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Gifts that make a home feel like a sanctuary – relaxing and fun, stylish and secure – all for under $30? We can help with that. Try these ideas if you’re on a budget or need a stocking stuffer.


Silicone Container

If your loved one’s home office setup still looks like it’s missing something, this pen and pencil container might be just what they need, even if they don’t realize it. With fun colors and striking angles, it will look good while keeping any desk organized. Plus, it’s unbreakable, so those feisty cat co-workers can’t ruin the day. Perfect for hybrid workers, writers and that person who can never find a pen when they need it.

Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

Anyone who has done crafting knows that doing it yourself doesn’t always mean doing it cheaper. A DIY kit like this one helps control the expense of buying all those supplies separately, plus gives step-by-step instructions. Perfect for lovers of Bohemian Modern style and anyone looking to try out a new handicraft.

Split Decision Pie Pan

You like apple and they like peach. Don’t let baked goods ruin a good relationship. Gift them this pie plate that lets you bake two flavors at once without letting the fillings overlap. Perfect for experimental bakers, picky eaters and those who see no reason to limit themselves to just one slice.

TableTopics Game

The only thing worse for a party host than the dog eating all the hors d’oeuvres is lagging conversation. TableTopics has a collection of question-and-answer cards to help start friendly conversations, no matter who’s attending your soiree. Choose from general get-to-know-you, What Would You Do, Familia Español and other themed boxes. There’s even an app version for when your coffee date is off to a slow start. Perfect for anyone looking to have a good laugh or make a deeper connection.

180-Degree Flashlight

This wide-beam light makes any under-the-sink, beneath-the-car, in-the-dark-garage project easier than ever. It even comes in a mini version with a lanyard. Perfect for DIYers who work in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

Help your loved one get it right the first time with this digital tape measure that also saves the last measurements, converts inches from feet and more. Perfect for tech-savvy DIYers and those who want to make “measure twice, cut once” easier than ever.

USB Wall Charger Night Light

There’s something for everyone with this two-in-one solution that lets you charge multiple smart devices and find your way around at nighttime. You can rest easy that the loved one who receives this gift will be less likely to stumble in the dark. Perfect for kids, older adults concerned about mobility and balance, and travelers.

Craftsman Magnetic Pickup Tool

A bolt dropped somewhere under the hood of the car, a screw fallen behind the sink, a nail slipped through a crack in the deck. Whoever gets this gift can retrieve lost items easily with this ultra-magnetic tool. Perfect for mechanics and handymen with a slippery grip.

Home Spa

Not everyone can afford a day at the spa or even a gift card to help them get there. If that’s the case, try creating an at-home spa basket with bath oils, bubbles and a candle in their favorite relaxing scent. Perfect for overworked parents, new homeowners with sore “box-lifting” muscles and the luxury-on-a-dime set.

Ice Roller

Help your loved one practice self-care on a budget. This roller helps reduce puffiness around the eyes for a fresh face every day. Even better, it can help with migraines and other daily headaches. Perfect for those who need a little refresh and fans of at-home spa treatments.

Silicone straws

These budget-friendly silicone straws, plus squeegees for easy cleaning, will help them eliminate single-use plastics and still enjoy those brunch beverages or cool drinks on the porch. Perfect for those who are committed to sustainable alternatives but don’t want to compromise on style or convenience.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

If the smart water bottle is a bit steep for your budget, try this infusion bottle instead. Dishwasher-safe and available in several colors, this is an easy way for your loved one to stay hydrated and add a bit of flavor to their water at the same time. Perfect for healthy eaters and drinkers, and those who like to stay active and on the go.

Window-mounted birdfeeder

If your loved one likes to do a bit of birdwatching from the comfort of their own home, they need this clear plastic birdfeeder. It’s one of the easiest to set up. They just stick it to a window using suction cups, no need to drill into or hang from a tree. Perfect for bird lovers and house cats.


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