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Schlage's first patent

Walter Schlage’s first invention, patented in 1909, was a door lock that had the ability to turn lights on and off.


The first Schlage lock shop

Around 1920, Mr. Schlage left his job at Western Electric and opened his own shop where he developed tools for manufacturing the first lock with a push-button device centered in the door knob.


Advancement: cylindrical pin-tumbler locks

In the early 1920’s, Walter Schlage advanced the concept of a cylindrical pin-tumbler lock by placing a push-button locking mechanism between the two knobs.


Schlage goes into full-scale production

In 1923, Mr. Schlage moved his fledgling company to new quarters where he went into full-scale production of the push-button lock, which was destined to revolutionize the door lock industry.


The "Modern Pioneer"

Six years before his death, Walter Schlage was honored and received the Modern Pioneer Award for outstanding American inventors.



Expansion: Schlage rounds out offerings

After Walter Schlage’s death, the company began a period of expansion in the early 1950’s. It acquired California Lock Company, Peabody, and LCN Closers to give Schlage a more complete range of hardware offerings.


General Lock Company is purchased

In the 1970's, under the presidency of Maron Kendrick, Schlage purchased a mortise lock manufacturing company, General Lock Company of Pontiac, MI.



Ingersoll Rand acquires Schlage

Schlage was acquired by Ingersoll Rand, a Fortune 150 manufacturer of industrial, mining and construction equipment. As a result of the acquisition, Schlage became part of the Ingersoll Rand Door Hardware Group.


Expansion: Schlage goes global

Expansion continued under Ingersoll Rand, and in 1975, Schlage acquired lock manufacturing facilities in New Zealand.


Schlage secures facilities in Security, CO

The Security, CO, plant was opened in 1976 and now produces six standard series locksets as well as handcrafted door hardware products.


Relocation: Schlage moves to Colorado

In 1997, Schlage relocated its administrative offices to Colorado Springs, CO, while Technical Services and Customer Services remained in San Francisco, CA.


The Allegion family of brands

In 2013 Schlage - and the rest of the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies - became part of 23 global brands to join forces under Allegion. Allegion is North America’s #1 manufacturer of security and safety products, security consulting and systems integration.

Schlage 100


Schlage celebrates 100 years

For 100 years, Schlage has been building a legacy of security and innovation. Some may say a lock is just a lock, but Schlage has spent a century unlocking opportunity and we’ll continue opening more than just doors in the next 100 years.

Schlage Company History