Get the Look: Polished Nickel


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Get the Look: Polished Nickel

By emily.bailey

Friday, June 26, 2015

Get the Look: Polished Nickel | Schlage

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Inspired by the glamorous flair of the 1920s and 30s, Polished Nickel is a designer finish that says “contemporary” without shouting it. For homes with reflective accents, stainless steel appliances and mirrored surfaces, Polished Nickel provides a complementary flourish that won’t overwhelm its surroundings, making it a forgiving finish that’s still completely modern.
Wondering why Polished Nickel is such a popular designer finish
  • Polished Nickel is ideal for rooms that have grey walls, reflective surfaces and mirrors, glass and bright lighting
  • Give your home a timeless, sophisticated look by pairing Polished Nickel with stainless steel appliances, as well as reflective towel rods and plumbing
  • Polished Nickel hardware is an intriguing, unique alternative to Satin Nickel hardware
  • It's warm and lustrous, creating a look that is both glamorous and adaptable
  • Polished Nickel is a designers’ finish that suites with reflective lighting and plumbing, and makes a similar impact on the home.
  • Polished Nickel will perfectly match homes with lacquered surfaces and glass accents, but is adaptable enough to coexist with other modern styles.
Check out a few of our favorite spaces featuring this gorgeous finish:
Kitchens - For kitchen projects, Polished Nickel is a forgiving, modern finish that will match your new stainless steel appliances.
Bathrooms - For bath projects, Polished Nickel is a forgiving, modern finish that will match your new reflective towel rods and plumbing.
Bedrooms - Polished Nickel lets your glamour-inspired style be reflected in your door hardware, fixtures and other accessories.



Love the look of Polished Nickel, but afraid to go over the top? No worries! Try starting with smaller accents and fixtures, like your door knobs and levers. Then build on that by adding accessories, lighting, and plumbing until you've reached the look you want to achieve. Get more information on Polished Nickel door hardware here!