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Sometimes what we need is the perfect party co-host. You can do your part by giving one of these gifts that makes home entertainment easier, tastier and full of laughs.


Home Projector

When your loved one wants to host a watch party, they need a big screen. This Epson LCD projector comes highly rated for its size, crisp image and keystoning (the ability to straighten the image when the projector isn’t parallel to the wall). Perfect for movie buffs, those who know rom-coms are funnier when watched together and even gamers.

Convertible Cube Ottoman

Is there a worse party faux pas than not having enough seating for everyone? For everyday use, this ottoman looks like your typical footstool. When it’s time to host close friends, it comes apart to provide seating for five. Perfect for those who entertain in small spaces.

True Colors Card Game

How well do you know the person you’re shopping for? This game could help you find out. In True Colors, players vote on who they think best fits the description on the card. It could be enlightening – and definitely entertaining – for everyone. Perfect for 3-6 players and long-time friends and family with a few surprises up their sleeve. (P.S. When we asked our game-loving friends for suggestions, they also shared Don’t Get Got, Hive Mind, Happy Salmon and a few classics like Yahtzee and Catch Phrase.)

Cocktail plate set

Give that special someone the accessories they need to throw a cocktail party. These plates, with a cutout to hold a stemmed wine glass and space for hors d’oeuvres, make it easier for guests to mingle while they munch. Perfect for those who like to entertain with a lot of sophistication but little fuss, and those who know it’s not classy to tuck your wine in your armpit.

Swivel cheese board

We picked this for our gift guide for three reasons. First, we love cheese. Second, we appreciate how the multiple levels make it a little out-of-the-ordinary. When making party food look as good as it tastes, this will definitely help the display. And third, because it tucks into itself and includes a built-in drawer for cheese knives, it’s easy to store. Perfect for anyone who loves to serve charcuterie and appreciates unique design.

Pizza oven kit

If you’re buying for someone who likes to throw backyard bashes, they might need this kit that converts their charcoal kettle grill into a pizza oven. The kit also comes with a pizza stone and pan. Just make sure you get an invitation to your recipient’s next soiree. Perfect for grillmasters, outdoor party hosts and those who like to experiment with toppings.


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