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There are as many gift ideas as there are types of DIY projects. Start here to find the right present for that special handy someone.


Safety Gear

Whether your loved one is a weekend DIY warrior or a seasoned remodeler, they’ll need some basics to stay safe and healthy. Check out this list of essential safety gear from Saw Dust Girl for our favorite must-haves. Perfect for everyone.


Your favorite DIYer needs a lot of tools. We recommend a good screwdriver, and not just because that’s the only thing they’ll need to install Schlage door hardware. This Klein Tools Stubby Screwdriver and Nut Driver includes multiple tips to tackle different jobs, and its short length will help them work in tight spaces. Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, handymen and -women, and new homeowners.

WiFi Endoscope/Inspection Camera

Don’t let your loved one get frustrated because they can’t see what they’re doing. With a camera that feeds a picture back to a smartphone, the DIYer in your life will be able to see down drains, behind walls and in a car engine. Perfect for the remodeler who doesn’t let any obstacle slow them down and those who appreciate the added convenience of technology.

Non-contact Voltage Tester Pen

If your loved one is planning on doing any electrical work in the future, they need a non-contact voltage tester. This will help them safely know if an outlet, circuit breaker, cord or light socket is “live.” It’s one of the easiest to use and a must-have before they start doing any DIY electrical updates. Perfect for amateur electricians (although the big jobs should still be left to the pros).

Combination Point and Line Laser Level

If you need to hang a single floating shelf, use a typical level. If you or your loved one is ready for bigger projects, get a combination point and line laser level. This battery-powered level will help keep multiple mounted speakers on the same plane, make tiered gallery walls look flawless and turn tilework into a simpler job than anyone thought possible. Perfect for those who hate nail holes in the wall and those who demand precision.

Garage/Workshop Heater

If your loved one likes to putter in the garage in the winter or tie flies in the workshop year-round, a heater for semi-small spaces is a must. Help them stay comfortable while they tackle those projects. Perfect for the all-weather DIYer, car mechanics and man cave devotees.

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

This sharpener helps keep gardening tools, knives, mower blades, scissors and more in proper working condition so the giftee can take on renovation projects with ease. Perfect for those who know the importance of a well-maintained tool and DIYers who like to keep their remodeling game sharp.

Craftsman Magnetic Pickup Tool

A bolt dropped somewhere under the hood of the car, a screw fallen behind the sink, a nail slipped through a crack in the deck. Whoever gets this gift can retrieve lost items easily with this ultra-magnetic tool. Perfect for mechanics and handymen with a slippery grip.

Bench Cookie

These non-edible, no-slip rubber pads stabilize a project while sawing, sanding and routing. Add some accessories to make it even easier for your loved one to raise and balance their project for finishing work. Perfect for woodworkers and DIYers who know the value of paying attention to detail.

Sugru moldable glue

Multitools never looked like this before. When that special someone in your life is also a Mr. or Ms. Fix-It, they’ll find endless uses for this moldable glue, from sticking things together to repairing those frayed phone charger cords to forming your own hook for a tile wall. Perfect for repairmen who like a simple solution and those who think that duct tape can fix anything.

This Old House Insider membership

When that special someone can’t get enough of Norm and the crew, they need a subscription to the This Old House Insider. They’ll enjoy commercial-free streaming of all 61 seasons – yes, all 61 – plus live chats with the show’s experts, discounts and more. Perfect for classic carpenters and mature home fixer-uppers.


Find DIY tips and tricks to help your favorite do-it-yourselfer on the Schlage blog or Pinterest.



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