Top tech trends from CES 2017


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Top tech trends from CES 2017

By Rob_Martens

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Top tech trends from CES 2017 | Schlage

Watch executives from innovating companies like NVIDIA, Lutron, iDevices and Ford as they discuss the smart home and other tech trends at CES 2017.



Earlier this year, thousands of tech enthusiasts and brands gathered to witness and showcase the latest consumer innovations that are expected to hit the market in the near future. Rob Martens, Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partners for Allegion, maker of Schlage Locks, made five predictions for what he thought the biggest trends would be at this year’s showcase. See how these trends are coming to life as Martens chats with executives from NVIDIA, Lutron, iDevices and Ford. Check out the video below to see what they have to say about trends in the smart home, innovations in content and entertainment, and the future of connected vehicles.
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0:00 Hi, I'm Rob Martens, Futurist and Vice

0:12 President of Strategy and Partnerships

0:13 for Allegion, maker of Schlage Locks. Late

0:17 last year, we made some predictions about

0:18 what we might see at the 2017 Consumer

0:21 Electronics show. Let's talk about the

0:23 first prediction, content and

0:25 entertainment innovations. So I think

0:28 what we're going to see is this is absolutely

0:29 not a flash-in-the-pan. It's not a

0:31 24-hour trend. We're going to see it

0:34 being really reinforced and really

0:35 adopted as we see incredible content

0:37 coming out and even more hardware to

0:39 give you just a fantastic experience.

0:40 Moving on to our second prediction, a

0:43 smarter smart home.

0:44 Smart home adoption is increasing,

0:47 especially with the help of known brands

0:49 brands like Schlage and Hunter,

0:51 Chamberlain, Honeywell, Lutron - ones that

0:55 people can relate to that have

0:57 confidence in that they feel that they

0:58 can trust. Lutron’s hope is that within

1:01 the next two to three years, we're not

1:03 talking about smart home anymore.

1:05 We're just talking about the home and how

1:07 people are using technology throughout

1:08 every room to live life better and solve

1:11 everyday problems. In 2017, what's

1:14 iDevices perspective on this?

1:17 We're staying true to what we've been

1:18 doing. It’s going to be all about 

1:20 easy integration. We've done Alexa. We’ve done

1:24 Apple HomeKit™. We've got android support.

1:26 We’ve covered the bases and we're just

1:28 looking to expand on that and really

1:30 looking for the revolution to happen

1:32 this year in 2017. Number three, connected

1:35 vehicles. What you're seeing behind us

1:36 here is Ford's next generation in our

1:39 autonomous vehicle development.

1:40 That's the car that drives by itself.

1:42 That's our step towards getting to our

1:44 2021 goal of having a high-volume

1:47 rideshare service that is completely

1:49 autonomous. Well, CES 2017 is wrapping up.

1:54 It's been a fantastic show. Amazing

1:55 innovation and new technology from the

1:58 living room couch to the connected car.

1:59 We've seen it all.

2:01 Coming soon to a home near you. See you

2:03 next year.


Rob Martens

Rob Martens | Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships

Rob Martens uses his unique talent for identifying patterns and associations to look for mega trends in technology, as well as the ways they can be used to improve the average person’s day.