet guide to where to see the aurora borealis, meteor showers and the most fantastic stars. It’s time to look up. Perfect for stargazers, dreamers and astrotourists.


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