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    How to secure your home during a move.

    July 21, 2020 7:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    Moving security checklist | Schlage

    Keeping your family safe in their new home is as important as the home itself. Use this checklist to examine and choose upgrades for your new home's security.



    Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. There are a lot of things that can be unnerving – not knowing who else might have keys to the home you just purchased, being uncertain about where to go in an emergency – but there are also a lot of things you can do to make this milestone easier. Start by examining and upgrading your security, because keeping your family safe in their new home is as important as the home itself.
    New home security checklist.

    10-Step New Home Security Checklist

    Review our security checklist before and after you move to protect your home and family.


    1. Change all of the locks as soon as possible. For superior in-home security, install Schlage deadbolts and front entry handlesets. Nearly all of Schlage’s products are rated Best in Security, Durability and Finish by the BHMA, meaning you can trust your hardware to protect your new home and everything in it.

    2. If the house has a security system, change the access codes immediately and notify any alarm service of the new ownership. The same goes for a smart lock that came with the home as well as your garage keypad. Change their codes ASAP.

    3. Tour your new home and property and look for weak links in your home's defenses such as missing deadbolts on exterior doors, flimsy door and window locks, and lack of outdoor lighting. Every entry door, including the door linking your garage and house, should have a Schlage deadbolt.

    4. As part of your home security audit , check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You want one in each bedroom, the kitchen and the garage, at a minimum. If they aren’t already installed, add them. If they are old or not functioning properly, replace them. Even if they’re in pristine condition, it can’t hurt to replace the batteries.

    5. Add, service or replace fire extinguishers. Also, learn how to use them. You don’t want to be reading the instructions for the first time when there are flames on the stove.

    6. Consider your perimeter security. Walk around your yard at different times of the day to judge lighting and shadows. Think about how you will enter and exit the home from different doorways and consider upgrades from smart lighting systems and sensors to simply increasing the wattage of existing bulbs.

    7. Locate plumbing, electrical and HVAC valves and controls. Many new-home DIY projects require you to turn off the power or the water before replacing light fixtures or faucets, for example. It’s also good to know where they are in case of unexpected flooding or other malfunctions.

    8. Find out the phone numbers and locations of the emergency services that serve your area.

    9. When you move in, join your local Neighborhood Watch.

    10. Update your insurance coverage. This obviously includes your homeowner’s policy, but see if any adjustments can be made to car insurance, too. Do you have a garage instead of street parking now? Maybe your commute to work is shorter? These things can sometimes lower your premium.

    Your new home deserves the latest technology

    Installing the latest in smart home technology can help improve your home’s security and energy efficiency. Combined, that gives you peace of mind, added everyday convenience and more money in your pocket, always a good thing after buying a new home. When choosing a Schlage smart lock, it’s worth the time to investigate which other devices and smart home hubs they work with so that you can easily and seamlessly control everything from lights to your thermostat, locks and maybe even the coffeemaker.


    See which Schlage smart lock is the right fit for your home and the technology you already have with our Get Help Deciding Tool.


    It can be easy to overlook details – some of them obvious, others less so – when you’re in the middle of a move. Try our Moving Checklist to make sure you have everything covered, from security to pet and child care to creating a relaxation oasis in the midst of it all.


    Toddler door locks to keep your little ones safe.

    July 7, 2020 7:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    Toddler door lock | Schlage

    Here's what you need to know to choose the right toddler door lock and best practices to keep your little ones as safe as possible.



    You need your home to change with your lifestyle, and nothing changes as quickly as your kids. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a few shortcuts you could take to keep everyone safe and stress-free?


    Here’s a tip that will help no matter what stage your family is at: Try Schlage Custom™ Door Hardware. Its combined interior functionality makes it an ideal lock for curious toddlers, busy adults and everyone in between.


    Those of us who have toddlers know that you have to be flexible. Naptime doesn’t always go as planned. Healthy veggies don’t always get eaten. Sometimes your hair doesn’t get washed. You can worry about it or you can roll with the punches. But sometimes you can plan ahead to avoid the stress altogether. Schlage Custom Door Hardware is one of those times.

    Toddler reaching up to touch door lock.

    How do I prevent my toddler from locking doors?

    With their innovative chassis – that’s the interior component of a lock – Schlage Custom knobs and levers let you switch between locking and non-locking functions without replacing the entire lock. That gives you the flexibility you need for your curious little one without extra effort on your part.


    Picture this. Your toddler has a tendency to shut themselves in a room. Maybe they think they’re being funny. Maybe they’re protesting carrots. Jokes aside, this can be dangerous. You might not even realize they’ve locked themselves in a room, making it extra risky in the event of a fire or other emergency. When your Schlage Custom Door Hardware is set to the non-locking function, Tiny Tim can’t lock himself in. You can easily and safely retrieve him.


    Now flash forward 10 or 15 years. Tim isn’t so tiny anymore and everyone would like a bit more privacy. Simply switch your hardware to the locking function by installing the privacy pin. This is a convenient and affordable option for any room but especially bathrooms, bedrooms and even home offices. Switching back to the non-locking function if you change your mind or your lifestyle changes is simple, too.

    What happens if I need to unlock the door from the outside?

    Whether it’s because of a sneaky toddler or just a simple mistake, you can still gain entry to a room locked from the inside using the emergency unlock tool. No more removing door knobs or trying to cajole your tike into letting you in. Each Schlage Custom Door Hardware package comes with one, and our FAQ and video show you how it works.

    How can I keep my toddler safe in their room?

    Having the right locks for toddlers is just one part of keeping them safe. You might also opt for a knob instead of a lever. The same thing that makes levers so appealing for some, particularly those with arthritic hands, can make them frustrating for parents of mini escape artists. A door knob may be just difficult enough for your toddler to operate, keeping them from sneaking out a back door or down to the basement.


    The type of door you choose can also add a layer of security. Dutch doors were originally designed to keep livestock out of the house while still being able to open the home to fresh breezes. In the same way, a Dutch door can keep your little one in an area while still allowing you to keep an eye on them from the next room over. Although it’s not traditional, you can install a Dutch door on a playroom, bedroom or other interior space for perfect convenience and safety.


    Other ideas include motion sensors or video monitors that can send notifications to your phone when they detect something out of the ordinary. Some of these products are designed with baby monitoring in mind, but you could use any number of connected devices for an extra dose of peace of mind. Then, when you no longer need the camera to keep an eye on your kiddo, you can repurpose it for another location such as in the mailbox.


    Learn more about Schlage Custom Door Hardware and find a retailer at You can also find step-by-step instructions for how to install Schlage Custom Door Hardware on our blog.


    7 mistakes to avoid when purchasing exterior door hardware.

    July 2, 2020 7:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Thursday, July 2, 2020

    Exterior door hardware | Schlage

    Choosing a new deadbolt and front door handleset may not be as simple as picking up whatever is available on the shelf.



    When it comes to choosing the best exterior door hardware, there are many factors to consider to ensure the right fit for the style and security of your home. Choosing a new deadbolt and front door handleset may not be as simple as picking up whatever is available on the shelf. Make sure you do your homework and especially avoid these seven pitfalls when purchasing exterior door hardware.


    1. Not thinking about security

    The number one concern on your mind when it comes to deadbolts and handlesets should be security. Not all deadbolts are created equal. Be sure to look for the highest security grade possible – a AAA for best in residential Security, Durability and Finish – to ensure the quality and durability of your lockset. For more information, check out our guide to security grades.

    2. Going for the most affordable option

    When it comes to securing your home, this is one time you don't want to save a few bucks if it means sacrificing quality and durability. An investment now will save you money and peace of mind in the long run. Research the safety ratings as discussed above and find out whether or not your new product would be covered by a warranty in the event it stops functioning properly or the finish begins to corrode. At Schlage, we offer a lifetime limited mechanical and finish warranty and a 3-year limited electronics warranty.

    3. Not considering the features and benefits

    Beyond a manufacturer's warranty, there are other things you should look for in your door hardware to make sure it's the right fit for you. Is it easy to install on your own or will you have to hire a locksmith? Does it guarantee other security features like a built-in alarm? Is there a wide variety of designs so you don't have to sacrifice style to get the best security?

    4. Not optimizing for your lifestyle

    Deadbolts and handlesets have come a long way in recent years. Not only can they secure your home, but they now offer the ability to add greater peace of mind and convenience to your day-to-day life. For homeowners that are constantly on the go, a smart lock may be the best choice for you. If you're interested in smart home living, you can also opt for an electronic deadbolt that works with other smart devices in your home, making it easier than ever to feel safe and secure. Find out which smart lock is right for you and your family’s lifestyle.

    5. Ignoring existing accents and hardware

    The style and finish of your door hardware can go a long way in tying your entire home together. Look to existing fixtures like lighting or architectural accents for inspiration. For example, the clean lines of a Scandinavian-inspired home pairs perfectly with a contemporary Schlage Century handleset. Or look to a Schlage Brookshire handleset if your home has a more traditional Victorian or Georgian style. Your front door is the perfect opportunity to introduce your personal style before guests step foot inside.

    6. Choosing the wrong finish for your climate

    Where you live can affect the lifespan of your hardware as well. For example, in coastal climates some finishes are more likely to tarnish than others. Be sure to research the materials used in your lock to decide which is the best fit for your home.

    7. Forgetting to check the handing on levers

    Finally, you may think you can pick up any lever off the shelf. To avoid installing it upside down, pay attention to the handing of the lever versus which side of your door it will be on.

    Have other questions about your exterior door hardware? Visit our FAQs or ask us on Facebook or Twitter.


    6 best practices to keep your smart lock safe and secure.

    June 26, 2020 7:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Friday, June 26, 2020

    Smart lock safety, security | Schlage

    Here are six best practices to ensure your smart lock is as safe and secure as possible.



    Smart home technology is quickly rising in popularity as homeowners choose products and devices that not only make day-to-day activities more convenient, but also give them peace of mind. When it comes to outfitting your home with this technology, it pays to understand the steps you should take to enjoy the features and benefits to the fullest. Here are six best practices to ensure your smart lock is as safe and secure as possible.
    Schlage Encode wifi lock

    1. Choose a secure access code

    When choosing an access code for your smart lock, choose a combination that you are able to remember but cannot be easily guessed by others. Follow best practices for secure access codes: don’t have repeat numbers and use a long code instead of short. All three Schlage smart locks – Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt, Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt and Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt – accept codes from four to eight digits long. The length can be selected during lock setup.


    Keeping track of all the user codes you've set up and knowing whether or not you've deactivated outdated ones is key to keeping your lock secure. Keep track of these codes through the Schlage Home app or store your codes in a spreadsheet or notepad in a secure location.

    2. Keep an eye on the battery life

    Each of the Schlage smart locks gives a low battery warning well in advance of the battery dying. Low battery warnings can be found on the lock or in the Schlage Home app if you’ve paired it with your compatible deadbolt. While you'll have plenty of time to make the switch, it's important not to put this off too long to avoid being locked out.

    3. Find a home for the backup mechanical key

    In the event that your battery does die before you are able to change it, all of Schlage's smart locks come equipped with a reliable backup, such as a mechanical key or a 9V battery. Be sure to place these backups in a secure location that can be accessed when you need them.

    4. Lock your smartphone

    Whether you use the Schlage Home app to control your Schlage Encode or Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt or another compatible app for Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, be sure to set up a pass code on your device. Smartphone apps allow you to lock and unlock your deadbolt from anywhere, so it’s important to keep them secure.

    5. Maintain a strong door

    No matter how smart your deadbolt is, if your door is warped or the jamb is cracked, you may not be as secure as you want to be. Periodically check that your door is in good condition. Find more front door essentials with this list of 10 must-haves for security and style.

    6. Leverage safety features

    Schlage’s smart locks come equipped with additional features designed to keep your home safe. Whether or not you choose to embrace remote connectivity in your lock, you can still take advantage of unique features such as built-in alarm technology and auto-lock. With the built-in alarm, you can set your deadbolt to alert you any time the lock is tampered with or a significant amount of force is applied to the door. With auto-lock, you can rest easy knowing your lock is set to automatically lock after a chosen period of time. No more worrying if you locked the door on your way out.


    For interactive instructions and tips for setting up each of these features, visit our FAQ section or check out our videos on YouTube.


    3 reasons smart locks are your best move when moving

    May 13, 2020 8:36 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    3 reasons smart locks are your best move when moving

    See how a smart lock can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and add convenience to the home selling process.



    There are a lot of things to think about when putting your house up for sale. But have you considered getting a smart lock? Not only can it make your home more attractive to buyers, it can also provide peace of mind during the stressful process.

    1. People in and out of your home

    When you’re selling a home, people are coming and going constantly. Whether it is the realtor showing prospective buyers around or service providers coming to make repairs or clean, it’s impossible for you to be home every time someone needs to get in. Instead of leaving your door unlocked or leaving a key under a plant, a smart lock can keep your house secure while still allowing access to those you trust. You can use an app to program new access codes into the lock, even setting schedules for when those codes can be used. And because you’re notified when they are used, you can keep a better eye on who is in your house and when.

    Why smart locks are great when moving

    2. What buyers look for

    Smart home devices are becoming more in demand and expected for buyers. In a 2018 survey, Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that smart home devices and other technology are integral to helping homes sell faster and for more money. A vast majority of the survey’s respondents said they expect certain smart devices to be pre-installed before even moving in. Topping the list were smart thermostats (77%) and fire detectors (75%). Sixty-three percent of respondents expected smart locks to be pre-installed.


    And by the way, The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found in 2018 that three out of four millennials – the largest generational group of home buyers – were willing to pay $1,500 to $4,000 to make their homes smarter. Think how that investment can pay off for you.


    Finally, as we move forward through 2020 and beyond, consider the idea that many people may be looking for touchless technology in greater numbers. Not only is it convenient for those times when your hands are full, but it can also be more sanitary when you’re trying to keep hands clean and germ-free.

    3. Curb appeal

    The first impression is sometimes the only impression when it comes to a potential buyer. While there are plenty of major upgrades that will increase your curb appeal, updating front door hardware is one of the easiest and most noticeable improvements you can make. Use the product selector to find the perfect door hardware for your home and refresh the front of your house in minutes.

    Smart locks increase curb appeal

    Have you already gone keyless or are ready to make the switch? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook why you are going keyless with Schlage or check out our Get Help Deciding Tool to see which smart lock works best for your home.


    Reclaim peace of mind with smart devices you already own.

    April 20, 2020 9:02 AM by emily.bailey
    Boy playing outside with dog.

    Monday, April 20, 2020

    Boy playing outside with dog.

    It’s important to take care of our homes and families, and with the smart lock or other devices you already own, you can reclaim some peace of mind.



    Whether you’re sheltering in place or selflessly serving your community as an essential employee – thank you to both groups – life during a global health pandemic is anything but normal. That doesn’t mean we need to be scared or living in a state of constant anxiety, however. It’s important to take care of our homes and families, and with the smart lock or other devices you already own, you can reclaim some peace of mind.
    Boy and dog playing outside with bubbles.

    Smart locks

    Two Schlage smart lock features may be particularly helpful to you right now: keyless access and remote monitoring. With gyms closed and restrictions on where we can go, many of us are heading outdoors for exercise and healthy distraction. Whether you’re going for a walk with the dog or taking the kids on a bike ride, you might not want to carry house keys with you. An access code allows you to conveniently lock and unlock your door at the lock’s touchscreen without a key. Don’t worry about loading up your pockets or losing the key and not being able to get in touch with a locksmith.


    You can also monitor your smart lock through your smartphone when it’s connected to your home network. The Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt both have a built-in alarm. If there’s a disturbance at the door, you’ll receive a notification through the Schlage Home app, no matter where you are. Be sure your Schlage Sense lock is set up for remote access.


    If you want to receive a push notification or need to view an activity log when certain access codes are used, the app can do that as well. Use this feature with a lock on your own home or on a family member’s if they live elsewhere but have granted you access to their lock status.

    Mechanical and electronic locks

    This tip is as straight-forward as they come: Make sure you lock the doors. No matter what kind of lock you have, if you don’t use it, then it can’t keep your home safe. The same goes for windows, sliding patio doors and garage doors. And while you’re at it, find a better place for spare keys. That fake rock is not your friend.

    Video doorbells

    There’s been a serious uptick in home deliveries with people sheltering in place. If you have a video doorbell, you can see when your groceries or other orders are being delivered directly to your door. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 works with the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, so you can see who’s on your porch, then lock or unlock your door for trusted deliveries without coming to the door yourself.

    Motion-activated devices

    Make sure your motion-activated devices are working and in areas where you need them most. This can include cameras and outdoor lighting. Some prime locations are on your front porch and garage, near gates and back decks, and even inside your mailbox. Remember that well-lit areas frequently deter unwanted visitors from even attempting entry.

    Security systems

    If you already have a security system, make sure it’s turned on. You may want to activate it even when you’re in the house if it makes you feel safer or when you want to keep tabs on the kids if they’re prone to sneaking out the door. Take time to make sure you’re using all the appropriate features, too. Investigate options for connecting it to your smart home automation system or, if it’s monitored by an outside party, ask about additional services that might be available.


    While these tips might bring you greater peace of mind during this stressful time, they’re good everyday habits to develop regardless of the situation. If you’re wondering about other ways you can use your smart devices, check out these smart home tricks you might be missing. We also have some resources for creating a calming home and routines you can set to help keep your family healthy.


    How smart home technology increases the security of your home.

    April 6, 2020 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, April 6, 2020

    Smart home security | Schlage

    There are many ways smart home technology makes your home more secure, and as technology evolves, getting the right fit for you and your home is easier than ever.



    Smart home technology isn't just for adding convenience or efficiency to your home. There's also the benefit of a greater peace of mind as you step up security. There are many ways smart home technology makes your home more secure, and as technology evolves, getting the right fit for you and your home is easier than ever.


    One of the great things about smart home security today is the ability to customize it based on your lifestyle and budget. Gone are the days when you had to rely on a company to install your system and pay them to monitor it for you. That’s still an option, of course. But if you’re comfortable monitoring your own system, current technology allows you to do just that by syncing your various devices – smart locks, lights, cameras, doorbells – to your smartphone, often through a smart hub. In this case, a home security company won’t alert authorities if it detects a threat, but you’ll receive a notification directly and can notify police or fire departments if necessary.


    Here are some of the ways smart is becoming synonymous with secure.

    Improve home security with smart home tech.

    1. Deter criminals

    Smart home technology can often turn criminals away before they even have a chance to breach your home. Visible cameras and motion-censored lights deter unwelcome guests looking for easy entry. Smart locks also ensure there's no spare key making it quick and easy for an intruder to get in the door. Smart indoor lighting and entertainment systems can be programmed to turn on at random times to make it appear as though someone is home.

    2. Check in

    Whether you're just a few miles away at work or halfway around the world on vacation, smart home systems often allow you to check in remotely. Pull up a live camera feed to see if anyone is lurking outside or check in on your smart lock to confirm it’s safely locked, all from your smartphone.


    Schlage smart locks are compatible with a variety of other smart devices, making it easier than ever to monitor your home from anywhere. Learn more about our recent integration between the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Ring Video Doorbell – and see what other smart systems our newest lock is compatible with – here.

    3. Receive alerts

    Greater security in the home also means knowing when any unusual activity occurs. With a connected smart lock and motion-activated sensors, you can program your home automation system to send you alerts any time someone attempts to gain access.


    Safety is not just about burglary, though. Many smart home systems can also detect and warn you in the event of fire or smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding and freezing. Depending on your security system – whether you’ve opted to have professional monitoring or do it yourself – the system might even alert emergency dispatch for you. If you’re asking, “I already have a smoke detector, so what’s the big deal?” consider that some of these monitoring systems can be so specific as to tell you if the fire is in the kids’ bedroom or the leak is in the guest bathroom.


    Does this sound like the solution for you? Check out the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt with Z-Wave Plus. It integrates seamlessly with Ring Alarm, which gives you many of those added security features.

    4. Control remotely

    We spend a lot of time on our phones. It’s time to use them for something meaningful. Did you already arrive at the office only to remember you didn't close the garage door? Smart garage door openers allow you to close it no matter where you are. Did you forget to leave a key for the maintenance man to enter? Simply use your smart lock app to create a new access code that can be deactivated as soon as he has left the home. That’s secure access at your fingertips.


    Smart home devices make it easy for homeowners to provide a safe and secure home for their families. No matter your budget or lifestyle, there's a variety of products that will help you gain greater peace of mind simply and conveniently.


    10 essentials for a garage you will actually use.

    March 4, 2020 9:02 AM by emily.bailey

    Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    Garage Essentials | Schlage

    Treat your garage like any other room by putting in some thought about the elements that will transform it into an area you will actually enjoy.



    Man cave. Storage unit. Auto shop. Garages have many uses and most of them have nothing to do with parking our cars! No matter its primary role, treat your garage like any other room by putting in some thought about the elements that will transform it into an area you will actually enjoy. Use these 10 garage essentials to get you started.
    10 garage essentials

    1. Quality door

    A quality garage door is key to protecting your cool toys and for helping to keep intruders out of your home. It can also do wonders for your curb appeal. The Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report ( showed that a garage door replacement recouped more money on resale than any other home improvement project.

    2. Smart lock

    It’s important to secure your family and belongings at every entry point to your home, including the door from the garage into the house. A Schlage smart lock provides the same keyless convenience and remote access as if you placed it on your front door. Bringing in a load of groceries? Unlock the door before you even get out of the car and fill your arms with bags. Giving garage access to a maintenance person but don’t want them in the house? Make sure the door is locked – and stays that way – from anywhere.


    If you aren’t sure what kind of smart locks is right for you, try our interactive Get Help Deciding Tool.

    3. Workbench

    No matter how you use your garage – gardening, car repair, woodworking – you need a solid work surface. Make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold up to the vibration of power tools and large enough to handle nearly any project. We also recommend adding a bench vise. You might be surprised by how much you use it for projects big and small.

    4. Lighting

    Overhead lighting is important for the big stuff, but consider smaller options as well. Tabletop-style lamps or clamping workbench lights help with detail work like tying flies or repairing small electronics. Outside the garage, consider motion-activated lights to deter intruders and improve your home’s security.

    5. Storage

    You might not be sure what kind of storage you need, but you know you need it. Shelves with and without bins, a peg board, and hooks for hanging tools or outdoor gear like snowsuits are the most common. Also consider magnetic strips for keeping nails and smaller metallic tools close at hand, racks to keep shovels and rakes from falling all over the place, and a ball caddy for sports equipment. Use all your space, including overhead.

    6. Lock-up for chemicals

    We often store cleaning materials, old paint and car fluids like antifreeze in the garage. Choose lockers or other secure cabinets to help keep curious kids and pets safe.

    7. Broom or shop vac

    Even if you just use your garage to park your car, you’ll track in dirt and debris. An outdoor broom or shop vac can reduce mess tracked in the house. It’ll also come in handy if there’s dust swirling around after sanding and refinishing a door or potting soil from working on your container garden.

    8. Stainless flooring

    It seems like everything we do in our garages causes a mess. Make it easier to keep the space looking great with stainless flooring. While this isn’t an absolute must, we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it. Epoxy is a popular choice for this purpose, but you can find more easy-to-clean garage floor options at

    9. Rags

    You need to clean a spill, stain a reclaimed cabinet or wipe down your tools. You can’t have enough rags. They don’t have to be anything fancy. Ripped T-shirts, a sock whose mate got lost in Dryer Land or tattered blankets all work great, and you won’t be heartbroken when they get so gross you have to throw them away.

    10. Emergency supplies

    Accidents happen. Stock your garage with a fire extinguisher – don’t forget to check it regularly to make sure it’s in good working condition – and a first aid kit. Hopefully you’ll only ever need bandages for scraped knuckles. A flame-retardant blanket isn’t a bad idea either.


    Upgrading your garage is not a priority for most when it comes to home improvement projects. But these basics show that you can turn it into the perfect place for any DIY project, hobby or storage unit with minimal time and money. Find more tips for a more organized and secure garage in our blog archives.


    Front door essentials: 10 must-haves for security and style.

    February 17, 2020 6:45 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, February 17, 2020

    Front door security essentials | Schlage

    A door is a door, right? Not so fast. Especially when it’s a front door, you want it to look great for curb appeal and work even better for security.



    A door is a door, right? Not so fast. Especially when it’s a front door, you want it to look great for curb appeal and work even better for security. Here’s our list of 10 must-haves for your front door.
    Front door security and style essentials

    1. Quality construction

    Is this a “thing”? We’re making it one because a quality door is one of the most important considerations for securing your entryway. Even the strongest lock won’t protect you and your belongings if your door and the surrounding frame is warped, crack or weak. Be sure to evaluate your door periodically so you can fix any problems before they compromise your security.

    2. Secure handleset

    Score a double victory with Schlage handlesets for your front door. You get style – we offer a variety of designs and finishes to match nearly any home – and security in one package. Our handlesets are graded Best in Security, Durability and Finish by the BHMA, so you can be confident in your door hardware’s form and function.

    3. Deadbolt or smart lock

    Some handlesets include a deadbolt as either a two-piece or a single 3/4 trim. If you get to choose a separate lock to pair with it, there are a few deadbolt options. Single-cylinder deadbolts require a key on one side and a thumbturn on the other for locking and unlocking. Double-cylinder deadbolts need a key on both sides, which offers great security but also can pose risks in an emergency situation if you need to exit the locked door quickly. These are regulated in some areas, so be sure to check with your local codes before choosing a double-cylinder lock.


    Schlage handlesets also pair beautifully with smart locks like the new Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt. Regardless of which electronic lock you choose, you’ll get keyless convenience and, in most cases, the option to manage access remotely via your smartphone or home automation system. Use our Get Help Deciding Tool to learn which smart deadbolt is best for you and your family.

    4. Video doorbell

    Video doorbells are gaining popularity because they let you see who’s on your porch even when you’re away from home. Keep an eye on packages, see when the kids get home or decide if it’s worth getting off the couch for the magazine salesman, all from your smartphone. Your Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt pairs with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for additional convenience and security.

    5. Peephole

    It’s old-school, but they’re still around because they work. If you already have a traditional door viewer, consider upgrading to a video version. The Ring Door View Cam attaches to your existing peephole without the need for wiring and offers a live feed of your porch.

    6. Lighting

    Lighting is another opportunity to combine style with security. Fixtures can easily be matched to your home’s architectural style. No matter what they look like, a well-lit home is less likely to be targeted by intruders. You’re also less likely to stumble in your entryway if you can see where you’re going. Consider solar-powered lights for energy conservation and motion-activated lighting for even greater convenience and security.

    7. House numbers

    It’s hard for guests to feel welcome at your home if they can’t find it. Likewise, delivery people and emergency responders, should you need them, will appreciate you making their jobs easier. Large, clear house numbers are both helpful and gorgeous. HGTV offers a variety of style ideas to choose from.

    8. Welcome mat

    Don’t drag in all the dirt and damp from the outdoors. They don’t have to be flashy, but if you’re looking to make a style statement with a doormat, try layering one with a larger outdoor rug or DIY a mat with your favorite welcome message.

    9. Personal statement

    Your front door makes a first impression on anyone who comes to your home or even just drives by. It’s your chance to say something about who you are. Consider a wreath, a welcome sign, a hanging basket with flowers or even your family’s initials stenciled directly onto the door.

    10. Eye-catching color

    Painting your door can be trickier than you think. We suggest choosing a color that complements the rest of your home’s exterior and highlights architectural details. Once you’ve picked the hue that makes you happy, update your door hardware in a finish that keeps the gorgeous style going.


    If we were creating a list of don’t-haves, the number one item would be a fake rock. It won’t fool anyone and you’re putting your home’s security at risk. Here are better options for when you need to hide a spare.


    Whether you’re looking for electronic solutions or design tips for your front door, Schlage has it all. You can also ask us for tips, advice and inspiration on social media. Find us on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


    Give Santa his own code the night before Christmas.

    December 16, 2019 5:15 AM by emily.bailey

    Monday, December 16, 2019

    How Schlage saved Christmas storybook

    How Schlage gave Santa an easier way in and saved Christmas.



    Red book titled How Schlage Saved Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads; and mamma in her kerchief, and I in my cap, wishing I could settle in for a long winter nap.


    But sadly I knew someone must wait up to open the door, let St. Nick in and prepare for presents galore. So I sat by the entryway with spare key in hand, trying not to doze while I waited for the man. Before long my eyes became heavy, my chin fell to my chest and my breathing went steady.


    Then I awoke with a start and with the sun pouring in, the children rushed to the tree to open their presents; they couldn’t wait to begin. It didn’t take long before everyone saw, a distinct lack of packages stacked ‘round the skirt. “You didn’t let him in,” scowled mamma, looking hurt. She spoke not another word, but went straight to work, and filled all the stockings with socks and underwear; I felt like a jerk.

    Kid pouting next to Christmas tree.

    My glance dropped to the floor as my kids began to whimper, when from the corner of my eye I caught a slight glimmer. The spare key I’d grasped now laid on the ground; I’d meant to give it to Santa last night when he came around. I knew then and there, this would never happen again, never would St. Nick be unable to get in.


    I rushed to the store a day later, and made a dash for the lock aisle; my path couldn’t be straighter. The options were plenty but I knew a smart lock with multiple access codes was what I needed; I’d give a code to Santa so my kids wouldn’t feel cheated.


    So I picked up a Schlage and grinned from ear to ear, I was getting remote access and security, even when I wasn’t here. I could program the lock and control it with my phone. Then I’d give unique codes to my kids to let them in after school, even when they were alone. Our pet sitter could use their code to check on our dalmatian, and the neighbors could water the plants when we go on vacation.

    Letter to Santa with smart lock access code.

    I paid for my new smart lock at the counter with glee, and knew that mamma would be happy again with me. I delayed not a moment when I arrived home with pride; I installed the lock in minutes then sent a letter to Santa full of yuletide. I included an access number, one of his own, and now while we slumber, he can enter the home. Not 1225, that’s too easy to guess, so I programmed 54636377, the numbers for KINDNESS. I closed my letter with a humbling plea, bring a dolly for Molly and a bike for Mike, and mamma would like a new set of skis. As for me, I’ve got all I need – peace of mind and home security.


    When the night before Christmas rolls around in a year, I’ll join my family in revelry knowing there’s nothing to fear. I can just see it now: as I lay in bed welcoming sleep, St. Nick in his sleigh driven by his reindeer fleet. He’ll give his team a whistle, and away they’ll fly like the down of a thistle. And I’ll hear him exclaim, ere he drives out of sight, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”



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