smart locks

A smart home starts with a smart door.

With a smart lock from Schlage, you have complete control. Smart locks give you access from anywhere ‐ so you can always monitor your home. Whether you’re adding a lock to your existing ecosystem or starting from scratch, Schlage makes it easier than ever to build your smart home from the front door to the back.

Schlage smart locks work with a range of smart home systems.

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person unlocking front door with phone

A smart lock should be on the entrance to every smart home.

You may have smart lights throughout the house. Or maybe a smart thermostat to keep heating and cooling costs low. But the door to your home is where you want total control. Monitor your front door from wherever you are.

  • Lock and unlock from anywhere with WiFi-enabled locks
  • Assign codes for friends, family, contractors, and more
  • Control your locks with your voice

A smart lock tells you how and when your home has been accessed.