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We have you covered when searching for ideas for your favorite gardener or porch diva. These gifts will have anyone’s front yard looking spectacular.


Schlage Handlesets

A front entry handleset is one way you can help your friend or family member make over their porch. Schlage offers handlesets in a variety of styles and finishes to match their home’s architectural style or existing lighting, house numbers or other accessories. Perfect for homeowners who want to make a welcoming statement without a major remodel.

House Numbers

Displaying your address pulls double duty – it provides important information for guests and emergency personnel looking for your house and adds a touch of beauty. Banish the boring with a custom set of house numbers. Etsy has a wide variety. Among our favorites are this house numbers display with planter, which can either be mounted or set on the porch, and this stained glass-inspired mosaic sign. Perfect for new homeowners and anyone hoping to add some extra personality to their entryway.

Smart Irrigation

Whether they’re trying to conserve water or simply keeping the grass green, smart irrigation can help. A system like Eve Aqua lets your loved one set sprinklers on a timer, turn water on and off remotely, and calculate how much water is used over time. Perfect for gardeners, friends of the environment and Apple HomeKit™ users.

Potting Station

Help your loved one garden with a potting station that keeps tools organized, soil contained and knees fresh. One like this is so good looking, they’ll want to display it in the yard rather than keep it hidden in the garage. Perfect for green thumbs, especially those who love container gardens, and those who can’t kneel in the flower beds.


No matter your friend’s or family’s décor taste, there’s a planter out there that will spruce up their curb appeal. From ceramic pots that sit on the porch to wooden boxes that hang from the window sill, you can give something that’s as functional as it is gorgeous. Perfect for those who think the package is just as important as the contents.

Flower Pouches

Instead of a typical hanging basket, try a flower pouch that can be hung in unexpected locations like near a patio or garage light. Earn extra points when you get them started with a mix of plants and flowers before giving the pouch away. Perfect for flower fans who might not have a covered porch or other area ideal for hanging baskets and those who like to think outside the (gift) box.

Butterfly biome

Think you can only give this gift in the spring? Think again. This butterfly habitat serves as a feeder in the summer and a snug home in the winter for non-migrating bugs. It will attract, feed and protect some of the most beautiful insects a garden can have. Perfect for those with butterfly gardens and who want to do their part for a balanced ecosystem.

Smart Plant Tracker

Does your loved one struggle to keep their plants alive? Then a moisture meter might be the perfect gift to keep them from under- or overwatering the flora. This one from North also tracks light, temperature and fertilizer levels. Perfect for brown thumbs or those who live in rapidly changing climates.

Outdoor wall decor

Having a beautiful front porch or backyard is about more than just plants. Outdoor wall décor might be something your friend or family member wouldn’t splurge on for themselves, but they will love it once it’s there. Perfect for outdoor entertainers and those who know no indoor/outdoor boundaries.


A water feature serves multiple purposes, sprucing up the home’s outdoor living space and helping your loved one relax with the gentle trickling of water in the background. One of the perks of this gift option is that fountains can be large or small, ornate or simple, and customized to fit the recipient’s desires. Perfect for Zen gardens and water lovers.

Window-mounted birdfeeder

If your loved one likes to do a bit of birdwatching from the comfort of their own home, they need this clear plastic birdfeeder. It’s one of the easiest to set up. They just stick it to a window using suction cups, no need to drill into or hang from a tree. Perfect for bird lovers and house cats.

The Roots of My Obsession

Why do people garden? If the special gardener in your life feels misunderstood, they’ll love reading these essays from others who also love to plant, sow and grow. Perfect for bookworms who also love earthworms.


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