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The best gift is not only something they want, but also something they need. Your loved one’s job, not to mention your shopping, just got easier with these gift ideas for working from home.


Coffee of the month

Coffee or tea subscription

Give them the feeling of collegial chats around the office coffee machine with a special tea or coffee subscription. Atlas Coffee Club delivers beans from around the world. Try Dollar Tea Club for a budget-friendly subscription your tea-drinking friends will love. Perfect for those who need a morning pick-me-up and like to sample new flavors.

Silicone Container

If your loved one’s home office setup still looks like it’s missing something, this pen and pencil container might be just what they need, even if they don’t realize it. With fun colors and striking angles, it will look good while keeping any desk organized. Plus, it’s unbreakable, so those feisty cat co-workers can’t ruin the day. Perfect for hybrid workers, writers and that person who can never find a pen when they need it.

Keyboard Cleaning Gel

Whether they’re putting in 40 (or more) hours a week in the home office or just typing up the occasional email, your loved one needs a way to remove dust, crumbs and other unmentionables from their keyboard. This cleaning gel will get in those nooks and crannies without using water or chemicals that could damage electronics. Perfect for those who snack at their desk and, well, everybody.

Desktop Cell Phone Stand

It’s expected that we’ll have our phones close at hand for any number of tasks. That makes a stand like this one extra convenient. Its weighted base adds stability, while the top adjusts so you can see at the right angle. When your giftee isn’t using it in the office, they might find it just as helpful in the kitchen to display recipes without setting it on a messy counter. Perfect for multitaskers with multiple devices.

Network-Attached Storage

With more work being done at home, you might find you need more secure storage for your files. Network-attached storage (NAS) is a good way to back up those files safely and still be able to access them no matter where you are. How-To Geek picked the My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra as its best NAS for at-home use partly for its ease of setup. Perfect for those concerned about digital privacy and anyone in need of high-tech solutions even if they aren’t the most tech savvy themselves.

Privacy screen

Whether your partner’s office is now in the guest room or your child is e-learning in the corner of the dining room, they might need a bit of privacy. Support their career and success with a stylish privacy screen to help them focus, stay productive and hide their workstation at the end of the day. Perfect for the easily distracted and those with small spaces pulling double duty.

VariDesk standing desk converter

Proper ergonomics is known to make us more productive and comfortable during the 9-5 effort. A VariDesk converter turns any tabletop into a standing desk and is just one way to achieve better physical efficiency, even when your loved one is on the clock. Perfect for those who can’t sit still or who finds back pain relief in being able to change positions periodically.

Blue light blocking glasses

If late-night spreadsheets and countless hours checking email leave your loved one’s eyes feeling fatigued, give them some blue light blocking glasses like these from GAMMA RAY or find more top picks from New York Magazine. Perfect for those who have a hard time walking away at the end of the work day, night owls and late-night e-reader fans.

Mini table lamp

Proper lighting is paramount, no matter where you’re working. Keep your loved one from straining their eyes and help them look sharp on their next video conference call with the Marcella Mini Table Lamp from Lulu and Georgia. The Spruce picked it as one of the best desk lamps of 2020, with a special nod to its design. Perfect for those who turned a dark corner into a makeshift office or whose overhead lighting just isn’t getting the job done.

Home office with artwork.


Some beautiful artwork for their video conference backgrounds or to make their workspace cheerier could be just what your giftee needs both to feel professional and boos their mood. Choose a photo of their favorite city, commission a painting by a local artist or hang floating shelves for their favorite odds and ends. Perfect for professionals who want to be personable without putting family photos on display or those with bare walls.


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