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For more than 100 years, Schlage has been turning homes into havens. That’s why we make distinctive door hardware that’s not only designed to match your personal style, but to also protect what matters most. Choose from high-quality interior door knobs in a variety of functions and trust your home to Schlage.

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Door knob frequently asked questions.

You asked. We answer. Visit our Support section for more FAQs and tutorials.

How do you install a door knob?

You can install your Schlage door knob in just a few minutes and all you need is a screwdriver. Installation is easy and you don’t need a handyman when you follow these simple steps.

How do you clean door knobs?

The best way to clean your door hardware is with a mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. How you disinfect your door knob and make it shine depends on the type of finish. Be careful using harsh chemicals, as this can often damage the finish of your hardware. Find more details at the Schlage blog.

What is a dummy door knob?

Sometimes called inactive or non-turning knobs, a dummy door knob is used as a decorative door pull. You often see them on French doors and pantries. They do not latch or lock, but help to maintain a symmetrical, finished look.

How do you unlock a bathroom door from the outside?

If you need to unlock a privacy door knob from the outside, not unusual when you’re trying to keep toddlers safe at home, you can use the pin tool included with your Schlage door hardware. Simply insert the emergency unlocking tool in the hole on the exterior side of the door and press. Our FAQ and video show you how it works for Schlage Custom locks.

How do you switch from locking to non-locking with Schlage Custom door knobs?

Schlage Custom Door Hardware allows you to switch functions easily depending on your needs. To enable the locking function on your Schlage Custom door knob, insert the privacy pin and turn to secure it. To return the door knob to non-locking function, reverse the steps. Follow these instructions for more detail.

What are the parts of a door knob?

Knowing what door knob parts are called can help you with installation or if you need to replace something. Learn the difference between a faceplate and a strike plate, find out what a chassis is and more with this homeowner’s guide to door hardware terms.