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While the styles we offer have changed to reflect the times, Schlage has upheld the same commitment to quality for decades. That’s why our door hardware is volunteered for testing against the highest industry standards, like the new BHMA residential grading system.

BHMA is a group of industry experts who grade residential door hardware performance in the categories of Security, Durability and Finish. A grade of ‘C’ is good, ‘B’ is better, and ‘A’ is best. A grade of AAA is the best grade possible in all three categories.

Schlage offers products that range from AAA to CCC, so that any homeowner can find the right fit for their needs. In addition to these high industry standards, we test our products even more rigorously in our own labs. By raising the bar even higher, Schlage offers products that stand up to the trials of life for years to come.

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The new BHMA grading system lets you decide whether Security, Durability or Finish is most important to you, so you can then choose the product that gets the highest grade in that category. For example:

  • If your children arrive home from school first and you want to ensure their safety while you’re away, you’ll want to invest in a lock with a Grade A in Security.
  • If you live in a busy household with constant coming and going, you may prefer a lock with a Grade A in Durability.
  • Those with homes exposed to changing seasons may look for a lock with a Grade A in Finish, so they feel confident that their new lock’s finish will hold up against the elements


A measure of safety. Measures the hardware's ability to withstand:

  • sledgehammer attacks
  • attempts to manually pull it from the door
  • weight, like a child hanging from a door lever
BHMA security ratings for door hardware


A measure of functionality. Measures:

  • ease of use when the door changes its fit into the frame as seasonal temperatures rise and fall
  • smooth functionality after a lifetime of use (approximate to 100 years assuming of being used 10 times per day)
  • resistance to dents, like banging keys or purses against the lock when entering
BHMA durability ratings for door hardware


A measure of resilience against the elements. Measures resistance to:

  • wear and tear from exposure to elements like salt, humidity and UV rays
  • scratching
BHMA finish ratings for door hardware

How we rate.

All schlage mechanical deadbolt, knobs/levers, handlesets, as well as the Schlage Connect™, Schlage Sense™ and Schlage Touch™ locks are all certified AAA. Regardless of the specific grade received, a BHMA certification assures customers and consumers that the quality of the product has been tested rigorously against industry standards.