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Serious style in a relaxing environment.

Leave the garish style in the 1970s and put a contemporary twist on this eclectic style. Focus on vibrant colors and patterns, a nod to nature and accessories from almost anywhere and everywhere. Your bohemian modern space will encourage a casual, relax-with-friends vibe anyone can appreciate.
Bohemian modern living room with macrame.

Travel through time.

The eclecticism of bohemian modern means you get to use all your favorite furniture, regardless of the era it comes from. Vintage meets Mid-Century Modern meets rustic meets whatever you can dream of in this style. Just try not to go overboard when mixing to avoid looking haphazardly cluttered.

Bohemian bedroom with layered patterns

Layer up.

Patterns abound – ikat, animal prints, stripes – and you don’t have to pick just one. In fact, you shouldn’t. Layer your patterns, whether it’s with several unique pillows on the same couch, multiple rugs under the coffee table or a variety of blankets on your bed. Extra points for varying textures, too.

Global bohemian bedroom.

See the world.

Contemporary bohemian draws inspiration from around the world. Colors and patterns ignite mental images of Mexico, India or Central Asia. The accessories you display, such as with tribal masks or Moroccan-style printed window treatments, also showcase a global feel.

Bohemian modern dining room with bright colors.

Show your colors.

Colorful patterns take center stage, the brighter and bolder the better. For an eccentric look, pair them with jewel-toned furniture. For a more refined look, or to dabble in bohemian modern, use neutral-colored furniture with cleaner lines as a classic backdrop for your favorite “hippie chic” accessories.

Bring boho home.

Bohemian bedroom with wicker chair, plants and hats on wall.

1Live on the wild side.


Patterns rule, but it’s not Victoria paisley on display (unless you love it). Instead, go with animal and tribal prints on pillows, blankets and floor coverings. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match, but if that feels too bold, test the waters with a single zebra-print pillow paired with calmer pieces you can’t live without.

Layered bohemian rugs

2Look and touch.


While boho is definitely a feast for the eyes, it can also be texturally stimulating. Woven furniture, tassels, fringe and fuzzy faux fur all have a place in this style. These popular hanging chairs are a great example.

Bohemian bedroom with wicker furniture.

3Distressed by design.


While bohemian modern mixes styles from different times, it does steer away from sleek and shiny ultra-modern elements. You will see more thrifted pieces with a distressed – although not shabby – feel. You can also get the look with metals and fixtures, like Schlage’s Distressed Nickel finish.

Antique bohemian chair and dresser.

4Go natural.


Bohemian modern draws on nature, but you don’t need massive picture windows to bring the outside in. Potted plants – the more the better – and even wallpaper with leafy prints help create the outdoors-inspired look.

Bohemian living room with plants.

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