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Spark their creativity or help them relax with these book recommendations.


The Little Book of Life Skills

We could all use a little help sometimes. This collection of expert tips and life hacks will teach your giftee how to complete tasks around the house with less stress, be more productive at work and keep their beloved houseplants alive. Perfect for those living on their own for the first time and everyone who’s still trying to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet.


One of the latest books by Joanna Gaines of farmhouse fame, this read will inspire your loved one to turn their home into everything they’ve dreamed of. Perfect for those whose tastes lean toward sophisticated rustic and who know what they like but need a little help making it a reality.

Jungalow: Decorate Wild

The name Justina Blakeney should be familiar to you by now. The entrepreneur is now recognized as one of the top Bohemian Modern designers. Her wallpapers, décor and prints don’t shy away from bold color and prints, and her 2021 book shares all her tips, including “how she gives herself permission to feel free and wild.” Perfect for fans of eclectic design and anyone looking to support minority-owned businesses.

Home Stories

Is it really a home without your personal touch? Author Kim Leggett makes the case for choosing interior design that speaks to who you are and tells your unique story. Perfect for those who don’t want their homes to look like just another magazine photoshoot.

The Cheap Handyman

Most of us have first-hand experience with a home improvement project gone awry. It happens to the best of us, even your favorite handyperson. Described as “This Old House meets #HomeImprovementFails,” this book should help lighten the mood of any renovation project. Perfect for DIYers with a sense of humor.

What We Keep

Did that special someone regift what you gave them last year? There’s some interesting reasoning behind why we develop an emotional attachment to some things and not others. You might read this first before wrapping it for them. Perfect for anyone who’s asked, “Does this spark joy?

Make Something Good Today

Gift your favorite DIYer an uplifting memoir from HGTV’s Ben and Erin Napier, stars of the show Home Town. Because building a perfect home isn’t just about the house – it’s about the people, the community and the love of what you do. Perfect for those who said they were going to binge less and read more.

Budget Bytes

If your loved one found a calling in the kitchen and is looking for ways to eat healthier without breaking the bank, give them this cookbook with more than 100 easy recipes they’ll feel good about eating. Perfect for up-and-coming chefs who think you can eat healthy, delicious food for less money.

The Roots of My Obsession

Why do people garden? If the special gardener in your life feels misunderstood, they’ll love reading these essays from others who also love to plant, sow and grow. Perfect for bookworms who also love earthworms.

Dark Skies

When nighttime exploration is on their bucket list, get them Dark Skies, a Lonely Planet guide to where to see the aurora borealis, meteor showers and the most fantastic stars. It’s time to look up. Perfect for stargazers, dreamers and astrotourists.

Travel as a Political Act

Anyone with the travel bug knows that books are a great alternative when you can’t actually hit the road. From renowned travel writer Rick Steves, Travel as a Political Act shares lessons we can learn from other cultures and countries and will prepare your intrepid adventurer for their next outing. Perfect for vicarious travelers and bookworms with the urge to go, go, go.

Dogs on Instagram

There’s no shortage of us at Schlage who love a good dog, so of course we’re going to recommend a collection of puppies, puppies and more puppies. We bet your dog-loving pal or family member will love to display it on the coffee table. Perfect for pet owners and everyone else, if you want our opinion.


If none of these suggestions sounds right for your loved one or you aren’t sure what they already have on their TBR list (that’s To Be Read, for the non-bookworms), gift them a subscription to Scribd. They’ll get unlimited books, magazines and audiobooks from major publishers for a flat monthly fee. Perfect for readers on the go, book clubbers and bibliophiles.


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