5 Retired Home Design Trends That Are Making a Comeback


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5 Retired Home Design Trends That Are Making a Comeback

By emily.bailey

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Many homeowners are shifting to past home design trends for elegance and style. Check out these five retired trends that are making a comeback.


Just as in the fashion industry, old - sort of retired - designs come back around with new life and a contemporary twist. Thanks to many designers and homeowners shifting to the past for elegance and style, many of our old favorites that we once abandoned have made a comeback with a whole new look. Take a walk down memory lane and check out these top interior design trends.

Bold Wallpaper

In the early 2000's, homeowners began drifting from printed wallpapers, opting for solid paints instead. In the last couple of years, wallpaper began to make a comeback in a whole new way sporting large geometric prints and bold colors. Try adding a creative pop to an accent wall, a small bathroom or even in unexpected places like the back of a bookcase or the front of your steps. The key to making this look work is pairing the prints with complementing - not matching - accessories.

Wood Panels

While the dark wood panels you remember from the 60's may still haunt your dreams, wood paneling has become a popular design choice but not in the way you may remember it. Say goodbye to dark and dreary and hello to whole new level of warmth and depth. Whether you're motivated by sustainable design elements or are more drawn to a retro-cool vibe, wood paneling can add just the right amount of rustic to your modern home. 


Soft gold tones have quickly made their way back in with jewelry and furniture but don't forget your hardware and fixtures! Homeowners are choosing to modernize the bright brass accents in their homes by replacing outdated hardware with new finishes that take a softer tone to brass, such as Schlage's Satin Brass. Whether you’re looking to match brass lighting and plumbing, or just accentuate a traditionally elegant home while keeping it up-to-date, Satin Brass is an ideal finishing touch to a current project—or an intriguing first step in a new one.

Tin Ceilings

For this trend, we're going way back to the 1880s! During that time tin ceilings were chosen for both aesthetic appeal as well as safety. When cooking, heating and lighting were often accomplished with open flames, homeowners sought out tin ceilings as added fire protection. Many years after its prime, homeowners are still drawn to the old historic patterns that could be found in tin ceilings in the early 1900s along with a wider array of colors and DIY installations.

Standalone Bathtubs

The days of large garden tubs are over and standalone tubs are in. Thanks to a renewed love for claw-foot tubs, standalone bathtubs are quickly becoming a popular choice as homeowners remodel their bathrooms. Whether you choose claw-foot or a more modern pedestal style, these tubs add both charm and a sense of luxury in a variety of interiors from modern to traditional.

What home remodeling trends have you seen make a comeback? Comment below to let us know!